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Can Arsenal really catch Man City to win the Premier League title?

There are many people who think that Manchester City have already won the Premier League title after going on an incredible winning run to send them 8 points clear of their nearest rivals Man United. The race for the other Top Four spots in now getting closer with just 4 points separating Man United, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, Arsenal and Burnley, but after Arsenal’s tight game at the Etihad and the demolition of Tottenham the Gunners look well placed to go on another winning run to try and close the gap with Pep Guardiola’s side.

Man City are a ridiculous 1/10 on to stay top all season, but even if you have a resource to bet on football at those odds, it is a hell of a gamble right now. We are only 12 games into the season and we have all seen high-flying clubs drop points rapidly in the past after growing big leads, and if Arsenal carry on winning then we can only sit and watch what happens with City. One person that believes we can catch them is our very own Granit Xhaka, who said: “I think in football everything is possible,”

“Manchester City, at the moment, are on a very good run, they’re doing very well and others have dropped points – which they haven’t done – but it’s conceivable that they could drop points as well.”

“They might not continue as they have been,”

“But our aim is just to focus on ourselves. We know we need to work and we’re convinced that we can compete at the top.

“Everything’s possible, I’m a person who thinks realistically but has dreams and fantasies as well. In football, everything is always possible.”

He is right of course, the season is far from over. Weren’t Chelsea 8 points behind Man City early last season? They just went on a winning run of their own and we all know what happened there….

Get on Arsenal for the title at about 66/1 while you can!

Sam P

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14 thoughts on “Can Arsenal really catch Man City to win the Premier League title?

  1. Drew Loves Arsenal

    Hahahahahahahaha we are NOT winning the league, as much as i would like us to, its not gonna happen peeps!
    But i am really happy about that win and we CAN catch United.

  2. Sukhjot Gunner

    No way!! I feel it hard to see even man utd catching city unless they can get the better of Pep’s men in both the derbies against them.But I still believe we can make the top 4 if we keep performing like we did against spuds.This season too I don’t see us becoming champions of england.Maybe the next one could be ours…..

  3. Sunny

    This team is a top 4 team.. . I am pissed of seeing People thinking of title after One good performance..Can we win at Burnley and agaist Man U at Home?
    we can talk afer that

  4. Sue

    2 tough games coming up. Maureen is a bogey manager, we don’t usually do very well against him! If we get a result in both of those games then I will take back anything negative I’ve ever said about the team & will be floating on cloud 9!!

    1. Nothing changed

      I understand the sentiment but realistically it will take more than 2 good results to allow us to conclude that we are “back”. Our problem is not being able to get a few good results, our problem is not being able to show up for every game with the same intensity and focus we show occasionally in games like this past weekend against Spurs.

      I am convinced that if we were disciplined enough and had enough character and willpower to show up every game like we did against Spurs or some of the recent Chelsea games most notably the FA cup final, that we would be a genuine top team. Our problem is we are mentally weak and have trouble stinging more than 3 great performances together. If you want to win the PL you have to you have to show up mist every game during the season, not a few or even half of the games.

  5. ThirdManJW

    I keep saying it, and I’ll say again…in 2016 Wenger couldn’t even get close to winning the title, let alone actually winning it, despite ALL of our rivals finishing below us. It will go down as Wenger’s worst ever league campaign when looked at in context (yes, even worse than last season), and it was the ultimate piece of evidence for exposing Le Fraud for the failure he has become.

    Arsenal are NEVER winning the league again with Wenger in charge! I still think we’ll even struggle to make the top four. Start living in reality!

    1. jon fox

      Totally agree and I must point out that , since realism is what our club has been without for the last decade, by some fans, the manager, board and “couldn’t care less as long as I get richer” by the sick joke owner, I have always lived firmly in REALITY LAND and unlike those I list above, refuse to harm the club I love by pretending our weaknesses do not exist. It may seem blindingly obvious – but clearly is not so , to those who prefer self delusion – but in order to have ANY HOPE OF CURING A PROBLEM, YOU FIRST HAVE TO RECOGNISE AND ADMIT TO YOURSELF THAT YOU HAVE ONE. Rather like an alcoholic who refuses to go to AA for help.

  6. Nothing changed

    It makes me laugh that still to this day there are those who start talking about a PL title after one good result. Nothing has changed at Arsenal and a top 3 or 4 is the best we can hope for and still a long shot.

    If we somehow secure CL football for next season I will consider this season a success considering who manages the team.

  7. jon fox

    Sam P puts our title chances at 66/1. I put them at 66/0, being a realist, unlike Sam. I will also offer 100/0, 5000/0 and 1 million/0. They all give US exactly the same REALISTIC chance. NONE! I will now be counting the many dislikes from the many fantasists on here.

  8. jon fox

    I totally agree with Sam P that 1/10 for City to be top all season is ridiculous odds, but for the opposite reason to him. A licence to print money by making a guaranteed ten percent if you bet at that figure. 1/10 is far too short. 1/250 is about right. I would offer 1/5 that City win the league by at least ten points. They have gone eight clear in only twelve games. They need only two more than United in 26 games to make that ten clear. I CALL THAT A CERT. I fully expect a margin of almost twenty and expect, rather than believe, City will exceed 100 points this season. I see no one else getting above 83 and us not above 73. As a betting man, I never ever let my heart fool my head and pocket. Unless you are totally dispassionate about odds making, don’t risk betting. The bookies love mugs who bet blindly on their own team out of misplaced loyalty.

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