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Bundesliga striker opens door for late Arsenal transfer move

There is nothing to say that the player was thinking about Arsenal, or any club in particular for that matter, when he made these comments about a possible late move from current club Bayer Leverkusen before the summer transfer window closes in a few weeks, but with the Germans having finished third in the Bundesliga last season to guarantee a place in the Champions League, you would think that there were not many clubs around Europe that would tempt Javier Hernandez into a move.

The Gunners would surely be one of them and I think that the former Manchester United striker is well aware of Arsene Wenger’s (so far) futile search for more fire power. So it is certainly not out of the question that the Mexico international may be hoping for a late move back to the Premier League with Arsenal.

As reported by The Mirror the striker, who enjoyed a fantastic first season with Leverkusen where he once again proved his powers in front of goal with 26 goals from 40 games, spoke this week about his future and suggested that he might be set for another late move, which happened to him when he left United and Real Madrid.

Hernandez said, “You never know what happens in football. In years gone by I have left my club on the last day of the transfer window.

“I thought I would stay in Madrid and I thought I would stay in Manchester but I joined Leverkusen in the end.

“It motivates me if I am a theme for other clubs.”

At the minute it is the Lyon and France star Alexandre Lacazette who seems to be favourite for a move to north London in the Arsenal transfer rumours, but if Wenger does fail to land him do you think that Chicharito could be on the cards for a late transfer to Arsenal?


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27 thoughts on “Bundesliga striker opens door for late Arsenal transfer move

  1. Ramterta

    chicharito the mexican diver.
    A good addition to the squad but is he going to push us as far as we want?
    I dont think so.
    We need stand out additions to the squad.
    The likes of sanchez and ozil

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    1. liangyu42087

      I would welcome him over Lacazette anyday, at least he have experience in EPL and Bundesliga.

      Ozil and Sanchez are both world class in their position…. and currently I cannot see any world class strikers that is available and in our price range…

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    2. SoOpa AeoN

      Chicharito to Arsenal……………

      Have to Laugh at this BuLL… We are responsible for getting our own hopes up and when it comes crashing down Like a pack of cards….hope y’all remember Bob started it on JA L()L

      News fLash : Mahrez is not for sale according to Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha (Leicester city president)

      Lets go home boys!!

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  2. Arsenal_Girl

    The season starts in 8 days
    I hope we get more signings soon
    But I’m getting more and more pessimistic

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  3. Jansen

    I think Hernandez would be a good singing. He is PL proven and a good finisher, he is also a lot faster than Giroud. I would be happy with him. He is by no means world class but he is a few steps up from Giroud IMO.

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  4. Gooner_Giroud

    A real fox in the box type striker with loads of pace, has an eye for goal, good in the air and has PL experience. He would thrive with our creatively gifted midfield.

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    1. SoOpa AeoN

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    2. SoOpa AeoN

      Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha : YOU NOT FOR SALE!!

      Riyad Mahrez : OK BOSS!

      :::::The End:::::

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  5. JustJoy

    Linking us to all sort of transfers.. From attackers, defenders, Midfielders etc are these links mainly for Marketing Papers and sites? Now its been clear that Arsenal never contact Jvardy..

    Til the Le Prof Leaves Arsenal before we will know what exactly had happened.

    Still carry the weird feelings that our Club will not Sign anybody or we panic buy, can’t imagine you want a Player to Blend with his teammates and you have not sign the Player do you want the player to Blend during the competition proper? Counting your monkeys on the trees.

    Why do Wenger Keep His transfer Secret? Is it incompetency? If Arsenal Transfers are Public will The board or Manager or The Fans die? Or will the Queen die?

    Still Hoping that something good is coming.

    OT…..Lol Asano Takuma Scored for For Japan in the U23 Olympics As they Lost 5:4 to Nigeria (Etebo of Nigeria Got 4).. South Korea spanked Fiji 8:0.

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  6. SoOpa AeoN

    Chicharito is 28…Lightweight, not good in Aerial duels, defensively weak and shy of tackles…. and really there’s nothing foxy about him….

    Plus Who said he wanted to Leave Leverkusen anyway?

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    1. proffetic

      Agreed, definitely not for us. Another for Wengers Snow White army. No thank you…

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    2. Alexis

      Are you from Korea? If you’re then you’re definitely a plastic fan. And we’re you referring to a plastic Chicharito with your descriptions? LOL.

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  7. rkw

    another man utd reject …. when will we learn? ….has anyone else even shown interest in him? that said there should be little doubt by now that wenger has little interest in winning the title and its still basically a question of does he have a squad that can deliver 4th place at minimum cost ….AFC? need to change the acronym to ABM … Arsenal Business Model

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  8. GunnerMann

    Please! Please! Please! I have been saying, no begging for Chicarito ever since Fergi left and he became unwanted at Man U. with the speed he has and those lob balls Xhaka likes to pull or just the pure class passes Ozil has in his arsenal (see what I did there) we will be GOLD!!!!

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    1. mkgooner

      Chicharito won’t suit our tactics and opponents tactics vs us. We need one of the following:
      A striker with girouds physicality and strengths like hold up play and link up e.g Lewandoski
      A change of tactics to mirror Leicester city last year with a quick striker like they had Vardy….
      Bellerin Gabriel Kos Nacho
      Xhaka Cazorla
      Ox ST. (Lacazette/Aubameyang etc). Sanchez
      Before I get thumbs down, the strikers are examples not necessarily players I think we can or shouldsign

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  9. Trevor

    It looks like we’re gonna begin the season without the reinforcements needed. They say we’ve been in talks all week, but whenever we hear that, then ourselves or the other club makes a statement that says it’s all lies. Getting fed up with it, like really fed up.

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    1. SoOpa AeoN


      If u are fed up, then budd is fed up….Ny gunner is and definitely Krish has Lost hope too

      C’mon….there’s something wrong with the management of this club….u can’t keep defending the man all the time

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      1. NY_Gunner

        The only thing I’m fed up with, is your female canine like moaning.

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  10. Skandalouz

    One of the best poachers around. If the Lacazette deal doesn’t go through I’d love to have this guy as an alternative. Seems to be in the right spot all the times and is very good with the ball on his feet in the box.

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  11. SoOpa AeoN

    Hahahaha @ NYG…..u really are a funny guy u knw….. Funny that u are more worried bout my moaning than our transfer policy and gangnam style management!

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  12. Ronny331

    I’d welcome him I think a 6 yard nimble poacher would thrive in front of ozil and sanchez. Ps I DO NOT WANT TO BUY A NEW FORD! Admin what’s going on? Very annoying pop up.

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    1. Admin

      I will find out where it comes from and get it stopped it is NOT authorised.

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  13. Wilshegz

    why not sign Akinfenwa then? all we need is a striker that can score when the chances are presented an addition of pace ll be appreciated. Chicharito gives both consistently

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