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Can Arsenal beat Man United to Celtic star Wanyama?

Celtic are understandably keen to hold on to their Kenyan midfield star Victor Wanyama, but they face a tough task fighting off interest from Arsenal and Manchester United. The 21-year old, whose best position is as a central defensive midfielder, was catapulted on to the world stage with two outstanding performances against Barcelona in the Champions league.

Celtic were unlucky to come away from the Nou Camp with nothing after Barcelona came from behind and scored a winner with almost the last kick of the game. Wanyama was even better at Celtic Park, effectively stopping Barcelona’s one touch midfielders and scoring the opening goal. That is why Neil Lennon has suggested that his value has increased from the million they paid for him last summer to around £20 million now.

Wanyama is under contract with the Scottish champions until 2015, but has recently declined a new contract and is expected to move on at some point. His strength, versatility and calmness on the ball make him ideal for Premier league football, and it is just a matter of time before he moves South, according to former Celtic player Craig Burley.

How soon that could happen may depend on the next two European games for Celtic. If they can beat the odds and progress to the next round, then Lennon will dig his heels in and should be able to keep him until the summer. If everything goes against them and they go out of Europe altogether, they could sell him in January.

Wenger has been looking for a quality player in that position for a while, and Wanyama could tick all the boxes, but Arsenal may have to battle Manchester United for his signature. We know that Arsenal have enough money, but would they be willing to get into a bidding war?

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28 thoughts on “Can Arsenal beat Man United to Celtic star Wanyama?


    If we sign Wanyama our defence will finally work, because we need that type of player

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  2. Gunner

    Yh go get him. Walcotts injured hopefully its not too serious but he’s out of tmrw game. Gervinho back and GIBBS is back. Santos out. Good n bad news. COYG

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  3. Yoda

    Arsenal track players and then wait for the whole world to realise there potential before bidding for them when they are so much more expensive
    We find the potential and then some one else buys it

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  4. skwam

    Whats the point of letting Song go on your books only to want to try and wrestle Man U etc for a player who I doubt is as good as Song??? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN….moving on

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  5. leo

    i don’t know but still there is plenty of options benat of real betis would a good siging or kevin strootman,fellaini
    theo walcott injured likely to miss out on montepiller game henrny back in training ahead of possible loan move
    wenger says we started this season with this squad & willend with same so much for january signings

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  6. bandbaja

    give Celtic Bednar squid djourou and 10 mill and they would take it. Arsenal must buy quality so we can compete with the likes of CHELSKI man shitty and man ure.

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  7. the gun show

    Looks a good prospect but needs more time to show that he can keep up the performances. The problem is, of course, that if we don’t move now we may miss out. Unfortunately I can see him being another player who would use us as a stepping stone to one of the clubs above us

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  8. Jego

    Frankly, I think Etienne Capoue is another good option. He’s 24, so already in a peak form. Versatile – mainly CDM, but also can play CB, therefore can solve 2 of our big problems. Would probably cost £10 millions, and that is the kind of a price tag our stingy would be happy with. The biggest advantage is that he is very strong physically and very tall. Just what we need. What do you guys think?

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  9. imran


    Y R U SO STUPID???




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  10. Gunnerineverylife

    @Imran Dense midfield????LMFAO!!!name one proper defensive midfielder with physical presence in Arsenal.

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  11. Gunnerineverylife

    Especially dedicated to leo:

    Edinson Cavani says he is not interested in a move to Arsenal and remains happy with Napoli.

    The striker is one of the most wanted in world football at present following his blistering goalscoring record in Serie A.

    He has scored 80 goals for Napoli since moving from Palermo in 2010 and Manchester City are also very keen on him.

    Arsenal are newcomers to the chase to land the Uruguayan, with reports suggesting Arsene Wenger is finally ready to spend some big money at the Emirates.

    Cavani, though, remains happy in Italy and does not want to move in January.

    “My future is the present,” he told Il Mattino. “I’m happy at Napoli, my teammates are fantastic, the fans are very passionate and my family is settled here – it’s all fantastic.

    “I’m happy I came here.”

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  12. Sank

    Here are the options for cdm
    lars bender
    lukas bigalia

    i think wanyama or fellani would be best.

    wenger should have a discussion with diaby and medical team and take a final decision. if diaby would come back it would be best option.

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  13. Super kurt

    Wanyama would be perfect for us he’s a specimen of a laddy just what we need

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  14. DrPepper

    Why does everyone complain about deadwood, then want Arsenal to sign a player that is no better than Frimpong – half the people here saying sign Wanyama were also commenting that Frimpong has a future.

    Is Wanyama really any better than Frimpong? What would happen to Coquelin, if we signed him?

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  15. gunner

    it is just my thoughts but i do really have Mulumbu over m’villa and wantama. i saw the last 5 games of westbrom and i can see Alex song skills in him, which is driving the ball forward, works hard, win balls and gives good passes. his tackle is amazing and he throw his self if there is someone attempt to shoot on goal, just like scout parker.

    you can give me thumb up or down but what i wrote is true if you don’t believe me go and watch westbrom matchs and you will see him shining. he is also premier league exprienced but guys i saw wanyaama play vs barca and he was not the type of player we need, m’villa is a spoild boy and he likes patrying, drinking in weekends so i don’t see wenger buying him, coz he can spoil many youngsters

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  16. leo

    @gunnerineverylife yeah i read that so is his agent lying maybe he doesn’t want to pi$$ his fans off secondly napoli are in debt they said the same about lavezzzi the player said the same 4 months later he went to psg even at milan ibra & thiago said the same the financial situtaion is difficult in serie A but the big question is if napoli puts him 4 sale will arsenal make a move despite this talks going on & mostly after wenger’s press conference 2day we may not even sign anyone barring from henry on loan

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  17. Viktor Diehard Gooner

    I’m tired of reading stupid boring transfer news concerning Aresnal football. No one knows how painful is seeing arsenal loosing consecutively it is better they talk and write how they have lost or how they shared the point.

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  18. giroud fan

    gunner@ agreed with u..i saw yusof mulumbu is suitable for arsenal..even.his much better than tiote..good to cover game very well n good passes n interveption…go n get him from me u will forget bout d song

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  19. ned

    I said he should get him 6 months ago and i was laughed at, I said he was a must after his peformances against Barca. This guy could be a serious turning point for arsenal. The guy has buckets of heart which no one can deny we need

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  20. ThosiGooner

    The answer to the question above is NO! Arsenal can’t beat Man U to his signature. We hesitate way too much!

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  21. Invincibles nice (1)

    Honestly i couldnt see the lad opting for ourselves over manu right now as they are garanteed title contenders whereas we are looked upon as title pretenders however this could quickly change as its not like we ever need major tinkering and could always improve or suprise, my hope is that if Wenger truly wants the lad well then my hope would be that come jan manu dont feel the need to purchase so will wait til the summer with ourselves then having a free run at the lads signature, we would need the Celts to get eliminated from Europe or at least the CL for this to occur

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  22. Invincibles nice (1)

    Watching Celtic right now, Wanyama looks a very solid/usefull player, reminds me of Gilberto the invincibles work horse except pacier

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  23. Bouba

    No we cannot because we don’t spend serious money unless forced…
    Why are we even talking about all those supposed transfers… it will never happen, NEVER.

    The fact that he brought Carzola, Podolski, and Giroud is already a MIRACLE.

    I can easily see Wenger promoting, Eistfeld, Gnarby and one more to the first team in January or next season.

    Frimpong needed to be loaned because he is not good enough, yet ( may be he should spend less time on twitter and on the Dench bullishyt ).
    I am afraid that Frimpong might face the same faith as Lansbury.

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  24. lmyyyks

    I wonder if Arsenal is really going make a bid. Not only for him, but any DM candidates, Fellaini, Capoue, etc.

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