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Bid for Bayern Munich star shows Arsenal are NOT signing Lemar?

The summer transfer window still has almost a month left to run and we Arsenal fans know better than most that some deals do not get done until the very last few days, hours or even minutes, so there is plenty of time for Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal transfer team to complete the signing of more players and according to the Arsenal transfer rumours the top target for the Frenchman is Thomas Lemar.

His current club AS Monaco are not proving easy to deal with, though, and maybe the fact that they have already made huge amounts of cash from the sale of Bernard Silva and Benjamin Mendy to Man City and Bakayoko to Chelsea means they can hold on to Lemar with ease, especially if the much talked about transfer of Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid also goes ahead.

According to the rum,our mill Arsenal have made three bids for the winger of increasing value but all have been dismissed out of hand, so is Wenger going to have to accept that he might not get his man? Well if the Metro report about us making enquiries to Bayern Munich for Kingsley Coman is true then I would say yes he is, because the two players operate in the same position and surely we do not need two.

The report says that neither Bayern nor Coman want to make a deal so we can forget about him but does it show that Arsenal are giving up on the Lemar transfer?


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22 thoughts on “Bid for Bayern Munich star shows Arsenal are NOT signing Lemar?

  1. Sukhjot Gunner

    I guess we have been linked with lemar all summer.Where did coman came from? There is no way he is leaving bayern for us.Wenger better keep building on the lemar deal as it looks to be the one that might actually get completed till the window finishes.Moreover,I believe lemar wants to join us coz of the club itself and the boss but monaco are the ones who do not want to let go hence are not accepting the bids.

    1. neil

      This is absolute madness… you have people posting articles like this and others commenting throughout the site with no common sense..
      If we make a bid for one player it does not mean we dont want another player… thats called common sense by keeping options open
      Players are made available or put in transfer requests at various times during the season and for many reasons… eg PSG buy neymar for stupid money and so Barca noe have a huge pot to make bids for people previously unavailable
      and so on …
      At times it seems as though some of you have never watched football before or a transfer window !!!

  2. gmv8

    Of course not – it’s crazy to put all your eggs in one basket, and it makes the sellers feel less in control, which can only be a good thing. We have been acting more street wise in this transfer window, not selling players that are surplus to requirements for nothing, not selling our best players to our rivals, and having a plan B, all of which haven’t happened previously. So I’m feeling a bit better about the new direction.

    1. AmericanGooner

      We sold Szczesny to Juve for peanuts. The window isn’t over and we could still see Sanchez leave. What plan B have we used??(Sead was already coming and came on a free & we have been monitoring Laca for years).

      1. Dalinho

        Americangooner! Your so right! There is no plan B but there’s delusional fans out here that still think arsenal are a big club and that wenger is just waying up his options lol wenger don’t have options wenger takes what he can get bcoz no one wants to come to arsenal and the one or two that do wenger want cough up the money required to make the move happen so now he has to wait till barca etc finish there transfer business so he can pick up the scraps left over! When a manager buys Cech a gk in a whole transfer window for a team that didn’t even win the league just shows how bad he is but fans still believe he knows what he’s doing it’s like they’ve never watched arsenal before or wenger for that matter

  3. Viera Lyn

    I wonder what are dithering in the transfer market truly costs…last year it might have costs us the top 4 and champions league…now that’s a pretty penny…this year it already cost us a small fortune considering what Lacazette would have cost last year and I’m not even including opportunity costs…ultimately it might cost us Lemar, if the speculation is true…why are we seemingly the only club that can’t pry a player from Monaco, especially considering the obvious Wenger connection…Wenger should stop wasting precious time criticizing PSG and worry about the task at hand…was anyone seriously surprised by the frugal managers thoughts on the matter

  4. Silasdaniel

    Since lemar has agree the personal term with our club wenger should forget about beryern star

  5. gotanidea

    I have seen Lemar played for France against England. He was not standout in that match.

    And I saw he played for Monaco against PSG in March 2016. He couldn’t beat his opponents and looked like another Ramsey.

    I am not sure whether he will reach Iniesta’s and Xavi’s levels or be like Wilshere in the future. I am worried Arsenal has been chasing the wrong midfielder. He is certainly not worth fifty millions.

    I hope Arsenal can judge the new players better. Dembele is more talented than him, I saw his performances in several Dortmund’s games, including against Bayern in a German cup final.

    Rather than chasing the inconsistent Lemar and Mahrez, Arsenal should chase Dembele, Jean Seri and Rafinha. Arsenal doesn’t need another wrong purchase.

    1. Kiko

      Have you watched Lemar at all throughout last season? Just curious because he was definitely one of Monaco’s title winning standout performers. He sure didn’t have a problem running through Spurs either home and away while scoring in both games. Wenger might have made some bad purchases in the past but he still has an eye for talent… Lemar along with Seri would be a dream.

      1. gotanidea

        No, I haven’t, but Ozil was also a standaout performer in an Arsenal season, with his set pieces assists. Walcott also looked good with his goals in a season.

        I’m worried because a player can look good statistically, but he cannot carry his team in the field. Arsenal needs players that can help them dominate the opponents and do not like to play safe, like Messi, Neymar, Iniesta, Sanchez and Xavi.

        The last thing Arsenal needs is another passenger in the field…

        1. Kiko

          I understand but from what I’ve actually seen of Lemar (not YouTube) he was never a passenger. Excellent dead ball specialist as well with his left foot. Him and Seri might be the closest thing we could have to Cazorla. Like any player though coming to a new league it will require patience, that I feel will pay off in the end…

    2. John Ibrahim

      Please watch Lemar’s performance in the ligue 1 and champions league last season instead of an international friendly

    3. Bigperf

      Lol which final was that? Damn you should be a scout since you know so much about players you haven’t actually watched ? lol ya nugget ??

    4. DaRkPoPe

      dembele has been my favourite player for a year now and trust me hes loads better than lemar. that said we can never afford him and he will most likely leave for the likes of madrid and barca. lemar is second best and the most realistic option we have now for an attacking player!

  6. Alelbrto

    Why coman, instead of him let arsenal put their hope on joel Campbell.he has proved to be a good player for his country and team.i hope if joel will be trusted and given more time to play he can become so good and were it that he was playing for another team arsenal could have been looking to buy him for 50m

  7. wilshegz

    I don’t understand why Arsenal are so interested in getting another winger when we play 3421 formation and there is no space for another winger..
    we need a CM and a 3rd CB.
    I was in support of Lemar move cos I thought n heard he could play CM, but Mahrez,Coman? what’s that?

  8. Gallant

    I think we need Lemar, al Wolcott should go, Lemar to replace Wolcott Ans sing a replacement of Cazola which is Seri, then we can kill them all

  9. Paul

    Yea, I said it…………..same old wenger looking for cheaper and lesser alternatives instead of paying for what he really wants, now I hear barca are targeting lemar and dembele now…….the bigger boys have opened their eyes to see lemar, who remembers the short scenario I posted a while ago…….
    Why, because it’s Wengeeeeeeeeeeeer.
    His old valuations of players, let me play it for you
    Wenger: I want Thomas lemar, he’s a world class player if we have him and he’ll definitely improve the squad
    Bidder: ok, goes to Monaco, or values the player and sees he’s worth 50-60million, tells wenger
    Wenger: whaaaaaaaaaat, never, I can’t sanction the purchase of a young player with that amount, give them, 35, if they reject it, leave them, we’ll get someone else
    Bidder: ok, bids, and gets the response, ‘what are they smoking at the Emirates’
    Wenger then waits for a while till someone else like abramovich spots him and starts a bidding war wenger will run from or searches for cheaper alternatives or when he thinks the player is just too good to be overlooked, he bids a little bit higher
    Monaco: says no
    Wenger tries to convince the player maybe the player could show his club signs he wants to move or
    Wenger: let’s monitor his contract, wait till when he’s cheap and bid again (3-4years) ambitious players will move before then
    Meanwhile abramovich watches the said player the next season to get convinced the player is good and then tenders a that can’t be refused or even bids for him the same transfer window………finish up yoursrlf

    1. Dalinho

      PAUL I love it mate lol that is a spot on impression of wengers transfer policy haha spread the word mate we need more intelligent people like u on here and it made me laugh! It’s time to wake up people

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