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Bayern battering gives ONE BIG positive for Arsenal fans

Can you remember how disappointing it was to see Arsenal well beaten in our Premier League away clash with Chelsea recently? I bet you never thought you would prefer to feel that way, but somehow the Gunners managed to show us tonight.

I have found one positive though. Never have I seen the Arsenal fans so united in the debate about Arsene Wenger and whether he should remain as our manager. This was a watershed game and I think we all realise that, however much we respect the Prof and what he has done for the club, it is time for a change.

We have seen it before with Arsenal, such as the infamous 8-2 against Man United and that season we were battered away to Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea, conceding at least five goals in each game, but I have to admit that the game against Bayern Munich tonight was the worst I can remember.

Perhaps it was the fact that we got some amazing luck to go in level at halftime and completely blew that opportunity. It did not help and neither did our failure to any of the things that were needed to compete, but it was more a general impression that this was the culmination of so many issues that have been infecting the team for years.


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17 thoughts on “Bayern battering gives ONE BIG positive for Arsenal fans

  1. Dee@ease

    Wenger is a man with no honour,if he was honourable he would have gone long ago,our heavy defeats in the last few years Man United 8-2,Chelsea 6-0,Liverpool 5-1,Bayern 5-1 twice under Pep and now Ancellotti

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    1. quantic dream

      Don’t forget Man city also put 6 past us. Players like Gibbs, Chamberlain, Coquelin, Ramsey, Walcott, Gabriel, Mertesacker and Monreal would not make the grade at top teams all over the world yet they make the cut for Arsenal. Wenger has weakened the team to the extent we no longer known just who or what the problem is! I miss the good old days when all we needed was a centreback…Lol.The good old days.

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  2. Raoh

    A lot of respect for what Wenger has done. And I don’t think the fans hate him they respect the past successes, the emirates being built and making one of Arsenal a financial power in world football.
    But at one point you can’t keep going into a job based on past glories. We accept that we had to go through the struggle of building the emirates and paying it off but after that what’s the excuse to explain losses and debacles that all look much the same?
    Enough is enough same issues keep coming up: mental collapse, defensive mistake, lack of pride, lack of leadership, transfer windows that goes begging, players that got away or could’ve been bought at the same time…
    The only common factor in all of this is Wenger and the board. If and surely he will leave the club, some of the board members should go and be replaced as well. Some of our legend that actually wants to see the club succeed but also know things about football would be great candidates. We also need a director of football.

    Gazidis, Wenger should be first in line really. Some of the players should be ashame of the shambolic performance they have displayed they let the manager & the fans down. Obviously some will go. Clearly Sanchez has one foot out.

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    1. Dee@ease

      It’s the same every year even the commentator said Giroud has come on as a sub for the last 3 years that we’ve played Bayern at the Alllianz Arena that shows that nothing is changing,there are many players according to me who are not quality from back to front and the whole British core sucks Gibbs,OX,Wilshere,Walcott,Welbeck,Chambers yes some are on loan and that’s because they suck!

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  3. aluz

    may United, Pool and City all beat us in the return leg in PL so we don’t get embarrassed in next season’s UCL…please

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  4. Phemy

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    1. bran99

      people like you make Wenger rethink about leaving and just signs 2 year contracts every now and then. those who changed managers have had good days and bad, but more good days, why give examples of Man U and Liver only? look at Chelsea, change manager and now very relaxed heading for the trophy, even LC changed manager and won it, why should we be worried?

      “How long do we have to wait before the new coach gets it right?” what did you mean here? we can wait as long as it takes, just the fact Wenger is gone will be a trophy to us fans

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      1. muda

        You are absolutely right bran, some friends over here were pointing sir alex and united case for me, and then i said it is inrelevent, man U was winning everything under sir with avarage squad, So they must feel the change negatively, but as for Arsenal we are losing everything so it is only 2 things whether we continue maintaining the status que or we improve. CONCLUSION: wenger must go.

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      2. Phemy

        I smiled, the truth is always painful and not pleased with. Guys face the fact. You just mentioned leicester fc where are they today? It’s a fact, same people like y’all when the new manager come and things don’t go your way you still crucified them.
        You mentioned team like, they won their champions league under Roberto di matteo where Ancelloti and Mourinho has failed he still got fired. Count how many 1st class coaches has been fired by chelsea. Why?
        Guys face the fact and put hatred and sentiments aside.
        I will always be here to remind you.
        I am a true gunner, I want change too but just preparing your minds. Peace

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    2. Bobbyraz

      fans like u sicken me arsenal has always been even before wenger and it will always be, i don’t think any new manager coming to arsenal can do a lot worse than this lunatic has done

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      1. Phemy

        Oh really, how were you fairing in the league before his arrival. You don’t have to take things personal opinions will always be divided.
        I believe everyone has his own opinion to share. Y’all talking about wenger, what about players attitude and approaches to games? How do you rate their fighting spirits? If wenger is fired today does it stop the problem of players attitude towards games? The invicibles, they fight tooth and nail in every single match like their lives depends on it which signifies them out, if you don’t know and they were assembled by this same Coach. Mention one of them that was a world class player before joining Arsenal.
        This is one thing where Tottenham fans will always have an edge over us.
        They are all die hard fans, rally round their players and coaching crews even when things are not going well.
        Wenger has done a lot of goods and DOESN’T DESERVE the treatment y’all giving him. He brought Arsenal to this level we wanted and crave to die for.
        He will go at the end of the season, but respect should be accorded to him.

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  5. bodman75

    This team is a reflection of the coach (WENGER),weak mentally,soft underbelly with no consequences for failure.
    If wenger has any respect for himself,the club and football,he will resign at the end of the season.If he doesn’t resign it just shows the only love wenger has is to line his pockets every year with £8M.

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  6. bran99

    Guys, we just set a new record in the UCL, hehehe you can guess it. the first English team to concede 200 goals in UCL. can’t take, every bad record is set by Arsenal, the last time we set a positive record was the invincible season only. this is the problem of participating for many many years without winning it, and giving away very many goals like this, leading to us setting various stu**d records.

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  7. Jansen

    It is sad Wenger and the club have destroyed his own legacy or are threatening to do so. If we finish outside the top 4 Wenger will have truly run the club into the ground and then leave it in a difficult spot.

    Had he left after winning an FA cup and finishing in the top 4, he would have left on a high. And the new manager could have had the benefit of recruiting new players with the lure of CL football.

    Now there is a big chance he will leave us outside the top 4 and retire with his tail between his legs. That is a shame. Poorly managed by the owner and the manager.

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  8. ger burke

    and to think that our once great club actually pay this fool over twenty thousand pounds PER DAY !unbelievable, he should be marched out of the emirates immediately , how much more can we take of this lunatic in charge.everybody in the football world is laughing at arsenal . i would prefer to finish mid-table with a manager that cares and has passion and tactics in his locker.i do not care who replaces le fool , anybody will do a better job right now .dead man walking ars.

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    Wenger won’t go we all know this, the board is after money and Wenger gives them that.. you the fans in London are there to provide them the money.. until the money stops flowing the trend continues

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