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Campbell and Podolski in BIG battle for Arsenal start

We do not know for sure yet, but there is a good chance that Arsenal may have to do without one of the German World Cup winners Mesut Ozil for the Premier League clash with Man City on Saturday, as he missed both of the recent internationals with an ankle problem.

If so, the obvious replacement is Santi Cazorla, who has been playing on the left. So with Danny Welbeck likely to start in the middle and Alexis Sanchez on the right, there are two stand out contenders for that left forward role. And both Lukas Podolski and Joel Campbell are really pushing for that starting place, for slightly differing reasons.

Joel Campbell is trying to establish himself in the Gunners team this season, after the 22-year old impressed with Costa Rica in Brazil and during his recent loan spells away from Arsenal, as he explains in an Evening Standard report.

Campbell said, “I am my biggest competitor — I have to train hard and get better day after day. Being here is a great opportunity for me.

“I feel that I can contribute with speed, goals and dribbling skills. I am capable of playing either on the right or left flanks or in the middle.

““It’s down to the manager to decide which of those three positions I am needed most in. I just have to do my best anywhere I play.”

Realistically, on Saturday at least, he is up against Podolski for that left forward role, but the German is also really keen to have a good season for Arsenal as he is desperate to continue his international career with Germany, as a Sky Sports report explains. The 29-year old striker is targeting another trophy at Euro 2016 but he knows that he needs to be performing at club level in order to stay in Joachim Low’s team.

Podolski said, “I’m still as hungry as ever. My next big goal is the European Championship.

“I still enjoy playing for Germany and it’s a pleasure to be part of it all.

“I don’t need to be afraid of anybody in the national team. And I’m not here just because I’m the joker Podolski who raises everybody’s spirits.

“I’m here because I deserve to be here. I’m part of this team and I will get my games.”

So which of the Gunners will Arsene Wenger go for on Saturday? As Harry Hill would say, there’s only one way to find out…..Fight!

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29 thoughts on “Campbell and Podolski in BIG battle for Arsenal start

    1. ArnSam

      i would put in Campbell first stretch them for like 60mnts then bring on LP9 to finish them off and then do the reverse for the dortmund game. There players will be given game time and rotated as well. And for that ramsey position i would go 4d ox because he’s very good while making those runs from the middle n’ pair him with chambers who’s so good defensively…

  1. Dee@ease

    Campbell needs games he has pace and that’s key in winning more games,the slow passing game is not working at all we require speed!

    1. robertosante

      Poodlksi over Campbell 100% he was the leader of assists of the premier league before injury playing on that left side, the only bad thing about Arsenal are the fans that tempt to forget easily, however Im glad this is not Football Manager or Fifa and Podolski is over Campbell for sure

      1. SaveArsenal

        Here’s a crazy thought, start one of them with the intention of subbing the other on before 80 minutes if it isn’t working out.
        Podolski will show quickly if he is gonna be dangerous or anonymous and if he is the latter, replace him with Campbell.
        I think we are all just praying that Wenger doesn’t stick Ozil or Danny out there!

      2. Gorgo Italiano

        Nope. Podolski is a passenger. His quote of “I’m not just here because I’m a joker and raise spirits” was very telling indeed. He knows that’s why he’s there. He’s a good laugh and his smiling pics on twitter and instagram make everyone feel warm and fluffy.

        I could also do that job for 100k a week.

  2. supertuur

    I would rather see Sanchez on the left and Oxlade Chamberlain on the right. However maybe with the injury of Aaron Ramsey, the Ox should start as the B2B player.

    I prefer Podolski over Campbell.

  3. nzGooner

    Can’t wait for Walcott to come back. He might get criticised for his footballing brain but hes a big game player, hes actually scored more goals against the top 6 than anyone else in the squad

  4. samgunner

    I prefer Campbell he has pace and trickery to trouble man city on like poldoski who goes missing in games. we have to beat man city now & prove a statement, ox could start thou

  5. No10

    I think Campbell is better suited to the wing and brings pace and tricks which defenders hate. Podolski has great qualities but so far he has struggled with our system.

  6. jermaineBryan

    As we are playing a top team I think someone with great work ethic is needed. Eg Rosicky or chamberlain
    We beat city playing a 4-1-4-1 in the curtain raiser so we are likely to play that way again
    This line up looks at the posibility of not having Ramsey
    Sanchez….Cazorla ……………..wilshire….ozil
    Bench;podolski,Campbell,Ramsey or sanogoo ,Rosicky,flamini,chambers,ospina

    1. No10

      Arteta and Mertesacker against City will be risky, they move the ball very fast. I would also avoid putting Ozil on the left.

      With a pacey left winger and Sanchez on the right their fullbacks won’t have as much freedom to come up.

  7. samgunner

    I prefer Campbell since he has pace and trickery to trouble man city, unlike poldoski who goes missing in games also ox could also start to prime man city’s fullbacks in zabelata and clichy

  8. keller

    Campbell for me, just in case rosicky is not fit, cos Campbell doesn’t really the experience of playing in the league yet why start him in a very tense game. I’d play

    AR MF
    AS TR SC

  9. cannon

    OT: Maybe it’s been discussed before but can anyone explan to me why Wenger hasn’t commented on Welbeck yet? I’m starting to wonder if he really wanted to sign him, or did Gazidis go behind his back. Am I just being paranoid?

      1. ethangooner

        I read that Wenger had talk about Welback in an interview with Arseblog.
        On deadline day Wenger told a French paper that he expected to close one deal before the market close.
        During the international break he went to Rome for charity match and then to a manager conference, where he got in Luis Enrique and Guardiola picture.
        Welbeck is his signing 100%, a typical Wenger signing

  10. Cashleycol

    Don’t b surprised if Sanogo starts… Wenger never ceases to amaze n do things his way…..
    Sad tho it may seem, I just pray we play with caution n hit City where it hurts most…

  11. frank

    Campbell. Wenger bought pace in the summer, we might as well use it and with Campbell, Welbeck and Sanchez it will be one of the quickest front line in the world.

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