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Bradford vs. Arsenal Preview, Prediction, Team and Live Stream

Bradford vs Arsenal preview line up and score prediction. by KJ

The first team seem to be finally clicking together as they finally managed to get a win against West Brom on the weekend. Now we have the Capital One Cup fixture against Bradford that definitely has a less tense atmosphere to it. We probably aren’t under as much pressure because – firstly, it isn’t a league game and secondly, it’s a game that we expect to win every day of the week.

Arsenal need to get this win against Bradford to get them into the semi-finals of a cup. We have suffered a 7 year drought now and we really need to win a trophy to get that monkey off our back.
I haven’t really watched any games that Bradford have been involved in (who has?) so I can’t really comment on any of their players (I don’t even know their names!). However, I expect them to give us a tough game as they’ll want to win this trophy as much as us. But, we are clearly the dominant team and there is no excuse for us not to win this match comprehensively.

Line up:
Jenkinson – Mertesacker – Djourou – Meade
Coquelin – Arteta
Chamberlain – Rosicky – Ramsey

This team is easily strong enough to win a Premier league game, let alone a game against league 2 opposition. Wenger is intent on taking a strong team because we have a nice 6 days rest before our away game against Reading.
The defence is pretty standard. Sagna is injured and Djourou looks like he needs a run around. Wenger might start Vermaelen though on the left hand side instead of Meade. I think Gibbs is out of the question as he’s a bit injury prone and has just come back from injury.

I’m almost 100% sure Wenger will rest Wilshere. He put in a proper shift against WBA and needs a rest. He’s young and his body can’t take too much intensity. Coquelin is a good player and can dictate play with Wilshere’s absence.
Cazorla is another player who needs a rest. Not playing as well as he should. Still brilliant at times but not enough. Rosicky has exhibited his brilliance once again on his return against Olympiacos and I think he can handle things against Bradford.

Finally, Giroud is injured and hence Gervinho will have the opportunity to torment their defence. Whether he puts the ball in the back of the net is another story.
My score line prediction is a relatively comfortable 4-1 win.

Bradford vs. Arsenal will be on

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19 thoughts on “Bradford vs. Arsenal Preview, Prediction, Team and Live Stream

  1. mrinal

    why gervinho .. anyways its caling cup .. i don’t want hin to play in premier leaugue .. and why not arsene sell him . but he won’t do it as he likes very very bad players

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  2. Alex

    Eisfeld over Ramsey and gervinho on the bench because he can not play up front. Would rather chamakh up front over him

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  3. Sharkseven

    “MR Forehead Jelly Fish Leg” Gervinho. Cant Shoot Strong, Cant Header, Run Like A jelly Fish What A Striker Wenger!!!!!!!

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  4. BG Gunner

    arshavin should definitely play. djourou should not, he had his chances for the past 7years, and as much as i don’t wanna see santos, i have the feeling wenger will play him. arteta needs a rest and keep gervinho on the bench, play him if the black plague strikes everybody else.

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  5. Sank

    Todays line up
    jenk – sagna out
    squillaci – no option and his last match.
    verm – one solid defender required and as wenger said he will play experianced side.
    meida – wenger is impressed with him.
    coquilan – obvious choice.
    ramsey – wenger will certainly play him and game made for him to impress and prove him.
    rosicky – played just 15 minutes agst west brom and rest to cazorla.
    gervinho – wenger would certainly use him before he leaves in january and may be his dribbles may help.
    podolski – played just 10 minutes agst west brom and is ready to play and with no options on wings.
    chamakh – may be his last match and wenger would certainly play him.

    subs – martinez, angha, gibbs, olsson, arshavin, eisfeld , akpom

    would love to see eisfeld with his idol rosicky. we need to consider this trophy seriouly because.
    1. our trophy drought would be over.
    2. only today and 2 semi final and final match at wembly i.e only 4 matches are remaining.
    5. only chelsea are serious contenders to us and i have a belief that they would be out and we may not play them.
    6. the final is in february end and if we win, it would certainly boost confidence.
    7. we arsenal fans deserve a bigger trophy but it would certainly cool our mind.
    would love to see vermalean and wilshire lift the trophy.

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  6. Coyg

    ***********PLEASE READ************
    We as arsenal fans have always been led to believe that we as a team have been built to succeed as a team, investing in youth, build for the future and all the rest of it. If our future is so bright and successful why hasn’t anything happened apart from a carling cup loss in the past 5 years! I mean even that was a very hard pill to swallow.
    I was looking at facts and in sure people who read this go by facts now in the past years since our move to the emerites the following players have been our best as they have turned out on the pfa team of the year:
    04-05 a cole Henry 05-06 Henry 06-07 n/a 07-08 sagna clichy fabregas adebayor 08-09 n/a 09-10 tv5 fabregas 10-11 sagna nasri wilsher 11-12 rvp
    Now you might see a trend year on year we’ve sold the best to allow others to become stronger and only 2 have fled the country 3 still remain and 1 is on the brink of leaving as well.
    If we as fans don’t do anything now, the so called bright future that we are building is going to vanish in thin air, hence why wenger himself has said “I won’t be here when you finish 15th”…act now for our future, unite for change against the board, drive gazidis and kronke out with a chairman and board member who support and loves the club other wise we won’t see another team in our life time that will lift the league or any cup for that matter

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  7. Coyg

    Well you clearly don’t care. You obviously are an individual who supports arsenal as a business not as a football team. If you did the later you wouldn’t make such comments as its keeps us stationary as a club and team. We were supposed to be about a club moving forward and competing against the biggest in Europe, we can’t do either properly and yet fans like you rather support this very static movement.
    With regards to me not knowing football…..clearly you’re no Arsene wenger.

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  8. mr lean

    had a dream last night the legend th14 returns in jan and then in feb scores a hat trick at wembley as we win the capital one cup !! hope dreams come true !!!

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  9. Eadah

    Why did u put ramsey on the wing??? That’s the source of our problems this week, why not podolski to strike and gervinho on the wing and if he must play, we can rest arteta or (better idea) play eisfield there, fair enough to win I should think.

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  10. Niyi Riba

    I would like to see some youth players like Thomas Eisfeld in place of Ramsey & Gervinho. Because these two seniors have got enough chances to proof their worth but always played bad due to which we can see ourselves out of Champion League spot.

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  11. Wuhan Gunner

    Arsenal connected with United’s Nani. I think @ 26 Nani still as alot to offer. We need his ability to command that wing, cut in and not loose the ball or composure like Gervinho.

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  12. Twig

    I can feel the over-confidence among the fans. Everyone is predicting a win. I am afraid. My mind goes back to Birmingham.

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  13. Laurentkboi

    A must win game no freaking exceptions lads this is ours to loose not theres we must win, then we pray for Leeds to knock out Chelsea and the final we will have klass and thierry hopefully

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  14. Tiko

    Line up:
    Jenkinson – squallic – Mertasakar – Meade
    Coquelin – ramsey
    Chamberlain – Rosicky – arshavin

    This team i want to see out to nite with esfeild coming ono as a sub. Squallic in defence is ok cause i think he did alright in the last game but still has to go .

    COYG i can already smell wembly

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    we have been on this youth project for many a year now.and how many make it at arsenal.not to many.i feel its time we looked to by players that can walk straight into the first team.its our only hope of lifting trophies for now and the near future.

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  16. sam childerhouse

    Give walcott the chance he wants upfront. Take out Gervinho, he’s had so many chances and this is a must win game. If not confidence will be completely gone!!

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  17. Natty Asmara


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  18. Bantam

    Hey Bob have you watched a Bradford match now ?
    Do you know their names now ?
    A few years ago your team would have turned up and played football, unfortunatly for what is really a fantastic team by anyones standards and worth many millions of pounds, what turned up was not good enough to beat a team worth £7,500. You had chance after chance and squandered them.
    It’s painful even for me to see the once Mighty Arsenal in this state and i do hope to see Arsenal back where they belong soon, stuffing the likes of Chelsea,Man city,Man U and Liverpool.Today was not your day, it was Bradford’s and that’s all there is too it. Come on Arsenal lets have you back playing and more importantly winning.

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