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Betting preview of Arsenal v Man United – Home win fancied…

Arsenal get back into Premier League action in the late kick off on Saturday, with a very important clash, for both clubs, against Manchester United. Neither of us have had the start to the season we would have wanted, but both Arsene Wenger and Louis van Gaal will know that a morale boosting victory over one of the big rivals could be just what is needed to get going in the right direction.

And for Arsenal, an injury depleted, confidence hit, and under pressure United offer the perfect chance to record a rare win over them. Which is why I am surprised to see that you can still get odds as good as 5/4 on a home win for the Gunners.

Another decent bet, in my opinion, is on the amount of goals scored, with both clubs’ defences leaking goals due to the number of injured defenders we have. So with odds of close to evens for there to be more than 2.5 goals in the game seems quite generous, especially if Koscielny and De Gea do not recover in time to play.

Those of you who want to take full advantage will not be surprised to see that Alexis Sanchez has the lowest odds to score first (5/1), last (5/1) or at anytime (7/5) but you might be surprised to learn that the odds are the same for Danny Welbeck, although he did bag a brace for England on Saturday. THeo Walcott is third in the list, which is a bit odd as is the fact that Rooney and van Persie have the same odds as Podolski.

If you are looking for longer odds, it could be worth a punt on Oxlade-Chamberlain at 11/1 and 7/2. Or even Mikel Arteta at 12/1 and 15/4 given that he is fit again and does take the penalties for Arsenal. With United fielding a makeshift and inexperienced back four and the Gunners being full of pace and trickery up front, a spot kick could easily come about.

THere are good odds to be had on correct scores but this game is quite unpredictable as are both teams, so it is a tough one to call, but another decent bet, for me, is for both teams to score and Arsenal to win, at 3/1. Good luck Gooners and Come On You Gunners!!

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23 thoughts on “Betting preview of Arsenal v Man United – Home win fancied…

  1. KickAssFan

    The side with the better coach is likely to win: LVG (at the moment, is tactically better the Wenger.

    However, I really pray that the Universe will forsake every other thing and just focus on Wenger and Arsenal alone that day, so we could win.

  2. AYZAY

    This thing has been bothering me… U guys want wenger out, right? Which coach part from moaninghoe( whom some are already licking his a::s) would u prefer to take over arsenal if wenger is gone, tell me,our who?

    1. KickAssFan

      @Ayzay, tell Stan we don’t wanna talk about that now.

      In fact, who is it that wants Wenger to leave? Who?

      1. AYZAY

        Them aobs, they are everywhere, they want to ruin our club, they are stirring fire on our ship when we are still half way our destination. They have brought so much negativity to the team,

        1. KickAssFan

          Wow! You don’t say. Hmm, dem AOBs. That’s terrible!!!

          Pal, u seem emotionally perturbed. Don’t worry, Wenger is going nowhere, ok?

        2. john0711

          How can the fans ruin our club ??? They put money in to the club the only one ruining the club is wenger, and if we are only half way through the journey I would like to win the PL within the next 10 years if it’s ok with you

  3. Sango

    It’s 50-50. Sort of battle of the wits, pitting one who is tactically superior but clueless about the English game. Against one who has tactical short comings but knows every blade of grass in English football pitches like the back of his hand.

  4. Thando

    OT:i wish people will drop this thing of jack playing dm because jack is like gundogan who is a deep lying playmaker who is partner with someone defensive either sahin or sven bender.jack also need someone defensive to partner him so plz people dont get it twisted deep lying playmaker and dm are two different things

        1. KickAssFan

          @Thando, I understand u. But the thing is that at Arsenal, the holding-midfielder role will be more defensive. I’d not mind having him start alongside Flamini (the traffic warden).

          1. Thando

            @kickassfan i think it hudgson who is pushing jack to ask for that role to wenger,jack said he was happy with the role of being a b2b at arsenal few weeks ago what changed that?and our future dm is chambers

            1. KickAssFan

              @Thando, Jack playing that role will be tremendous for us. He is a fighter, I can never argue that. It will be better to have him there instead of Arteta.

              Seen how Arteta plays? It’s just side to side and backwards with him. Jack should be given a chance there., paired with Flamini.

              Well, Chambers has got to wait, for now.

              1. NY_Gunner

                Jack is nowhere near Arteta in the deep laying play maker role. Jack can string together a few good passes now and then. But defensively he sucks.
                And for someone with a low center of gravity like Jack has, he should be killin it Messi/Agureo/Sanchez style. If he were to work hard on his dribbling/agility and pick up his pace, he would be deadly…

  5. Lethal Prince 9

    De Gea and Di Maria both fit to face Gunners- Van Gaal,

    We have Giroud and Arteta back – Wenger.

    Will Welbeck and Sanchez get over all this and prove worthy to their team enough? Will Rooney and Persie once again prove the critics wrong? We will find out after 17:30 hrs on Saturday.

    Still supporting Gunners all through the way to win it. COYFG!

  6. dima

    At the end of the day we or anybody else can predict the end of this or any game. So let’s just enjoy it(hopefully)! At the end of the day it is just a game(at least for us, fans)

  7. Fab

    Hey guys, Remember arsenal has lost confident against man u for some years now the reason being the fear factor of Sir Alex by then, but do you think that has gone?. For Arsenal the answer is no, since Rooney is available, he has that in his boot. the only hope is Sanchez since he has not played against Man u in arsenal shirt, otherwise the winner is united and Rooney is the factor.

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