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Bellerin has GOOD news for fans but BAD news for Arsenal captain

There was some good news for the Arsenal captain this week as Arsene Wenger confirmed that he was taking up the option of extending the contract of the former German international and World Cup winning defender Per Mertesacker. The boss was also full of praise for the gigantic centre back and what his defensive ability and perhaps more importantly his attitude and leadership skills bring to the club.

There were more warm words for our BFG from his fellow German Shkodran Mustafi as well, as the summer signing revealed that his captain had been a great help in helping Mustafi settle both on and off the pitch, but in doing so he has made his job of getting back into the first team much more difficult.

In fact, Judging by the comments made bu our young right back Hector Bellerin on the Arsenal website, Mertesacker´s playing opportunities could be very limited indeed as his replacement has become a key player while our captain was out of action due to injury.

Bellerin said, “He has been a great addition to the team. He has adapted really well to the way we play. He likes to come out and look for people up front, and doesn’t kick long ball balls, he looks to play the ball on the floor and that’s really important to the way we play.

“Defensively he has grown since the first day, he is really confident around the other players, he will tell you what to do, he is a World Cup winner as well and a leader. The stats show he is a very positive defender and he is helping us get clean sheets.

“From the first day he was here we got on really well, on and off the pitch. From his time at Valencia, he speaks very good Spanish so that makes it easy – not just with me but other people in the back four.

“I feel very confident when I play with him because I know someone has got my back as well – not just the goalkeeper, you also know Shkodran will be there. I really like playing with him.”

The Spaniard did not come out and say it, but it seems to me like he is telling the manager that Arsenal are better off with Mustafi than we were with Mertesacker and while that is great news for the Gunners and our chances of trophy success, it is bad news for the club captain. Is our BFG going to be on the bench from now on?


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11 thoughts on “Bellerin has GOOD news for fans but BAD news for Arsenal captain

  1. ThirdManJW

    OT – Great weekend for Arsenal so far. L’pool, Spurs, Utd, and City all dropping points. Hopefully we’ll go second tomorrow, and then let’s pray Hull do the unthinkable against Chelsea.

  2. Twig

    Arsenal will probably fail to take the chance to move into 2nd now…
    That’s what Arsenal always does

  3. tweety

    the players who play must be focussed, because burnley are a good team. still think we will win 2-0 – gooner = for ever

  4. mobaygunner

    win our next 2 and tgen do the business at the bridge and we are right bang in it….Liverpool will be angry hopefully thay beat chealsea next..then we do our part..fingers cross we could be 5 point behind Chaves when we meet them..and 2 points off by the end of that game….yes i got hope..come on gunners!!!!!

  5. Uzi Ozil

    Arsenal.. .lets beat Burnley. .then win our next pl match.. Then win against Chelsea. Is it too much to ask? I guess not..

    For now, Burnley is next and I will be pissed if they fail to get maximum points

    1. RSH

      Arsenal beating Chelsea in general rarely ever happens. Chances of us doing the double on them this years are really low. Our record at Stamford Bridge, like at most of our rivals stadiums, is embarrassing to look at. This team has already shown us they will crack under pressure, why are we expecting something different again?

  6. ruelando

    Our job is just to look at who we are playing tomorrow and that is Burnley, lt us not think of any other team but Burnley, then and only then we say next

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