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Can Arsenal REALLY reject Chelsea’s £35m transfer bid for the Ox?

When Arsenal fans were forced to accept after last season’s disappointing Premier League campaign, which saw us miss out on the Champions League for the first time in many years, that the long serving manager Arsene Wenger would not be replaced as many of us hoped, it was with the proviso that things would change.

So it has been good to see the Frenchman so far be resolute in his determination not to sell players to rival Premier League clubs, especially our star striker Alexis Sanchez who has been linked with both Chelsea and Man City. Even though the Chilean will most likely leave us for nothing next summer most Arsenal fans are glad that Wenger will keep him at the club this season as he could be a key part of our challenge for the EPL title.

I do not think we can say the same thing of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, though, despite the boss saying a lot of good things about the dynamic England international and despite the fact that he seems to have found a new lease of life as a wing back in Wenger’s new three at the back formation.

So with the Daily Star reporting that Chelsea have raised their transfer bid for the Oz from £25 million to £35 million and considering that he also has just a year of his current contract left, can Arsenal really afford to dig our heels in on this one?

We do, after all, have Hector Bellerin on the right and the new signing Sead Kolasinac on the left, so is it time for Arsenal to sell Chamberlain, even if it is to a Premier League rival?


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27 thoughts on “Can Arsenal REALLY reject Chelsea’s £35m transfer bid for the Ox?

    1. ZA_Gunner

      I wonder if you’ve been really watching our football closely because from the last two seasons the Ox has been improving and looked a real threat in attack. Wilshere is not the one you should be comparing to because the Ox is just so much better and dangerous in attack. If Ox was as bad as Wilshere as you’ve stated then why would Wenger loan out Wilshere and keep Ox in the first team? The problem with fans is they easily let their emotions do the talking. I believe if the manager can see that he needs to liberate the Ox to play with more freedom in attack instead of defence, then we will see the best of Ox and I believe he can bring more to the team. He is wasted in defence and he’s hardly any good at it. Plus why would you want to sell him and strengthen our rivals? I promise you, you will swallow your words if you see him playing against us. Selling the Ox is the least of our concerns as we need strength in depth and the homegrown quota is as important to consider.

  1. Capt Zim

    Another over hyped player being paid too much.

    He does not assist, he does not score, his final pass is poor, all he does is run.

    If Chelsea get more out of him then good for him.

  2. ThirdManJW

    I’m genuinely torn over what to do with the Ox though. On one hand, I say keep him as long as he signs. He was our second best player last season, maybe he’s finally living up to that potential, and we’ve definitely found his best position at WB.

    On the other hand, there’s no getting away from the fact that SO MANY of our players only ever seem to have just one good season, especially the British core. Will the Ox have another good season? The other problem we have is that the Ox wants to play centrally, which is a position he’s very inexperienced in, and I don’t think he’s even good enough to play that role. He was shocking in central midfield recently playing for England against France, and for the club, and the fans, we haven’t got time to wait for players to adapt to a new position anymore. We should be using/buying players to play in their natural positions. Instead of buying a new striker, I remember Wenger trying out Walcott a couple of years ago, and look how well that turned out! Arteta as a DM, Chambers at RB, and so on. No more experimenting, at the cost of results!

    It would be a fantastic offer for a player who’s only had one good season out of six, and fairly injury prone. I’ve always wanted rid of the Ox, but his performances last season, coupled with another quality performance in the Community Shield, has made me change my mind. Keep him as long as he signs, and is happy playing out wide, otherwise sell.

  3. Mr pat

    Not all eleven players can be super stars selling the ox is a bad mistake for 35 million quid more like50 million, he brings a different dimension to the team and he is in good form at the moment that’s why Chelsea want him if the report is accurate so why sell him it makes no sense

  4. gotanidea

    Maybe Arsenal will take this offer, since Chamberlain’s contract is expiring and I heard that he doesn’t want to extend. But actually Arsenal should try their best to hold him, because he is their first choice RWB, talented, young, homegrown and English.

    If he does leave, Arsenal should buy another RWB immediately, because I don’t think Bellerin, Nelson and Niles could improve quickly. Porto’s Ricardo Pereira would be a great option, after playing so well for Nice.

  5. abiola gunner

    ox only want assurance over playing time.. he wants to stay in arsenal.. his wages isn’t much of a big issue.. if he’s that bad as to want to shipp him out Chelsea and the likes won’t be hovering over him

  6. Joey Mack

    35 million is actually a bargain for Chelsea, even with only one year left of his contract. The market has gone mad this year – just look at how much City payed for Walker. I think if they really are that interested in Ox, and are looking at their home grown numbers, 40 million is feasible. Also, I think it may be time to sell a player who has been hugely inconsistent – both brilliant and catastrophic – and plagued with injury problems. Throughout he has been rewarded with loyalty yet now refuses to give the same in return. Sell the Ox but make sure the money is reinvested in this window… And not on the last day!

    1. Vishaad

      Agreed , Wenger has stuck by many players who have been pathetic for many seasons . Many of these players like Ox , Ramsey , Walcott etc have a few weeks of playing exceptionally well before they are sidelined with an injury for most the season , when they return it takes them 3 seasons to get back in form . Arsenal exhausted plenty of faith and loyalty in these players who would have been sold years ago by other clubs . It’s time that faith was repaid , sign the contract and put in the hard graft on the pitch to thank the manager who has shielded your mediocrity for so many years .

  7. Coldzero

    He looked like he was already a Chelsea player in the charity shield and their 12th player- sell him and put it towards the Lemar deal or Mahrez.

  8. Al the Gooner

    Again, I would say all this talk of should we or shouldn’t we sell, concerning ANY of our contract rebels is a mute point. The 1 question no one seems to be asking is, how much money are Arsenal FC prepared to allow to walk out the door next summer? How many of us seriously believe Arsenal FC will do as Wenger has been suggesting and allow Alexis, Ozil and Ox see out their contracts. That’s upwards of 120m, quite possibly as much as 150m outright loss. And we still have Wilshire, Jenks and Gibbs, who have to be worth a combined 30m if you include their wages. I can believe we might be prepared to lose 50m on one player, Alexis, but +150m? As I see it Ox is gone if he won’t sign what I see as a fair deal for someone that had a good last 9 games of the season. I firmly believe we will see either Ozil or Alexis leave too, probably Alexis given the apparent lack of interest in Ozil.

  9. Vlad

    He’s been with us since 2011. 6+ years with the club, and only a couple of decent months/games to show for it. In 129 appearances in EPL he scored 9 goals. He’s a bum. Another overhyped, overpriced, injury prone English “talent”. I’d gladly sell him for 25mil, never mind 35.

    1. Shortboygooner

      Wrote a comparison to mane and Barkley showing their assist and goal rates yesterday. Turns out ox is as rubbish as we all think and has less goals and assists the both those mid level players. I would be happy if we got rid of ox and used the money for Ross Barkley to play in the middle with Xaka. Ox has had enough time and loyalty put into him. He should be kissing arsenal for making him a known star and giving him chances when in truth he is probably only fit to start for Newcastle or another low level prem league team

      1. Tidan2

        Ox is at worst as good as Barkley and has waaaaaay more potential to go from being decent to a top player.

  10. JJPawn

    So, having blamed Wenger for selling to rivals, some people want the Ox sold? I must say that the fandom can be erratic, if not down right hypocritical. Sorry to be harsh, I am tired of the Wenger out bleats as if any other manager with the same amount of money could do better. (Do take a look at the top teams and their financial resources, with PSG now back by a vulnerable but rich Qatar. Take money away from Pep, and he is without pep, etc.)

    The Ox is just coming into his own having been nurtured by Wenger. He has become mature and a bit more self-interested. Not bad. If could get a bit meaner, that would be excellent. If he has the gall to bargain with a free transfer threat, good for him, finally the boy has become a man, and he just needs a bit of meanness.

    Is is he worth 120K/wk (the reported demand I read somewhere today)? That is the bigger question, if we keep him.

    I think so. We need a decent enough British set, and the Ox can get better. But, the Ox’s game has serious upside if he improves his mental strength.

    35K is nothing in today’s market. Or, if players get sold for these amounts, who can blame them from running out their contracts and getting a slice of the transfer money for themselves? So, he is asking for 120K/wk (roughly 7M/yr I think.) Over 5 years that is 35M for a player who can improve, but at the present level will be a good enough squad player until they bring in the next Kolasniac. Or, just maybe, the Ox will learn to use his weight and girth like Kolasniac, and be a bit meaner, like Kolasniac, and just maybe be the “boy” will go to the weight room like Kolasniac.

  11. Ivan

    I have no problem if we sell the Ox so long we get the right money. In todays inflated market if Kyle Walker is worth £50mil then he should go for a similar amount.
    The reason why I am not bothered if we let him go is he is so inconsistant. Last season when we went through our usual bad patch he was not only poor but very lazy. Even the TV pundits picked up on him not making much of an effort to track back when the other team attacked us. Yes I know he was good for the last few games but for most of his games he is poor.
    No like a few others in the squad if he goes he will not be missed on the pitch. Personally I think that as back up to Hector we should use Reiss Nelson who has looked better in pre-seaon than the Ox.

  12. Waal2waal

    im not so sure there’s gonna be much more swapin and changing players btwn afc and cfc. not a good idea to sell off the assets to rivals, such things have a habit of coming back to haunt you (thinkin rvp).

    given wengers more impressed by ox performances than many of the fans are we can put the idea of ox making that cross over safely to rest. he’s a gerrard fan so his epl preference beyond us is documented.

  13. GB

    Don’t accept the offer, he is the best wing back we have. Should be played on the right, instead of Bellerin, but can also perform on the left if necessary.

  14. Tidan2

    I hope not. The guy has been improving every season and is on the brink of going from a decent player to a top player. He was immense in multiple matches as WB. The second it clicks for him in his end product, he will be hard to contain.

  15. Janssen

    Ox is our best right wingback. Selling him would be a massive mistake at any price IMO. Wing backs are crucial when you play 3 at the back and Bellerin is weak in the role.

      1. Nothing changed

        Mahrez doesn’t impress me as do reliable wingback particularly defensively. He seems a like a bit of an Ozil at times in terms of effort defensively and in terms of consistency of performances.

  16. moxla

    I love what I saw in Nelson style during preseason. Though I like ox, but with Nelson, I wouldn’t mind him leavening

  17. Mr pat

    The ox ? is good in his own way,listen people as wenger said the other day it works both ways players who refuse to sign a new contract will be made to work harder for their team to attract good offers that way it benefits arsenal without having to give in to his demand besides look at other players especially Walcott who played wenger for a fool, after signing his 100 k a week his form dipped and not putting in the effort knowing he’s got that contract for at least 3yes, you’ll have to hand it to wenger he learns quick so the bottom line is the ox have been playing well of late in order to justify these new demand well ox buddy boy I think arsene seen the light on this one

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