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Bet on Arsenal to lose – says Wenger!

It’s normal for Arsenal fans to hear Arsene Wenger predicting a win for our team, no matter who we are playing against (including Bayern Munich and Barcelona!), but for a change the Frenchman is fully expecting the Gunners to have difficulty in beating the MLS All-stars this week.

Admittedly we will be without a few of our top players (Okay we will say most of them) and those that are playing will be lacking in match fitness for only our second pre-season fixture, while the ALL Stars should be superfit as they are halfway through the MLS season, so we could agree that Le Prof is only being sensible….

Wenger said on the official “We are asked to do a job. We are under pressure every time to win the game,”

“We play to win and we want to win as always with style and respect of our identity and values … that’s what we do.

“We know, in fact, that that the history of this game is in favor of MLS because from what I’ve heard, they’ve won in former seasons. They’ve won the games most of the times. We know we face a very determined and motivated team.”

So he is covering his options and letting us know that the Gunners will be trying, but the fact is that we will be facing the very best players that are playing in America (as opposed to the best American players), and don’t be too upset if we get a hiding!


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12 thoughts on “Bet on Arsenal to lose – says Wenger!

  1. ButtFlaps

    Don’t be loser mentality ARSENE!!! We must think we win all the time, winning mentalities!!! We are not spud

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  2. goonerboy

    So where is the “bet on Arsenal to lose”????

    This is bollocks!

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    1. Fatboy Gooney

      Hahaha, Yep!.. Kingsize Canon ball’s 😂
      I was thinking the same thing.

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    2. SoOpa AeoN

      LmaO as well…….. Bet on Arsenal to Lose!

      Then Booooom ! & it’s against the MLS allstars in a cheap a** preseason

      [NB: Lens….MLS allstars…..we are yet to test the waters with prominent, established team in the preseason ]

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    3. SoOpa AeoN

      the MLS allstars isn’t even a team of players who’s been playing in the same team…..but a collecting bunch of players from various teams in the MLS

      what’s the probability that a team which have practiced together for longer than 3 seasons would crumble under the influence of a collective bunch?

      Seriously, it’s similar to team Arsenal vs Team USA

      Wenger doesn’t cease to amaze me….. Every single word of his mouth is a gamble!

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  3. goonerboy

    We win,we lose or draw,,I don’t care.And does it really matter if we win?????

    Last season,our pre-season was flawless but the season starts and we lost to W/Ham at home..

    Sometimes, we like to attach importance to unreasonable things and ignore the obvious..smh…

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  4. SarsfieldNY

    The title of this article includes a bit of click-bait; in the actual interview, Arsene was highlighting the fact that MLS players are in mid-season form and he also acknowledged the amount of aging yet talented players that have had success with European friendly visitors. Admin mentions these things for the most part, just the title of the article is far-fetched.

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    1. goonerboy

      A bit of clickbait you say????
      It is an emphatic clickbait, you dint see the exclamation????!!!

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  5. Arsenal_Girl

    So, where did Wenger say “Bet on Arsenal to lose”?
    He basically just said that the MLS team are very difficult to beat
    Strange Title

    Bet on Arsenal to lose the transfer wars lol
    We have been Dithering all summer
    I hope we can secure Mahrez, a striker and a CB

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  6. Fatboy Gooney

    New tactics, Wenger is just making excuses before games, rather than afterwards.

    This Allstars team are a bunch of OAP’s has – beens and the simplest way to beat them, is to sit back and let them do all the running and hit them in the last 15 minutes when they all get tired… Why does Wenger love making a mountain out of a molehill? 😲

    Aubameyang has come and stated that he never said that he only wants to join Real Madrid, he also said that it was a childhood dream, but not anymore!

    Wenger stated that he wanted Lacazette to be a secret 😲
    Wtf! 😂

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  7. john0711

    Gazadis stated fan pressure would not force the club the sign players. This stated a uproar on from fans leading to Wenger stating the club will spend big if the right player comes along. Since then Gazadis reiterated his stance and states we cannot compete with the other clubs

    What an absolute W-#*!er

    So it’s ok for the fans to pay big bucks

    I will not renew my membership until things change, neither will my son. Not a big issue for the club but you can fool some of the people som of the time etc etc
    I love my club and I’ve spent a fortune but will not stand by and see it all crumble

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  8. lil b gunner

    will think twice before reading an article on just arsenal after this

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