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Calm Down!! At least Arsenal WILL qualify in Champions League

I think that Arsenal fans have perhaps been a little bit spoiled by the fact that Arsene Wenger has always managed to get the Gunners into and then out of the group stages of the Uefa Champions League. I was just as frustrated as anyone when we threw away a three goal lead against Anderlecht on Tuesday, but at least we are still in a great position to qualify.

And that is not all that easy you know, just ask our Premier League rivals Man City and Liverpool. Both clubs have spent way more than Arsenal on players in the last 10 years and even though Wenger has been able to splash out on big name players like Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez in the last two seasons, he has also had to cope without some key players like Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott, Ozil and many more.

So maybe we should appreciate the experience and ability that the manager and the players have showed to keep getting into at least the first knockout rounds of Europe’s elite club competition for the last 15 years or so. And we probably would have won it if not for that early Jens Lehmann red card in the 2006 final.

You ask City and Liverpool fans if they would be happy to finish second in their groups. And even Chelsea who have a doddle of a group, only have one more point than Arsenal at this point. So come on Gooners, look on the bright side!!

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34 thoughts on “Calm Down!! At least Arsenal WILL qualify in Champions League

  1. Gooneristic Truth

    …giving Wenger another reason not to toughen up our defense!

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    1. IceBergKamp10

      Even if we topped the group. We could have still drawn someone like Roma,Juve,PSG,etc & still could have gone out. Even if we somehow got in quarters we’ll still get knocked-out by a tactically adept team.
      I don’t see us winning UCLor even challenging for UCL under Wenger.Period.

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      1. Mistamonn

        Everyone knows we won’t win the ECL. We just want to at least reach the semis so that we’ll feel good knowing there’s some improvement.

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      2. Gigi2

        valid point, these days with those PSGs type e arre not sure of any 2nd place to be less tough, athough for once i would have kiked to finish ahead of Dortmund….

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  2. atid

    Well in my opinion we are well in need of world class re-inforcements. Most importantly in the management and coaching set up. Worryingly on the pitch, mertesacker is looking like he did when partnered by vermaelen. He appears to only play well alongside koscielny, flamini has like arteta lost a yard of pace, in fact I think he has lost 2. I have concerns about the age of our squad, we have quite a few players in the last throws of their arsenal career, arteta, cazorla, rosicky and flamini, we also have in our first team squad quite a few players under 21 bellerin akpom chambers hayden zelalem, chamberlain, sanogo. Then we have those who appear to be struggling with fitness and form mertesacker koscielny monreal coquelin diaby Ozil Giroud campbell Walcott wilshire ramsey debuchy and podolski

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  3. Ks-Gunner

    He has spoiled us with a competition he was never able to win. Specialist in Failuare. Watch us draw Bayern or Real M. and then giving us a spanking which even our grandchildren will even remember. Do you guys think that we are somehow better then Roma?

    A loser compares himself with losers. The writer of this topic is a loser so he compares Arsenal with City and Liverpool. Liverpoor have won this competition more then Arsenal can dream of. And City is a Plastic team who is not interested to win, the players have won enough for the Arabs to match the money they earn at City.

    There is no experience whatsoever. I am not being negative in any kind of way, but currently we are the weakest top side team playing in the Cl. If it wasnt for Sanchez and the refs desicion not to reward Besiktas a penalty bec of Wilshers faul, we would not be even playing till now.

    Excuses dont help, he has been found out already as an incompetend manager. In Wenger we rust.

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    1. Twig

      Draw Bayern Munich – Okay, no problem.
      Draw Real Madrid – Not okay, big problem!

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    2. Truth Hurts

      Man I seriously caught goosebumps reading your comment
      @k’s gunner you speak some harsh truth that even as a gunner I would never admit

      Kudos to you

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  4. kia_SA

    Because we should settle for 4th, right?
    You don’t win Silver, you lose Gold…

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  5. Ks-Gunner

    A question to you people. How many of you guys think that we could win the Cl with a player like Ronaldo or Messi in the team? Be honest.

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    1. SoOpa AeoN

      @ ks gunner …… Ronaldo would be playing Left-back(LB) in an Arsenal team

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    2. IceBergKamp10

      Di Matteo can win UCL with a pretty average Chelsea.
      Wenger can’t even with Messi/Ronaldo in team.

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      1. Gigi2

        Di Matteo is/ was Mourinhoesque, Machiavelo in all the sense.
        Wenger is definitely not.
        i would love for him to win UCL and retire, he has the squad, but he wants to do it HIS way, instead of the machiavelo way.

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  6. jamesthegoon

    So what, we will get knocked out because we failed to top out group.
    Same story as every year, knocked out after groups and fourth place.

    Me Wenger change the record please yours has played far too long.

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  7. Ronny331

    So all that matters is us qualifying yes? No. Our team and manager does not have the ability to learn from mistakes, concentration and composure during matches doesn’t exist. Unless this changes what is the point of progressing in the cl, are we going to win it? NO! Unless we stand a chance of doing well all we risk is more injuries, more confidence bashing defeats and tiredness that will jeaporadise our pl campaign. Get it right and learn or dont bother at all I say!

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  8. REiGN

    IMHO I don’t think we’d still be group winners if we had beaten aderlecht. We just need 1 point from our next two games. Which I think is a huge possibility.

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    1. IceBergKamp10

      Why ? If we had beaten everyone & beat Dortmund at home by 2 or more goals we would have topped the table. Why settle for anything less ?
      Don’t you want our club to challenge rather than just make up numbers ?

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      1. RSH

        well you answered your own question. We have to beat Dortmund and thats not going to happen.

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  9. kamn288

    i feel that arsene is not responding to threats, he has simply played the easy blame game and is now enjoying quite evenings without a single disappointment. What we have is a manager who has the liberty of a life-time to evade and pursue his own mistakes. As he has said it before he is an attacking manager and will find a workable solution like monreal who had 2 clean sheets and now went for the third got hit in the face, The club have protected him and here we are asked to cut him some slack.well guess what he gets opportunities to redeem himself more than any other in his line of work

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  10. Matt

    All that will happen again is we will come second in the group to a team who are no way better than us (Dortmund) and get drawn against Bayern again and loose no doubt.

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  11. IceBergKamp10

    Lets assume Wenger had left after 2011 season & club had already sold Na$ri & Cesc.
    A new manager was given time to rebuild. If it weren’t Wenger but someone else will he still be having the job ?(No, gurantees but lets assume he manages to clinch 4th every time.Sold RVP to Utd.Bought Ozil & Sanchez.)
    Thumbs up : Yes.
    Thumbs down : No.

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  12. Dennis

    We need fans to stop enabling the coons at this club. We need the fans to unite and demand better from the people who run this club. I’m telling you, boycott one home game against a big team and see how fast things change. We need to start a social media revolution to end this current regime at Arsenal FC.

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  13. Truth Hurts

    This s##t right here
    This type of fan alone makes wenger feels invincible

    8-2 6-3 6-0 5-1
    We have been made a laughing stock throughout Europe but these AKB don’t care

    Every year we embarrass ourselves in Europe by not winning our group even if the opposition is not supertough
    And then get beaten by a big team

    I am fed up of this s##t

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  14. ger burke

    BOB, at last i have seen through your rubbish writing . you are only looking for reaction !!, surely somebody could not write so many words about nothing as you do several times each and everyday on here without having an alterior motive .wont be reading any more of your senior infants nonsense , you are a disgrace .

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  15. fred cowardly

    I have to admit. Wenger getting us into Champions league every single year for almost 2 decades is impressive. I mean even Sir Alex couldn’t accomplish that.

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    1. Gigi2

      not even Barza, once , around 2003 they were no even in Europe.
      althoug….yeah, not being in Europe and then lifting 3 times ucl….yeah ok

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  16. Bobshinery1

    Off Topic:
    I like Wilshere but not really Wilshere fan, but i have to say this…
    Some people have criticise Wilshere whenever we play good, saying we played well because he wasnt playing.
    Have you ever think of it that we played better against Galatasary(The worst team in our group?), against Aston Villa(who has lose 6 games in a roll?) against Burnley(who has neva win a game this season and might get relegated by xmas?).
    What will you have say had Wilshere feature in our 3:3 match and played like Ramsey or Flamini etc?
    Just asking…

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    1. Gigi2

      or…”here I go again” by Whitesnake?
      Hre we go again on our own, going down the only road we ve ever known, like drifters we were born to walk alone….but we know what it means, to walk alone the lonely Street of dreams”

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