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Benzema to Arsenal? Another twist in the tale…

Arsenal are a world-class striker short of being a real force in Europe again, and most bookmakers previewing Arsenal’s season will agree. Wenger has been a fan of Benzema for a long time and has looked to bring him to the Emirates ever since the stadium loans have been paid off.

Despite the continuing denials from Arsenal and Real Madrid, the media have been refusing to believe that Wenger is not keeping his war chest at the ready for when the French international becomes available.

Now there is another twist in the tale as Madrid have issued an official statement that Benzema is out with an injury. “Following tests carried out on Karim Benzema by the Real Madrid Medical Services at the Sanitas La Moraleja Hospital today, he has been diagnosed with a muscular injury in his right thigh. His condition will be evaluated,” read the statement.

It seems that the Frenchman will be struggling to be ready for the first game of the season, which just so happens to be a week before the end of the transfer window….

Is this just a ploy by Madrid to keep Benzema away from the warm-up games while the smokes and mirrors of the transfer window is still in play, or is this an honest injury that he incurred while lying on a beach somewhere?

Who knows? Santi Cazorla has said he doesn’t think Wenger will buy Benzema, and Ramsey thinks Walcott will be our Number Nine. Wenger insists there has been no contact with the Spanish giants and Benitez says he is staying at the Bernabeau.

But the decision to send Chuba Akpom to Hull City has raised a few eyebrows, and now this mystery injury to Benzema seems to be very fishy at this moment in time. Smokes and mirrors, or truth and lies?

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59 thoughts on “Benzema to Arsenal? Another twist in the tale…

  1. Uzi Ozil

    Hello Guys, I saw this link on Petr Cech Twitter Account I think You should view the link. Roy Keane will have a hard time with this. Arsenal stars photobomb unsuspecting fans! I love this club. Cech look extremely happy. The harmony in this team is incredible……

  2. Gunner

    Whats fishy is : Why would AW send Chuba Akpom on loan before guaranteeing the purchase of a new CF first…unless Wenger is planning a Le Coq move on Akpom (recall early from loan).

    1. ethangooner

      Loan deal to lower league often include recall clause – Like Le Coq last season
      Don’t think we should read too much in this

    1. Gunnerphyte

      whats so special about benzema anyway? i watched all of his 2014/15 goals on youtube, there’s nothing special about them. compare that to the quality of goals and assists giroud had last season….all of giroud’s goals were top class! Benzema plays for a team gifted with great passers of the ball, in a league where its easier to score yet he managed only 15 goals in 29 appearances (2312 minutes). again compare that to the 14 goals giroud scored in 27 appearances (1867 minutes)…in the EPL! My point is; Benzema is not really that superior to giroud, besides, we dont even know if he can do what giroud does for us in terms of winning headers and linking up play against tough and organized EPL defenders while also scoring some vital goals.

      So i dont think benzema is the guy to win us the PL. Besides, arsenal is not a one-man team that depends on a “world class” striker to win games, if we really were a one-man team we could have been in serious trouble when RVP left us.

      1. Ks-Gunner

        The differance with Giroud and Benzema is this. Giroud would not even start one game at Real M let alone score one goal. LOl.

        Everything what Giroud can do, Benz can do better. Are you by chance the same who once claimed that Suarez is not that better then Giroud. Or the same guy who claims that Ramsey is like Zidane?

        1. Jim A

          After watching both play for France my opinion is that OG is a better passer which if you are a target man that is or should be a big part of your game.
          Benzema can take you off the dribble much better.
          The question is what type of style you want to play?

        2. Gunnerphyte

          Ks-Gunner, don’t ignore the stats, mate. giroud scored 14 goals in 21 starts while benzema scored 15 in 29 yet you claim that benzema was better than giroud last season. how? you also have to consider that giroud managed to do so in the world’s toughest league as opposed to la liga where benzema only had atletico and barca as the only tough teams to play against.

          The guy scored against Man u, Man city, Liverpool, Tottenham etc last season, and yet u claim he won’t manage a single goal in La Liga? shame on you!

          1. Ks-Gunner

            Arsenal is a team who makes even the likes of Chamakh and Bendtner perform well.( Bendtner even socred hattricks for fun at Arsenal where Giroud never came close to it. Do you remember Adebaoyor? Yep, i do too.

            Benz is even a better passer then Giroud but i dont blame fans for being so proteczive towards him. You all have gotten used to him and cant be objective towards him. But, with luck you will see the differance when a good striker arrives in the team.

            Real M. I was speaking about them. Dont overrate the Epl so much. The La liga is rated better anyway. ( not that i agree).

            1. YingYang69

              BS-Gunner. Adebeyor done that at every club he played, started more than brightly then the big dipper. Bendtner and Chamack were hounded out of this club because none of us wanted them here, and because we were use to so much better.

              Truth be told there is little difference between the quality of both players. Benz I think people like or rate him so highly is because he plays for Madrid, you even said it yourself. People should remember though that Benz has a great relationship with Perez. If not for that relationship Benz could well have been sold years ago, I believe they could have got much better. Benz v Giroud ..Benz comes out on top with dribbling and having better pace, although he’s hardly a great dribbler but his pace is decent. Goalscoring their numbers are of a similar rate Id imagine. They say results are the be all and end all ..well for strikers goals and assists are results. If Wenger wanted the player and got him Id be happy but I still don’t think he’s a forty plus mil player. I think he is a good striker and at times very good ..same as with Giroud. It’s not my money so if they have to pay double price to get the one he wants be it.

      2. nicolaile

        Sooo biased. All of girouds goals are top class? and Benzemas goals are not? Youtube shows nothing and you cant based your decision on those videos.

        Benzema IS a upgrade and Wengers interest in him shows that, so STOP being in denial.

  3. Uzi Ozil

    Hello Guys, Go to Petr Cech Twitter Account and click on the link there. Roy Keane will have a hard time with this. Arsenal stars photobomb unsuspecting fans! I love this club. Cech look extremely happy. The harmony in this team is incredible……

    1. Andrew AFC

      It was great to see the players photobomb supporters its on if anyone wants to see it.

        1. muffdiver

          cech looked like he was havin a ball in that vid

          sory but theres no way chelsea have our team spirit.
          talent every position but thats not always enough

          cech must be lovin it here

      1. jonestown1

        My fave bit was the kid turning round and screaming “Coquelin” with FC just poking his head round the corner of the screen.

    2. juhislihis

      Saw that too. Made me smile that one!

      It’s on Arsenal’s YouTube channel, which I’m subscribing. You fellas should too, great stuff in there! My personal favorite is Oxlade-Chamberlain banter!

        1. juhislihis

          You need to create an account (via Gmail) and log on, then just search for Arsenal and most likely the first result you’ll get is Arsenal channel. Then there’s the subscribe button and voilá!

  4. inapropriatetelletubbie

    So i think Walcott is a fantastic winger (when he is fit) but he will not be a good number 9, As a striker he becomes a one trick pony, running of the shoulder of the defender drifting into the spaces looking from the through ball from ozil or carzola etc. I’m with what Rio said against the sides in the bottom half of the table it works he can get a couple of goals, but against the intelligent defenders like terry’s kompany’s cahill’s he would simply get put on his arse. CB’s are known for their rough and tumble attitude, with walcotts injury record he would want to avoid them like the plague, now anyone who watches the game of football would know coming up against big defenders you’ve got to get stuck in avoidng challenges simply isn’t an option, people who tend to do that end up getting isolated for long periods of time kind off like what happened at the weekend for him. If Theo can mirraculously bulk up and start taking on defenders instead of running away from them then im sold ‘he can play striker’ but till that day we need another accompliahed striker.

    1. Jim A

      Nice post tubbie, Playing as a lone striker you must come to meet the ball sometimes with your back to goal. That is when Theo will have a hard time of it. I hope he doesn’t get hurt because we are a much better team with him darting past defenders.

    2. themadhurata

      theo lacks in knowing when to drop off and help out in midfield. that takes experience. bulking up and being a hard man is not the problem or issue. RVP, Torres aren’t much stronger and the likes of ageuro and suarez don’t rely on brute force. their strength comes from great balance and technique.

      he does need a certain amount of midfielding skill. he isn’t the best at that but movement, making runs, stretching defenses isn’t no one trick pony stuff. you are way wrong to under estimate that stuff.

      1. inapropriatetelletubbie

        Look im not saying he isnt capable of doing those things, just at present he wouldn’t be well versed in these abilities considering he hasn’t spent much time in a CF position. Its not suddenly goig to hit him over the head and all of a sudden he is a top class striker, they have literrally got to train the winger out of him. All im saying is it would be a lie to assume he would be able to pick up those abilities in 2 or 3 games therefore i’d much rather have someone who is an accomplished striker,than someone transitioning into one.

  5. dan

    just buy benzema,reus and lars bender and that will make us a major force i say with those 3 additions we will win the prem league and have a great chance in champions league and cups and it will shut maureen up once and for all!!

    1. muffdiver

      yes just buy them dan!
      the players themselves have no say in the matter!
      an no one else would bid if they were available!

      its so simple just a phone call an they can quickly nip to a cash maschine …sorted 😉

  6. Sam, need a striker

    You cannot imagine how I feel when I see Giroud make a clumsy shot or pass after a well worked play and then stick out his tongue as if he could do any better …
    Please Wenger, someone else, anyone …

    1. muffdiver

      he should trademark that sticky out tongue thing he does…what ?! who the hell is gene simmons??

  7. season ticket holder

    Stadium move costed wenger A successful carreer,managers are rated by trophies won,wenger has no winners medal for building the stadium or dvpt of young talents.But now no excuses not to buy and win major trophies we are giruod upgrade to the title!

    1. jonestown1

      No sure why you getting thumbed down there STH – Wenger could have gone just about anywhere in Europe in 2005/6 and his trophy cabinet would undoubtedly be more impressive now – the travelling hired-gun a la Mourinho/Ancelotti/LvG. A portion of the fans wish he had, the rest are probably happy he didn’t.

    2. Budd

      This is why Wenger will get another 4 years deal once the current term will be over or maybe even earlier.

      1. Ks-Gunner

        The man is old and needs to retire sooner or later. Dont be sad though. Life has so much to offer then Wenger alone. Like Women, metal music and Chicken. = ))

  8. arsenal369

    I think the only striker that would be willing to move and the club willing to sell would be Cavani

    1. Sam, need a striker

      I don’t think PSG is willing to sell Cavani … Ibra will most probably move this year, next year at max

      1. Gigi2

        where is Lavezzi in all this?
        ok the guy isno CF but he is a dangerous winger.
        And he Works his ass off.
        Ok he is old, but he still offers an incredibl will of winning

  9. davidnz

    Sanchez 16 Giroud 14
    Cazorla 7 Ramsey 6
    can not be expected to
    improve much on last seasons EPL goals.
    But Walcott 5 Chamberlain 1
    Wellbeck 4 Ozil 4 Wilshere 2 can improve a lot.
    Walcott can add 10 Ox 7 Wellbeck 7 Ozil 3 Wilshere 5.
    Another 32 taking us over the 100 mark
    bearing in my mind Chelsea won with 73 goals for.
    So we do not actually “need” Ben Zimma.
    A DM first please.

  10. Andrew AFC

    Guardian writer Emanuele Giulianelli is claiming via his Twitter page that Benzema has agreed a four-year deal with us worth €9million per year.

    1. muffdiver

      the same Emanuele Giulianelli who said on his twitter….
      vargas to arsenal is done
      fellani to arsenal nearly done
      perruzi to arsenal done

      yeah great, il just wait at heathrow andrew…wil save u a seat at duty free

        1. muffdiver

          no sorry its gone beyond that andrew..
          *walks back to rolls royce
          ‘alfred gun if you will…’

  11. 007

    The Benzema’s move all depends on Madrid!!!

    His there perfect striker for them, selfless, creative, strong, assists CR7, technically gifted, and did I mention he assists CR7.

    Should Madrid manage to secure another WC forward (Auguero, Reus, Cavani, Grienzman) in that mold maybe they would flitch.

    BUT, Arsenal should make the first move whether the player is available or not. I mean his French, with our French connection OG, Debuchy, Kos, Coq well even Wenger should be on the phone each day tapping him up, maybe he can do a Di Maria aswell especially now that both Bale and CR7 want to play central now.

  12. leo

    real Madrid may be willing to sell benz but if they get replacement + if we bid big with ozil it was about balancing the books but with benz it’s different

    Madrid is a political club perez nows he must get a big name & then will let benz leave

  13. Ks-Gunner

    Usmanov the fat man came out with some interesting things about Arsenal and Wenger. He also said that Wenger set the team up to challenge for the title beside one poz.

    And i was like. Lol. I know what you are saying. Meanwhile the Cowboy is riding a horse in murica, having lots of fun.

    1. TH14-TW14

      The same Madrid that signed a washed up Adebayor, a Man U bench warmer Chicarito. Why do you guys talk as if those who play for Madrid are superhuman? For the fact that the pay huge transfer fees does not make their players extraordinary. The 85 million payed on Bale for instance has made it look like if he’s out of this world. As long as I have seen him beyond the speed and a good shot there’s not much else

  14. Tatek Girma

    I would prefer to see Robert Lewandosky in Arsenal shirt over Benzema. Of course, Benzema is more cleaver and brilliant than Giroud though Giroud has his own quality, such as heading ability, physical presence and good linkup in the attacking process.

  15. Banga11

    Even Draxler would do the trick. Also sign the Barca holding mid Samper. And lastly the young defender from Roma.

    Wegner could have something in place just doesn’t want other teams to react.

  16. Wonder

    People here forget that we only play with a single strilker. So dont read much into our loaning og Akpom. I agree Benzema is a better striker but I wouldnt pay more than 35m for him

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