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Bacary Sagna set to leave Arsenal next summer?

The usual round of negotiations between Arsenal players and the Board every year is beginning as the club as they try to persuade the existing squad members to extend their contracts at the Emirates, and it seems that the talks with Bacary Sagna have already stalled.

We all know that Arsenal refuse to break their wage structure for anyone (which is also instrumental in persuading top players to be sold) but a 29 year-old senior member of the squad usually expects a raise in recognition of their long service, which is unlikely to be forthcoming for the French international.

Sagna famously complained this summer when Arsenal sold Alex Song, and questioned why he hadn’t already been approached for new contract talks back then. He said: “Everyone was expecting Robin van Persie to leave, but Alex Song — that was a surprise. I don’t understand that at all.

“It is a big loss for the club. When you see two of the best players from last season leave, you ask a lot of questions.

“I understand why the supporters are nervous. I am the only starting player left from 2007.”

Sagna also brought up the fact that he wanted to win trophies, which normally means they will be leaving soon! He said: “I watched City’s parade on TV. I saw Samir and Gael lift the trophy. I want that.”

Arsenal fans may reflect that Sagna is getting on a bit, and we now have the promising Carl Jenkinson prepared to become first choice, but it will affect Arsenal’s strength-in-depth if Sagna goes. Who thinks it is now inevitable that Sagna will be next to leave?

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43 thoughts on “Bacary Sagna set to leave Arsenal next summer?

  1. Big Gun

    You can bet on a family relative he will leave. Just like Walcott. I mean to be the only remaining member from 2007 is shocking and just shows how much the board have messed up this club. Wish you well Sagna, I personally advise you to leave this dead end club, you are 29 and just like RvP was some success before your career ends.

    Oh and F*CK the board and their puppet Wenger.

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  2. leo

    don’t blame wenger on this one ivan gazdis is the one supposed to be sorting out the contracts & don’t worry we will replcae sagna with another unknown 17 year old named next sagna pathetic

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  3. Laurentkboi

    We will miss his consistent play and killer balls ill tell you that, but having jenkinson there to replace him and le coq and even yennaris is music to my ears.


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  4. Laurentkboi

    We will miss his consistent play and killer balls ill tell you that, but having jenkinson there to replace him and le coq and even yennaris is music to my ears.

    Now the wing you should be worried about is the left, I hope santos is sold or gets injured again because wenger loves playing him against all odds.

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  5. leo

    i am 100% sure the wenger out brigade will blame arsene wenger for this one as well but isn’t it ivan gazdis problem to sort out these contract issues i mean wtf is his role at arsenal last summer during transfer window he was in us for vaccation while the rvp saga was going on then he went to spain & we all believed he was there to sign isco/jesus navas/llorente/soldado/negredo nothing really came out of it

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  6. leo

    if he is leaving plaese get mathieu debuchy or micah richards heard he is frustrated at city not some kid

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  7. Laurentkboi

    You know what if we were consistingly winning silverware and players still left i wouldn’t mind them being replaced with youth but the thing is we ain’t winning.

    I can bet you everything that if we win the c1 cup (IA) our whole team will be boosted and the mentality will be a winning won, remember that game when when we played ac Milan an beat em 3-0?

    We played as if we had to and it was the best u saw from us in a long time to be honest, how we didn’t win I don’t know but I know that we need that spirit and mentality coz right now the team is so latargic it’s unbelievable.

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  8. KickuPtheArsene

    Arsenal FC does not value it’s players. We sell our best because we are tight arses, whip paying deadbeat players more than they deserve. Any fan who still believes the bull$h!t that comes out of Gazidis and co mouths is utterly deluded.

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  9. antonio

    I wish you all the best wherever you will go Sagna,at 29yrs surely you want to win trophies and i cant see that happening here as long as we have Kraonke and Gazdis.I salute sir.

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  10. Dan

    And then Wenger will tell us all how there is no need for a replacement and that Jenkinson already has all of the quality we need.

    This club is slowly turning into a joke.

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  11. Tom

    Players wanna leave because we are no longer challenging for trophies, simple as that. Let’s not keep saying that it has nothing to do with Wenger and it’s only the board’s fault. Yes, our board is a disgrace I think we all know that but Wenger is at fault too. After all, he is the one that has put together this team that is not able to compete with the top teams. I have always been a huge fan of Wenger’s but I’m not sure if he can take us back to glory days.

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  12. Big Gun

    If I lived in England I seriously would be out on the streets and at games doing as much as I could to cause a stir about this whole situation at Arsenal. It is highly frustrating not really being able to do anything and even more so watching English fans still supporting like nothing is wrong. I challenge the fans in London and England to unite and put some serious heat on the board and Wenger, boycott games or still show up but protest outside the grounds, get the media involved and stop buying merch etc. This is the ONLY way things will change before Kroenke has completely sapped our club. Do you really want some greedy yank to keep expoiting us loyal fans and run our club completely into the ground?? Please guys from one gooner to the next, we need a revival at Arsenal now, we need Usmanov to take over and we need new board members, manager.

    I want my Arsenal back!!!

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  13. BG Gunner

    @Big Gun- spot on. the second guilty person for trophyless arsenal are certain fans (and by certain i mean about 85%) who are content with mediocrity. what bothers me more, i see that some people think sagna could be replaced by jenkinson, coquelin or even yennaris. great prospects, but they will be good in 4years when they will want trophies and salaries and will leave and be replaced by the next ‘jenkinson’ or ‘coquelin’. that is the difference between a champion club and a run-also club, men vs boys

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  14. cicero@gunner

    This is to tell you that players don’t believe in AFC, they don’t believe they can win trophy with Wenger. Why don’t we get a coach that is willing to lead the team to glory, there is no coach that is mentally sound who would be selling his best players every window. Arsene Wenger is not mentally sound, I think he’s insane. He should go now before his insanity affect AFC.

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  15. synsix

    he would b wise to leave.. Who among us would stick to the same job if there is no hike in salary or recognition even after spendin 5 years in the same organization and givin it all.. I, for one, wouldn’t be

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  16. Amol

    Sagna is the best right back in epl

    if he leaves
    So shall the board members

    I can’t see arsenal fans sitting n doing nothing
    while the board leaves the arsenal club all fucked up

    with only profit n no trophies n no proven talents

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  17. Lefemino

    It’s really not easy being an arsenal fan,i wonder if dis stupid board of ours no dat dey are seriously hurting we fans and ultimatley killing d club. I wish there was something we fans cud do, cos i cant see any light at d end of dis tunnel………WE WANT OUR ARSENAL BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

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  18. Adakun Robert

    These players can not be blamed but management, for me i have already started distancing my self from the game instead of hurting within. Kraonke is a business football idiot, wenger stupid according to Albert Eintein because of experimenting the same team expecting different results. Ivan Gazidis wise man because he keeps the share holders happy hence the pay rise. the trio should be shipped to another planet though

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  19. vish Puro

    The one of the few players in our team that would get into man utd, city and chelsea’s starting line up and guess what he’s leaving. I know its glazidi’s responsibility to get the contracts finalized, however think Wenger should be putting pressure on glazidis to get this making it crystal clear to glazadis that the team won’t be able to function aswell without sagna. He’s been one of our best performers since he’s come back from injury. Wenger need’s to grow a pair and say ‘enough is enough’, but we all know he won’t. He get’s judged on the balance sheet more then the league table, and while this may be appropriate for CEO remuneration it’s absolutely crazy that a football manager is rewarded more for financial success then improvements on the pitch.

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  20. mukund

    Wenger will tell us well we have Jenkinsson and we dont need replacement for sagna if he leaves. Then when jenkinsson will be injured we will see santos filling his place or some another unproven youngster. God saves us.

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  21. g882

    Hes off, so is theo, and the horrible thing is the board probably knew this last summer. Absolute mugs!

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  22. AJ

    Quite a few on here are ill-informed. Wenger and gazidis handle contracts and wages not gazidis alone. gazidis knows F*** all about football we know that well. Wenger is the only manager that attends board meetings. He is a part of the group that degrades the club, and I would advise people to stop defending him.
    The movements ar predicatble. If you see from winger say Gnabry hyped up, many articles on arsenal . com, you can say for sure Walcott is out. For Sagna it will be Jenkinson.
    When rvp was going to leave there were pieces with Vermaelen talking about leadership and responsibility. The club is that predictable.

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  23. Gary

    in the early 2000’s Sagna would have been just one of the squad, a proven international with lots of experience at the top and a genuine contender to be included in the Premier League XI for that year along with some of our other players.

    Now after 8 years of Wenger’s master plan he is possibly our best player. Think about it for a second. He is 29 so at his peak with maybe 4 years left at his peak. He has 5 years+ in the EPL and CL. He has decent international experience

    He is a top class right back. He is solid defensively and capable going forward. He is the sort of player when you see his name on the team sheet you think good, you trust him.

    60K a week for a player of this quality is very low.

    Jenkinson is no replacement. He might never be a replacement for Sagna. He is starting to show some promise after last seasons disaster. He needs to work with a top right back for the next 3 years developing his skills. He needs to learn from someone with the experience to teach him.

    If we let Sagna go for the sake of 10K wages we will not only be losing Sagna but also losing the best of Jenkinson.

    Who will there be in the squad for some of the young guys to learn from? Remember what RVP said about Bergkamp.

    Let Sagna go and we take another step on our race to the bottom.

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  24. nesta

    This wage structure is killing us why cant they change it before its too late. Sagna is gone i can see it. this will be our last year winning Wegnes’s trophy ‘champions league spot’

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  25. Victor Thomas

    let sagna go if he want to, the bottom line is that arsenal footballclub is a great club in England no matter what,the world can still stand even without d best. I STILL LOVE ARSENAL irrespective of our shortcoming.

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  26. Uche

    You are right. Sagna will leave. Arsenal is doing ABSOLUTELY nothing to keep our best players. Arsenal looks at our players and sees price tags on their foreheads. Everybody is up for sale. What a shame. And they actually think they can get away with it. What they don’t understand is that they have started off a chain reaction that will continue. Each time top players leave and move on to bigger and better things, the remaining players will start making their own exit plans. Sagna has been such a loyal servant of arsenal that I remember him saying years ago that he wanted to retire at arsenal. Look how bad things have become now. Wilshere, Chamberlain, Jenkison etc will all leave. Once they get famous and the man cites and Chelsea come sniffing around, the desire for better things will overcome whatever loyalty they had towards arsenal.

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  27. PJ N1

    everyone knows Wenger runs the club, and has the last word on contracts and wages, all these arseholes who think ivan and stan are the only money men are fucking think as shit, thats why that french loser is on 8 million a year.

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  28. Martin

    Will he go? Off course he will, he has a value? 29 years old 1 year left on his contract at the end of the season….sound familiar

    the world famous Arsenal now the Premier Leagues biggest selling club ……say no more

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  29. MBB

    Well I think Sagna will probably end up leaving because the least he deserves is not a pay rise but also trophies which he will not get at Arsenal for a very long time.

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  30. Frank

    For the last few years I was getting the shits when our best players left but since RVP, Song and soon to be Walcott and Sagna leave, I really don’t blame them. The hardest pill to swallow is that our club has no ambition at all to keep our best players and win trophies. As far as I’m concerned, finishing 3rd or 4th is not good enough and Wenger and the board need to know how the fans feel.

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  31. Invincibles nice (1)

    My guess would be that of the player is Paris bound as he knows he will be permitted an abso fortune

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  32. hamid

    Sell the whole team, Arsene and rejuvinate it with stem cells. And in 18 to 20 years, we will have a massive squad.

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