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Betting latest on strike targets to join Arsenal

Arsenal appear to be desperate to bring in another striker this summer, and have so far failed to do so, and we thought we’d delve into the latest prices on us to land a number of targets.

The most heavily linked attacker is obviously Alexandre Lacazette of Lyon, and his price reflects the reports, ranking him as the most likely to join us. The Frenchman netted an opening weekend hat-trick for his side, which will more than likely have raised his price-tag once again however, and in my opinion appears less and less likely to join as the window goes on.

Wilfried Bony is the next out-and-out striker linked with our club, having apparently been put on the transfer list by Pep Guardiola. The Ivory Coast international has seemingly fallen behind Kelechi Iheanacho in the pecking order, and is no longer needed in the eyes of the Spanish boss. He had a great record for Swansea previously, and could well be a good option to have as back-up to Olivier Giroud.

Interestingly, Karim Benzema is the next shortest price to move to the Emirates this summer. There has been a thought in the back of my mind telling me that both him and Morata can not share the single sole striker role this season, and one of the duo could well be sold before the window closes. My initial though would have been the Spaniard, but the odds disagree.

Lukaku and Sturridge are the only two remaining who are priced at 10/1 or shorter to join us this summer, and while the Belgian is believed to be keen on a move, his price seems to rule us out. The England international would be a huge buy, but his injury problems are unlikely to help are already injury-prone squad, and I find it hard to believe that Klopp would sell regardless.

Odds on all targets to be at Arsenal when the summer transfer window closes:

Lacazette 5/4 (2.25)
Draxler 2/1 (3.0)
Isco 4/1 (5.0)
Bony 5/1 (6.0)
Douglas Costa 6/1 (7.0)
Benzema 13/2 (7.5)
Sturridge 7/1 (8.0)
Morata 9/1 (10.0)
Lukaku 10/1 (11.0)
Deeney 12/1 (13.0)
Cavani 14/1 (15.0)

Who can you see arriving this summer?

Pat J

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24 thoughts on “Betting latest on strike targets to join Arsenal

    1. Dee@ease

      Welbeck will be back by christmas so knowing Wenger that news means he won’t be getting a new striker

  1. Aussie Jack

    Does anyone really care who the targets are it`s just a farce to keep fans interested, Arsenal as a football club, are on their way out and I would strongly advise Sanchez , Ozil and the likes to reconsider their future.

  2. Matt72

    Arsene won’t sign anyone else except maybe a CB. Besides, Draxler and Isco are not strikers, they’re wingers-attacking mids

    1. muffdiver

      your wrong matt, we will get a cf…

      I feel it in my fingers
      I feel it in my toes
      The transfers all around me
      And so the feeling grows

  3. Arsenal_Girl

    We will sign these players
    1. Mustafi
    2. Lacazette
    3. James Rodriguez
    4. Draxler

    We will sell
    1. Walcott
    2. Sanogo
    3. Debuchy

  4. muffdiver

    wasnt betting suspended on mahrez to arsenal?!!!
    what the hell?

    did olly the octopus and punani the porcupine tell lies??

    1. Break-on-through

      No they didn’t. Theo seduced Mert after his latest high butt five, then Mert twisted Wengers arm and told him to give Theo another chance or else he’s gonna stick that porcupine up his butt. I know this because oily octopus has told me that punani is taking allot of heavy medication these days because he says he hates the wobs and says that that is where they’re all hiding these days, it totally messed with his head man.

  5. Uzi Ozil

    In other news, Welbeck should be back in December. Good for Welbeck and I wish him quick recovery but I pray Wenger won’t say Welbeck will be back soon and that feels like a new signing.. .

    Get a striker please even though I feel we are gonna get just a CB. Wenger said he is ready to spend. .this phrase keep echoing every now and then but nothing has been done..

  6. Break-on-through

    I believe the two most likely from that list are Draxler an Bony. The RM lads, I was thinking about maybe one of them but real are big enough to sit either of them on the bench and say keep quite about it.

  7. jonm

    Odds reflect the bets placed, set so the bookies cannot lose. So they reflect the views of punters who have no more information than you and me. Another way of looking at it is as an opinion poll using an unrepresentative sample, as the sample only includes people who place bets.

    1. Break-on-through

      Also with bookies. The favorites rarely win unless its the really really short favorites, and more often or else just as often the longer shots come through.

  8. kamn288

    I am starting to believe the news outlets rather than Wenger such a untrustworthy character that man is twisting every word. His total vocabulary is limited to “i don’t know to we don’t need anymore”. At the start of summer didn’t this clown say a striker was in the agenda now look with Welbeck back he is so happy. He dilly-dallied like a fuc#ing twat played games with fans emotions.
    Half of the squad is unfit and here the manager is content with no form of guilt.

  9. Harold

    You did not include Balotelli in your list. For 7 million transfer fee I believe he is the best buy base on premier league experience, age, ability and style of play for Arsenal. Olympique Lyonnais is reluctant to sell Lacazette unless Mr Wenger is prepared to pay 40 million plus, Isco is not a striker, Bony is not good enough and the rest of the strikers on your list are not available on the transfer market and too expensive.

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