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Beating Chelsea WILL be tougher but Arsenal CAN do it!!

Nobody connected with Arsenal is going to get too carried away with our win in the Premier League this weekend, coming as it did against a team in AFC Bournemouth who we would expect to beat nine times out of ten anyway. The fact that the Cherries are in an even worse run of form than Arsenal to boot, having now gone four games without picking up a point has made a lot of people even more cautious in their response to our comfortable win at the Emirates on Saturday.

I understand that completely and it could well be that next weekend, which sees the Gunners travel across London to Stamford Bridge to face the reigning EPL champions Chelsea will not be so kind to us. However, I do think we Gooners can at least show a little optimism ahead of this next league game, for a number of reasons.

One is that we have somehow turned Chelsea from being a bogey club that we could not beat home or away for about a decade, into a club that we actually seem to thrive against. Take away the pre’season friendly in which Arsene Wenger had to play Elneny at centre back and the whole team was shattered after their long haul travels, and you have three wins for Arsenal from the last four meetings.

Two of those games were for a trophy as well, so we have shown that we can stand toe to toe with our London rivals. Add to that the fact that, despite having picked up more points than us so far, Chelsea are not looking like the side that roared to the title last season.

There are cracks showing at the club and definite tension between players, manager and owner, and if Arsenal are on our mettle we could use that to our advantage. Of course it is going to be tougher for Arsenal to beat Chelsea than it was to beat Bournemouth, but that does not mean we cannot do it, does it?


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20 thoughts on “Beating Chelsea WILL be tougher but Arsenal CAN do it!!

  1. Finding Dory

    We won the FA Cup against Chelsea. We win the Community shield. And still you would not support us.

    What will you do now?

    We will invade Stamford Bridge and defeat them on their home territory.

    You cannot win

    We CAN! And We Will!

    Sir William Wallace.

    1. Wengerout

      I wish wenger can motivate the players like you. Such a passionate voice.

      Too bad he’s no more a coach just a money grabber.

      1. JembutArsene

        I wish this pest of fans just go away and clear our the emirates for fresh breath air.


          1. JembutArsene

            Arsenal’s best time of their history has been under Arsene Wenger. At Arsenal he has achieved milestones that no other manager has been able to. He led the team to the prestigious Double in his first 18 months as manager and repeated the same feat four years later. He also managed his team to a whole League season unbeaten, a feat that has not been achieved by any other top football manager yet. He has created football legends all by himself. Its Arsene Wenger’s special ability to spot talent and then nurture it. From Anelka to Bergkamp to Henry to Fabregas, Arsene Wenger has created some of the worlds best footballers in their time. In recent years he has developed Arsenal into a team that plays football the way its supposed to be played, the beautiful football! He has made Arsenal into the most delightful club to watch. Be it their beautiful slick passing game or the extremely talented youngsters being nurtured by him, Arsene Wenger is truly a legend. A legend not only of Arsenal but of football. He has undoubted passion and love for the game which has led him to great heights. Former Liverpool manager Gerard Houlier said “Arsene Wenger has the ability to eat, talk, sleep and drink football, and then come back for more.” He is admired by friends and foes alike for his exceptional managerial ability.

            Back to your window, Long Live Arsene Wenger!

              1. Vish

                What exactly is it that you are after mate ???? Wenger may not be able to lead us Premier league glory but can you name 3 managers who would do a better job . Before you answer , take into consideration the manager won’t be able to spend 200 million every summer or offer 300k to bring in players . The manager must compete with big spenders Chelsea, City , Utd and Liverpool. The manager must bring in trophies as well and keep them in the Champions league.

                So let’s look at the top managers out there who fit this bill – Potchetino and Klopp would be the ideal candidates yet they have not delivered any trophies despite building a youthful and dynamic team that plays attractive football . Rafa Benitez, Massimo Allegri , Simeone, and Tuchel as well will need at least 2-3years to build a sqaud capable of challenging. Will they last that long and will they be able to handle a lazy penny pinching incompetent board who without Wengers guidance have no idea how to run the club . Conte was ready to quit Chelsea after one season because they weren’t active in the market , he only signed a contract after he was assured they would bring in more players

                So a new manager would result in a director of football , definitely a new transfer chief executive a change in the coaching /medical staff . Couple that with spending a few hundred million to rebuild the sqaud , probably a few barren seasons whilst the players and manager adapt . I wonder how long it will take you fickle fans to turn on the new manager should we fail to take home any trophies .

                Wenger has a multitude of flaws and yes he is past due but there is nobody out there

    2. Gabie

      i total agree with you, we need to be positive rather putting our team down, We have beat chelsea is not like we have not beaten them, is not we useless that we cannot beat man united, man city and chelsea, Last we draw with man united and beat them 2-0 last season now it looks like arsenal are useless according to people, Let us support them and we will see the good result, i am confident Arsenal will come with three points.

      Is good where people do not expect us to win we always win.


  2. u.k

    expect to laca in midfield…ospina as our left back and maybe per as our striker….beating chelsea needs wenger to put out a balanced team not his usual gambling….arsenal 3..chelsea 1

  3. Vish

    Chelsea will be a difficult opponent especially with the return of Hazard to create magic in their midfield . In order for us to come away with 3 points it will be imperative that our own midfield stands strong , resolute and maintains a good defensive shape . Either Ramsey gets benched for a midfield pairing of Xhaka and Elneny or we play all 3 together and sacrifice Ozil . Mertesacker needs to accompany Mustafi and Koscielny in defence as he is integral to us keeping calm and composed at the back .

    Kolasinac could be an option to partner Xhaka in midfield to add some steel as well.


    Mustafi Mertesacker Koscielny

    Bellerin Xhaka ( Elneny/Kolasinic) Welbeck
    Ozil /Sanchez

  4. AndersS

    Of course it is possible. Especially, if we had a manager, who would set us up to prevent Chelsea from scoring and see if we could nick a 1-0 win.
    But we have Wenger, so I doubt that will happen. He will probably play Ozil and Ramsey leaving our central midfield as the usual freeway for top teams to use to score no less than 2-3 goals.

  5. Nothing changed

    We can beat Chelsea but you can see the kind of manager they have in Conte that despite their trouble he managed to get good results and beat Spurs. And yes, the media was speculating him getting sacked more or less before the season even started. Beating Spurs and Everton whilst in “crisis” is the type of crisis I would love Wenger to have.

    I just don’t want to hear Wenger say “we looked a little jaded in the second half because of our Thursday game” if we lose the game.

  6. Malaysian gunner

    The thing is Wenger doesn’t care about the defence. Look at the countless times
    Rooney/Ronaldo/Drogba scored tons of goals.I dare say under GG would not
    allow them the space and time to snoot let alone score.
    Thanks to Wenger,the flood gatesto Arsenal will be wide open that is
    unless he wants to win ugly.
    If not Chelsea could hit 5 /6 goals.

  7. Malaysian gunner

    Agree with Anders on why any manager other than Wenger would set up shop
    to prevent Chelsea scoring.The fm has been playing his predictable style of passing endlessly.
    When beseizing the opponent goalmouth a loose ball is pounced or like in the Pool game Bellerin
    fails to control the ball a nd Salah goes past him like a greyhound to score.
    So don’t be surprised while taking a corner kick ten gunners are upfield.This is the perfect scenario for Chelsea to break loose.And the blues don’t waste time passing the ball.
    They head straight for the goal unlike Arsenal.
    Well if Wenger wants to beat Chelsea he must make sure his defence is goal/water tight
    other wise it would like when Mourino embarrassed hom with 6 goals.

  8. Gerry Benson

    its easy to say, but chelsea with hazard, morata, willlian infront, the good midfield players and quality defense, wenger should begin thinking of another loss next week. Arsenal played best only if against 10 chelsea players.

  9. Vlad

    Who knew that playing players in their natural positions actually does wonders for you? I don’t know what Wenger was thinking when we played Liverpool, but I’m hoping he’s done with those experiments. With the same lineup we had against Bournemouth, and possibly replacing Xhaka or Ramsey with Elneny, we have a decent shot of taking Chelsea down. We beat them 3 times out of last 4 games. I say we can do it again.

  10. OxInTheBox

    in the FA cup final chelsea were hung over from being champions, and any way, unlike wenger conte won’t make the same mistake twice. so in order not to get hammered, we need to do something different to what we did at liverpool. xhaka, ramsey and ozil can’t all start. if we to stand a chance, ozil and ramsey must not start. it’s going to be a fight out there, and ozil is not up to a fight, it will be like playing 10 man. but the old fool thinks he can go with that mediocre team to chelsea, dominate, play a high line of defense and win. he will play all 3 of them and we will lose.
    we should start:
    mustafi kos mert
    bellerin elneni xhaka kola
    sanchez welbeck

    welbeck is rubish but at least he tracks back and fights, xhaka is also not good enough for this level but is better than ramsey. with that team we will at least stand a chance

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