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Bradford vs. Arsenal review Embarrassing Arsenal out on Penalties

Arsenal faced top class side in the Capital One cup tonight, oh no it was League two Bradford, but we certainly made them look good. Arsene Wenger picked pretty much the strongest side available to him with Walcott and Giroud unavailable due to injury. The manager obviously realised how important it is to end the seven year trophy drought, but maybe he forgot to tell the players.

For 10 minutes or so Arsenal looked okay, but we got sloppier and invited Bradford into the game and they said thank you very much. Poor defending from a free kick after 15 minutes allowed Thompson to put Bradford ahead. We failed to muster a single shot on target in reply but Gervinho had a great chance to equalise but somehow he completely missed the ball. Coquelin came closest in the first half but hit the post.

It got no better in the second half, and we did not register a shot on target until the 70th minute. The Ox produced it after coming on with Rosicky and Chamakh for Ramsey, Coquelin and Podolski. Wilshere took it on himself to get us going and nearly got an equaliser with less than 10 minutes on the clock.

Captain Vermaelen saved our blushes with a header from Cazorla’s cross with just minutes left. The Spaniard nearly won it for us in normal time but the Bradford keeper made a good save to take it into extra time. Finally Arsenal’s class started to show, and Bradford were hanging on. Jack nearly got a Messi goal but then showed why he’s not a striker, what skill though!

As penalties loomed, Cazorla smashed a shot off the top of the bar and Gooners were fearing the worst. Chances kept coming and going, we could have had a hatful, but it was just not happening so it went to the lottery of penalties. Cazorla was saved, Chamakh hit the post but we got a lifeline. Vermaelen also hit the post, though, and we were out.

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444 thoughts on “Bradford vs. Arsenal review Embarrassing Arsenal out on Penalties

  1. elly

    Shame shame shame.wenger cant keep on changing the team every week. He plays good players with awful players and the result is losing to a team i have never even heard of?? Like seriously. Wenger u need to calm down and stick with a plan u can die for instead of like you wait for whoever player shows up during match day plays. We dont earn the millions u earn and we are not complaining for that but we demand the value of our support for the club we love.

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  2. goonar

    If we sell walcott to united i will not watch arsenal again until we change board

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  3. Banga

    Its time for a change. We need a new manager that starts a rebuild. Lose the deadweight and start bringing in world class quality.

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  4. leo

    Bradford’s annual wage bill = £1.2m. Chamakh’s annual wage bill = £2.4m theo could be on his way to manure in a possible swap involving nani just like i said ysterday

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  5. Gooner Cape Town

    Lasst night proves once again that even though we had 5 strikers on field, we could not score!!!
    Jan we need to get at least 3 top forwards- Huntelaar, Ba and Lopez and give away Gervinho, Chamakh and Bendtner.
    Our defence is stil suspect- Jan Yanga M biwa, Gustavo and a serious LB.
    Can’t sink any lower Gunners, stand up and be counted you earn huge salaries and are underperforming. In the business world, you would all have been fired!!!!

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  6. Vickers

    Usual stick for Chamackh, Gervinho & Ramsey and rightly so. The one who gets away with it is Podolski he’ll get the odd goal every 4 or 5 games against a weaker team he otherwise contributes nothing! Also thought TV had a shocker again tonight his distribution gets worse every game, he gave away a couple of silly fouls, got bullied by there lad who looked like Gibbs up front who was the build of a bantamweight boxer (no pun) & he doesn’t comman the back 4 at all

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  7. ERG

    Stop crying everyone what you think winning the reserve cup!!! will suddenly transform our season and future!!???
    bottom line we lost on penalties Wigan lost the same fixture aswell it happens!
    I dont agree with Wenger saying we worked reallly hard some players did not all.
    As for the ’embarrsment situation’ because you lot are elitest fans you probably dont realise that there are some decent players in the lower leagues.
    If i told you i had played against mark noble anton ferdinand mitchell cole who just died off a heart attck god rest his sole when they were young players at west ham i could off told you that mitchell cole ended up at stevenage and non league football! but he was far more talented and still was then an average work horse like Mark noble!
    yet look at the gulf in leagues dont just disparage the lower league teams! theres a thin line between prem and league 2!!!
    Some off our players thought they could just turn up and they would win laugable as those same players are so inconsistent they wouldant stand out at league 2 level at times.
    Wenger and Bould have to motivate our boys better and lucas Podolski is the worst signing we have made this season.
    Roll on Reading next Monday.

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  8. Louis

    I see people saying we should get real?!? Come on!!! We are Arsenal we aren’t like our crap neighbours spuds, we are premier league royalty just because we don’t have the squad now doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect better things!! This is unexceptable it’s high time that the fans realise we are a big club and we should be meeting those expections

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  9. Jay

    Finally! RVP has been vindicated. Where is our Arsenal? It’s a shame feeling this disgrace.

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  10. Gooner Cape Town

    There is no leadership on the pitch, the way Tony Adams used to command from his players. Arsenal is full of internationally capped players and yet noone stands out as a leader!! That’s where our problem starts. TV5 is just too weak and form is poor at the moment. The whole squad must be transformed in Jan, starting up front, get rid of wastefil midfielders and acquire 2 DM’s and tighten back 4.
    Wholesale changes and if we can sell certain players, release them from their contracts-Bendtner, Chamakh, Gervinho, Arshavin, Squillaci, Ramsey, Diaby, Djourou.
    Just look at how much we will save on weekly wages and be able to mix the up and coming youngsters, Gnabrt, Eisfeld,, Afobe, Myachi with the new top players we buy. Then we will have an all round squad that can perform CONSISTENTLY, and hopefully win trophies.
    There seems like there is no fire in the belly of our players, no urgency to win, no desire.
    This is the weakest Arsenal squad I have seen over the 32 years as a suppoter.
    The time is now to start the rebuilding process.

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  11. Mikey

    Arsenal equalize and the AKB’s start chanting Arsenal is the best club in the world. Delusion filled with mediocrity and a lot of brainwashed idiots who can’t see the light. All of them were out here yesterday saying how we turned it around against West Brom. Where are they now? They gave Wenger and the board the power to to mess up the team. Damn Wengerites!!!

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  12. tfemi

    U guy there is no point staying in arsenal having to look for silly excuses the club has no aim n I will tell u y they only talk about finishing top to qualify for champion leauge n we never pass quater finals it not just CHAMPIONS leauge for nothing

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  13. Big Gun

    I always thought Ramsey was shite and got told I had my head up my arse. Glad people are finally seeing the poor player he really is, and most importantly how he drags this team down. It took Wilshere 5-6 games after a years injury to get back to his form. With Ramsey he has had almost two seasons and still looks pathetic. No more excuses for him.

    As for the the current dismal and lack luster performances…well let’s just say this whole club needs an overhaul – from owner to management. I love Wenger as much as the next fan and am grateful for the Invincibles and all he has done. But this was 7 years ago, going on 8. It is clear he does not know what is going on anymore. He is the one who scouts and essentially buys the mediocre players we have, he is the one who picks the team and plays those players. He is the one who recommends contract extensions for players like Djoure. The guy got an extension last year, but he hasn’t played for ages?? What is the logic in that? And Djoure as we all know is terrible. Not as bad as Squid, but still not Arsenal quality.

    We need new ownership, someone who actually loves football and Arsenal and does not mind investing even if it’s personally to get this club to how it once was – COMPETING FOR TROPHIES! Arsene also has no clue anymore and I feel the players lack luster attitude is a reflection of his attitude. If Fergie was in charge, first of all we wouldn;t have such a shit team. Second of all, he would light a fire under their arses. The reason why United are such a good team is not really because they have Zidanes and Messis in their squad. It is because they have a winning mentality and fight for everything. They are the type of players who would go into a war and win it simply because of their determination and relentlessness. This is what Fergie has brought to the table every season. Arsene has lost that ability and is far to soft and forgiving on our players.

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  14. Marley magic

    He’s lost it ,whenever u listen to his interviews it’s all about mentality maybe he should question his own he must be feeling like shit he knows what he has to do but maybe he can’t cut it anymore how can u compete when ur selling your cream,in the English Premier League u get found out very easy to stay competitive sell ur baggage and employ quality it’s simple.

    Hurting Aussie Gunner

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    The only reason why Arsenal need to finish top four is because champions league games mean more revenue for the board other than that nothing else matters. Thank you Mr. Wenger, Thank you Board and last but not least thank you AKB’s. Thank you very much for ruining our beloved Arsenal. Stubbornness destroying us all round.

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  16. Ashendren reddy

    The problem with Arsenal.

    Podolski: Class striker playing on the wing. He is leasrning a new trade.

    Giroud: Class striker that gets no service. Needs maybe a strike partner > Podolski.

    Wallcott: Wants to be a striker. Wants to leave if he does not get a chance.

    Chamackh: Forgoten man. Better striker than the forehead.

    Girvinho: Where to start.Cant dribble, pass, shoot, cant make runs. Cant play football.

    Ox: Young and still learning his trade. Needs some help.

    Arshevan: More on and off than a light bulb and not playing in his favourite position.

    Wingers: no real wingers to play 4-3-3.

    Arteta: Not in his best position.

    Cazorla: Plays best as a false winger. Wide attacking mid. >Malaga.

    Wilshere: Needs to play more forward. Needs more development.

    Ramsey: Fit only to be a water boy.

    Rosicky: Injuries and form.

    Diaby: Injuries

    CDM: No realiable CDM because of injuries.

    Sagna: Head may already be in milan.

    Verm: Form changes during a match.

    Mets: Needs more speed or to be more physical

    Kos: off form.

    Gibbs: Young needs time.

    djour: just an ok back up. we need better squad depth.

    Santos, Squid: waste of space.

    Garnby,Eis Le coq and the rest: Need time to develop and good mentors to show them the way.

    Schez: good keeper will get better in time. needs better competion for his spot.

    Wenger: stubborn.

    Board: Greddy litte SOB’s

    Medical staff: a team of witch doctors would do better.

    Staff: it does not seem like we have a team to work on conditioning and help improve fitness.

    Fans: greatest in the world.

    So does any 1 think we are not a club in crisis?

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  17. niyi

    Once upon an Arsenal team. Look here fellow gunners, were you really expecting a trophy this season? If you were I am really sorry for you. You can only win trophies when you prepare to win them and not by chance as in the case of our Arsenal. I say it again, a team with the likes of Ramsey, Gervinho, Oxlade, Wilshere ( I’m sorry) Gibbs,Coquelin, Gnabry and all the dead wood like Djorou, Chamackh,Squillachi formimg part of a 25 mansquad can never win trophies. Is just that simple. Arsenal has a team for the future and not one for now. The young players in the team need to be introduced gradually alongside mature quality players and not all at once like Wenger does. Imagine Arsenal having a player like Gervinho as its striker and wishing to win a game, forget it. Let’s all make it important to find out why quality players leave our team and we will fix our problem. A loss to Bradford is nothing other than shameful and embarassing. Its high time we shone the lights on Wenger and let him answer some question or leave the club. I. Thought he was a man of intergrity but now I know better. I use this medium to apologise to all quality players who left Arsenal lately and I said nasty things about; cos now I think they made the right choice. I don’t think I will also want to be part of something that has refused to change for the better. Arsenal is moving too slow for the pace of change in football and its all because we don’t have sincere Managers and executive to tell us the true situation of things. Lastly; how do we expect to attract quality players with this kind of results. The only way is to inject funds like the case of Chelsea and City, otherwise very soon we will be struggling for a top 10 spot. A TROPHY this season? Nah!

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  18. Lawrence gf

    I find that using damp proofing sealants in confined areas has a rather nasal clearing mind alterating effect that users should do well to avoid.

    One coat of base paint.

    Followed by two coats of colour should be suffice.

    Its important to clean up as you go along.

    (Lets never discuss football or arse wenger ever again shhhh!)

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  19. Gunner 8

    Let’s see out title aspirations for this year:

    English Premier League: GONE!!

    League Cup: GONE!!

    FA Cup: MAYBE!! (considering our disastrous form i would say NO!!)

    Champions League: HELL NO!!

    So in short, we are gonna be trophy-less for 8 years.

    Wenger and the Board, please do resign and not turn our famous club into shit!!!

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  20. Smash

    I want to believe and support Vermaelen as the captain, I really do, but compare him to Cesc or RVP, or dare I say Adams and Viera….the man just doesn’t seem to be cut from the same fabric as them. Either that or he’s so overwhelmed with having to be everything for Arsenal that its to much to ask from one man like we did RVP last season. Poor Tom, I believe he’s committed to the cause an that he would give everything for the club, but he’s surrounded by mediocrity (exempt arteta, jack, Poldi and theo). The fact that Gervinho is starting matches for Arsenal is the most damning evidence that the gunners are no longer relevant, not only world football, but England as well. An overhaul of some degree needs to be executed sooner rather than later. Board members, executives, manager and players. Start with a good core sold out for the name on the front of the shirt, not the name on the back, i.e. Wilshere. From there it’s up to the supporters to be patient and sit through some tough times, but until the attitude and focus of the club are uprooted and gutted and cleansed of the poisonous negativity and complacency the Arsenal will fall further and further and become less relevant. We owe RVP a lot of gratitude for the fight he put in last year for a club that obviously doesn’t care about itself. If anyone can is responsible for last season being positive and overtaking spurs, it’s him. It’s just depressing right now.

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  21. Arsenal007s

    Lunacy is best described as doing the same thing over and over, while expecting different results. AFC management if full of lunatics.
    we sell our quality players, buy less than average, complain about players being too expensive (at £20m), while we sell for(£35m).
    Walcot and Sagna are on their way out.
    We won’t win a ‘tea cup’ if we don’t change this rubbish attitude. imagine we loosing to Bradford…That’s the height of complacency on our side.
    I need my Old Arsenal back.

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  22. Arsena fun

    I think someone should tell AW that wherever he is taking arsenal, Liverpool have already been there and it has never been easy getting back to the Liverpool we use to know.
    Torres aka The El-Nino left so did RVP for Arsenal, we are not even showing any signs of finishing top four this season. What other signs does the professor wants to convince him that as a team we are not doing good.I don’t disregard arsenals policy of nurturing new talent but the youngsters need a proven mentor in there team, they need to be assured that they are in the right place and that they can do great under Arsen. Yes we have a history, but it all counts to nothing if we keep trailing behind. Wake up Arsen!!!! or leave….

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  23. nasheed khan

    SAME OLD ARSENAL AND WENGER. DONT TELL ME IT’S RAMSEY FAULT AGAIN. I blame Wenger and the board hope that they are happy. Theo is off sagna is off. I can guarantee that jack will go so will Aoc why the fcuk will they wanna stay arsenal a club that is going no where. We will never win with Wenger and this board in charge.

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  24. Abmalcom

    Just sick and tired of the whole scenerio. Arsenal is sinking to the deep, we are not competitive, no ambition. Under this current regime, we are a mediocre club! Shame, what a big shame!

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  25. Gunned

    Jst 1 thing Either change the DEADWOODS or ARESENE WENGER.
    This is Arsenal not Arsene

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  26. gooner sass

    am fed up wid all this rubish. go to hell wenger leave us alone. f}ck you and the board i hate you all.

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  27. nadjulius

    totally disappointed with Carzola(28 y.o) and Vermalean(C)and (27 y.o)..for sure if it were Jack(20 y.o) or AOC (19.y.o) who had missed, I wd excuse, but for those two…NO way. U will all say every one misses..but how do u explain two tennagers putting away their penalties and two of whom is the captain missing theirs…Wenger shd be blamed..but its high time we SHOUT(Booooo) the players themselves….

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  28. Lix

    Immediately isaw ramsy in the lineup I knew the the match is not for us. He is bad luck, sorry, but its true.

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  29. Jaws09

    the players are not to blame its the mangement

    they purchased these players as they thought they were good enough

    week after week we are seeing silly tactics

    we are not getting numbers in the box when attacking (even at 1-0 we are lucky to have 1 attacker in the box)

    we are playing a striker (podolski) on the wing and a winger (gervinho) as a striker whilst playing and talented centre midfielder (ramsey, who lacks any pace) on the wing whilst playing a very high defensive line with a very very slow defender (mertesacker)

    surely im not the only 1 who see’s this???

    why wait untill half time every game when we are 1-0 down to play a faster tempo passing and have a go at our opponents???

    let’s attack from the 1st minute with a fast tempo and start progressing as our clucb still has some very talented players

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  30. Stevo

    I have been loathe to criticise players and wanted to see Ramsey come good. He has not improved and must be shipped on in January. It is excrutiating to watch him. Gervinho, what needs to be said. It’s as if we pulled him off the street and put him on the field.
    These are problems now but our problems are more deep rooted and need to be addressed. Has Arsene come to the end of his superb reign. I do not want to see him leave on bad terms so board sort things out.
    Give him what he needs in January or we are in deep problems!

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  31. nick in portugal

    We should have won by 4 clear goals, distribution from the wings was frequently appalling. No faulting the effort the players were trying, Wilshire was exceptional, so was Rosicky, slag off Gervinho by all means, he was poor but you can’t fault his effort. The bottom line is no penetration without Giroud and Walcott and if Wenger buys Nani he is buying trouble, we must hold on to Theo and anyone who slags off Sagna is blind, the lad was 100% committed last night. We lost the game, so what, teams win and lose, that’s football and now we do have to win next Monday and …we will.

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  32. ermias mosisa

    the best stupid coach now on is arsenwenger
    1,he is not motivate player
    2,he always sale top player
    2,he buy cheap player
    3,he always defend his ugly mother f++ker lady player
    4,he always stuck with the same formation
    5,he substitute when 20 minute left
    6,he always embrace the fun
    7,he think he is the best mind he didn’t listen other advise
    8,do you remember when is the time he change before 1is half time
    9,when is the time arsen wenger sit in relax mood he always panic face act like he buy top player

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  33. Lix

    On another note, we are missing Pat Rise. He has been behind wenger’s success.

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  34. Alex

    To everyone saying chamakh was bad. I ask you to tell me one half decent chance he was given. The crosses coming into him were disgraceful. He holds up the ball well and i would rather him over giroud as he is more mobile and actually makes a run which giroud doesnt

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  35. Nickerless Bender

    Not much to add to the above, but square pegs and round holes come to mind. I think we have finally reached the lowest of the low and I cannot see anyway out like we did last year with RVP.

    There is no fight, drive or astuteness in this team to pull us out of this quagmire.

    Arsene, can you please start playing this pile of crap in their natural positions because if you don’t I rather you feck of to PSG and take the dross with you so some other poor feckers have to suffer this shite.

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  36. Vickers

    @Big gun

    So you would rather see Ramsey under perform and hinder the team so you can say to people ‘I told you so’ than see the lad play well? Your just the kind of supporter arsenal don’t need

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