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Awesome Arteta can be key to Arsenal success!

Arsene Wenger should be able to select Mikel Arteta to start for Arsenal tomorrow against Stoke. The Spaniard is due for a final test today, but should be fine to regain his place tomorrow. His contribution will be vital if Arsenal are to have a good second half of the season, and he may well be the reason why Wenger did not buy a defensive midfielder as many thought he would.

Arteta brings a lot to the team with his reading of the game, his technical ability, vision and experience. He has been spoken about by the younger players as a great role model and a bit of a father figure, and that aspect could be important in helping the newest Gunner, Nacho Monreal, settle into life at Arsenal. The left back already knows Santi Cazorla well from their time at Malaga, so will hopefully settle in as quickly as he did.

Arteta is not a typical defensive midfielder, but his abilities make up for his lack of stature. His Premier league statistics this season are nothing short of awesome. EPLindex have compiled the statistics of the most accurate midfielders in England, and Arteta comes out top in a lot them. Of the midfielders who have made more than 1000 passes so far, the top five are Arteta of course, Joe Allen, Moussa Dembele, and Ki Sung-Yeung and Leon Britton of Swansea.

They looked at various stats such as; total passes, acccuracy, direction of pass, chances created, assists and others, 22 categories in all. Arteta came first in seven of them, including total passes made, pass accuracy, crossing accuracy and clear cut chances created. Arteta is second place in another eight categories, including assists, third in three and fourth in the other four.

It is clear from this that Arteta is fantastic with the ball at his feet, and can control the game for Arsenal, linking the defence and attack brilliantly. He also has the creative ability to open up defences as well, he just needs somebody next to him to cover if he does go forward and help to win the ball back when we haven’t got it.

Against Stoke tomorrow, Arteta and Diaby will probably be the deep lying midfielders. Together they have the ability to run Stoke into the ground, and let Wilshere get forward and use his talent to supplement the forwards. It can be an unstoppable system, and we need it to work for the rest of the season, or Wenger will have some very angry fans wondering why he did not buy a traditional DM in January.

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50 thoughts on “Awesome Arteta can be key to Arsenal success!

  1. jojo

    If our defence fix up I think we have a good shot in finishing 3rd/4th. Heres hoping..

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  2. Gunners

    Its easy being accurate at passing if all you do is pass back or sideways. For me a better midfielder is someone who takes risks and goes for the more challenging passes forwards. Like wilshere or cazorla. So these stats mean nothing. As a dmf arteta is good but not the best out there. I so wanted dembele

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  3. Nikhilesh Maiya(india)

    Why havnt AFC tried a 4-4-2 diamond. Santi as AM, theo n giroud as CF

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  4. Saton81

    Without Arteta we struggle to win. Look at the stats when we don’t play Arteta. Its not just 1 or 2 games. When Arteta don’t play we lose the balance in midfield and lose a lot more games.

    We need him back ASAP

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  5. PatLloyd

    Yeah….no, he’s an attacking player not a CDM or ‘Holding midfielfder’ we need a proper rock, Arteta shouldn’t be in first team as he would have to replace santi or jack…. Wenger needs to stop playing so many players out of position.
    Jack is a CM NOT a CDM, same with Arteta.
    Santi is a winger (played there all his life)
    Ox is a CAM not a winger
    Podolski is a CF not a winger
    Theo is arguably a ST not a winger
    Diaby is a CM not a CDM
    Ramsey is a CM not a CDM
    Arshavin is a CAM not a winegr!!!

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  6. Always a gooner

    iam very sad because player of Arteta,s calibre is not getting a chance to play for Spain ……….

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  7. first lady

    Wenger has it all now to prove to us dat he still knows what he’s doing. He believes ds squad can compete for champs league spot and also a trophy. Mr wenger all eyes are on you now

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  8. Gunner

    Yeah Nacho is eligible to play tmrw, i cant wait :). Not gonna life Arteta is a big part of the team, we aint got a CDM (get over it) so we play him there and he does the job required. Cmonnnn uu gunnneerrsss.

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  9. bashman

    Arteta is far more defensive than song ever was, he more than makes up what he lacks in strength in intelligence.

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  11. artillery1

    New Manager n Arteta is not DM to lead us to success!
    he is very overrated!

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  12. Denis my true name

    @gooner so you basically say busquets, xavi alonso is crap because their passes is mostly sideways, to the cb, and to rotate the play. most of their passes look unambiguous, even pirlo mostly passing sideways change the flank.

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  13. Vlad

    If someone says “awesome” Arteta one more time, I’m going to scream. The guy is an average attacking midfielder, and he is an absolute joke of a defensive midfielder. You want statistics? Check who’s at the top of the league in fouls. Fellaini, followed very closely in second place by none other than Mr. Arteta himself. Because he can’t play defense at all. He doesn’t have the skill or strength. As for his number/percentage of passes, it’s easy when you always pass back. Without him in the lineup Arsenal finally started going forward, and attack more. They play an uptempo game, and as a result, score more goals.

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  14. Gunner

    We have to win our games now to catch Championsleague 2014!
    Arsene you don’t have to sign Villa (31) in the summer we need effective and constant players.







    That’s the key to success Gunnerz!

    Gunner4Life <3

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  15. Charlie

    @Vlad. Please explain to us all how a player can come top in clear cut chances created by passing backwards ? This isn’t rugby. Regarding the foul count I suggest you check Vieiras’ stats for fouls in his best seasons. After Christmas he always seemed to be suspended but he’s an Arsenal great. Fellaini has been Evertons’ best player so far this season, ask any Everton fan. They certainly don’t care much about the fouls he’s committed. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

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  16. AmericanGooner

    Lets just hope Wenger is right and we finish top and maybe win the FA Cup.

    I would consider that successful at this point.

    Then strengthen in the summer and without the trophy drought money on our back we can hopefully return to glory and win the league next year.

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  17. artillery1

    Oh my God, hieght of mediocry for ARSENAL!

    Relying on ARTETA as DM to get success……

    Oh My Diaby Oh My Diaby, plz get fit soon to become Old Diaby that we saw, plz get fit again 🙁

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  18. Jego

    @PatLloyd – Arshavin is a second-striker, second striker and CAM – are totally different things and got different functions on the field. Unfortunately Arshavin doesn’t fit into 4-3-3.

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  19. gunner4life

    Those players won’t come if we’re not in the champions league. So wait till the end of the season to see where we finish.

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  20. BruceTongaBull

    Awesome Defensive midfielder? is it the Arteta for Arsenal or someone else.. Has wenger started distributing some of the crack that Santos brings for him to these Wengerites. If he is then how would you describe Vieira or Manures Roy Kean?Arteta is average for an Arsenal standard but to be fair to him, he doing more than we expected in an out of position assignment. He has been an attacking midfieldr all his life

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  21. future is arsenal

    fullbacks:sagna,jenks,nacho,gibbs…CB:mets,verm,kos….CM:arteta, coq,diaby,wilshere,rosicky,ramsey,cazrola,ox….Strikers:walcot,giroud,poldi,gervinho………this is a hell of team…which hav talent and depth…one area we lack depth or quality is in strikers dept…i think we are need one clinical striker in summer….but our recent bad performances are due to bad tactics or atittude…remember basic defensive errors we made..also we are playing great in second half not gud in first half..these things are easy to fix….Belive in this squad…i think this squad can finish in 4th….also can bring silwere(fa cup)……in arsene we trust

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  22. mark

    I disagree with this article. Arteta is too cautious with his passing, and with Mertesacker they hold the ball back in our half by passing backwards or bloody sideways.

    The only thing i would say is that I haven’t seen Arteta with Diaby recently, and that might just work with them taking turns to defend or go forward.

    And as for stats…Mertesacker has great stats for passing, but it doesn’t mean much when his basic defending has been found wanting, just like Arteta has been poor in the DM role before, so on a positive note, it will be interesting to see if him and Diaby work for the next few games (until Diaby gets injured..).

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  23. Uche

    I am glad he is back but he has been average this season. Maybe his conversion into a deep lying midfielder has affected his performance but he is not the same player he was last year. He passes sideways and backwards a lot. While this is safe, it saps the whole team of courage to attack. Frankly, Ramsey is beginning to look better in the deeper holding role. Maybe I am wrong but these are the things I have noticed. Maybe we will see a rejuvenated and more courageous arteta tomorrow. I hope so. We really need his leadership and steely tackling.

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  24. True gunner

    DM – arteta is our signing according to wenger !!! no issues . Hope he is fully fit. We need result against STOKE. 3 points.

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  25. Tristan

    sry Arteta is good, but he is not a DM. without him, our attacking is much quicker. Arteta plays too many back or side passes. he shall only be used as a backup.
    i will put Diaby and Coquelin ahead of Arteta at ‘DM’ role, though i do think neither of the other two are proper DM.

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  26. true goon

    Arteta is not a DM,he is a squad player really,he slows up our play,haven’t you noticed how much more fluent we are without him.An defensively he is too lightweight and he is too slow.We don’t really need him we need a proper DM.

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  27. Vlad

    @Charlie: You’re comparing Fellaini (and Viera) to Arteta? Fellaini (and Viera) is a beast who can defend, attack, create chances, and score goals himself. Arteta can do none of that. The only reason I made reference to fouls is because Arteta can’t properly defend anyone, and thus has to foul to stop the opponent from going forward. Fellaini’s fouls are mostly because of his aggressiveness and power (more than half of his fouls are in the opponents’ boxes), as well as his reputation in the league. Watch the games closely next time.

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  28. Blazor

    Arteta is one of the dead woods in the team with no significant contribution. I take Danielson any day over Arteta, the guy is extremely slow, has no strength to stand his ground, and most of all he likes to play sideways inside his own half. Watch his game next time he is on the pitch and you will see what I am saying. Don’t get me wrong he not worse than Ramsey in the DM position, but Ramsey has speed. Having Mertz, Sagna and Arteta to defend is a recipe for defeat. At current skill level, all 3 should not start for the team.

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  29. Arsenal1Again

    Well Bob, you’re playing a very different tune on your fiddle today.

    Not long ago it was “Should Arteta get his place back automatically” and something about Ramsey reinventing himself as a DM.

    Arteta seems to be back in favour with you. 😀

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  30. Itanimulli

    Sagna – Koscielney – Vermaelan – Monreal
    Diaby – Arteta
    Cazorla – Walcott/Giroud – Podolski

    That should be our first choice line up.

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  31. bob

    come on we dont have a defencive midfielder in the club?yes we do no we dont we let frimpong go to fulham why,god knows,why didnt we make more of a fight for a d/m!

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  32. emdoubleu

    Wenger doesn’t want a destroyer as DM he wants to play with a deep lying playmaker. I wish he would use TV6 or even Miquel. The guy is good on the ball fast and uses both feet. I would like to see Miquel get some game time asap.

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  33. Donnyfan1

    So Arteta will drive us forward and tighten us up at the back -will he? Let’s see what Bayern have to say about it. And if he plays against Stoke– I hope you are right Arteta lovers!

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  34. Sydney_Gooner

    WELCOME BACK Arteta!!!!!
    About time. Since his injury, Arsenal have not been the same.

    The little maestro can inject some needed urgency in the team!

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  35. sid

    we may win but i think it will come at a cost with more injuries and with having a poor squad will struggle to finish in the top 4 i think top 6 bcause we have some players who r only good enough to get u that position. anyway top 6 may not get you a europa league spot this season.

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  36. Always Arsenal

    Arteta is one of those players that you dont realize how good they are until they are not playing! ¨

    We stuggled when he was injured last season and look at us while he has been out now!

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  37. studz

    Arteta is a very good midfielder but he is no dm if arsenal want to to be sucessful they to play with Diaby and Arteta together and play cazorla out so he can drift into central areas allowing Wilshere to be free and do what he does they play a system where they use there fullback to create width any way so you dont really need a speed demon the flanks if we play like this you will see the quality in the side

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  38. jack

    Arteta is good player but He always slow the tempo of game.. he also always make back pass and to afraid to do something adventerous because do not want to lose the ball.. We will become to predictable when arteta is playing.. I choose ramsey over arteta because ramsey is brave to do something new and he always run in field because he still young and have lot of energy.. When ramsey play we become more attacking.. Just my opinion.. What do you think Gooners?..

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