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Barcelona do not want to sell Villa to Arsenal

Arsenal need a new striker, not many would disagree. There are widely different thoughts and reports about who that is going to be, however. Barcelona are going to try their hardest to ensure that it is not the 31-year old Spanish hit man David Villa.

You cannot blame the club for trying to hold on to him, he is a quality player. He has apparently fully recovered from the horrendous leg break that kept him out of the side for about a year, and that is thought to have been a big factor in Real Madrid being able to take the Spanish title last season.

The problem is that Villa does not feel appreciated by the club at the minute. Despite being fully fit, he has hardly featured this season. He is the second top scorer in the club with five league goals but has spent a fraction of the time that youngsters such as Pedro and Tello have had on the pitch.

The director of football, Zubizaretta, has insisted that the striker is important to the club, but the Spanish media think he is seriously considering his future.

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40 thoughts on “Barcelona do not want to sell Villa to Arsenal

  1. Gunnerineverylife

    After Messi he is probably their best finisher,why would they want to sell him?

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  2. lifeasagooner

    Whats the source of this claim? Or is it simply the opinion of the blogger?

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  3. KickuPtheArsene

    Bloody Barca … They are happy to raid us, but not happy to even let us go for a player they don’t use (or really need). F#%k them!

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  4. Nathan

    Demba ba only him is available…so if we are in for a CF it will be him for sure.

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  5. leo

    barca doesn’t want to sell him but he wants to leave just like we nevver wanted to sell fabregas but he wanted to leave barca are helpless they may have to sell him for whatever price arsenal or any club offers

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  6. leo

    demba ba turned down 80 a week at qpr maybe because of their pos but he is demanding more than 90 a week + knee problems is also an issue i doubt wenger will go for him they can’t pay theo 90 a week what makes you think we are going to pay him david villa is on 120 a week another option is llorente or soldado but i think wenger will go for cheaper one adrian lopez

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  7. owens

    We going to 4th,chelshit 3-0 aston villa..we are the only club who sell our best legs to rival club..while the rival club will never sell us dia best..even a Nani,

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  8. haxxxan

    Lets make it short now, Huntelaar has signed a new 2 year deal, barca dont want to sell Villa to arsenal(and wenger and board wont buy a 31 year old because they cant sell him in future to make a profit as it is their only aim)… of all the strikers linked to arsenal so far, we have 3 options remaining now…. adrian lopez, llorente or demba ba! cant see any other striker linked to us. cavani was linked a while ago but thats a fantasy dream! any 1 of these 3 will be seen in arsenal kit soon!

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  9. Junduk

    I don’t trust these stories at all. There are always some players being mentioned in Arsenal transfer stories but in the end we always end up buying someone else. So I think this story is just a ploy to draw attention from negotiations with Napoli and Cavani. All I want for Christmas is Cavani. 😀

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  10. jk

    demba ba will not take us from top 4 to league champions we need to replace rvp properly like we should have done at start of the season and that can only be done by buying either cavani, lewondowski, falcao or jovetic players of that quality is the difference!

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  11. Big Gun

    Arsenal could have rather sold 3 of our dead wood instead of RvP. We have struggled this season without a consistent striker. I like Giroud but it will still take him some time, and he is only good in certain games mainly against teams we can dominate in the air.

    So now we are stuck in this situation once again thanks to our kind and generous board. Demba Ba would be a wealthy addition, or even someone like Kone. Both have BPl experience and can score goals.

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  12. Gunnerineverylife

    Torres seems to be back in form.We should make a cheeky 5m bid for him.

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  13. Dan

    ‘if theo stays forget about a stiker’


    Am I missing something, in a seriousness can somebody please tell me when Theo suddenly set the world alight.

    Seriously? Even Liverpool don’t want him, they’ve gone for Danny Sturridge. I’d sell Walcott in January and buy Zaha and Villa.

    All of a sudden – Giroud, Podolski, Villa, Zaha, Chambo – those are forward options that could potentially win a trophy. So please stop worrying yourselves about Walcott, i’ve watched football long enough to realise he’s never going to be anything special up top, he’s got speed but isn’t clinical like Defoe.

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  14. KC

    Villa isn’t the answer. The best striker option for Arsenal, at the money we are capable of paying, is Demba Ba.

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  15. bob

    I did not see the ManU game but RVP got a ball to the head O boy……and Ferguson said the player should get a long ban…I hope Ferguson gets his pants taken down for that comment like Wenger did with Ramsy and Shawcross statement.
    What about when Ferguson hit David Beckham in the head with a boot…he could have died.

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  16. caribbean

    Arsenal made a huge statement this week…They tired down their British young players….They have claimed that in the next 2 yrs things will be better…now add these 2 things together and what i see is a bright near future…That is the reason why i think arsenal should buy Adrian Lopez..In a yrs time this guy will be a david villa at Arsenal…Lopez may not be a player for now that can change our season around but he is young and might be a devil very soon….This season we might not have a stiker that will give us 20+ goals but betwwn Giroud,Pod,Walco,Lopez(if he is signed) we can make top 3 and note here i am not saying top 4….
    I think the most important transfer we can undertake in january is a DM…A world class DM will change our season around…

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  17. KING

    arsenal should really up their game. today i just saw how chelski is rampaging, and worst is the way they are playing. they are playing a fluid football that we used to play.

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  18. Santi Claus

    I don’t understand why everyone is so desperate for a new DM. Arteta has been a revelation this season, he bosses that area of the pitch. In my opinion he’s got better defensive qualities than that Cameroon boy, who last season was constantly slated for charging way up field and leaving us open. What we need is Adrian Lopez to add a bit of pace to our attack and a new left back in exchange for Santos (saying that, Meade looked some player against Olympiakos). Apart from that we have serious depth in every position (loan players too: Campbell, Miyachi, Frimpong?) and we are now jelling as a team! If we shift the deadwood in January and sign a couple, we’ll be alright. COYG

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  19. IHaveADream

    Just picture this squad with only 5 signings, the whole team’s dynamic will change and it wont dry up the transfer budget. I don’t feel we need another DM, Coquelin is a quality back up until Diaby is fit again, if his problem persists then maybe consider Capoue, M’Vila or Wanyama for the Summer window.

    – IN 55-60m (Mignolet, Mbiwa, Shaw, Zaha & Cavani):
    – OUT 35-40m (Fabianski, Mannone, Santos, Djourou, Squilacci, Arshavin, Gervinho, Chamakh, Park, Bendtner)
    – Net -20m, but that’s not even considering the severely reduced wage bill.

    First Team:

    Second Team:

    Future first team:

    The future is bright, any person can see this, lets just hope Wenger is the one to realise this potential.

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  20. GP

    Can anyone not see a problem here?
    We need a striker? 4 months after buying 2 to replace RVP.
    What a joke. The two that we bought have not been tried or tested properly so the manager needs to at least admit he got it wrong or confirm whether we are actually trying to by a striker.
    We have good attacking options that are wasted or not used. We also have problems else where in the team like central midfield where we did’nt replace Song as well as cover at left back and goal keeper
    BA and Michu are flash in the pan strikers that are not good enough for us.

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  21. lifeasagooner

    I know this comment will be unpopular and get plenty of thumbs down but its just my opinion:

    Liverpool are getting Daniel Sturridge for £12M and 60k per week wages.

    It should have been us – thats an absolute bargain! He is a proven prolific striker if played as CF in the premier leage (8 goals in 12 apps at Bolton) and at all levels of England youth teams. He’s still young and very very skillful and a better player than Chamakh, Giroud and (as a striker) even Theo. At 60K per week would be much cheaper than those 3 aswell.

    Mark my words – he’ll be a hit at Liverpool.

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  22. Ergs

    Villa is to old I only want young or hungry players at Arsenal.
    cavani is the best forward and sensible suggestion to bid for.
    Adrian Lopez would be a good signing as well.
    Zaha also really good I think he would hit the ground running.

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  23. Paul

    why the hell would you pay 90 k for Ba when santi Cazorla only get 65 k and cavani wants 100k we might just pay 10 k more and get cavani not a greedy injury prone Ba we need some one with speed like Suarez , cavani, isco so forget about Ba he’s overrated player game against QPR he did not even touch the ball why would u get another giroud

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  24. Gunner

    Stop saying get Ba he’s such an average player if he was good enough Newcastle wouldn’t be in mid table right now beside if he gets one good season with arsenal probably he wants to leave to Man U or man city where the money is as he’s leaving Newcastle when they r struggling at the moment for more to other clubs we need a loyal player like jack wilshere gunners for life

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  25. claude

    Ramsey is useless please don’t sell him give him away. Have you ever heard a arsenal fan complain about him not wanting to sign a new deal that’s cause we hope he goes

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  26. GP

    Well said,There is just no sense to some of these names.
    Giroud is better than Ba and earns less.If you want a player from Newcastle get Tiote to play as a holding midfield player and free up Arteta.

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  27. jo

    typical barca, want to get every player from arsenal then reject selling their players to them

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  28. AyMayne

    See, a top team does not sell a top striker to a team they will face against.

    Remind you of a scenario?

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  29. judin

    we sold fabregas,song,henry,hleb and others to them but they won’t sell just one player to us…..

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  30. rhys

    Makes me laugh when I see chelski won 8-0 playing fluid football? When arsenal win 5-2, 4-2 or 3-0 its only tottenham with 10 men or reading or bottom of the league. At the end of the day arsenal are starting to grind results out. Man united do it and man city. I’d like to see walcott play a few more games up top poldoski and ox on the wings.

    If arsene sends money on players this jan ill eat my hat!

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