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Can Arsenal outdo Man City against Middlesborough in FA cup?

Arsenal have not long ago found out which club will be the latest obstacle on the road to defending our FA cup trophy and it is the Championship side Middlesborough. The Teeside team are likely to provide a tough test for the Gunners, and they will be full of self-belief after knocking out the Premier League champions at the weekend.

It is quite intriguing really because both Arsenal and ‘Boro have won away at the Etihad stium in the last two games there and we both won by the same score. In a way that takes a bit of the edge off our own joy at finally beating one of the big EPL clubs away from home, but it should also give Arsene Wenger and the players the same sort of incentive that Saturday’s cup upsets did.

There is no way that we will be taking this game lightly. The Gunners do have a valuable advantage in the tie being held at the Emirates stadium but that did not help Man City so we will have to perform at our best. The Middlesborough manager Aitor Karanka has really got his players working as a unit and they are based on an extremely solid defence.

Only one defeat since the end of October tells the story, as does one goal conceded in their last seven games. Man City failed to score against them, but will Arsenal do better against ‘Boro?

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30 thoughts on “Can Arsenal outdo Man City against Middlesborough in FA cup?

    1. macgooner

      We have too much goin forward not to score against them its keepong them out at the other end thats the problem

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      1. almostawinner

        the difference between us facing boro and manc facing boro: we’ve been warned & so wont be complacent as manc was. i do hope tho we dont let 2 in like we did vs brighton & to do that we have to start coq.

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    1. muffdiver

      …said man city- on the plan to abu dhabi last week – for mid season friendly- morons

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      1. NY_Gunner

        City’s owner wanted to show off his shiny toy to his buddies back at home…LOL

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      2. jonestown1

        “Morons” doesn’t begin to explain it. Wonder if they’ll be off to Lanzarote for a tan top-up this week? If they plan it right they could come in at Heathrow on Saturday afternoon and get the tube to the Bridge.

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  1. No10

    If we can’t beat a Championship team we may as well go down a couple of divisions. Take them seriously, lay for the badge and all will be fine.

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    1. No10

      Play for the badge…not lay…that’d be Giroud’s past time.

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    1. Mick The Gooner

      We look so much better when we play at home not just in the way we play either, that away kit the club are insistent on using even when we don’t need it is so ugly..

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  2. Enigmaticben

    We can beat whoever we play on our day all we need do against Boro is avoid complacency…We are gradually getting our Arsenal back

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    1. almostawinner

      walcott & coq def starters. the main challenge to wenger will be how he keeps caz/ozil both happy. if he can do that we’ll do well in the rest of the season.

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  3. True.Gooner

    Thank God boro defeated man sh*ty.
    We would have meet them and that won’t allow us to rest some players.

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    1. Gunner

      We have a great chance of retaining the FA cup, can we afford to rest players against this team that beat Man C away?

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  4. Mick The Gooner

    Of all the teams left in the cup, Arsenal and United are the best. Avoiding complacency is one thing, but unless we go out to United, we have no excuse for not winning the cup again. I’d hope we’d beat United, but it’s not a game either side ‘should’ win, more a 50/50. Let’s not allow complacency to be an excuse for going out. There is no excuse for going out against a smaller side. We should win this cup.

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  5. Ronny331

    Not playing down middlesborughs threat but city players had jet lag. Bring our a game and we’ll be okay. Off topic: bit nervous about other teams sniffing around Akpom, after loaning out 3 players we need him to stay. Hope wenger starts giving him more game time.

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    1. Robin Vanpayslip

      No they had Wack lag. It’s what happens when your manager looks like a ghost.

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  6. Twig

    It seems Cazorla is going to win the PFA award for the second month in a row.

    Raheem Sterling
    Harry Kane
    Jose Fonte
    Dwight Gayle
    >> Santi Cazorla

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  7. Arsenal Fan

    Whilst I felt Bradford actually played well against Chelsea… City were unlucky as they played well. Boro should be a game we should win.

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  8. fred cowardly

    We need to not be complacent and lazy during the match. We need to control from the beginning and be sharp defensively

    Look at Brighton match. We did well in 1st half
    In second half our defense was poor. Also after Brighton scored 2nd goal, we missed 3 great chances to score.

    We Must play better

    I believe Paulista will help greatly.

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  9. @sama

    We were lucky to have Brighton in the fourth round, we got lucky again with Middleborough in the fifth round,our players coming back from injury and clicking well,Chelsea and Mancity being knocked out. Hmm,I could perceive God’s favour in all of these can we do a back to back with the FA Cup please? COYG!

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      1. almostawinner

        and why are we back? taking D more seriously & coq hitting form. caz hitting form. coq hitting form. roz hitting form. many back from injuries: koz,ozil,walcott,ramsey. if AW can rotate properly, we can keep all the in-form players happy. i am worried about how to keep caz/ozil both at CAM. maybe AW sits down with them and gives caz the PL CAM (but ozil has to be on the wing?) and gives ozil the FA/CL CAM spot (and caz has to be on the wing?)

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