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Bradford vs. Arsenal review Embarrassing Arsenal out on Penalties

Arsenal faced top class side in the Capital One cup tonight, oh no it was League two Bradford, but we certainly made them look good. Arsene Wenger picked pretty much the strongest side available to him with Walcott and Giroud unavailable due to injury. The manager obviously realised how important it is to end the seven year trophy drought, but maybe he forgot to tell the players.

For 10 minutes or so Arsenal looked okay, but we got sloppier and invited Bradford into the game and they said thank you very much. Poor defending from a free kick after 15 minutes allowed Thompson to put Bradford ahead. We failed to muster a single shot on target in reply but Gervinho had a great chance to equalise but somehow he completely missed the ball. Coquelin came closest in the first half but hit the post.

It got no better in the second half, and we did not register a shot on target until the 70th minute. The Ox produced it after coming on with Rosicky and Chamakh for Ramsey, Coquelin and Podolski. Wilshere took it on himself to get us going and nearly got an equaliser with less than 10 minutes on the clock.

Captain Vermaelen saved our blushes with a header from Cazorla’s cross with just minutes left. The Spaniard nearly won it for us in normal time but the Bradford keeper made a good save to take it into extra time. Finally Arsenal’s class started to show, and Bradford were hanging on. Jack nearly got a Messi goal but then showed why he’s not a striker, what skill though!

As penalties loomed, Cazorla smashed a shot off the top of the bar and Gooners were fearing the worst. Chances kept coming and going, we could have had a hatful, but it was just not happening so it went to the lottery of penalties. Cazorla was saved, Chamakh hit the post but we got a lifeline. Vermaelen also hit the post, though, and we were out.

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444 thoughts on “Bradford vs. Arsenal review Embarrassing Arsenal out on Penalties

  1. bak68mos

    Who would blame the coach when our overly rated player Oxlade can not put in a decent cross into the box!!,just watch the game and again and see how wasteful the lad was.I still find it difficult to believe that Chamack and Gervinho were once top scorers in France,what a shame!
    I would not be surprised to hear that lives have been lost from cardiac arrest as a result of the ongoings at Arsenal,please AW be a life saver……!

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  2. aaa

    Cant for the life of me underdtand ..;

    why wenger plays gervinho as a striker and leaves walcott on the bench or on the wing?

    why is podolski on the wing and not at cf?

    Why does AW play aaron ramsey as he has been consistantly woeful all season, why has he not been dropped?

    Why is diaby always feckin injured?

    Why did we lose david dein from our board?

    Why can arsenal not cross a football?

    Why,why why?

    Mr wenger has got alot of questions to answer for

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  3. true goon

    Have a look at the back of the mirror,i predicted this after the Nani story yesterday.

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  4. Macedonian

    This team d not have wining spirit anymore.Same tactic predicted from any opponent,bad and overrated players.I d not see any progress soon with this roster of players.Its sad but truth.We need forward with killer instinct like RVP and 2 more quality middle fielders.

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  5. Hafiz Rahman

    why is the Fifa 2013 fans here??

    why are the media bots and sales agents always trying to create tension and division???

    why why why??????

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  6. enuffsenuff

    The only player on da planet wenger wudnt mis manage is lionel messi cos even sum1 who hasn’t watched a game ov football in their life wud still win with him in da team,unless wenger goes out n signs 10 world class players he’s got no chance of ever winnin anotha trophy 4 arsenal n seein as dats jus not gona happen da unfortunate reality is until arsene wenger dies arsenal aint winnin a damm thing,dis man is jus a fool,wenger out!!!!

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  7. ted day

    Embarrassing is farting in a lift, humiliating is shitting in a swimming pool with mates, this was a humiliation. Wenger’s got no one to blame but himself.

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  8. cabregas

    Firstly i don’t blame Wenger for this defeat as I believe we had to play our best team. However Ramsey should not be playing when Arshavin would have been better especially out wide! But never the less it was a very poor performance especially from Ramsey, Gervinho and Chamakh. I think the game really highlighted that we need a striker who has got alright feet but most of all someone that is hungry and a clinical finisher inside and around the box. I know u will hate me for sayin this but its true, Van Persie was brilliant at doing this and we have to buy a world class striker to replace him in summer!

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  9. Awar

    Sick of it fans suffer yet again, players should be ashamed of themselves disgusting performance, greedy bunch of losers wheres the fight wheres the passion.

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  10. GunDeLeRo

    Dam dam dam

    Tomorrow is going to be a rough one at work. The barrage of jokes and insults are going to be relentless.

    Bradford deserved the win. 10/10. Arsenal were what less.

    If Wenger and/or the board do not wake up and smell the roses, we’re proper f******d.

    Man U now want to sign Walcott in Jan. Oh dear.

    Troubles ahead.

    Usmanov, Dein and may be PeP be our saviours.

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  11. Sadman

    Best result for change; winning would have painted over a few cracks and delayed things. Pressure for change is building; it will only come from either responding to a crisis or through strong leadership. As the club has no leadership only a crisis will make things change for the better.

    The team looked toothless, Arsenal’s gamble of selling RVP has paid off – we now look like a pub team, which 60000 mugs pay to go and watch every fortnight.

    I gave up going to watch Arsenal when they moved to the emirates as I did not want to be regarded as a cash cow. I watch them for free on the Internet and I have no regrets. Over the years the club has lost its way and if things don’t change we will never win anything again of importance, apart from the odd cup or so.

    And before someone says I should support the team no matter what and that I’m a fair weather fan, let me reassure you I will always support players who give 100% for our team, but I will not tolerate my faith and allegiance been abused by players or the club. Things need to change – alas, I have no power to change things on my own: perhaps, the club will listen to their fan base if collectively we all acted together.

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    Yeh we lost to a 4th division team and were gonna win the champions league….Barcelona must be shaking in the boots

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  13. AFC_Gooner

    .Really – a 2nd division team? The only difference between Bradford and Arsenal is that Arsenal can afford a whole squad of average players whereas Bradford can only afford 11 average players.
    .Back to reality though – this is the situation we are in and we have to get behind those players every game.

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  14. AFCF

    This is almsot like when rafael nadal lost to Lukas Rosol and i am a fan of nadal!Now its Arsenal turn!What luck i have?Greatest defeats ever….

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  15. Hafiz Rahman

    players should be ashamed of themselves…

    Bradfort vs Barcelona would be exciting….

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  16. Hafiz Rahman

    @ AFC_Gooner

    its a 4th division team……….

    Bradfort players should represent England….they stand a chance of winning the world cup…

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  17. S.H

    We all know Ramsey had a bad game, but this is the first time I can say the whole team played just as awfully. Regardless of Wenger’s squad selection, we are still a premier league side. That game should have been done after 90mins! The pressure is on the players more than the manager. Look at QPR, they don’t have a bad lineup, but the players don’t work together and their previous results have reflected this problem. The same problem Arsenal have. This needs to be addressed immediately. I just feel we lack belief in each other on the pitch. Our forward rhythm and momentum is disrupted by players like Gervinho, Ramsey and Chamakh losing the ball or not playing it quick enough. I would have liked to see Arshavin come on instead of the Ox. The Russian has more experience in tight situations and many a time have we seen him produce a goal or assist to snatch the victory. Ox played terribly, probably worse than Ramsey. The kid is lacking confidence. Arshavin with Rosicky would have been a better spark. Oh well, always easier in hindsight, but everyone knows what the near future should bring – NEW PLAYERS!!!!

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  18. GP

    To all Gooners feeling sick tonight.
    Just remember that this mess was created by our manager and board.
    They have ripped the guts out of this club.
    Financial greed, inflated egoes,and arrogance have seen us go from premier league super power to laughing stock.
    Wenger needs to have the decision taken out of his hands.

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  19. Hafiz Rahman

    Arsenal players must have gotten too much money, driving around in Ferraris, living in posh homes. bonking hot tomatoes but they cant play against a 4th division team…..

    4 week wage FINE for tonights performance….

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  20. Hafiz Rahman

    @ GP

    you sound like a sales agent or media bot trying hard to create division and tension……

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  21. Hass

    The route to capital one cup final would have been easier had Wenger stayed with the second team with just a few changes. The players who played in that game deserved another chance for coming back to win.

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  22. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Hass

    yeah i agree..

    the younger players like Gnabry, Eifeld, Meade etc..would have provided the hunger and determination…

    they want to prove to Wenger that they are good enough for the first team….

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  23. Fletch

    I read somewhere that Wengers contract is confidenitally bound which means he is not allowed to speak out with Arsenals internal dealings.. This perhaps is a rumour but if there is truth to it then there’s your answer as to why he has has never spoken out. It will be interesting to read his bio once he retires, should make a very good read why Arsenal and Arsene have become what they are today.. I’m almost certain his hands have been tied by the board, we are very luky to have been a top 4 side the last 8yrs.

    The players that have left. Have left for good reason, not Wenger but the politics within the board.

    Very sad times, the glory days seem a distant memory.

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  24. Jordan

    wenger hope you read this, sell cazorla, sell podolski, walcott, wilshere, vermalen, chambo, that will leave you with ramsey who you favour so much gervino, giroud and all the rest of the dead wood who u love to play. Oh and i almost forgot when you sell all the good players make sure u give the money to mister gazidi$ and that f… face kroenke to buy themselves a space shuttle this time or maybe even an island. and with the rest of the money you can buy some more dead wood and we would be perfect for the champions league at least there we can finish fourth

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  25. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Jordan

    Sell the whole team would be better

    they are only 5th Division standard

    a team that cant beat a 4th division team…they be better off playing in League 4

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  26. atid

    at this moment in time i would rather us be losing with the homegrown kids than all these over paid tarts.

    our best player but a kin mile was wilshire. coquelin, szcesney and gibbs were also ok, whilst the ox had a mixed time riddled witherrors but showed lots of desire. the likes of sagna, mertesacker, vermaelen, cazorla, rosicky simply didnt do enough whilst ramsey, gervinho, podolski and chamakh were just awful. if you asked me to pick a team for the next match tonight well those mentioned would be struggling to get in. £50m is not going to help this team, we need more like £250mand that is only going to come from man

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  27. Hafiz Rahman

    OX is too highly paid…millionaire now..driving posh cars…

    time for him to wake up or back to division 4 for him….

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  28. sube

    It is a fact that “football” has eluded Arsenal in the last 10 games(atleast) and we are incapable of winning football matches. we have been very poor indeed. Infact, I had predicted a loss for us tonight! The fact is, we are not good enough to beat any football side at the moment. We have the capability to lose against any team. I fail to understand why fans are moaning. Did they not see it coming with the performances that we have made so far?

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  29. Sun

    I think this game has definitely shown that Ramsey, Gervinho and Chamakh are just not good enough for Arsenal and need to be sold.
    They contribute nothing but problems for the rest of the team.
    Looking at the way we are playing and imagine how some of our loaned out players feel?
    Afobe, W.Silva, Campbell, Miyachi, and Park would contribute more than Ramsey, Gervinho and Chamakh.

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  30. the truth

    Wenger out!!nuthin else really needs 2 be said,da fuck ups r way 2 many 2 count now,AKB’s have 20sec memory spans so there’s no point wastin time on em,dis has been goin on 4 8years solid n can’t see how many human bein wid a brain can’t see dat,AKB’s r da type ov people who r mentally soft enuff 2 hypnotise and who would join cults n do wateva they r told,real fans who would physically cum 2 blows wid opposition fans hav had enuff,again wenger out!wenger out out out!!

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  31. realgooner10

    Wenger is not to blame for 2nites result!!! The players are!! Its alrite sayin the youngsters should of played now.. But he’s played the youngsters in this cup for years and we moan(me included) that he should play a strong squad if he wants to win this cup!!! Well he did 2nite.. And they let us and wenger down!!! 2nites result is not about wenger gambling on diaby, or us not buying a striker or defensive midfielder(which we do need dnt get me wrong) That team 2nite was not up for the battle…. Since the draw was made you can believe bradford was up for this…

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  32. Arse

    What happened to arsenals ball possesion ???
    It used to be our thing !
    Now struggling to have little more then any average
    team we play.
    Teams dont fear us any more nor they should as
    we cant play or score like we used to.

    Buy, buy, buy but buy a star ,not a star in making
    or an average joe that will contribute only false hope .
    We are 2-3 stars away from being a good side.
    But with the board so reluctant to spend those
    stars are just a dream:(

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  33. D.Bergkamp

    i bet wenger thinks ramsey is better than rosicky. and still plays the former.

    To all the people who used to have a go at rosicky last year, you just don’t know talent and most of you are akbs. nuff said.

    and BTW the way who the fk are the media and sale bots! LOL

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  34. jackie

    10 years ago we were on the verge of greatness, now we’re on the verge of imploding. It’s sad, pathetic & not good enough. I love this club, but right now I hate what it has become.

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  35. AFCF

    i think if giroud was playing we would have won.Even he will score those chances that gervinho miss.And if podolski was placed in the middle we would have won!

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  36. steve martin

    lack of leaders, need some steel in the team like the good old days.

    try and get more english players who understand what it means to pay for the mighty arsenal

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  37. true goon

    Usmanovs words b4 the season start of the season are ringing truer than ever.we’re not competetive.

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  38. jackie

    Also, bye bye Theo. Why would he wanna stay on a sinking ship any longer especially when he isn’t appreciated by the club.

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  39. Daymee

    As long as the Economics teacher remains in charge, this team will continue to fail. The club is dead! I have said it b4 and will say it over and over again. This club is dead!

    Deep down inside, you know that RVP was right. A lot of idiots blame him for leaving Arsenal under the cloud he did. Unfortunately, he loved Arsenal but did not want to leave quietly like he had no affection for the club. If everyone in the Arsenal squad are available, they can no longer beat Swansea. The next knockout is the FA Cup very soon against Swansea. This season is really going to be the climax for Arsene Wenger. He has to go latest by May. The cycle is now complete

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  40. The Dom

    HAHAHA This season is turning out to be better than I anticipated.
    I always thought Wenger was a moron but I was wrong,he’s actually beyond that.For years I have been saying this man should leave and not forget to close the door but “AKB’s” kept firing insults and telling me to support another club…where are they now?

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  41. Morph

    Another game started when i turn to my kids and say, this is not a win for sure. Yes we have a strong team and yes, Bradford are a very lowly team but to not take the win for granted. Not now. Not with this Arsenal. I even tried turning off the television hoping that the result might change if i stopped watching.. football is entertainment and should be nothing more. But my Arsenal seems to have died and it is no longer entertainign watching the gimp being beaten. By everyone. And on a analytical front, why for the sake of all that is good, does gervinho play for AFC. I just don’t understand why he plays week in and week out. Maybe he is a genius but he is not reading the same script as the rest of the team. I just don’t understand what Arsene sees in him.

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  42. jon

    We are a disaster. Why would any top player come to us now??
    The way we play, we won’t make the CL.

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  43. Scott

    I went to the game tonight amid all the negative comments I will say wenger bringing on Ox and rosicky changed the game, on a bad note Ramsey was awful AGAIN! And if your players can’t even hit the target you won’t win a peno shoot out! Wenger needs to go I’m afraid 🙁

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  44. KC

    Why for the sake of all that is good does Ramsey play for Arsenal.

    I dont think he could make the bench for Bradford. He’s turned into an absolutely atrocious player…atrocious!

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  45. shahin






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  46. Aman Mehta

    Only Answer – Regime Change at the end of the season: “Wenger, Gazidis, Hill-Wood” GO!!!

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  47. davidrusa

    This can no longer be business as usual. Something has to be done or else the club is going to the dogs! What exactly is the problem? I think the manager has lost it. By now it should have become clear that the team is flat and lacks leadership. When Giroud, Arteta and Walcott are out the team is so flat and can’t break down teams! Stop excuses Wenger get players. What you have are individuals who don’t know how to win games. Stop your jokes with Gervinho and Ramsey. They lack the wisdom to score goals. Why was Rosicky left on the bench? It should now be clear to all that Arsenal has become a joker! Doesn’t the manager feel ashamed of this? If the team can lose to Bradford, what is left? This is a team incapable of keeping the ball, passing correctly and soring goals! The root cause of this has to be examined quickly if Arsenal is not to sink even further. Some players like Gervinho, Coquelin and Ramsey need to be rested until they know why they play. Maybe they should be taken back to the abc of soring goals. Other players need to put their act together or else face the axe! Nobody should feel safe now. The team should declare an emergency! Enough is enough. All Arsenal supporters all over the world are devastated! The team has not scored goals for a long time now. I don’t count the lucky penalties against West Brom. That one should also be counted a nil-nil draw at best because our team could not break down West Brom. It took the referee to save Arsenal! Where are we headed to? Disaster?

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  48. ArsenalisYourDaddy

    Ramsey and Gervinho cannot take us to a CL win.
    These guys are good, but NOT world class. Arsenal needs world class.
    I am a big fan of Ramsey’s effort, but his finishing is not top echelon. Gervinho’s last decision is always suspect.

    Arsenal needs two more top class players to compete at the top level.

    It is no use use shackling a world class manager with ordinary players.

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  49. Hafiz Rahman

    @ mikegooner

    25k thats a lot of money tooo….apart from the sports and big screen people… how many people in this World earn that much???the average working joes….

    do you earn 25k a week tooo???

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  50. ArsenalisYourDaddy

    Do that Java thingy correction. My thumbs down ratings get marked as thumbs up..

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  51. lmyyyks

    Almost full first team vs Bradford, and scored only 2 penalties out of 5. Wenger should definitely review his tactics and choice of players. Gervinho is officially finished; need to sell him ASAP to prevent further damamge.

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  52. Hafiz Rahman

    @ davidrusa

    Coquelin did well….

    Gervinho did average……..

    Ramsay…………………..a division 5 player obviously

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  53. Archimedes

    We need a good replacement for AW ready to sign on first because panic replacement is never a long term solution. We also need more bad results such that the die hard AW crowd becomes fewer. Worst thing which can happen is a final league position inside Europa league which the die hard crowd can still draw some support from. So I hope for one very bad season, league position 8 to 15, CL and FA knock outs similar to Bradford. And if mediocre Stan does not dig deep into his pockets then, any hope of glory will be gone.

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  54. ArsenalisYourDaddy

    Geez, you guys are weeping like children. If Arsene picked youth and lost, you would cry “he should have played the 1st team”
    Get a grip. Arsenal had the talent on the field to beat a League 2 team and lost.

    We are used to Arsenal being at the top of the world. but now we do NOT have world class talent. We have good players like teams as Everton, Spuds and the rest. We do NOT have world class players like Bayern or Real Madrid or Barca. There is a huge difference between good and world class.

    Falcao and Cavani would cure our problems if we spend the 80 million. But those are DREAMS. We can afford a Huntelaar or Remy, but NOT a Wesley Sneijder.

    We are good enough for 4th, NOT a title. Get Real !

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  55. TaPo

    win or lose I stil question mr wenger, why did he keep playing ramsey on the right and gervinoh in the cf position…gervinoh is okay on the left and if you want to play ramsey, put him on the middle…rosicky always fasten our pace, should have start rosicky instead of ramsey..disappointed and extremly sad..keep working hard lads, I will always be a gooners like those 4000++ traveling fans..

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  56. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Archimedes


    you are clearly no longer an Arsenal fan…wishing for the club to finish poorly….

    go support moneybags Chelsea or City…

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  57. jibber

    our answer is find any new manager who knows what the flow of a game is about.
    the logic here is this:
    there’s no way all of Arsenal’s squad is bad. an avergage player like nasri looked better if played with the right people and right positions.

    the problem here is a constantly changing front 3, and a exceedingly exhausted mid trio.
    then u get a few players who play nothing like arsenal to play together with arsenal(that’s girvinho, ramsey) and another one who’s just gave up cuz he’s going(chamakh)
    that’s 10-3= 7 playing our game, excluding keeper.
    so wenger really, effectively just gave ourselves 3 red cards to ourselves.
    remember what made us beat barcelona back then? we 5 atking players who play the same game!
    wilshere, fabregas, nasri, van persie all play a passing game with relative quick pace, while walcott compenstates all the speed we lack from the other 4. wilshere nasri walcott does most of the running , van persie shoots from all corners, fabregas feeds the balls in.
    Even arshavin was 1/2 an atking force when he works hard.

    now we have… girvinho dazing the opponents and ourselves, ramsey hitting slow motion everytime he passes. Wilshere still runs a lot and passes, cazorla feeding balls but tired as hell. walcott injured, the Ox on the bench more than he should be. rosicky just barely coming back.
    arteta wasn’t playing there, coquelin tries hard but not up to scratch yet, podolski tries crossing and shooting from wide when he’s definitely better near centre.

    i duno what this combo is, but it makes no sense no matter how u look at it.

    we have no flow, and it is wenger to blame.

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  58. Goonertron

    Oh man, just what the hell. Wenger out, enough fanboys any other top club wouldn’t stand for this shit.

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  59. Waiyuen Leong

    As I commented earlier that Gervinho is good at dancing alone in the field without quick passing hopefuly to show his ability as a striker. In short, we really don’t have good attacking midfield players with experience to be sharp shooters. Giroud is a strong attacking stiker and without such assist, he is chasing for the ball alone. Arsenal is still lucky if they can still be in the top ten position for the 2012/2013 EPL

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  60. Hafiz Rahman

    no one blame the players for such playing standards?????

    Premireship standard players cant perform against division 4 players????

    Does that mean Arsenal players are all division 4 and 5 players standard????????

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  61. Hafiz Rahman

    you can have Messi Ronaldo Falcao Thiago Ibra playing and if they play badly and lost to a division 4 team

    whos fault???

    division 4 team fault?? manager fault?? board fault??

    or the players fault????

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  62. Arturo

    Everybody criticise the team like they were c.ronaldo or messi. Believe me is not easy to kick a penalty there is so many factors that can decide penalties. I just hope that arsenal stand up.

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  63. nldngooner


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  64. kudaitam

    it has never been ths sad for me watching arsenal this season. when we could easily win matches with small teams in the past, today we do not have that confidence anymore. every time when we lost, the manager will tell us lotsa stories. all i could see, the arsenal team is falling apart bit by bit. whilst we cannot hold on to our prized assets i.e. players that could win matches for us, we have never been able to bring in top flight stars that can help maintained or improve our position. we are no more the arsenal we were. we lost to little teams time and again despite putting big names in it. after 7 years we could only boast being the number 4. being a loyalist, i now understand how frustrated some players were with Arsenal. With money available but a manager not willing to spend and remunerate on available talent reasonably, i now cannot understand arsenal football philosophy. to him stay fourth and play champions league every season makes the team a winner. now you have won prizes for the board thru the profits from the club business, we demand the same be given to us (being the other stakeholders of the team) i.e the silverware we were waiting for. otherwise just go and take the PSG offer and do whatever you like!

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  65. Dude New England

    I’m tired of hearing people go on about Usmanov saving us. Fact, he is richer than Abramovic. Fact, he could easily buy us out completely if he wanted to, and make us “competitive” like Abramovic has with Chelsea. Fact, he hasn’t. Fact, he’s benefiting from his 33% of the club just like Kroenke is benefiting from his 63%. I want to believe Usmanov will take over and make us right. But I just don’t know if he even know’s what he wants from his toy. And that’s why he can feel content standing on the outside making jabs at how the business is being run. Because he doesn’t have to know.

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  66. summerbreez

    Look why blame MR wenger he didnt play he had a strong team on with what he had in his hand

    I played and scored 2 beauties tonight i missed the first half and joined in before varmalin equalized the team could not pass the ball and with no movement in the box come on now there is no one that can flick the ball in the net we had seven or was 9 on target but not in we new well i knew that bradford were going to defend and come out with the penalties

    today loss is down on to the team i am afraid the amount of stray passes was just horrendous these players dont know arsenal they are lucky i am not thier manager i would sack the whole lot of them as they dont have respect for the crest

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  67. AFCF

    Hey fellow gooners,
    I know exactly how u feel.I have been an arsenal supporter for 6-7 years now and have never seen them lift a silverware yet.Its hard being an arsenal fan.BUT let me say this i will always be a arsenal fan.Its not fun changing team cuz when u stay with a club for a long time and u finally win a silverware u can feel the delight and happiness.COYG!

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  68. ziru

    wow.. we can’t even win against league two team…. as if we’re the league two team and they r the premier league team….

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  69. Gunnerineverylife

    I am not a Wenger fan but well he tried,put out his best team but they bottled it.Gervinho shuld be sold in January instead of Walcott,add Gervinho’s wages to Walcott’s wage,enough of that bottler who cant score in an empty post.

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  70. Gunnerineverylife

    Cant expect players that cant score in an empty post to score from the penalty spot.

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  71. LT

    Tonight showed one thing, that Arsenal needs to build a strong squad. We have quantity but limited quality in our squad. Arteta, Theo, Giroud, Diaby were not available for the game and we could not find the quality in our squad to beat bradford. i hate to imagine what would have happened if we were playing Barcelona.

    We have all said this before but the focus on running a profitable AFC has taken attention away from what needs to be done on the field. Its time attention was focused on the quality of players and the need to win trophies.

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  72. Gunner4life

    Man im so emberassed, F$%”/$. I dont even know where to start. I would of rather play or B team today and lose the game. This because the arsenal side that was on today, for most of the game played worst then our B team. Wenger needs to go out and get some quality striker because…Sh*tvinho, his crap, Sh*tmackh i dont even know why he even makes the bench and pogdorski i gotta say im disapointed by him, he doesnt do anything all our strikers compined for zero shots on target…wtf.

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  73. StillGunner(perhaps)

    looks like all our ex players has proved them right for leaving the club…no ambition…no desire to win things…no mental strength…looks like even league 2 clubs can even beat us…i’m not sure whether kroenke is doing things right for the club…or even wenger is still relevant with our future ambition?? sigh…..

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  74. summerbreez

    Why dont we move the ball faster up the field? we seem to always dwell on the ball until we attack with numbers and the opponent defend with numbers it gets far to crowded with stray balls gervinho has to be a show man why cant he pass one correct pass why make it hard for one self and keep running to crash onto a wall ? i do not get it it is impossible that i am a better player at 50 then half of the squad today but i tell you i played and scored and defended really good i am pissed off with the Arsenal team

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  75. leo

    ivan gasdis wenger has money to spend if he wants & he must spend wisely there is almost a hidden threat in that sentence that wenger cannot send board out now get lost

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  76. leo

    about last night performance only wilshere,cazorla,mertasacker,tv5,sczseny gave all the rest were pathetic chammakh should never play for arsenal send ramsey on loan gervinho looks like he has never played football all his life his little dribble looks absloutely awfull every time he drags the ball into the box looks like he is going to fall sagana doesn’t look the same player he once was

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  77. leo

    coquelin can someone tell me what excatly his role is i mean i checked out on it says cdm i mean he is suppose to protect the back 4 & when he doesn’t get playing chance he complains this is excatly what happens when u sell players like rvp,song & don’t replace them balancing the book the moment stan took over i knew we are going downhill

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  78. leo

    wtf is diaby still in arsenal squad 4 if it was anyother club they would have dumped his sorry a$$ a long time ago a massive clearout is need i think we woudn’t have got eliminated if we had played the like of arshavin,eisfeld,gnabry they would have put a much better display than this

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  79. Jeff

    Sanga needs to be benched. Falls asleep all the time. When he goes forward he is always predictable. Can’t cross over the first defender. He keeps playing horrible passes straight down the middle and his touch is horrible. Looks like he doesn’t have the heart anymore.

    Thought coq played well. Wilshire was ok. Gervs looked lost and why is he using his left foot on that sitter? Use the inside of your right foot and it’s impossible to miss that.

    Santi was ok. Rosicky was great. Should have started but he needs to be slowly eased back.

    Why not poldi up top and gervs on one side, ox on the other?

    Ramsey is coming inside and flicking through balls to the right corner….doesn’t he know he’s the one playing as a right winger??? It’s crazy sometimes.

    I love wenger but sometimes I don’t understand why he keeps doing this.

    Why are we not playing direct down the sidelines when we counter attack?? It’s always 3 balls sideways or backwards before we go forward.

    We have never been a possession based team. I don’t care what people say. We are a counter attacking team. That’s what was successful and still is. We are sooo slow in our buildup it’s horrible to watch now.

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  80. leo

    Gervinho he could kick himself for that performance tonight but he’d most likely miss How do you confuse Gervinho? Give him a football Gervinho wiki page: “He is known for his finishing” Did he write it himself?

    Only 39 days until Gervinho and Chamakh go to the African cup of nations some Positive

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  81. Nic

    the team lacks mental toughness, this was injected by Rosicky when he came in. Come on, Chamakh, Carzola and Verma all shot at the stick when the hole is so big.

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  82. Hafiz Rahman


    Doesnt matter what position they are playing….

    they should be committed and play well…

    the whole team are playing as if they are on a vacation…..

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  83. dude

    Hey LONDON GOONERS , please send a serious message to the arsenal board & wenger vote with your feet & money and boycott going to the games and STOP buying their merchandise as well.
    When the greedy board sees empty stadiums , they will definitely get the message
    We asian gooners can only give you guys emotional support

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