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BANG! POW! Double DM transfer blow for Arsenal

For all us Arsenal fans know, Arsene Wenger might not even be thinking about signing a player to strengthen the Gunners in the defensive midfield area when the January transfer window opens. About 99.9 percent of us hope that he is though and the current injuries to Jack Wilshere and Mikel Arteta, coupled with the captain’s age, makes it a lot more likely.

This week, however, the Gunners have been handed a double blow, with two of the players heavily linked with a move to north London seemingly being put out of our reach.

The first of these is the young Portugal international William Carvalho, who was rumoured to be a summer transfer target of Wenger’s. The 22-year old has made no secret about wanting a transfer to the Premier League or Spain’s La Liga, but that will be a lot more difficult, or at least more expensive, as the Evening Standard have reported that his club Sporting Lisbon have placed a release clause of over £35 million in the contract of their young star.

The other player is the Everton and Republic of Ireland star James McCarthy. His club manager Roberto Martinez is not even considering big money for his midfielder, but insisting that McCarthy, who is signed to a long contract, is not going anywhere, in January or any time soon, as a Sky Sports report reveals.

The Everton boss said, “He has got a long-term contract, he was a huge investment and, as I say, I always enjoy seeing good reports on our players.

“I see the interest, or the potential interest, or the good compliments that people pay on James from the outside but James is a player we look forward to seeing in the Everton top for a long, long time.”

Assuming these two players are off the list, who would you like to see Wenger bring to Arsenal?

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23 thoughts on “BANG! POW! Double DM transfer blow for Arsenal

    1. KickAssFan

      Seems the Benders might not be as costly as one would have initially tot. Getting either one of them will be great (I kinda used to prefer Sven). However, I think we should just go for either Kondogbia or Wanyama, Sneidelin might be too hard to get.

  1. ryanh27

    Sncheiderlin (don’t know how you spell it), or lars bender ( at the very least)
    He must buy a couple defenders and bring back carl jenkinson and then play chambers in the DM role… I actually think that would be a better option as I think the young chambers can be moulded into a very good DM, and could be used to cover in defense at CB or RB…

    1. Goonerforever

      Bring back Jenko.
      Buy a CB.
      Play chambers as DM — He does not have enough pace for a typical Arsenal RB.

      1. proffetic

        Prefer Chambers to replace Mertesacker. That would reduce load for Kos.Yes bring back Jenko,before he decides he doesn’t want to come back. I feel also that he could play CB. Would be nice not to have to watch Mertesacker bumbling around and have some real pace at the back Then either or both CB’s could move forward for set plays.

    2. SaveArsenal

      I fear the lack of any mention or praise from Arsenal and Wenger for Jenks may signal that they have no intention to ever bring him back…
      We could have really used him and moved Chambers to CB then DM when Debuchy returned and a new CB was purchased.

      1. KickAssFan

        Honestly, away with sentiments. Yeah he’s a big fan and has always been, but if Wenger and every one at the club genuinely thinks he’s not good enough, I say we sell him or leave loan him out until he becomes as good as desired.

  2. dilla

    ehh, not a big deal. I’ve seen carvalho play a lot this season and haven’t been impressed. Very raw and isn’t even close to being ready for the premier league. No passing skills and would take a long time to develop in the EPL. If the release clause is 35mil, that’s all the more reason to get somebody else that’s better AND cheaper.

  3. Darwin

    William Carvahlo will always be a difficult option, mainly because of his agent and not his price. Jorge Mendes is his agent, who has some grudge against Wenger & he also is Jose Mourinho’s agent. Sometimes politics rules, and I hope people would realise that. its the same reason Costa went to Chelsea for only 30 mil. you can guess who is his agent also.

    this transfer is almost 99% not gonna happen. Only if William wants a 100% move to us then maybe.

  4. davidnz

    Holy calculus, Batman.
    Don’t let your friends drink and derive.

  5. mr lean

    Wenger does like the January window so we will either get either a young unproven player or like last year a player with an injury in a position we do not need !

  6. mr lean

    Setting off to the emirates soon,I expect a tough game but also expect us to win,my prediction a hard fought 3-1 win with goals from giroud,Alexis and Santi.coyg !

  7. supertuur

    Carvalho has £35 mil release clause and he is only earning €10k a week. Very poor contract for him, he has been naive to sign a deal like that. He would earn 6 to 8 times that in EPL.

    He also has third party ownership which makes a deal very hard to do. Almost looks like a slave contract.

  8. kamn288

    almost seven weeks ago arsene said arsenal will not catch or any team for that matter chelsea and are really strong and now this week after 2 wins confidence is an easy commodity for the frenchman STATING THAT
    You cannot say that [six points] is not catchable,” for man city he said. “After 13 or 14 games, you cannot say that the title race is over” for arsenal
    “the six points is for man city
    and the 13 game period is for arsenal”
    the same person gets paid 8 million

    1. Fredricks

      That's not the reason... he's cued it wrongly to think the Fan's Banner for him to go is because he said we can't win. We are not delusional, we know we won't will the league this year ( when last did we even do that)? Anyways, he needs to respond intelligently to on-field problems. The board need to remove several off field responsibilities from him until he gets the right results on the field if they don't want to sack him. I hate the thought that wenger and the board believe Fans shout because they don't understand the inner workings of the club. All serious clubs have their inner workings but managers and coaches MUST always be measured by the performance of the team they built and put on the field to play.
      Everyone knew we would get in trouble at the back immediately the window closed without us getting defenders, even my dog knew that but Wenger smiles it away and tells us we have managed zero games and think we know more that him. When will we stop complaining about ill luck and injury after matches? At least let him admit he got it wrong with defense... that will be the start of his rebirth

  9. optimisticgooner

    Go for mile jedinak !! We wud only b wasting our time by going for carvalho, schniederlein, mcarthy khedira etc!!
    jedinak is d most realistic target of all, for me

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