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Can Ancelotti persuade Arsenal’s Ozil and Alexis to STAY?

If the Arsenal transfer rumours are true and both of our big stars Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil are determined to leave the club when their current contracts run out at the end of this season, or even before if the club decides to cash in when the January transfer window comes around, then you have to ask yourself why.

With reports claiming that the Arsenal board are ready and willing to give the pair a massive hike in wages, it does not appear to be a financial decision, so the generally held theory is that they want trophy success and they do not see remaining at Arsenal as being the way to get it.

If that is true then it must reflect on our manager Arsene Wenger. After all, many of us fans do not think the Frenchman will lead us to the Premier League title any time soon and his timid transfer action this summer only made it more unlikely.

So would a change at the top make a difference to the thinking of Ozil and Alexis I wonder? With some sources reporting that Carlo Ancelotti could be in line to take over at Arsenal after being let go by the German champions Bayern Munich, it would be interesting to see whether he could persuade the two Arsenal stars to stay. What do you think Gooners?


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21 thoughts on “Can Ancelotti persuade Arsenal’s Ozil and Alexis to STAY?

  1. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    Nobody wants Ozil to stay so that is irrelevant.

    What will convince Sanchez is not Ancelloti but rather Arsene winning the league and the Europa Cup along with our customary FA Cup trophy. Arsene can lead us to many trophies this year and that is ultimately what will sway Sanchez

    1. Quantic Dream

      I don’t think Wenger can win the league ever again… the team he has set up is built to finish 4th nothing more.. even Europa will be a struggle given that teams like Sevilla, Athletic Bilbao prioritise it over their league while we field a weakened line up.

      1. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

        How so? World class GK, two world class CBs, two world class wingbacks, Wilshere now looking world class and a world class striker in Lacazette.

        Plus not to mention Nelson looking ready right now meaning Sanchez soon will not even be needed.

        The team is in excellent shape! Fourth is for Spuds. We are going to the top

      2. Tas

        Quantified Dream
        your so right about aiming for fourth even Bayern Munich only aiming to win the Bundersliga and see CL just not wort aiming for because it will cost them a fortune

    2. gotanidea

      Ancelotti, Guardiola, Loew or other top manager would not be able to convince Sanchez and Ozil to stay, as long as Arsenal’s ambition is still low. I think both players have seen enough of Arsenal’s greed and lack of ambition, despite having the richest resources in the world.

      I also don’t like Ancelotti’s football style, it is too similar to Mourinho’s, Simeone’s and Ranieri’s. In my opinion, they have ruined football with their physical styles, set-pieces and penalty goals.

      They encourage other rich teams to use the same method. To dominate the Premier League, they just need to buy tall, strong and fast players like Pogba, Matic, Lukaku, Martial, Rashford, Fellaini and Bailly.

      I appreciate the way Manchester City and Barcelona play more. They still try to give their fans entertaining football shows, full of high level skills, not just focused on the scorelines.

  2. Gunner

    Ozil and Alexis do need fresh challenges. If i was the manager i would say thank you for your services and let them go for some big money in order to build new team around iwobi. Youngsters are the future of this amazing club not the stars who does blackmail to get better wages from some other big clubs in europe. Trophies are just a name sake not the real motive.

  3. Tony

    alexis is determined to leave.ozil may stay though. and we need someone like ancelotti. he isnt as good as mourinho or pep or simeone but i will rather have him over wenger

  4. Roy

    The Arsenal will be around when the Sanchez and Ozil are in their rocking chairs .If and when they go,so be it.
    PS The same applies to Wenger.

  5. AndersS

    I also believe money is only one part of the story. The best players are primarily driven by ambition, and very few believe Arsenal is the place to fulfill those ambitions. Who can blame them? We have at best been standing still for a number of years, and nothing new seems to done in order to change the situation. Neither the players nor the manager ever seem to be held accountable for their performances.

  6. Clive

    Who says Wenger is leaving?
    Ancelotti can’t wait till Wenger leaves,bcos he is not leaving soon.
    and Arsenal will never win the Epl until he leaves. So folks embrace urselves for another 2 to 5yrs of failure.

  7. Qdice

    I think this is not about convincing Ozil and Sanchez not to leave afterall they are not d only player in d team. would realy love it if Ancelloti takes over from Wenger and let Ozil and Sanchez go is dey wanna dey aint bigger dan d team… players come nd goes but Arsenal We remain, sometimes it is not by holding down just let go and c Who stays by keep holding down too much they becomes a liability We need players With Monreal’s kinda mentality not those Who think Arsenal cant survive without dem. Ancelloti taking charge is d beginning of a new era not d beginning of a new contract talk fr Ozil nd Sanchez, We all knw Wenger cant win d league fr Arsenak again but I pray He win the Europa nd d Fa He is still My Special one

  8. ThirdManJW

    Ancelotti will have at least a four year wait then. Wenger said last season he could see himself managing for at least another four years, and that his preference is to stay at Arsenal. Wenger’s longevity at our club has a lot more to do with his accounting abilities, than any sporting success, or potential success, so I cannot see him going anywhere with Kroenke in charge. Given the fact Wenger is now unsackable, even after losing the dressing room, and the majority of the fan base, it seems likely he WILL manage Arsenal for another four years, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he carried on beyond that!

  9. Antony Douglas

    Arsenal should put them up for sale. It will improve the team. Ozil and Sanchez were first team players when Arsenal came fifth in the league. If they don’t sign the contract don’t play them. Arsenal need committed players who will pull their socks and play for nothing.

  10. The barrelling

    Ozil should go, maybe to Galatasary because there were no bid for him. First time Arsenal finished fifth was when Ozil and Sanchez were regulars in the starting line up. They should blame themselves for not finishing in top 4. Their main issue is money. I don’t know if any team is willing to pay Ozil 300k/week.
    Ancellotti’s teams are playing boring football. He is fired where ever he goes. How can he get fired in Madrid and Munich when those teams have a very big budget? You expect him to do well at Arsenal, the team with limited budget. Wenger might to be good as people say, but he has resilient mentality

  11. The barrelling

    If we win Europa and FA cups the complexion of the scenario will be changed, trust me. But I still wish Ozil to move on, followed by Giroud, Ramsey, and Debuchy

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

      Can anyone see Ancellotti coming to manage Arsenal with the same budget constraints that Kroenke sets for Wenger?

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