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Benzema to Arsenal transfer? Has that ship already sailed?

From the amount of Arsenal transfer rumours there have been linking the Gunners with the French striker, you would think that there has definitely been some interest in Karim Benzema on the part of Arsene Wenger. Ever since the striker started banging in goals on a regular basis in Ligue 1 for Lyon after coming through the French club’s youth system, if you believe the reports, then Arsenal have been trying to sign him.

Now the Daily Star is reporting that Benzema could finally become a Gunner, possibly in the January transfer window, as his current club Real Madrid are keen to make a signing or two up front after failing to get the transfer action they wanted this summer.

The report claims that Benzema would like to play for Arsenal as well, so is Wenger going to get this player he has wanted for so long? I have my doubts to be honest. The Real Madrid forward will be 30-years old when the winter window comes around for one thing.

Plus he has never showed the least desire to play for Arsenal before, so do we really want him now he has become surplus to requirements at the Santiago Bernabeu? We also have to look at why his Spanish club are willing to sell and the fact that he scored just 11 times in 29 league games last season is probably no coincidence, especially when you consider how many chances he would have got with the attacking talent Real Madrid have.

Should Wenger and Arsenal stay well clear of this possible transfer?


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16 thoughts on “Benzema to Arsenal transfer? Has that ship already sailed?

  1. neil

    Bob.. you answered your own question !!
    Also fact that a ‘rumour’ from Daily Star is the source should be enough
    Can we PLEEEEEASE have no more transfer stories until January as its quite clear that no-one other than Wenger knoes ehats happening so all the rest is just pointless as proven by Resource, Kev etc..!

    Lets just talk about actuall football for a change!!

  2. waal2waal

    im expecting our next lethal assassin from the strikers conveyor belt is nelson – im fed up hearing benzema is coming to arsenal – let’s face it, this is the drivel that emerges as a real madrid player seeks extension to his diminishing contract. So inviting him in would be to the detriment of nelson, at this stage of the youngster’s development its a move thats counterproductive.

    as a matter of fact it would be aimless and silly to one moment be putting ourselves out publicly to court talents like mbappe, lemar, asensio, only to backslide in favour of yesterdays man – for us to present our ambition this way is hardly progress and its less than fans deserve. #jog on Benzema

  3. Coldzero

    Not sure we need him. Lacazzete looks to be a great signing, Giroud also a loyal goalscorer and Welbz coming into his own as well. Notice I didn’t mention Alexi – well he is a great player but very much doubt he will be here in Jan so I don’t count him.

    So Benzema isn’t required I would say. It’s midfield we need a playmaker to replace Santi. They should perhaps throw Jack in again and see where we go- if he doesn’t step up then offload in January- but when on form and up for it he can be a great player. He is an Arsenal player so why not throw him in there and see what drops out?

  4. John Ibrahim

    The Ibrahims do not want Fat Ben

    The Ibrahims are expecting Nelson and Adelaide to play and shine

    If Mbappe, Dembele, Lemar, Draxler and etc.. can do it at 18yo and 19 yo

    so can Nelson and Adelaide

    1. Coldzero

      I agree- both are very good prospects. Nelson looks fantastic and from the moment I saw Adelaide when we first got him I thought he looked good. I hope they both get a chance this season.

  5. arsenal_championes

    Yes lets pay 30 mill for
    local lad Karim Benzema.
    He can join the other local
    English lads nurtured by Mr W.
    Cech Ospina Bellerin Debuchy Monreal Kolasinac
    Koscielny Mertesacker Mustafi Bielik
    Xhaka Coquelin Elneny Ramsey Cazorla Vlad Nwakali
    Ozil Sanchez Giroud Perez Asano Reine-Adelaide.
    We already got rid of two foreigners Chamberlain + Gibbs.
    Next AW will trade that foreigner Walcott for local lad Virgil Van diijk
    In January pay 50 mill for local lad Julian Draxler from Islington road.
    and pay 100 mill for the lad Le Mar from Finsbury park.
    Millions of local English lads look at these names and think
    Yes if these local lads can make it so can I.
    As it says on the Emirates stadium
    We don’t buy stars we make them.
    True so true.

  6. Nothing changed

    Benzema was or is a class striker and for a long time, I hoped we would get him. But does it make any sense now looking at from all angles? We just signed Laca for 52 million. I thought Laca would be our no 1 striker. So would it make sense to add Benzema? Maybe Wenger would do a Wenger and move one of them to wing? Bad idea.

    Also from Benzema’s point of view why would he want to join a club where there is no CL football anytime soon?

  7. Arsenal_Girl

    I don’t want Benzema
    He wasn’t interested before
    He really insulted us and he has major legal problems too
    Also he is getting in 30s now
    I am very happy with Lacazette. Lacazette is still young enough to be a huge success here in the Premier League

    But I don’t agree with people who don’t appreciate Benzema quality. He would not have been at Real Madrid all these years if he wasn’t good and wouldn’t have La Liga and Champions League trophies to his name. He is/was one the world’s finest strikers

    We need another attacker to replace Alexis perhaps 2 (one who is better than Theo, Danny and Iwobi). And a Top CM or two. Plus strengthen our defense

  8. Break-on-through

    I like Benzema’s work rate and think he could be a useful addition to have next to Lemar and Lacazette. His work goes under appreciated at Real and I believe at another club, himself as focal point, he would score more goals. He’s like the Danny Welbeck of Real sort of, but better fitness passing and finishing. If we can afford to have a Welbeck, Walcott, well then yes there is room for him here. Stirling and Lemar would be my choice when Alexis leaves, unless Draxler becomes available. If not Stirling then Benzema could do that job, and he could also be an alternative to Giroud, or Lacazette competition to keep him on his toes.

    I didn’t fancy Benzema when we were crying out for a striker, saw him as a risk. But now we have Lacazette I can see room for a hard working bulldog whom makes an impact in the bigger games.

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