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Can Arsenal win their third FA Cup in four years?

Arsenal are still in with the possibility of winning three trophies this season, but after a disastrous Premier League game-week the FA Cup may be our best opportunity to lift one this term.

FA Cup Just Arsenal ewsArsenal’s two losses have made it an uphill struggle in the League from now on, especially with Liverpool and Tottenham also chasing the leaders Chelsea. Despite our ominous week we still look to have our strongest playing squad for almost a decade, and ending this season without a trophy would be craziness. The FA Cup may well come to our rescue once again.

We were eliminated in the quarter final stage of the competition last term by Watford, when the Hornets pulled off their best performance of the entire season to beat us by two goals to one.

We will now kickstart our latest FA Cup campaign with a trip to Deepdale to take on Preston North End. The Lilywhites, also known as the Invincibles, returned to the Championship this season after gaining promotion through the League One play-offs, and will be happy with their current mid-table position.

Preston sit six points off of Leeds in play-off places, and will be more than happy with their campaign thus far, although it wouldn’t be unknown for a team to rest a number of players in the cup in order to concentrate on their league game.

We should have no trouble in reaching the next round regardless of how seriously our opponents take it, and have shown in recent seasons that we have the squad and the intention to do really well in the competition as a whole.

Being fourth favourite at 8/1 in the 888Sport FA Cup betting to lift the trophy, and given our recent record of just one defeat in three years in the competition we are definitely well worth a shot at those odds..

We are of course still in the Champions League, having reached the knockout stages of the competition for the 13th consecutive term, and despite coming up against the same team who knocked us out of three previous European campaigns, we have reason to be more confident next time around.

Bayern Munich have not looked the unbeatable force they tend to do in the Bundesliga, nor have they inflicted the same demoralising defeats on their league rivals this season, and are only just on top of their division. Last February we came up against a side who were flying high in Germany, leading the league by 10 points. This year they will have their work cut out to lift their domestic title, and we won’t be giving them an easy ride either.

Our side has shown this year that we can match any of the big guns, and even overcame our recent hoodoo with Chelsea by beating them 3-0 just before they went onto win 11 in a row.

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15 thoughts on “Can Arsenal win their third FA Cup in four years?

  1. Soweto_Gooner

    We can still win the league. We currently have 34 points, and we still have 63 more points to play for. If we win all those points, we finish on 97 points. I strongly think 85 points will be enough to win the league this season. 97 – 85 = 12, so we have about 12 points we can afford to waste.

    4 Feb, we play Chelsea,
    4 March – Liverpool,
    11 March – Leicester,
    1 April – Man City,
    29 April – Tottenham,
    6 May – Man United and
    last game of the season we host Everton.

    If we finish off the so called “small teams” and get at least 15 points from the above.

    1. Juhi McLovin

      While I admire your optimism, just face it man. Chelsea are currently on a 11-match win streak. Last time we had anything like that was when we were out of the title race and needed the wins to seal that precious top 4 spot.

      Meaning, we only play well when there’s zero pressure.

    2. ThirdManJW


      Arsenal to will dropping a lot more than 12 points from now to the end of the season. We’ve just dropped 6 points in the space of a week! Arsenal have no chance, for two main reasons:

      1) The opposition. We need Chelsea to have a blip, which they probably will do at some point, but we also need ALL the other big teams to not have a good run. But that happened last season, when all the big teams failed, and yet we were still no where near winning the title. Even when it’s handed to Wenger on plate, he still messes up!

      2) Ourselves. Even if Chelsea have a blip, and all the other big teams continue to be as inconsistent as they have been, can you really see Arsenal going on a run of consecutive victories, which is what we’ll have to do? Can Arsenal win six or seven, or even more in row? They cannot for me. One win in eight so far in the big games says it all.

      Last season there was no progression, only regression. That regression has continued into this season. Wenger has proven for a long time now, that he cannot cope with financial restrictions, and he cannot cope without financial restrictions.

  2. Jansen

    Mathematically we might still be in the race for the PL but in that case so are Everton and Southampton etc.

    Realistically once again we are out the PL race before year end.

    At the moment it is very hard to get excited about the prospect of winning the FA cup. It is not like winning the previous two times propelled us on to bigger and better trophies.

  3. Mark_K

    “Can Arsenal win their third FA Cup in four years?”

    Sadly, the answer is no.

    We’ll find a way to shoot ourselves in the foot… which ironically is just about the only injury that we haven’t suffered during Wenger’s time at the club.

  4. Tas

    within a week from challenging for the top spot we are now wondering if we are going to make 4th spot, i suppose that’s the beauty of EPL never give up hope,

    i was optimistic up until the way we played against Everton made me realize that we are not there yet, and now the hill just become a mountain to clime,

    looking at Sanchez face and body language his probably looking to abandon ship in the summer, yes our season just become bleak and possibly over, it seams we are making the same mistakes every season so that can only be our management is failing us, if we are to lose Sanchez unfortunately then its time to change our manager to

    i don’t see any silver this season but i can dream i suppose

    P.S, Pep in his pre game comet gave us a huge compliment by saying that Arsenal is probably the best and most deadliest team to counter attack “in the world”, make what you will of that but i say its not constant,

  5. AWWAL

    It has got to the level that the only trophy we can imagine is fa cup when some clubs will never take their eyes off champions league and their respective leagues, where is the improvement for 12years? It’s so sad.

  6. Arsenal_Girl

    Sadly it looks like Chelsea’s season.
    They do not like to lose or draw so they just win.

    I thought we had a good team to win because of our depth but I have question marks with Ramsey, Eleney, Gabriel, Jenkinson Also Wenger hardly uses Lucas. Wenger continues to make questionable subs

    But our main problem is our defence. We score enough goals but let in too many.

    I would like to see Wenger strengthen our defence in January but unlikely. Would be nice to see us get a back up RB and CD

    Another problem is lapses in concentration and hard work.

  7. sAMa

    Really? So now we have moved from challenging for the league to winning the FA Cup for the third time in 5 years? What do you call that, a change in goals? ? I can see reality has set in. Before playing Everton and Mancity I always had this confidence in our team but now I’m doubting that confidence, I also think we don’t have depth.

  8. Onochie

    Very funny Article,we haven’t even started the FA cup yet. I guess the fans needed some diversion. I will say that Sanchez has lost faith in this team,if he can speak fluent English,am sure he would have shouted at his team mates in the dressing room. The way we lost those two games,no fighting spirit,nothing. Enough said,I would continue to say what I have been telling some fans here in this site and out,Wenger should have quietly left the club after wining that last FA cup. We can all see that he doesn’t motivate the team,both in the dressing room and on the pitch,he doesn’t shout at his players,I wonder how they would improve,another thing,he doesn’t change tactics and pattern of play. Just forget the so-called “Arsenal Way” and try to win a match

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