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Can Coquelin solve Arsenal midfield problems?

Everyone connected with Arsenal should be crossing their fingers, toes and anything else that is cross-able this week and hoping that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain reacts well to the injection he has had to try to ease the groin problem that the Gunner picked up near the end of Saturday’s excellent win over Newcastle United.

The England international star had up to that point produced a very mature and dynamic performance alongside Mathieu Flamini at the heart of our midfield, which was a great relief after Aaron Ramsey had joined Mikel Arteta and Jack Wilshere on the injury list.

Chamberlain played more passes and had more touches than any other of our five midfielders and his passing accuracy was second only to Flamini’s. Wenger has previously stated that he thought this role would become Chambo’s usual position but he has not had too many games there so it was a very impressive performance.

The problem is, however, who to play instead of him against Liverpool. The midfield injury situation is the reason Wenger recalled Francis Coquelin from Charlton, so he will probably be the choice, but can he do the business for us?

Coquelin has often played at full back as well and is much more of a defensive player that Jack, Rambo or the Ox. Alongside Flamini, the Frenchman will certainly give the Arsenal defence good protection, although we will obviously lose a bit more thrust and creativity going forward. But in an away game against a big rival, that might not be such a bad thing.

With Welbeck, Cazorla, Alexis and Giroud in front of them, maybe the two central midfielders will not need to be too adventurous anyway. I know that he was only on the pitch for about six minutes, but he did seem comfortable out there and has played five games in the Championship in the last month or so. Do you think Coquelin can get the Gunners through?

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16 thoughts on “Can Coquelin solve Arsenal midfield problems?

        1. Ks-Gunner

          Wenger plays the same players over and over again, and they all sooner or later end up getting unjuries. To much favorisem going on which hurts all players, the ones who play do get injuries, the ones who dont play are being froozen out and do lose their form.

          1. jonestown1

            Mourinho plays pretty much the same team each time when he can ie: his best line-up. 7 or 8 of his team have played every game. Wenger has used 27 different players so far this season. Think you are misrepresenting the facts to suit.

            1. SaveArsenal

              Chelski players are stronger, that is the difference.
              Our players get muscled off balls way too often and the injuries show that they don’t have the strength to play a number of tough games.
              It has to be down to the preparation.
              One season would be a blip but the highest consistent injuries in the PL since 2002? Come on that needs to be dealt with.

  1. fred cowardly

    Coquelin is as good as Kondogbia, Gustavo, Carvalho, Bender, Schneiderlin

    He just needs some minutes to prove himself

  2. CraigZWE

    Play Santi with Flamini
    Sanchez in middle
    Welbeck right
    Poldolski left
    OG up front

    No problem then. We all want Poldolski to get game time. Now he can prove himself to Wenger.

    Would rather have the extra experience for this game

  3. CraigZWE

    Debucy Mert Chambers Gibbs
    Flamini Santi
    Welbeck Sanchez PoldolskI

    That’s who I would go for, bring Coq in if we need to protect lead. We need to start fast and hit them hard and take away any confidence they have

  4. fed-up gunner

    Let’s not take. Liverpool 4 granted; playing cazorla in an away match in he centre of the midfild; it cld stiffle his impact bcos that position requires a lot of enegy; I think coquelin can be good there; or thomas rosicky; bcos I believ we can really hurt liverpool with our attack but we need 2 protect our backlineand midfield bcos we r depleted; but mert-chambers-debuchy-gibbs(hope. No injuries 2 dem b4 sunday) can do d job; am just scared of Mertasacker

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