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Caen boss not happy that Niang is coming to Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has returned to his home country again in the search for promising young footballers. The 17-year old hotshot Caen striker M’Baye Niang is coming to the Emirates for a trial. His coach at the French club is urging Niang not to go as it is too soon in his fledgling career, but the youngster is eyeing a dream move.

“He has talent, yes. Does he have the potential to make a career? Yes, but is he doing the right thing for this at the moment? No.”

After four years in the youth team at Caen, Niang signed a professional contract last year. He has also enjoyed a great international career so far, After starring at under 16 and under 17 levels he was called up to under 21 level and scored on his debut. He has chosen his adopted country of France over Senegal, where his parents are from.

Despite the warnings from Caen, Niang will know that Arsenal and Wenger have got great reputations for developing young players. If he does have the “huge potential” that he is supposed to have, we may have found a diamond and a star of the future.

Caen’s coach has said: “We’ve never seen a player like him at the club before.””

Arsenal have stolen a march on Tottenham, Manchester City and Juventus who were all thought to be tracking the youngster.

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65 thoughts on “Caen boss not happy that Niang is coming to Arsenal

  1. Ben

    Good, bring him in for f*ck all. I’m sure the board would love to sell him in a few years for 25m after one good season.

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  2. vjraghav

    wenger will make a better player out of him ….

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  3. Mitchgoon

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  4. Nr

    We could loan him back to help him grow? And if he doesnt play he could grow at our reserves and send him there on loan. Wenger always buys good youth.i dnt here people complaining bowt ox and ryo and joel campbell nw? As for rvp, i hv a mixed opinion of him. I think giroud,podolski,ox,walcott and gerv r mre than capable of scoring! If we do sell chamakh and park who is our 3rd striker? I say keep vela.

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  5. true gunner

    When arsenal bought ryo i was soo exited about the litle japanese star but now i know that when he becomes world class he’s just gonna be sold for a profit.

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  6. afc10

    he’s not happy try being an arsenal fan,love the club hate the fu**ing board STNDARD!!!!!

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  7. jojo

    Next seasons formation. 4231, podolski/gervinho play on the left forward, walcott/ox play on the right. giroud plays up front as he is a target for the wingers who can easily feed him and Jovetic/lewandowski to play just behind him. The midfield could consist of song/m’vila and jack/arteta or even a deadly combo of song and m’vila. Just a thought.

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  8. true gunner

    y’all needa stop hating on Van Persie. He’s almost 29 and he’s waaaay too good to not be winning trophies and with the current arsenal board and their intentions he doesnt feel arsenal are moving in the right direction. who could blame him for leaving? wish you all the best robin.

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  9. LordZeus11

    It’s a no brainer, sign him for nothing, and in a few years he could be a future superstar. If he doesn’t turn out as good as we expected still sell him for £2-5m. Don’t know why people give out when we sign these players and now they are the same people who cry when Ox doesn’t play.

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  10. zainkiani

    Spanish youngster are much better than french…!

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  11. Shane

    Great, sell him after he has one good season in 8 years when we still have not won a trophy because Hill-wood and Kroenke will still be at the club

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  12. Emery

    But is Benzema better than Negredo?

    Was Zidane better than Xavi?

    Nationality doesnt mean anything, players like Ronaldo and Messi have immense talent yet come from a weaker country still you would have taken them over spain youngsters like Torres?

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  13. Douglas

    i would sign him anyway before he even has a trial.

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  14. Douglas

    lets hope his trial is more succesful than brek shea’s and saad al-mukhaine’s trials

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  15. Douglas

    if he’s been tippe das the next theirry henry then he must be good

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  16. Samy

    Im a gunner bt Honestly, i av always wishd 4 rvp to join a bigger and beta club and win trophies just like henry,clichy,nasri,hleb and flamini did.hes too gud to go trophyless for 6yrz and arsenal is content witg just top four ambition.

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  17. bongo

    I wonder if he made an “update for the fans” statement on his personal website before he decided to come to Arsenal for a trial.
    “All I’ve ever wanted was to bring glory back to the club that I love, Caen. With this in mind I have decided to go for a trial at Arsenal as Caen don’t match my ambition because they obviously don’t want trophies like I do or they’d spend seven hundred billion euros on me.”

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  18. Douglas

    Heard arsenal are traking egyptian 21 year old left back Milo. not sure if it’s good or bad

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  19. Gunner Jack

    arsenal have benik afobe, we don t need this player, but…

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  20. Arsenal007

    Matias Suarez/ Llorente/ Jovetic
    Lucas Biglia/ M’Villa

    Get three of these players…and we’ll win the EPL and CL

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  21. gunner forever

    how can you blame rvp for leaving? With our Board I can never blame anyone who leaves.

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  22. Mayonda

    We need established we dnt want another nasri 4 the last 7 yrs we ve been signing future stars without results to show 4 it wenger needs 2 change his policy

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  23. richie


    Withh all due respect pls dont comment rubbish like that again, its unrealistic based on the year in year out transfer policy Arsenal Football Club have!

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  24. The Dom

    Hahahahaha way to go Wenger!Another 17-year -old who needs 3years to reach his full potental so that his sold for millions to the likes of City and Barca….Wengers targets are becoming more hilarious each season.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

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  25. Emmanuel idankpo

    Mennnnnnnnn wen will wenger policy start tọ win trophies?.i hope it nxt summer let him jst sign gúd players dat will b faithful dat if d boards changes

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  26. mtawarira

    any manager with ambition who is losing a special talent will be negative about it. I dont expect him to jump for joy. All the more reason to think he may actually be something special. Im all for it barring the negativity surrounding our young signings

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  27. RVPsleffoot

    We should buy this kid. He has serious talent and will be a world beater. All you doom merchants, this is Arsenal we support. When have we ever spent big? We have been consistent in finishing in the top 4 and are not far away from the breakthrough. So what if RvP is leaving. Great player but I doubt is he can replicate what he has done over the past 18 months. We are a team. Stick together. Our best signing ever was Wenger. Have trust in his talents. We will never compete with Chelski and Man City for money. But we have a better manager and play a better style of football which will prevail within 2 years. Niang will be a star for us. Much like Anelka but with a better attitude. Humble and willing to learn. Great kid and future for us.

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  28. Daymee

    It Wenger’s the wheeler dealer!
    Doing his thing. Money spinning wheel. Buys them like little cubs and sell them off when they are ready to hunt for themselves. Are Arsenal a selling club???


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  29. john 3:16

    I think if we are able to sell Fabianski, Mannone, Djourou, Squllaci, Arshavin, Van Persie, Chamakh, Park, Bendtner and Vela, we can get around £50 million in total. Then we should buy a goalkeeper £2-5m, centre-back £10m, defensive midfielder £15m and a striker £20m

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  30. CylamGooner

    Breaking News for All Gunners :Ganso’s representative Sonda: “This is definitive, Ganso won’t play for Santos anymore! Ganso won’t play for Santos again. He’s signed for Arsenal. £17million fee agreed and he’ll fly to London for a medical in the next 48 hours.

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  31. George

    @Cylam:: Show me a source, I will not belive anything until I have ATLEAST read the source

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  32. stephen187

    dont mind buying this kid, might even be the next henry but if he comes tie him down to an 8 year contract lol

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  33. Zak

    The Ganso rumour is on twitter from @AFC_Times. I can’t see this happening though. It would surely be the type of ambition RVP wants to see though, bringing in one of the biggest up and coming Brazilians, but then again Wenger did say that if he had the money he would put it on Neymar but he may have the money to put on Ganso.

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  34. George

    I am 40 % beleiveing Ganso thing 60% not :/ I really dont know

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  35. kidi Emmanuel

    Arsenal policy is more of selling stars than buying. The club has turned to a poultry farm where fat chickens are sold during festive period. Arsene Wenger shine your eyes, the Board released the cash so that our team will compete at all front. We have forgotten how to celebrate trouphy please remind us. I love Arsenal with passion. (Nigeria)

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  36. Julius

    Where do we get this news from, until there are clear & reliable source. For the case of niang he’s great but we are building him for other clubs with our dem it Fu***king kronor and the board. I hate u leave our lovely club. U ‘ve destroyed our club. Please leave we don’t need ure money. Fu*******ckh 10 times

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  37. mo

    Arsenal is like a factory farm. Buy raw product, input things like coaching. Then when the product matures sell it to the highest bidder for the product’s contract.

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  38. dan

    Dont believe that ganso rubbish as if wenger would pay 17 mill for a player just another stupid rumour and that is what it will stay!

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  39. Jerrycool

    Stop peddling silly rumours… there is absolutely no chance of such a deal happening.

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  40. john 3:16






    Rest of squad:

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  41. Lawrence gf

    Most living organisms or even corporate structures improve and evolve bh learning from past mistakes.

    At Arsenal they throw two fingers up to experiential knowledge and repeat the same mistakes year after year after year whilst peddling high octane halluciogenic dreams as ambition.

    Where are they now…

    Jerome Aliadiere
    Jay Emanuel Thomas
    Carlos vela
    Quincy owusu abeyie
    Rui Fonte
    Nacer Barazite..

    One minute we’re told to expect big things from them, the next thing…. we’ve loaned them into oblivion or sold them on.

    What nonsense.

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  42. Gunnersince15

    There are a lot of hidden comments on this subject. It’s clear that lots of Arsenal fans do not believe that young players are bought in for our playing future but are bought to develop and sell on at a great profit, keeping the club in profit year in and year out. I want to believe that we are going to start winning things very soon and should we win something substantial next season, we’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. BUT should we go another season being good losers, there will start to be an under current of unrest, that could explode in the faces of the board. I hope this doesn’t happen and that I am just too much of a worrier. Can’t wait for next season, there’s always next season for the Arsenal fan.

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  43. AmericanGooner

    Aww, Caen boss not happy? Well I’m not happy that RvP wants to leave. Or that Cesc ran back to those b*****s at Barca. And I’m not happy that I have to deal with a crappy President in Obama. So tough.

    This kid is a really bright young talent. I have been waiting for us to go for him.

    Young(17) + Ligue 2(Wenger’s Favorite) + French + talent = Arsenal Player/Target

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  44. Ash

    Unconfirmed reports that M,vila to sign in next 48hours…not ganso

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  45. AmericanGooner



    Ganso rumor fake. Started by guy with two tweets, five followers working for bible selling company.

    Saw on Twitter reports of 20 mil bid for Jovetic. Possible not sure though.

    Still want M’Vila.

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  46. Ash

    Yeah il be honest and say ive seen alot of it on twitter but alot of journalists and organisations..i tend to get bored and dig quite deep on these things and i ignore most but ive seen and heard alot of things that make sense..i think the ganso thing and the other rennes midfielder have all been crossed and misinterpreted and its a smokescreen for mvila..just my opinion so dont be too hard on me! Lol Im not one for silly rumours..also sounds like the meeting on friday could grt sure they will announce a signing before to calm the storm

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  47. Emery


    To be fair im not going to criticise with your possible rumors because your not claiming to have sources and do a lot of what I do by searching through countless articles etc so I understand were the whole Ganso thing came from and how M’Vila still looks likely.

    However for me nothing new will happen in the next 48 hours but I believe by this time next week we could easily be close to signing someone new, the board were meant to have a meeting today to discuss potential replacements for RVP so I reckon there will be advancements on that soon, lets just hope we can get our transfers sorted out soon so they can gel in pre-season

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  48. swing

    The question fans of arsenal don’t ever seem to ask is what do other clubs besides the top 4 think of City, Chelsea, PSG, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Anzhi etc. Across the whole of football Fifa has been under significant pressure by the lesser clubs to stop this insanity of insane wages persisting as it is having a detrimental effect on solvency right down to the lower leagues. Owners have been complaining even in spain, doesn’t anyone remember that there was a strike over unpaid wages this year. Rangers going into administration, Leeds, Portsmouth etc. FFP will be here and I guarantee you it will bite as all clubs with the exception of the city’s, the real’s, the chelsea’s have been pressuring fifa to act against this ridiculous spending and as seen in the Juventus relegation debacle I am sure it won’t be toothless. Once fifa goes on out on a limb and states it will do something it usually does, and if it doesn’t lesser clubs will take fifa to court. I see the end of the road for mercenaries

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  49. Amol

    niang is immensely talented….
    he’s got enough pace for a teenage striker…

    he can head very well….he’s strong…

    can b developed very well.

    arsenal don’t Av a proven striker coming through the arsenal youth ranks.

    niang would b a typical wenger signing.
    niang would b the typical gem wenger is looking for.

    cean boss is sweating coz
    his commodity …is gonna b sold Wht he’s been expecting…

    2-3 yrs at cean would mean his price to rise exponiantialy.

    n arsenal is not like chelsea or Madrid
    were he’s gonna b with youth setup for 4-5yrs

    wenger is known to develope youth….n
    trust them

    we saw ignasi n others promoted to first team
    when wenger was outta players.

    under wenger niang is future star of arsenal

    rvp’s contract refusal

    podolski is not young….to play for 7-8 years

    podolski is 3-4 years away when players seem to b on decline.

    niang would b a great future addition
    with giroud
    he can b put into the first team to play for some 20 league games for two seasons b4
    he’s ready for more
    b4 Tht he’s too rise through the youth ranks
    which he’s easily gonna do…Thn a loan move


    he can b played in arsenal first team.

    another wonder kid is isco….

    wenger should lure him too…

    he won’t take Tht much time
    is not gonna cost as much as much as gotze or hazard.

    10-15 millions would b enough

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  50. Patrickfoo08

    Do fans remember trophy yes do fan remember how well the club is manage no frankly the wages problem at arsenal is cause there is too many rubbish players like arshavin chamkh so why not sell them n free up few k for rvp wage

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  51. DanielC1989

    I’m not happy RVP wants to go and I’m sure no one else is. Caen’s manager should stop moaning and let the boy further his career.

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  52. Greg

    Sounds like the young stiker has talent, sounds like another manager will loose that talent, though… I hardly believe that he will be joining this season but a deal for next season is a possibility. I watched the guy a couple of times, he is good but a bit too personnal

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  53. arsl*gems

    samy…there is always a big chance big club like arsenal to win trophies,only time will tell,don ever talk rubb-sh like i really hope rvp go to other big club to win trophies,even liverpool win trophies,so plzz don give negative answer because other fan will see what we are posting n sure to laugh at us so plz be positive,arsenal will always be big club n will break that curse to win trophies…

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  54. Samuel A.Turay

    Kids are always fantastic when they are groomed,I hope he will sign a ten year contract so that by the time he is 27 he w2ill look like a big player.Carry on A.W sign him

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  55. USAgoonerintheUAE

    Just want to point out that France is not his adoptive country, he was born there so it’s his country, his parents are from Senegal so it’s their adoptive country. He may have had the option of playing for Senegal but he’s French, not an adoptee, period.

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