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BATE v Arsenal – Giroud’s 100th helps Gunners win goal fest

This was not exactly a defensive masterclass from either side, as the 4-2 scoreline suggests, but at least it was Arsenal who scored more than the home side BATE Borisov to give the Gunners a second Europa League win and put us well in control of the group.

You could have been forgiven for thinking that our fourth goal, scored by Olivier Giroud from the penalty spot in the secod half to put him on 100 Arsenal goals, was not that important apart from his landmark, but it was quite handy in the end as Borisov pushed and created plenty of chances.

Arsenal had raced into a three goal lead before half an hour was up, with the excellent Jack Wilshere setting up Walcott before the keeper gifted Theo a simple second with an awful clearance straight to the striker. Giroud was not the only Gunner to record a landmark goal either, because it was Rob Holding’s first for the club that made it three.

He nearly got a second son after as well but his shot from a goalmouth scramble crashed off the post. We were in cruise control but the home team grabbed a lifeline with a great headed goal before the break. THey should have had a man sent off and Wilshere should have had a goal but for an incorrect offside call but it still looked good at halftime. The early penalty, which was very soft by the way, scored by the centurion Giroud, should have made it a stroll but we allowed them to get back in it and there were some sticky moments before the end.

A good win though, with a weakened side with players rested for the weekend, and who would not have been happy with that before kick-off?


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42 thoughts on “BATE v Arsenal – Giroud’s 100th helps Gunners win goal fest

  1. gotanidea

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    1. Quantic Dream

      I think the thumbs down are for Mustafi….man he was really bad..He keeps making sliding tackles like its a playstation game and unsurprisingly, they fail every time..

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      1. gotanidea

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  2. Sandeep

    Good win for lads.great going forward in first half but with 3 at back still looks shaky in defense.

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  3. McLovin

    Good win but gosh our midfield was non existent helping at defence. We need a DM in January because Elneny and Xhaka are of no use.

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  4. Ganja

    Play Maitland-Niles instead of Willock in CM next time and put someone else with pace at LWB. Don’t see any signs of Willock making it, better youngsters before him had to leave as well.

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    1. Ganja

      I stand by that, don’t see Willock making it. Not at Arsenal at least. I’ve seen Maitland-Niles perform a lot better in that position even when thrown in with the big names.

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  5. BuddReloaded

    Doncaster Rovers. Pffff. Which group are they in? One thing I will agree though. Just as with Doncaster, Walcott could have buried the game three times in the second half. Depending on the situation, Bate will probably come stronger at the Emirates. Who cares anyway, just another tick. 3 points and we singing.

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  6. BuddReloaded

    I am predicting that : AMN is the only one making it through. Not overly impressed with Willock and Nelson.

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    1. Ganja

      Nelson has been so hyped up that whenever he performs badly it will affect him. Just like others before him.

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      1. John

        And this time it is not Wenger’s fault……he kept Nelson a virtual secret………..the fans hyped the kid’s talent……..time for us all to lower our expectations for him……..and let grow through bad and good experiences…….

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    2. jon fox

      BuddReloaded, If you cannot see that Nelson at only age 17 has a special talent, then you need Specsavers! He has shown this amply in previous games too. Not his best game tonight but clearly enough shown to see he is special; especially when Wenger deigns to play him in his right position further forward. Personally, I did not feel anyone, except Wilshere, had a special game tonight and the opposition , apart from Ivanic at NO 10 were sub standard. Bate would not survive relegation and by a distance in our Premiership. Still you can only beat what is put in front of you and we did, comfortably overall.

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      1. BuddReloaded

        I don’t understand what is your issue? Where did I say Nelson lacks talent? But so does Willock or AMN or McGuane. Talent alone is nothing. You don’t have to believe me, time will prove me right.

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  7. Vijay

    I really hope after this europa league campaign we make 3-4 first team players out of Nelson, willock, niles and dragomir…

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  8. Uzi Ozil

    Good win… Conceded two cheap goals but all the same good three points

    I was Busy in the game looking at Wilshere and thought He played well. Nice link up play.. Nice assist for Walcott first goal.

    The goal means alot for Holding. You could tell from his celebration.

    Special shout out to the away fans….

    Unto the next one.

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  9. Ganja

    2 goals tonight won’t mask 10 years of what I’ve seen from Walcott. Very selfish at times today as well looking for a hat trick.

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  10. Sue

    3 points… good win but a few dodgy moments, glad that isn’t our usual back 3!
    Well done to Giroud, although he wouldn’t have scored from open play! Onto Brighton…COYG

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  11. The barrel

    Sell Walcott to any EPL team, you’ll mince your word. But sell Ozil to any EPL team, you be happy. Its always Walcott this or that. Giroud as the main striker, after how many games did he reach a century goals? Give us the statistics

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      1. jon fox

        YES, 100 IN 268, which is good, though not great. He always gives 100% though, unlike Walcott who has just a few over 100 goals in nearly twelve years and rarely gives more than 40%

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  12. The barrel

    Gotanidea please stop this hatred towards human beings, give credit where its due

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    1. gotanidea

      Hahaha, it was not hatred, man. I was being blunt and direct, that’s all.

      I just hope Arsenal could finally give us entertaining matches and shows full of high skills. Arsenal is one of the most richest club in the world (always in the top ten richest club list in the last ten years), why have we not seen that huge resources being used and reflected in the field?

      If those corrupted people in Arsenal are more ambitious and less profit-oriented, we would have seen better, more entertaining and more skillful football from our favorite team. Instead, they let Manchester City dominate Premier League with style.

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    2. jon fox

      Do you actually have any real idea what HATRED IS? Hatred is what Islamic State have for decent free people and what terrorists practice. It is what criminals do when they use violence against helpless people. It is what Trump and Kim jung un practice It is NOT fair criticism of below par football players. Try reading a dictionary for accurate word definitions.

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  13. Adeyemi Royalman

    Good win some awful display though
    But am happy we won
    Congrat Giroud 100th goal

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    We should maintain our seriousness in this games as it seems to be the only sure way for the gunners to get back to champions league.

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  15. COYG_CA

    I missed the CL games this week – how did the Ox do for Liverspew?
    . . . oh, forget it, as I imagined, he had a blanket over his legs on the sideline. At least he has enough experience being on AFC regarding his current position on Liverspew.

    The teens today for AFC looked brighter than the Ox . . . .

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  16. Nothing changed

    Solid result and some flashes of great play by various players. If Wilshire stays healthy…

    Don’t be too tough on Nelson he was played our position a little. Not sure wing-back optimises his abilities.

    Walcott can’t get a break it seems. 2 goals and some are still moaning about the ones he could have had. I have a feeling if it had been Laca everyone would sing his praise.

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    1. Sue

      Theo has been superb in the past but it seems now he tries to do too much, instead of passing he tries to do it all himself. Don’t be greedy! I hate to say this but I can see why he’s not getting too many minutes for us in the prem league. Yes he scores but he has some bad decision making

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      1. jon fox

        Bad decision making by Walcott , yes very true. But not as bad a mistake as Wenger has made keeping this bone idle coaster for nearly twelve years on huge obscenely unearned wages.

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    2. jon fox

      Nothing Changed, You accept then that Walcott “can’t get a break”. Why do you suppose that is? Have you never noticed how he hides in games even when he has, like at Bate, started well? Fans do not take to lazy players, esp overpaid ones who do no fight hard for the shirt. Now you know why fans don’t want to give this lazy man a break!

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      1. Nothing changed

        For me, the world is not black and white and I am willing to recognize when a player I don’t rate makes a positive contribution. Flip side as well, when I player I love has a poor game I will be able to acknowledge that.

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    3. SuperClaes

      Walcott is a good player – full stop!!!!! But not good enough for Arsenal in my opinion as he really should play in a more direct team. But AW can’t take decisions!!!!!!! Now its Iwobi and Nelson time for right attacking role as back up to experienced guys like Ozil and Welbeck:)

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  17. Seaneverdries

    Kelechi Nwakali (on loan from Arsenal) to joins VVV Venlo is the only hope that can solve Arsenal DM problem .. The Kid is good if not for work permit

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    1. John

      Totally agree…….and I have been saying that for a while……..he was superb in the FIFA U17……..

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    2. SuperClaes

      Admittedly never really saw this guy play but I was reading that he played as an attacking midfielder winning FIFA 17 World Cup and mostly right attacking midfielder last year . How will that solve our DM role???? Seriously I beg AW and Arsenal to get a serious DM in asap! Xhaka – reeeaaallyy??!!! He gave the ball away for two goals vs Leicester and also vs Stoke

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  18. Arsenal_Girl

    I am very happy to say I was 100% wrong. This team was obviously good enough to win and Wenger hasn’t gone crazy. He put out a team good enough to win

    I will say that this is a tournament we can win. Two things that worry me 1. Will Wenger get the lineup correctly in future 2. Which Champions League teams will drop into Europa League. Right now we are the highest ranked team but if Dortmund for example go to Europa, They will be.

    But I just hope Wenger realizes that winning Europa will give us a trophy we have never won and a ticket to Champions League. Finishing in the Top 4 or even 5 is going to be tough this season, more so than last season.

    Anyway, great to win and well deserved

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    1. Janssen

      Arsenal Girl – Some times it is hard to understand why people thumb each other down for perfectly reasonable posts. Don’t see what in your sensible post can be thumbed down. Would fans want Wenger to get the lineup wrong or do they think top 4 will be easy?

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  19. Romeo

    Joe willock played well for the first 60/70 minutes then began to tire that I feared he was going numb and about to pass out. Wenger not taking him off on time was wickedness. The kid could barely stand

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  20. Gunner4Life

    Congratulations to the most Underrated Player of the Millennium!!!! Olivier Giroud!!!! The Guy deserves respect for performing week in week out.. After getting criticised right from His start of the Arsenal career till date…. Anyways.. Great to see Him become the latest Centurion!!!!

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    1. SuperClaes

      Well done Olivier! So underrated by us all fans – only if AW had bought some good players for him to play with earlier????!!!! Now its however Laca time although believe Laca can even play off Olivier in certain games as dearly like to hold on to Olivier

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