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Can Arsenal sign Turan AND keep both Alexis and Ozil?

Arsenal have been linked with a deal to sign Arda Turan for a few seasons now, and this summer looks our best chance of landing him.

The midfielder played bit-part role at the Nou Camp last season, and has failed to earn a regular starting spot since joining from Atletico Madrid.

The 30 year-old is now expected to be sold in order to raise funds for an overhaul of the Barcelona squad, and a move to North-London is believed to be in the process.

The question however stems on where he would fit into the first-team should he move to Arsenal, with our new formation only accommodating three attacking players, two of which are currently occupied by Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez.

The futures of the duo are up in the air at present, with only one year remaining on their contracts, but their remains hope that both will extend their stays with the club, and contracts are believed to be on the table for the pair.

Arda Turan would not be suited to playing in the striker role (at least in my opinion), and for him to join you would expect him to play regularly, but who would lose their place?

Alexis looks most likely to depart the club in the current window, but is currently preoccupied with his international exploits, as he looks to try and win the Confederations Cup with Chile.

The Turan deal could well stem on the back of any potential departures of the duo, unless Arsene Wenger would be willing to play one of the three in a deeper or striker’s role, and while Sanchez has excelled in the role previously, he has expressed his wish to play in his preferred role behind the striker.

Could Wenger accommodate all three in the squad?

Pat J

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20 thoughts on “Can Arsenal sign Turan AND keep both Alexis and Ozil?

  1. Ronny

    Firstly do we want or need turan?
    Secondly I was readying myself for the 2 superstars to leave but not so sure now.
    What’s this about then being photographed in next year’s kit. I suppose they have to do this even if they then leave.

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    1. ThirdManJW

      Being photographed in the new kit doesn’t make any difference, as they’ll be contractually obliged to take part in these type of things, unless they’re really unprofessional, and don’t even turn up. I think RVP may have been seen in the new kit before leaving.

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      1. sanmi.marvellous

        Angel Di Maria wore new kits, did many advertorials home and abroad with United kits in pre-season only for him to leave as the season was unveiled.

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    2. Stephen Hamblen.

      Although it’s not a 100% rule that players who are are leaving don’t appear in new kit ads, clubs generally don’t use players that are leaving in promoting their new strip for next season. That’s often a good sign about a player but don’t rely on it 100%. Hopefully, they’ll see sense and stay.

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  2. Invisible Turan

    Please not Turan.
    Average player well past his sell-by date, will offer nothing to our midfield. Complete and utter waste of money. i would rather give the £26m to Sanchez as a re-signing bonus payment for him to stay than to blow it on the inept Turan who is now just a slower version of Elneny.

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  3. Matt

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  4. kev

    Spending money to sign Arda Turan will be a waste of money.To me he’s world class but he’s not what we need at the moment.The most important thing we need in our squad is a new striker and Turan ain’t that.It’s just gonna be a waste of resources.I really hope Arsene Wenger spends the money he has on a better striker than Lacazette.He might be good but for that amount I think we should be able to get better.

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  5. Arsenal_Girl

    Turan is a player whose main position is left wing but he can play on the Right and CAM

    Alexis can play up front and left wing so I don’t see the problem

    But do we really want Turan?
    He is 30 years old
    Is he worth £25 million

    He isn’t the player I was hoping would come to be honest

    We need a younger player with more quality

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  6. ZEN2OH

    Turan ????????????????, WE DON’T NEED HIM. Sign Thomas Lemmar and Aubameyang, Sanchez ,Aubameyang , Lemar

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    1. Oko

      Even the optimistic Arsenal fans know that a lineup like will always be a wish 4 a long time

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  7. ZEN2OH

    If truly Wenger want to get Top stars, he should storm Dortmund for both Dembele and Aubameyang, £75-85mil for Dembele, £60-65 mill for Aubamenyang, and keeping both ozil , Giroud and Sanchez, our attack is sorted out for the next 3 seasons. i Will play Ox/Ramsey in Carzola’s position till he gets back to fitness,

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    1. Lugdush

      Good enought…to fight with the likes of everton, if lukake leaves, and leicester city

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  8. Deji obe

    Don’t need him,instead bring in a young winger Lemar,Onyekuru,Arsensio e.t.c and please Wenger bring back Jon-Total to the midfield now#COYG

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  9. Gift

    Do we really know what we want? How can many say we don’t need turan? Isn’t it Chelsea that has Williams on bench, m city leave quality players as squad player, are we different. That’s what wins epl for team. I say we need turan!!!

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  10. Sean Williams

    Turan is 30. He is winding down. He was a good player but no better than many others. There are younger better players around. Can’t understand why some supporters ate taking the newspaper bait.

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  11. Janssen

    I don’t like it too much when we sign players that are over their best years and at 30 this is the case for Turan. There used to be a time when we acted like a big club and not even Bergkamp could get more than a 1-year contract simply because he had turned 30.

    We know Wenger loves playing players out of position and once we succeeded to convert Henry from a wide position to a WC central striker he started trying to convert almost any player he came across. Ramsey to a wide player, Santi to a DM etc. So it could be that he thinks Turan could play in the Santi role bringing out the ball from our own third. I am not saying this is a good or a bad plan but clearly, we missed Santi in his deep-lying role last season and clearly we can not count on him this coming season being available all the time.

    We tried many partnerships for our 2 DMs but none really blew us away. Some of that was that 3 of these partnerships included Xhaka (with Elneny, Coq, and Ramsey) who had a difficult time adjusting to the PL and only started showing glimpses of consistency late in the season. At the moment arguably Xhaka-Ramsey was the best partnership for our 2 DMs but it was by no means a super partnership and Ramsey likes to be further up the pitch and doesn’t have Santi’s skill or football brain.

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