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AVB claims Arsenal were controlled by Spurs!

Sorry to break this to you, Arsenal fans, but we were totally outplayed by Tottenham yesterday, according to the Spurs boss Andres Villas-Boas. He must be allergic to points, then, because his Spurs side controlled their way out of winning any.

“We were in control from the first minute to the last. It’s very easy to go and do 20, 25 passes against an opponent with 10 men plating three at the back.

“I don’t think the sending off changed the running of the game. We looked in control apart from, I believe, 10 minutes from half time, which for me are the decisive moments.”

Maybe AVB was somewehere else, but it seemed to me that Arsenal ran Spurs ragged after Adebayor made it easier for us. Spurs did start well, but we started badly and Mertesacker went missing for the goal, but we have been doing that sort of thing recently. We have also been dominating possession and scoring goals, which we did again yesterday.

I thought that Spurs would be compact and tight when they went down to 10 men, as they were in the lead. Maybe they tried to, but it didn’t work. To be fair, Adebayor’s presence would not have made a great deal of difference to our attacking play, because he is a striker, but it did give us the impetus to push more forward.

Spurs were rubbish after we equalised, and would not have got a second goal if Mert had not gone to sleep again, perhaps it was all too easy at that point. It’s true that nerves affected Arsenal at 4-2, but that is because of recent results against Schalke and Fulham, not because Tottenham were dominating the game.

The Tottenham boss is obviously trying to give his players something to feel positive about, because a demoralising derby defeat can have lasting effects. If Arsenal were controlled yesterday, let’s hope it happens more often

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46 thoughts on “AVB claims Arsenal were controlled by Spurs!

  1. arsenla4ever

    yeah wright.
    nice performace but still let 2 goals in.
    a pure defensive midfielder is require in jan not to negate the wrk of arteta who is awesome

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  2. asdfg

    LOL , he is outta his mind the loser.. Lets enjoy for the moment and keep on killing the opponents..

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  3. Laurentkboi

    That’s why we had 57% possession and five goals to boot could ov had a lot more giroud coulda had a Hatrick if not for loris.

    If control means getting but raped by eleven people then maybe because let’s face it we scored 10 goals and six points v spuds in two games.


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  4. vp

    He’s right. The problem is that neither a lot of fans or our manager can accept this, and unfortunately no improvements will be made and no one will be bought in Jan. We’ll have the usual disgruntled fans raising their disappointments in a couple weeks time after losing to Everton, and the manager will blame external factors and bad luck.We beat a 10 man spurs who were all over us and has hard as that is to admit -its the first step to improvement, or next time we play them it’ll be 11 vs 11 and we might get a pasting.But unfortunately that’s what its going to take for people to wake up. The standards are really slipping, and just remember if Gervinho wasn’t injured theo wouldn’t have even played yesterday and i don’t whether we’d have obtain the same outcome with him on the pitch.

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  5. AndrewArsenal

    I love the way that even when Adebayor leaves Arsenal he still helps us win games

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  6. Sam

    Let us not get carried away and be complacent, of course the sending off of Adebayor has played an important role in Arsenal winning and to say that losing any player would not effect the game will be self defeating. However, we are extremely content to get the 3 points and let us hope this win will inspire us to do well for the next a few games. The momentum is certainly there.

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  7. Bob Dylan

    Dont be deluded, spurs actually created as mich chances or maybe more in the 2nd half an actually were better with the ball then us, avb may be exagerating a bit, but the honest truth is were not actually better than spurs anymore, well maybe slightly

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  8. Laurentkboi

    We were ruthless enough and it could if been a lot more ruthless, giroud and cazorla had two wonder strikes which looked roof bound but just over, unlucky.

    We threw away two leads shalke and fulham for we weren’t ruthless enough but after this result lets hope for a wining streak!!!

    Should beat Montpellier 2-1

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    wenger’s ass was saved by adebayor stupidity..
    it’s actually quite worrying, sofar arsenal aren’t inspiring and convincing..
    deep down we all know we are struggling, let’s be honest.. cazorla and jack are 1st class but i see arteta not as strong as song in midfield.. i say this is a problem
    wenger needs to find a ‘song beast’ to strengthen our defense

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  10. bandbaja

    Is it the same AVB who said the same thing last season when we beat CHELSKI. 5pud2 are deluded again. North London will always be red. spuds will never finish above us. Know for the board to give Theo a new contract. Sign mvila or belhanda falcoa etc etc. plz don’t keep on selling our best players

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  11. Peter

    We do nt have a defensive mid-fielder and Gibbs is injured.. That’s d problem with our defense, stop blaming mert for those goals yesterday. If we had song… Bale won’t run and score dat way, mert won’t be in d song position. 2nd goal was on our mid-field, even frimpong been fit would save us dat goal and mert would be in his right position.. We need a defensive mid-fielder, a reliable backup for Gibbs and walcott signature. Any other good signing would be the board showing appreciation to the fans

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    mert is our best defender so far this season..
    he maybe a bit slow in running but he makes up by clever thinking and skills

    oppositions had to pass song before reaching our centre backs .. now centre backs are more exposed

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  13. super gooner

    We need a left back to cover gibbs, willems from psv would be a good shout, already played for holland, he’s young and can only get better, a defensive mid, we won’t mvilla, arsene will never get him, but I would get victor wanyama, he looks a good backup for arteta, and a good replacement for the future, also zaha, he can be our new right winger instead of walcott and chambo can be our new CAM to give carzola a rest, and theo can be our world class striker we need, theo …. SIGN DA TING!

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  14. budgie

    The good thing about avb being mad as a box of squirrels, is that he makes Wenger look slightly less mad!

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  15. sollygunner

    what game were you watching
    they only controlled about 10 – 15 mins of the game
    at one point i think we looked to comfortable thats how they got another goal
    yes we make mistakes
    yes we let in goals
    incase no one has noticed other teams let in goals too
    sick of the constant sh*t we have too take

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  16. Bob Dylan

    Wanyama would not be artetas back up, his is top class dm controller the midfield against barca the only player that cud keep posession, he wud come in a dm, arteta will play cm, wilshere cam, cazorla lwf

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  17. Twig

    I completely agree with AVB. Spurs controlled the first 18 minutes of the game… Arsenal controlled and dominated the remaining 72 minutes 😀

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  18. landi

    new lb, dcm , walcott and sagna new contract!
    AND IF THEY love ous then bring cavani, with him we have a chanse to win everything

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  20. Big Gun

    We still need reinforcement in January. Just because we beat a 10 man Spurs doesn’t mean everything is peachy again. We didn’t look like scoring before Adebayour was sent off. Arsenal have a lot to shape up on and we need to keep up that fighting spirit.

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  21. mo

    Realistically speaking, Tottenham were dominant until the sending off, it changed the game no doubt, 2nd half the first ten mins were the same they were all over Arsenal and git sucker punched on the counter with the 4th, when they made it 4-2 it happened again Arsenal were panicky and all over the place it could have easily been 4-3 with the bale chance. I’m an Arsenal supporter but even with a man advantage and 4-1 up were I comfortable and I’m quite sure if supporters were to be honest on here they would say the same. If it weren’t for santi I dnt know where Arsenal would be.

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  22. bashman

    if arsenal played the sp*ds every week we’d win the league every year. i love AVB hope he signs a new contract with them.

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  23. green gunner

    He done the same jibbering at Chelsea before he was told to clear out his desk. Good for nothing only prancing on the side-lines like tit!

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  24. green gunner

    Watching MOTD here. Harry redknap thinks spuds will finish above Arsenal. Feck off harry. If you were any good you’d still be coaching the scum. You know nothing.
    ‘Tottenham, forever in our shadow’

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  25. vp


    I’M judging the contest @ 11 vs 11. But i don’t expect that’s important, and rather irrelevant to a lot of the fans. You talk about other teams losing as well, however we’ve been losing for the last seven years, and more to the point these other teams will admit that they played badly and need to improve. While some of our fans and certainly are manager will do no such thing-that’s whats worrying. You cannot facilitate improvement without accepting the weaknesses. The fact that we were 3 goals up against 10 men and still worried about throwing the game away just says it all. Ask any unbiased objective individual-fan or pundit and i’m sure they’d agree. would rather of beaten spurs 1-0 11 vs 11 then win like we did. There are positives, sure, but that does not mean that we should forget and ignore the further improvements that are required, we’ve been doing that for 7 years now i just hope Jan is used effectively to strengthen. This result should not change that fact. The ones giving a thumbs down will be the one’s coming on this website having a moan about ”how bad we played against everton” make your mind up guys. I for one have, and WE NEED TO IMPROVE AND KEEP THE PRESSURE ON THE BOARD IN ORDER TO DO SO.

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  26. S.H

    I just encourage AVB to do what he does best – That is to lose! Let him talk. There’s always the “what if”, but what actually happened was 3pts to Arsenal, end of story!

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  27. lmyyyks

    Have to say the current Arsenal has sacrificed its defense for better offense. The current arteta-wilshere-cazorla combo does not offer much defense to the back 4. Spur could literally freely advance passing through the midfield while the midfield could hardly stop them.

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  28. mohawk35

    1.@SH you are right on. But it is sort of cute when that adorable little coach (sarcasm) pretends his team is dominating/winning when they lose 5-2. Next he’ll be telling us that Tottenham are actually leading the league.

    2. We all still realize that improvements are needed to compete with the top teams, but that fact should not ruin a nice win when Arsenal earn it – and they did.

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  29. Hyuna

    Big Mert made his fastest run while celebrating his goal..who said he is slow? LoL ;D

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  30. Harold

    I think Arsenal problem is Arteta his not a power and speed player, and his not a good tackler he cannot win the ball from his opponent so his very easy to get pass, he also hold a defensive position on the pitch for Arsenal,he receive the ball, he makes a simple pass, he runs into a next defensive position, receive the ball and makes another simple pass etc. Wenger bought him thinking his an attacking midfielder in his younger days yes but not now. The same applies to Andre Santos a few years back he was a very effective and aggressive left back but not now. Wenger should have bought Jose Enrigue and bring bact Denilson, I dont see any difference in Arteta and Denilson in terms of style of play. A next deal which did not go through was Nuri Sahin thank god for that, this would be a massive garbage buy from Wenger.

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  31. Big Gun

    Harold funny enough someone else said the same thing about Denilson and Arteta. I still find Arteta way more reliable though. But we definitely need a proper DM asap.

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  32. vinie2000

    No diaby ..Yann M’villa is simply as physicall and powerfull as Yaya..this is the missing link..he’s ban to play until end of season so get him on loan and then for free if successful..gooner for life

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  33. mo

    @ Harold, agree Enrique was available even the likes of parker who was available should have been bought. Arteta u cnt blame him he has been asked to play in that position and he took a pay cut to transfer uv got to give him credit for that alone. A solid D.M is all that’s needed at the moment from Arsenal being potential contenders. A physical presence takes a lot of pressure off the defence.

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  34. Gunners4life

    AVB I will love this can of control when we get to the Trash hart Lane, ooh! Sorry white hart lane.. If you can control the game and AFC wins 3goals margin, I wonder what will happen if Arsenal control the Game? Its going to be dismantling.

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  35. Johnno

    They controlled the first 18min until Ade had himself sent off. It would have been a good game if not for that. Other than Bale, they didn’t look like creating anything at all. He was great for them, but no one else was. Defoe may as well of not even turned up. 11 v 11 would have been a very close game and I was quite worried before the tackle. I’m very glad Santi didn’t suffer any injury. There was no malice in it, I can accept that, but it was a stupid, dangerous tackle which could have easily snapped his leg in half. I think he deserves much more than the standard three match ban. For me, a tackle like that is far worse than what John Terry and Suarez did. I don’t condone racism, but at the end of the day ‘stones and sticks’. Words are words but a broken leg is a broken f*cking leg. We’ve seen what can happen with broken legs – Diaby, Eduardo, Ramsey is nowhere near where he was heading before his leg break. At the time he was apparently ahead of Wilshere.

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  36. bert

    oh is that what he said?
    dude needs to clear his f***ing throat before his post match interviews!

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