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BIG transfers ahead as Jenkinson joins Arsenal exodus?

I am still struggling to understand why it has taken so long for Arsene Wenger to trim the numbers in the current Arsenal squad. The Frenchman has had all summer to offload at least some of the fringe players out on loan or to get rid of the dead wood altogether, and there have been plenty of Arsenal transfer rumours reporting other clubs bering interested in players like Gibbs, Wilshere and many more.

So when Wenger suggested that any transfers into the club, that we have all been waiting expectantly for over the last weeks and months, are on hold because of the squad size I for one was left scratching my head. But having spoken about the problem perhaps Wenger is finally determined to sort it out and according to a report by the Daily Mail our English right back Carl Jenkinson is set to be the next player to make way.

The reports claims that Jenks, a lifelong Arsenal fan who appears to have failed to nail down a playing career in north London, is going to play for Birmingham City in the Championship and although it is only a loan deal it does make room in the squad for another player.

With Gabriel having signed for Valencia last week does this latest news mean that the boss can get busy with transfers in again? If so which players or positions would you like it to be?


20 thoughts on “BIG transfers ahead as Jenkinson joins Arsenal exodus?

  1. Muda

    Ander Herera is a bench warmer at United while Ramsey is a starter at the other side, see the difference? we are just not good enough. Montreal at the center of a back 3 while Mustafi is on the same pitch at a different position, is an extreme cluelessness you will ever see.
    Am a confused gunner right now.

  2. Break-on-through

    When Alexis, Ozil, Mertesacker, Oxlade, Cazorla and possibly Bellerin are all gone next season, the squad will be a more manageable size.

  3. ruelando

    It is obvious the players we are trying to get rid of are trying to live out their contracts, to leave arsenal to another team for half what they were getting just do not seem logical, so the most arsenal can wish for is a loan

  4. gotanidea

    If Arsenal still want to use the more technical approach to the games, they need skillful players, such as Jean Seri, Sergi Roberto and Rafinha. These players can dictate the tempo, make more touches when possessing the ball and have great close control.

    If they want to switch to a completely pragmatic approach, they need fast, tall and strong players, such as Draxler, Patrik Schick, Goretzka and Carvalho. These players are tall, fast, strong and possess good skills.

    I think most fans want players like what Manchester United currently have. But don’t forget that Pogba-Matic-Mkhitaryan were dominated by Real Madrid’s midfielders in the UEFA Super Cup. Barcelona also dominated La Liga for several years because of their excellent system.

  5. Chuks

    No more buys.another season of frustration and moaning.
    4th place will be a miracle. no tittle for Arsenal as long as Wenger is still in charge.

  6. BOBBY

    With Jenkinson And Bramall Out On Loan, There Are Likely To Be More Departures With Uncertainties Over The Futures Of Gibbs, Chambers, Debuchy, Lucas, Akpom, Coquelin, Wilshere And Even Walcott. Personally, I’d Like All The Aforementioned To Exit The Club. At Arsenal Under Wenger, Incoming Transfers Is Nothing To Get Excited About Because He’ll Find A Lame Excuse Not To Spend. Even If He Does, It’ll Probably Be On The Wrong Player Who Won’t Improve The Team. There’s Nothing Exciting About Arsenal As Long As Wenger Is Still Manager. He’s So Annoying And Pathetic. He’s Such A Looser. A Manager Who’s Looking To Offload Many Of The Players He Signed Goes A Long Way In Telling You How Bad He’s Management Has Been. Same Useless Excuses Every Year, Wenger Should Be Ashamed. Well, Kroenke Isn’t A Football Man So What Happens On The Pitch Is Not His Problem But That Doesn’t Give Wenger The Right To Torture And Toy With The Emotions Of Millions Of Fans around The World. Wenger Is Still Arsenal’s Biggest Dead-Wood.

  7. citrenoogeht

    Arsene Wenger rightly gets a lot of stick for events that take place on the pitch. That is his area of undeniable responsibility. However it is prudent to remember that Arsenal football club is an organisation in which others also have responsibilities.

    Fans wrongly feel that it is Arsene Wenger is at the forefront of negotiating transfers, who goes to other grounds to scout players and then walks around with a brief case full of money during the transfer window, makes unilateral decisions and is ready to slap the money down on the table when he sees fit. However in reality, pivotal decisions to do with transfers are usually reached after board meetings (in which one would expect Wenger would have some influential input) but is decided as club. After a decision is made, the appropriate unit within the club then tries to put the plan into action. Wenger has said long ago that the squad is too big. If he has identified who is to go, then from there on it is the responsibility of others to get the job done.

  8. LL_cool_gunner

    I can’t wait for the transfer window to close, tired of all these speculation, it’s funny how I feel I can do a better job than our scouts, I wanted van dyke before he went to Southampton, he’s a 60 million defender now..

    1. John0711

      Wenger could have bought

      Just to name a few recently, his pride won’t allow him to but someone like these players he wants to discover a gem. However he’s only discovering bang average

    2. Frank

      I said we should have got Wanyama when he was at Celtic and Isco at Malaga. Too late for those players but at least we paid overs for Xhaka and Özil hahahahaha

  9. mark

    We need a solid defence, tried trusted players to give us aggression and belief in that key area. I’m not too concerned by anywhere else, other than the sloppy passing, but that can be ironed out.

    The whole team must be defensive, but at the moment sloppy play is costing us goals.

    We are better than that and I would like to see a few experienced defenders signed to give the team a bit more solidity at the back. If we have that, the creative players can do their stuff more freely.

  10. Al the Gooner

    First a foremost a real DM, but a new Santi would be very welcome as would a top notch CB. I think it’s all a mute point though. No one is talking about the huge pachyderm in the corner of the room. Are we really going to let Alexis, Ozil and Ox all leave for free next summer?

    Still to be offloaded. Gibbs, Wilshire and Campbell, all in their final year too, plus Debuchy.

  11. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    Today’s transfer equals tomorrow’s dead wood

    This is Arsene’s Arsenal

  12. ozil10

    Don’t get excited guys! We were anyways gonna sell players… We only need 25 players.. That does not necessarily mean we are making space for new signings… & as reported earlier if( a big IF for Alexis) Sanchez & ozil were to sign new contracts without us selling anyone, the astronomical wages would have surely given KROENKE a heart attack!

  13. ZEN2OH

    GUYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please watch Idrissa Gana Guaye out today for Everton Against Man City. Check if we need him in our Midfield.

  14. geegunner

    afraid to long as mr wenger is in charge of our club then this is going to be our lot..kronke as well..those guys have to go… a club of arsenals standing are being turned into a laughing stock across europe..wanting £100 million players for 30-40 million..WAKEN UP!!! wwhat a bunch of dreamers the board i said..board members,wenger!!!! waken up!! footballls top players have to be paid wont be handed them for stupid useless offers..MAKE AN EFFORT…A PROPER EFFORT AND PROPER OFFERS FOR THE PLAYERS NEEDED!! USELESS TIGHT FISTED MISERABLE ###@@@@@@@@@~####!!!!!!!!!!

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