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Be Positive Arsenal fans – We WILL beat Tottenham!

The big game is upon us in just a couple of hours and we just have to believe that Arsene Wenger will have his team ready and set up to beat Tottenham in this early kick-off. Yes we lost last time out to Man City, but they are out in a League of their own at the moment and we were certainly not disgraced in losing 3-1 to a couple of dodgy refereeing decisions.

As Wenger said in the build up: “Just before the break we had a disappointing result but quite a positive performance [at Man City] and it’s important for us, going into such a big game on Saturday, to take the positives out of that game and transfer that enthusiasm and resilience into the derby. It is vital for us to start well again, there is no international break now – we play every three days and we know from now until Christmas is a very important period for us.”

It is vitally important that we get all 3 points today and continue our home winning run to 11 in a row, and we will need the supporters to get right behind the team for the whole 90 minutes and let the players know exactly how important this game is to the fans.

The very annoying ex-Gunner Paul Merson has been spreading his negativity around as usual. He reckons that defeat to our rivals would be the last straw for Wenger. “If Arsenal lose, Arsene Wenger should walk away. That should be it for him,”

“I remember when you never expected Spurs to get much out of these games, and you knew they’d still finish below Arsenal at the end of the season. Not any more.

“I haven’t spoken to a single Arsenal fan who fancies them to win.

“It has swung so massively in Tottenham’s favour it’s embarrassing.”

Is that really true. Do no Arsenal fans think that we can win? Bullcrap! Merson is talking out of his posterior as usual because the fact is that Tottenham have only one once at Arsenal this century! Swung in Tottenhams favour? Will he still be saying that when we move up to just one point behind them after the game?

Let’s all be positive and don’t listen to the naysayers. We CAN beat Tottenham and we WILL beat Tottenham!


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8 thoughts on “Be Positive Arsenal fans – We WILL beat Tottenham!

  1. Eddy Hoyte

    ““If Arsenal lose, Arsene Wenger should walk away. That should be it for him,””

    So if this happens, Wenger walks away from Arsenal, what’s bad in it? Where’s the negativity in that?? No one forced Klopp before he stepped down at Dortmund.

    Aside from us getting a win today, I can’t wait for Wenger to leave

  2. Godswill

    Are we saying we can win?
    Before it was “we will win”.
    But I still believe we will win is Arsene did wake up on his right side of the bed today.
    We have the personnel but the problem is how they are picked and played.
    If Arsenal by heart players are picked and played in their right positions, we’ll beat them 2 neat zero.
    Am not thinking of losing.

    1. Jibs

      Your faith is paying off so far. We have been nothing short of brilliant. Let’s hope the lads can keep it up

  3. redmau5

    look we all know the situation we’re in.
    owner /manager that is hugely unpopular
    our talent wants out, disjointed under performing team

    but its the NLD !
    support them!!

    a win would be such a boost. media are busy pleasuring poch kane and eriksen every 5 minutes- please arsenal shut them up

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