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Barcelona give up on Fabregas, and sign Adriano from Sevilla instead!

So it is finally confirmed that Cesc Fabregas will be staying at Arsenal next season, and the Catalan club have instead arranged to sign the Brazilian midfielder Adriano from Sevilla instead.

The new Barca president Sandro Rosell has finally understood that Arsenal will not let Fabregas leave cheaply (if at all) and have decided to go for the cheaper option of taking Adriano.

The 26 year-old is very versatile and can play in midfield or on the wing, and the prudent Rosell will be happy that he will cost only 10m euros, so he can stop worrying about breaking the bank for Fabregas. El Mundo Deportivo has announced that he will be unvieled as a Barcelona player in the next two days.

Rosell made the move after finally taking the hint from Wenger that the Arsenal captain was not for sale, but he defiantly said that he will get Fabregas next summer instead.

“Arsenal feels very hurt by Barça,” Rosell said. “They don’t want to listen to offers or sell and they are not putting Fàbregas on the market. There was a strong dispute a few months ago and they have not forgotten it.

“He will arrive, even if it is not now, it will be next year,”

“We will see. One thing that is certain is that we will not go mad trying to sign him. No shareholder would pay €60m or 70m for him.

“We will not go all out for him. We would only pay his value in the transfer market.”

Well that will teach him to try and take on Wenger………..

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29 thoughts on “Barcelona give up on Fabregas, and sign Adriano from Sevilla instead!

  1. eve

    i realy hope this is true that our captain, main man, inspiration, legend(not too ott?)cesc is staying, hip hip horay, im ecstatic.

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  2. TMZ

    “We will not go all out for him”. I hope that Fabragas is reading all these! If they will not go all out for him, it simply means that they do not value him that much. It might be more of an attempt to deprive a potential opponent of a lethal weapon. Wisdom demands that one goes to where he is celebrated rather than where he is merely tolerated.

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  3. BobW

    Where is Cesc in all this, going on holiday saying what will be will be…Thats not captaincy.Cesc need to come out with statrment himself now after all this palava. If not, leave him to serve his full contract with Arsenal, on the bench that is. Under no circumstance should he be sold back to Barca. Seriiously getting fed up with it all now, well knowing it could continue for another year..

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  4. sam

    why not give szszesny first team now? why bringing some unknown average dude. if arsenal have no faith in young players then buy top keeper like lloris or holland keeper.
    wenger is just funny

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  5. sam

    manone or szszesny… thank God i can spell it now will be better than almunia.
    arsene please give youngster chance or just buy top players. arent you tired of gambling on average players?

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  6. Gooner

    hey sam its kinda funny dude but i dont think wenger reads this blog.. lol

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  7. Mike E

    exactly what i have been saying on this and other blogs for weeks now : he won’t move this summer but probably will next!

    smug or what!

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  8. Jimmie

    Did anybody ever think that cesc saga really is a plan project between Arse and Cesc. Maybe Cesc getting tired every season he have to denied the rumor, instaed let see if Barca really mean it, and how far barca can go? Well Arsenal financial already sound that anything barca offer Arsenal can say no to.that why even when they put barca shirt on cesc he now how to act?

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  9. davepain

    The fact of the matter is that they wont(cant) offer over 40 mil for fabregas, which is a laughable fee, considering Kaka went for (something like) 70/80 million (correct me if i’m wrong) and hasn’t really done much for real madrid. By buying adriano they have taken 10 million out of the tranfer kitty. I think the barceLOANa president is such a dumbass he thinks “well, we’re about 150 million in debt, I wonder if we keep buying players, we’ll eventually go into the green, i mean, a negative and a negative equals a positive right?” …. erm no.
    So, unless cesc pays of his contract himself (probably in the region of 15-20 mil), so that he can become a free agent and sign with barcelona, he wont go.
    As for next year, maybe Cesc will actually realise that he doesnt mean very much to the barcelona big-wigs. I mean if they can pay that much for Villa, who doesn’t even have ‘barca DNA’ and they dont even offer that much money for cesc, maybe he’s starting to realise that barcelona are just trying to get him back out of pride, after making such a big mistake letting him go 7 years ago. I wouldn’t mind if someone burned down the nou camp and dug a 6 foot trench in the pitch that spelled out “Leave Cesc alone you greedy, fat, greasy, catalan bastards”

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    Barca are total ball lickers. It’s going to be the same crap every transfer window, until they get their man. Unless we win a trophy and Barca get smashed by Real.

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  11. NefariousGooner

    If Cesc stays then he has to stand down as captain. We cannot have someone leading the team that dosent want to be here. He has stated he wants to go to barca, and we know it is inevitable at some stage. If his future and long term commitment is elsewhere then he can’t give his best as captain.
    Personally I’m sick of seeing the captains armband used as some sort of sweetner to stay at the club, or as some sort of reward for giving arsenal a few more years.
    Viera, Henry and now Cesc have been given the ultimate honour to captain the greatest club in the world only to throw it back in our faces when the big European clubs lure th away.
    I long for the days of Adams again, or someone like him who is a career gunner and lives and breathes the club.

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  12. Nick

    NefariousGooner, I agree with the Adams thing but we have someone like that in the squad, and we have for a while…RVP!!!

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  13. NefariousGooner

    Nick I agree, robin has stayed true to the cause for years!
    That’s why I get so annoyed when I see players like Galas given the armband. Now I’m not for a second comparing Cesc with that whiny twat, but he still hasn’t shown the loyalty I would expect from our captain.
    It annoys me that wenger will get rid of players who love the club and are dependable stalwarts for the club, like Gilberto, just because he is past 30.
    I know people debate arsens youth policy, and it’s been done to death, but in my opinion he could still have developed the youngsters whilst keeping experienced, stable players who loved the club, to lead and show the younger ones how to win championships and silverwear.
    I hardly ever get on the blogosphere to add to the offseason rubish, but this year has done my head in! Go, stay, I don’t care anymore. I’m so
    sick of it.

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  14. samuel

    Well..There is no doubt why Fabregas wants to leave. Arsene wenger said he will bring in good players this season and he has 40 million to spend. But no one has come to club except inexperienced Koscielny. Arsenal need stars to lift in big games and strong players to win against small teams. Only with good technique, We will not win anything. I dont blame Fabregas for this thoughts to leave.

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