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Bacary Sagna joins Koscielny on Arsenal treatment table

Arsenal fans are used to having half the defence out with injury at this time of the year, and it now looks like the midweek game against Everton has given them a big blow.

Straight after the game, Arsene Wenger revealed that Laurent Koscielny had received a muscular problem in his thigh and is expected to be out for three weeks. Now today it seems that Bacary Sagna is going to rejoin him on the treatment table and he could be out for even longer than his French team-mate.

Wenger said today: “From Wednesday night there are lots of bumps and bruises as you might expect but one serious doubt is Bacary Sagna with his foot.

“He got a knock at the start of the game when he cleared a ball. It is inflamed and he is a big doubt.”

Sagna has only managed five appearances this season after his recovery from a broken leg and so it looks like Carl Jenkinson is set for another extended run as first choice right back.

Not that many Arsenal fans will be bothered but Wenger also revealed (or made up) an injury to Andre Santos (abdominal strain apparently) but the Brazilian had already been dropped completely from the first team squad.

Surprisingly, Abou Diaby is very unlikely to return before the New Year.


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32 thoughts on “Bacary Sagna joins Koscielny on Arsenal treatment table

  1. john 3:16

    Line-Up v Swansea: Szczesny; Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs; Wilshere, Arteta; Walcott, Cazorla, Podolski; Giroud; Subs: Mannone, Djourou, Coquelin, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, and two of Ramsey/Arshavin/Gervinho/Chamakh

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  2. leo

    wtf not again he too arsenal still should do well against swansea


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  3. leo

    just when we thought when Stan Kroenke will dip his hand in to his pocket and spend some money on the club, the billionaire has forked out $132.5m (approx £83.9m) on a new 124,000 acre ranch in Montana which includes a 10,000 square feet property with a view of the nearby Rocky Mountains.

    Kroenke, who is estimated to be worth around $4 billion, purchased the Broken O Ranch for an undisclosed price, however Forbes Magazine are reporting that the fee paid was $132.5m

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  4. leo

    so now we know what arsenal means to him it’s his cash cow no wonder schalke manager said we don’t have any money

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  5. Overseer

    Man come on! Are we damned or something? All these injuries! How the hell are we going to get good results?

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  6. leo

    Wenger on BeinSport yesterday : “Henry is a possiblity during winter break, but we want to strengthened the team in a longern term,We are working very hard for winter break, we have funds for that. A deal may be possible for 2 plys, but I can’t give you names”

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  7. jhbgunner

    Jenkinson can easily do the job in the mean time… Hope this doesn’t mean sagna

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  8. jhbgunner

    … Is becoming injury prone although it might then be a blessing in disguise if he left in the transfer window

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  9. Dan

    @john 3:16

    I imagine that will be the line up, but thats half of the problem, we’re far too predictable.

    Swansea coming off a great win against the team in 3rd place will fancy their chances against us. The side you’ve listed is only slightly above average anyway.

    What was Wenger thinking last night? Why would he play 4 centre mids (of which Ramsey was one) and GIROUD. If you play Giroud he needs to play 2 wingers who can sling balls across for him. I mean what did Wenger expect Giroud to do, skip around 4 players at top speed and smash it in from 30 yards out? The guy is seriously losing the plot.

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  10. joer22

    Now only 1 defensive injury from a crisis :/ please Wenger get a new lb and a cdm who can play as a CB such as wanyama

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  11. ahmad

    am dreaming arsenal one day have this squad only for once:


    sagna koscielny vermaelen gibbs

    arteta diaby

    walcott wilshire cazorla


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  12. First Lady

    I am glad all this is happening at this time when we are getting close to the transfer window january…at least ut should mk arsene spend some f***king money

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  13. k

    442 vs Swansea

    The defence is an obvious selection, solid, nothing more to say.

    The midfield I put Cazorla on the right but I expect him to drift in, dribble through the middle, however, he also offers a much better cross than our current wide players. Should help Giroud. Wilshere will be getting forward and playing the deadly balls in, I think he can make up for Cazorla playing right. Arteta is also playing as a center midfielder which reduces the defensive responsibilities so he should play with more freedom, obviously he will still have to defend. Podolski is our best choice for the left, only challengers may be Arshavin and Chamberlain but I think Podolski offers more defensively.

    There is a good combination in attack with Giroud and Walcott. Giroud has strength, finishing, heading and he can provide assists. Walcott offers pace, dribbling, finishing, along with the ability to beat players and get in behind. Perfect combination in attack.

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  14. JustJoy

    jerks, TV, Per, Gibbs

    Arteta, Wilshere, Cazola, TW.

    Poldi & Giroud..
    Our problem will start if any Defender pick an injury.

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  15. kimbono

    ideally our front line should be explosive with podolski theo n the ox but wenger has other plans and he knows what he is doing coz he achieved the invincible season and he is the best obviously

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  16. Somtee

    We all saw this coming,our defenders are all injury prone but our stubborn manager refused to get someone as cover in the summer

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  17. Twig

    Let’s try something different shall we?
    Cazorla Wilshere Walcott
    Arteta Coquelin
    Gibbs Vermalaen Mertasacker Jenkinson

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  18. Hafiz Rahman

    This is good news for Jenkinson…he needs regular football badly to improve…..

    Kos out mean Verm and Per at CB and Gibbs back at LB…its still fine at the moment

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  19. BOUBA

    I heard about that rumour and Kroenke spending load of cash for his new ranch.

    I also saw that news on the french newspaper saying that the manager and the sporting director of Schalke were waiting for Arsenal regarding their striker, but Arsenal came back saying that they do not have any money for the transfer ( about £6-7millions ).




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  20. green gunner

    Love the way the bit about Diaby is thrown in at the end. It ain’t easy following my beloved Arsenal.

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  21. stephen187

    The strength and conditioning team at arsenal are many injuries and small injuries lasting for months…I remember when valencia broke him ankle and yet was playing before the end of the season….when our players leave there injury problems seem to disappear also..:s

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  22. Archimedes

    Arsenal medics worst in the league. Social wage structure retains journeymen and stars leave in disgust.

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  23. dude

    Knowing stubborn wenger, it will be ramsey again and we will either lose or draw again at swansea, sigh…

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  24. Henryesk

    @Dude Aaron Ramsey is not an idiot.. If he’s off form he’s off form, have you forgotten that he came back from a broken leg? If he’s not good enough then he’s not good enough and the frustration is understandable I feel it too but let’s not make it personal had he not have broken his leg he along with Wilshere would probably be the core of our midfield. I personally think he needs to be loaned out perhaps to Southampton who play good football and given 90 minutes week in week out in his favoured position only then will we see what he can really do. But it really bugs me when fans act like he’s not trying or he doesn’t love the club because clearly he does.

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  25. dude

    @henryesk – fair enough, but knowing good old stubborn wenger, do you think he will send his favourite player away ?
    This ramsey kid has been given enough chances by wenger but is simply at best a squad player and IMO not arsenal quality but AFC quality has been going down the toilet few seasons ago when they sold fab & nasri and so on , I truly feel gutted seeing the way AFC is progressing …

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  26. arshavin

    Aesene Wenger selects his non tactics based on playing Arteta and Carzola,I can’t imagine those two,or one of the two being left out to change things around,there is just no brain of change in Wenger so Arteta will always be our DM until he is injured or something.Tactically Wenger is so rigid,he neither does the usual nor tries the unusual.This man is a conundrum.We can dream of Vermaelan as DM but all we will get is Ramsey on wings.We can hide all our problems and bash the board as much as we like but we all know deep inside that with our current squad,we should be doing better than what we have done.And the blame should ultimately and justifiably fall on Wenger for not getting the best out of the squad.People cry buy this or buy that and we will be fixed;it simply won’t work,it worked with city because they have a dynamic coach who can change his strategy around,but we only play one way,the arsene wenger way.Giroud could soon be our next Chamakh if he does not recieve crosses and early balls to his feet,you can see his frustration we he is clear and wants the ball but we are passing around like fools,ultimately we take the near corner flag on either side and try to whip in a cross more in hope that someone will get somethin on it that conviction,unfortunately we forget to get into the box to meet the ball–How often have we seen this?If you keep making the same mistakes even god will have no mercy on you.Wenger is done!If he wants to respected he should walk out cos he will never get the sack even if we finish out of top ten.For how long can we bear this mediocrity,let’s assume that we do buy a couple of decent players in Jan and then somehow scramble to 4th,is that acceptable from a manager who has had a dry run for 8 years running?All Wener supporters need to check their conscience.His supporters will tell me to support spurs now,but who cares abt these idiots who think being loyal to Wenger gives them right to outcast other arsenal fans who don’t agree with them.Also,I am not glory hunter,I have never seeen arsenal with any trophy and yet I have supported them unconditionally for 5 years now and will do so till the end of my life and no Wengerite will tell me who I should support.

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