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Big transfer forced on Arsenal but who can replace injured Cazorla?

If Arsenal Football club and our record on the return dates of players on the injury list being put back over and over again is to go by, then there is a huge chance that we will not be seeing the Spanish international midfield star kicking a ball in anger again for the Gunners this season.

The manager has huffed and puffed and said he is not really sure but for me it sounds like we might as well assume the worst, a la Welbeck last year. There is little doubt that we will miss him. Almost any side on the planet would, but the fact that his style of play is almost an epitome of Arsenal under Le Prof makes his absence felt so much more keenly by the Gunners.

The stats will back this up without a doubt, but will the boss react to this latest injury blow? I for one am hoping so, but who could we get to fill the formidable if slightly small boots of our little magician? When you think about that and the need for such a player to hit the ground running then you start to see how difficult the manager’s job is. Ideas anyone?


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11 thoughts on “Big transfer forced on Arsenal but who can replace injured Cazorla?

  1. jermaineBryan

    Yuri teilemens or kozeillo are two young talented players with world class potential their age means even when jack and santi return they can still be integrated slowly into the team

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    1. ras911

      Agreed on Tielemans i’ve followed him for about 3 years now and he is very promising in the deep lying playmaker role. However, knowing Wenger he’ll wait for Elneny and Coq to be back..

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  2. Okayblack

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      1. Break-on-through

        I’d really like to know what his suggestion is now, must be one heck of a pearl.

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  3. Sam, need a striker

    Wenger has to go end of this season … It will be a big mistake to renew his contract ….

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    1. bran99

      people thumbed you down.. people still want the blind pirate to lead them to the glory land like he has done in the previous years.. people don’t learn

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  4. Onochie

    Like I said in a similar article a while ago,jack isn’t as skillful or creative as Santi. Santi should have had a replacement like two to three years ago,someone who can be slowly integrated into the first team,it is a shame this hasn’t be done. Before Bob and Admin asks me “who” am not an arsenal Scout and there’s no one the fans here have ever suggested that was eventually brought into the team

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    1. jermaineBryan

      Exactly why I say Vincent kozeillo or teilemens they are both similar in stature but very good defensively and complete at dribbling and passing

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