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Can Fabregas win back the respect of Arsenal fans? (Comment & Win a Season Review DVD)

The Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas has made it plain that he wants to return to his “home” of Barcelona this season, but Arsene Wenger refuses to listen to offers for a player that signed a bumper five year contract last year. Here are a few of Cesc’s comments this summer:

Cesc May 13th: “I want to make a decision about my future before the World Cup,” Fabregas said. “If I decide to leave Arsenal it will be to wear the shirt of Barcelona. I am very happy at Arsenal and I’m in no hurry to leave the club.”

Fabregas Snr May 25th: “I don’t know how it will end but I believe that the decision made by the player needs to be respected,” Fabregas Snr said. “Cesc has never let Arsène Wenger down in terms of the way he has worked for the team. We are also grateful to Arsenal for turning our boy into a man, but we just want it sorted out quickly. At the moment he has a contract with Arsenal. I get the feeling they don’t want to sell him but that they will give in eventually.”

Cesc July 16th: “I want to enjoy my holidays and I don’t want to talk about Barcelona at this moment. I make no apologies for the comments I have made in the past. I have expressed my interest in returning and I stand by that, as that is my personal wish.”

Added to that is the fact that every single Barcelona and Spain player has said that Fabregas only wants to play at the Camp Nou next season. Everything points to his desire to leave Arsenal, and even yesterday when he said how much he loved Wenger and Arsenal he also had to emphasise that he was a Barcelona fan through and through. He said: “I’m a Barca fan, I’m a socio (club member), as is my grandfather, my uncle, my cousin… I have felt the colours from a young age, I’m Catalan,”

“However, I’m the captain of Arsenal, I’m a Gunner, and I have become a player there and matured as a person.”

“Wenger is a second father for me, the most important person in my life after my father,” he added. “He has behaved really well with me and taken me in like a son. I am part of his family.”

As an example of his Spanish team-mates comments i only have to add Carlos Puyol’s words this morning: “He is having to stay at a club where he no longer wants to be for another year,” he said. “I wonder how intelligent it is keeping a player who doesn’t want to be there.”

It is like Fabregas is a puppet, but there are two sets of hands above him pulling the strings, but who can hang on the longest?

But to return to my original question: If Fabregas does stay (and it is still a big IF), can the Gunners fans forgive and forget and support him as lovingly as they did last season? I am really keen to find out whether Gooners are comfortable with the fact that Fabregas could just carry on as normal, or if he will get some abuse when he returns?

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66 thoughts on “Can Fabregas win back the respect of Arsenal fans? (Comment & Win a Season Review DVD)

  1. Leo

    I won’t go abuse on him like i did on Ade. But i have lost my respect for him.

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  2. Tsokan

    Fab is going no where.As Arsenal fans,we want d best 4 our club,so i wish everybody behaves themselves wen he comes back.No body should boo him,plsss…..

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  3. Tsokan

    All i want is trophies at d end of da season.As far as Fab gives 100%,i’ll b happy wit him,no matter what he says.
    we just hav to show to Bar*a & others dat we can keep any player,whenever we want.

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  4. GM.Dubz

    Personally, I am dissapointed that we have built a team around another captain only for them to want to leave. We have not really had a truly loyal captain since Big Tony. I do understand if he wants to leave, coz if it was me at barca and Arsenal wanted me, I know where I’d be playing next season. Im just fed up of seening us build half a team then rip the heart out of it, if fab goes this will defo put us back 2-3 years and to be honest, I think the days of Wenger pulling another unknown superstar out of the hat are over. To many good scouts and teams with more money will just out bid us anyway. It’s very frustraighting!!!!!

    All in all, I would never boo a player, I will always support the badge and anyone who wears it. I will never have a bad word to say about Cesc because I believe he is being quiet honest, if he goes I wish him luck but I defo do not want to see him go, he’s too important right now!

    BTW, “Just Arsenal rules” 😉

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  5. Tsokan

    I dont really think d team is built arround Cesc alone.Maybe RvP & Cesc.

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  6. eve

    i can honestly say i have never lost my love and respect for cesc, he is still here with us and he will play his heart out for arsenal and show us how much he loves us.

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  7. Hadley

    I read this on another site but deserves attention

    “I propose that Arsenal fans World wide post letters once a week for the next four weeks to UEFA & FIFA complaining about Barcelona FC’s ‘tapping up’ of Cesc Fabregas. Also post a letter just once to Arsenal FC requesting that they formally complain to UEFA & FIFA. I have drawn up 3 template letters that I will email to willing participants. All you need to do is type in your own Name & Address before printing off & posting. Momentum will be boosted by you forwarding the email to every one of your Arsenal FC fan family & friends, encouraging them to participate.
    The aim of repetitive letters is to create an Admin headache for UEFA & FIFA with thousands of letters received from all over the world & display the strength of feeling from Arsenal FC fans. The purpose of the single letter to Arsenal FC is again to display the strength of feeling from us fans.
    My email address for this campaign from where I will email you the letter templates is ……..

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  8. TJ

    Seriously, what has Fabregas done wrong? I love Arsenal. I am a fan through and through, with or without Fabregas. If he wants to return to Barcelona, who are we to say that he has done Arsenal wrong? Over the years, he has been spot on for this club. He has given his all for Arsenal. But we have to realize, and ultimately accept, that he is a Spaniard. He grew up in the shadow of Camp Nou and trained in its grounds before we snapped him up. He has been a great player for this club, and an excellent Captain so far. But he wants to go home. Everyone who left home will ultimately want to go back.

    Fabregas has never spoken ill of Arsenal, and obviously, he has nothing but praise and admiration for Arsene Wenger. He has called everyone at Arsenal his family. He has reiterated that he is our Captain and that he is a Gunner. And I have no doubt that he will continue playing his best even if he already has one foot in Spain.

    It is frustrating hearing most of the Barca players sounding off about Cesc belonging more with them than in England. And I know it deeply affects him. But this guy has a good head on his shoulders. He will choose what’s right for him, if he has a choice. If he doesn’t he will accept what ever the decision is with grace.

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  9. kidharpoon

    Its just business, and shouldn’t be sentimental. He’s an asset to the club as a player right now and as soon as he’s scored a couple of goals and set up Chamakh a few times everyone will feel better.

    He has to keep playing well if he wants to go to Barca next season anyway, and this time next year, with the title under our belts, I’m sure AW will have a decent plan to deal with him going.

    I’ve definitely lost respect for him though, and think someone else should wear the armband this season.

    Despite Cesc, Barcelona should be held accountable for the way they’ve been conducting themselves. I would say it’s definitely anti-football.

    *** J.U.S.T. A.R.S.E.N.A.L. R.U.L.E.S. ***

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  10. arpn

    its a perfect time 4 FABREGAS to come up n give a straight statement to the FANS…………

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  11. zeki

    I hope he goes, he has shown Arsenal no respet at all.

    He signed a contract 1 year ago, and even now he’s still saying ”I don’t know were his future lies”.

    Does that mean he done and Adeboyor on us last year? signing a new contract just for the extra money?

    It certainly seems that way!

    If he goes, Vermaelen can be made our new captian, a REAL aggresive leader.
    Whereas Fabregas always looks down in an arsenal shirt, he’s always running around with his head down.

    Please sell him Arsene, we don’t need people that don’t want to play for us at the club.

    Nasri can fulfill his positin anyday.

    But if you sell him, please bring in other quality player.

    Ozil all day over Fabregas! He has so much more flair, speed and ability than Fabregas.

    Come on Arsenal

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  12. BergkampsLoveChild

    Whilst Cesc has never waded into the saga, i have lost an awful lot of respect for him, because at no point has he come out and tried to defend arsenal, he has never told barca and its players to stop disrespecting us and slagging us off. He has just sat back and watched it all happening. IMO, he is as bad as Barce-loan-a.

    With regards to captaincy, he shouldnt be our captain. Its abt time wenger gave the armband a bit of respect and give it to a player that is deserving of it and not just a top player that looks like they could leave, as he did with cesc and thierry.

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  13. Mavis Okonye

    Arsenal fans will continue to love and support Fabregas as we all know and understand his decision.As a player , you will like to win things both for yourself and your club as well, and the only way to achieve that is to put in your best to see you achieve that and all these are what this young lad has done.

    His decision to leave us is due to the lack of trophies for five (5) good years not 5 months, and again you should also remember that he started with Leo Messi, but just at his (Leo) achievement today, Fab nothing from club side of view. Yes, we have made him a big, better and even a world class player but we should have added some great players to him for success to come to the club, not depending on youths all the time. Fab is just an exceptional player that is why he could develop that fast at that young age, so do not expect every other player to do same.

    Conclusively, we should embrace him and give the room to lead our team as he has always done in the past, but most importantly, Wenger should enter the transfer market for solid and experience player for we and Fabregas to be happy with club even we the fan, we are not even happy with the situation.ARSENAL FAN CONTINUE TO RESPECT FABREGAS, ITS OUR GREAT CLUB THAT IS FORCING HIM OUT……..

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  14. Aaron

    How can you loose respect for a player, that is doing what he has been told to do. He has kept his mouth closed. Probably due to the gaffer and shareholders. He has said a lot of things and nothing at all. He is a Gunner in his heart he is gunner. When he played on against Barca for us with a Broken shin, RIGHT THERE…that gave him legend points only few can muster. The kid is Arsenal, he loves this club… but we don’t win anything. Simple as…fact of life.

    Blame all those Diaby’s or Ade’s who have been lazy on the ball your Benders who don’t look like they put 100% in every game. This kid works hard for us. And to loose respect for a guy because he doesn’t defend. What defending does he need to do… Let Barca play this foolish game. If anything my hatred for the Spanish has risen. Especially Catalans. They act in such a way which is a joke. It doesnt help when papers and websites such as SkysSports report it all the time.

    I will tell you now. I will be singing “we got cesc fabergas” On Sunday, all through the season. He is our captain. And a very good one at that.

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  15. Tsokan

    Cesc should remain captain,so we dont start last year’s Gallas thing all over again.

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  16. Will

    Fabregas is a nice guy, at the end of the day he is torn and that is why you end up with situations like this. He clearly has a lot of affection for Arsenal to actually be struggling to decide whether to go home or stay. He has my respect as he is honest and just trying to work out what he wants to do, but his decision must be a long term one. If he stays we don’t want to hear this nonsense every year, its disruptive and annoying.

    Barcelona on the other hand have completely lost my respect. I think the way they are acting is disgusting. Its fair enough to want someone, but pay what he is worth and don’t insult Arsenal. Trying to dislodge a player at a discount rate in the way they are is not looking good on them. If they can’t afford him, they better get saving!

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  17. Chima, Emelike J

    Personally I’ve not seen anything Cesc did to make him lose his love or respect from Arsenal fans. He’s young and wants to win trophies. Ashavin accepted a paycut to play for arsenal because he wants to win trophies. Trophies is what you will be remembered with. Okocha played all the football and didnt win trophies unlike Kanu and people respect kanu more than Okocha. Cesc want trophies which our manager isn’t willing to give him. For years he has nothing to show for his effort and wenger obviosly doesnt see his plight and the plight of other players rather is interested in making money for him self. Let consider this, Wenger want money for himself, good but the players want name for themself. there is always a way to strike balance. In management it is called win-win. Let us also set this season Wenger is not ready to win trophy cos trophy isn’t won by mouth rather by action. He has the opportunity to but defenders now and keepers (offload Aluminia and Fabianski)and he wouldn’t do anything after he will over strss the players he has now to breaking points where they’ll be having injuries.
    Finally Cesc wasn’t wrong for making his wish for winning trophies known rather wenger is the man causing problem in arsenal
    Hence Cesc will still be respected by fans

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  18. avishek

    to tell the truth i have lost all the respect for him, he does not deserve to be the captain of the gunners……….

    but if barce want him they must pay at least 45 million, than with this we could buy ozil, 2 world class defence and a goalkeeper ……

    just arsenal rules

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  19. syddy1

    I don’t really know, what I should feel about this. Fabregas became famous and a world class as an Arsenal player, after Barca snubbed him, saying he’s never gonna be good enough for top class football. I don’t understand, why on earth would Fabregas dreaming about playing for a side, that once told him, that he’s a loser? And why doesn’t he see, that he’s gonna warm up the bench every single game? Barca want him as a sub, that’s why they don’t want to pay the price. Fabregas himself doesn’t really know, what he should do, and me neither. If he goes, I’ll be disappointed. If he stays, I’ll be confused. Does he really want to play at Arsenal? Does he give a 100%? I don’t know. He meant something much more for me, when this whole Barca shit was peaceful and quiet. But now, if he really wants to make me respect him again, he has to prove me on the pitch.

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  20. john martin

    You can’t win back something you never lost. Leave the poor lad alone.

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  21. Michael McCarthy

    If he plays well I don’t care Cesc must say to the fans just to confirm it.

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  22. Abhishek Billawa

    I really dont think its anyones fault. We cannot blame Fabregas or Arsenal or Barcelona.

    When Cesc came to Arsenal, he was like a child sent for studies abroad and learnt so much, that he respects and will work hard for place were he has learnt so much thats ARSENAL.

    Also Barca was is home, so he will always want to play there, but that doesn’t mean he will not perform for Arsenal.

    I am sure he will give Arsenal all the efforts, and all the Arsenal fans should respect that even if the poor guy was caught in two minds, when he thinks about Barcelona, HE IS SURELY GONNA EVERYTHING to the club and fans.
    Arsenal have the most knowledgeable fans and i am sure he will win back the hearts of the FANS

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  23. Joe

    Puyol opening his big mouth as per usual….he shopuld have fought about that when they let fabergaus go in the first place…although i dont think ive lost respect for cesc and i do believe his brain aswell as his heart are in the right place which will further shine over any doubt which may ignite further recognition of him leavin to barcstards

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  24. barry

    Everyone loves cesc they just hate puyol and barca. i will never like barca again. Barca will not be taking cesc because they have no money. If they give us a player and money it wont be to bad, but if arsenal pussy down and just let barca take him for one fifth of what hes worth, i wouldnt worry bout cesc but i would worry about peoples confidence in wenger…..

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  25. Tsokan

    Like i said,keeping cesc out of d reach of Bar*a is most important.We ar nt their feeder team.
    “Just Arsenal Rules” baby.

    (Please don’t live somewhere like Outer Mongolia – I can’t afford the postage!)

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  26. Gunna4Life

    im kinda tired now of all this Fab4 talk & yes i have lost respect for him. i cant get my head around the fact that he signed a new contract when he knew the world cup was comming up where he’d be surrounded by them Barcalona C**tWh**es!!!! & every chance he & they would have, they’d be talking about playing in that vile, classless city!!! he knew in the back of his mind that he would want to leave after the world cup so the only reason for signing a new contract was to increase the size of his wallet!!! i absolutley hate barca!! & i actually think i have no love for Fab4 either. i wont boo him but i’ll have no emotion for him like watching Silvestre in the shirt last season lol! having said all this AW needs to buy a replacement NOW!! while Fab4 is still with the team!!! next year when he goes we will have no one & the player prices will only have increased. so we should go & get Ozil ASAP!!! or Hazard. Fans are worried about our not activity with transfers this summer, it will be nothing compared to next summer when Fab4 leaves & we will have no one on his level to replace him with….still as long as we finish above the spuds i suppose AW will think fans will be happy. GUNNA4LIFE!!!!!

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    plz stay cesc,plz no one booo him when he plays he is are captain!!!

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  28. Will

    Arsenal players never seem to realise until they leave that they were part of a great unit, as individuals in another team they are not quite the same. I think there is enough proof to show that this is true now

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  29. Dyllan

    Cesc is one of only a few truly world class players in our ranks but last season the names of Eboue and Bendtner was sang before and more than fabregas, no wonder he wants to leave, he should have been hero worshipped like Viera was.

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  30. Muzzammil Hanif

    I have lost respect for him but i understand his frustration. I wont boo him because i love Arsenal, Just Arsenal Rules and if i would boo him its bad for Arsenal.

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  31. Michael Gunter

    The question is do you believe everything you read. I think fab has tried to be honest and express himself without disrespecting the arsenal. What will Wenger now do to keep a worldclass player. Spend money and bring in players that are good enough or go bargin basement. Which one would make you stay at a so called big club?

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  32. Phil23

    If I was able to attend the Arsenal games (which I can’t as i’m a poor student from New Zealand) I would not boo him but I no longer respect him and I think it is only fair he is stripped of the captaincy. He has shown complete disrespect for the shirt. Even if he wants to go to Barca he should have publicly stated one way or the other. Did you know if he left he will get a loyalty bonus? A LOYALTY bonus!?!? The part that makes me the most sick is that Barca players think we owe him. Puyol claims that he gave 7 years of excellent service but he has only been world class for two, maybe three seasons. I know for certain that in those first couple of years there were better options and yet Wenger persisted and gave him everything. Now at 23 he wants to leave. To tell you the truth I would have expected Cesc to leave at 25 and so would many others, but 23? That is a joke and if he leaves this year or next I will hold it against him because ARSENAL MADE HIM. We should at least reap the rewards for a couple more years yet. I hope Barca come back again next year in the Champions League. I’d like to see their reception.

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  33. George

    what a bunch of hypocrites saying that we should buy Ozil, when at the same time you are saying that Fabregas would not be loyal.
    Didn’t you hear? Ozil stated that he does not want to come to Arsenal! It will be a matter of time (maybe a few years) before he decides to jump to Manchester United or Chelsea – the only reason he would come here would be to use us as a stepping stone.

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  34. Jon Jarvis

    My questions are;

    1) Is he really that committed to the club?

    2) Though he is “being respectful” to Arsenal, how do we not know Puyol are speaking his words for him, but his trying to act innocent?

    3) Why do we seem to be a feeder club to Barcelona?

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  35. Breezy

    I totally agree with Mavis. Cesc has acted like a professional throughout this transfer saga this summer despite his mates from Spain continuing to badger us through the media. Everyone needs to continue to be behind Cesc so that we don’t see a dip in his love for the club or in his performances on the field. Please show your love and respect for the man when you visit the Emirates for our matches this season. UP THE ARSENAL!!!

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  36. Mustafa muriki

    Whoeva blames fab is crazy. 5 yrs without a trophy n stil no promising signings?wenga has shown no seriousnes in winning trophies. Fab deserves more than a top 4 finish n a CL spot!

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  37. Miranda

    I love him, but it’s not good for the vibes in the dressing room that the best player and captain would rather be somewhere else and is sitting it out, doing his best with gritted teeth, till next summer when Barca will have enough cash to pay what he’s worth. Sad though it is to lose Cesc, I’m hoping that Arsenal ARE actually negotiating with Barca – and have a replacement (the Dutch guy?) already lined up – and that the noises they’re making about not being willing to sell at any price are just a smokescreen to keep the media off our backs till a satisfactory deal is worked out.

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  38. Sagz

    Its a shame.. Really feel bad 4 d dude. Bt we shud all raelise dat the boy wants 2 win trophies… He has being without one for 5 yrs nw!!! Dats nt easy 4 a player @ all. Plus he is getting older. I’m an Arsenal fan thru n thru.., and i wud always support him n nt boo him.. NEVER!!! I dnt think anyone shud boo him either. He has given alot 4 d club. It wud be very unfair 2 boo him except he dsn’t perform or play well..

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  39. Jits

    Our captain expresses his love for our club in the field. If we dont support him, we dont deserve to be called Arsenal fans.

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  40. reality check

    its like your girlfriend(cesc) who you supported and gave your all after she got dumped by her ex(barca). now she desperatly wants to dump you(us fans) and go back to him leaving you all alone because we are broke. what we feel now you decide?? i dont accept him as my captain because if he cant commit with us he cant lead us.

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  41. Michael

    I don’t think hes done anything wrong we know he loves Barcalona but he also loves Arsenal i just think people are looking to much into this….Barca are winning this battle because every fan just ingnores the positives and listens to the negitives Sesc is as much a Gunner as he is a Sleesy Barcelona prune….i think we should all just relax and support Arsenal AND Sesc..

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  42. Nzeadi Felix

    Its hard to say, considering the fact that an ARSENAL captain is openely professing his love(or more) for another team which was the same reason for which ARSENE directly or indirectly scolded Arshavin. Also the case of Adebayor and Milan points to what may likely happen. Yet i think ‘he still can’ how? by denying all that has been attributed to him and professing loyalty and allegience to our great ARSENAL fc before it is late. YES HE CAN, the ball is in his court

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  43. Elly

    Am a Kenyan and great arsenal fan.East Africa and kenya in general has many arsenal fans to the point that some commit suicide when the team looses.However,am worried if Fab will perform to his best just the way Legend Henry did when his much speculated transfer to Barca didnt materialize after 2006 campaign.What i have noted is, if a player states that he want to leave the club, it’s better to grant him his wishes.Though Fab has to learn from what happened to Henry,Hleb and Flamini after shining with Wenger.

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  44. sagar96

    i think hadley is bang on, y do barca raid arsenal all the time?? can’t they get their own talent? they took hleb and henry!!!! mayb even cesc now. but i reckon we’ll deffo suport him, he’s given no disrespect to arsenal and he’s our number 1 player and captain…the way the transfer season is going so far, wenger has proper bulked up the team, and i think we mount a much better title challenge this season

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  45. julius odeny

    Easy to brainwash by Barca and the tabloid-media are we? This reaction of yours is EXACTLY what they want, don’t give it to them. Every single Gooner should be cheering more than ever for Cesc when he enters the pitch in this new season if we really want to take a piss on Barca and the media’s pathetic tactics to drive him away from us.

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  46. Tsokan

    Dont worry man.i would hav loved to hav d CD bt i live in Nigeria.Since u cant afford d postage,i’m cool.
    At d end,all i want is 4 all of us to get behind Cesc & nt boo him or anyone else,so we can win trophies this season.
    “Just Arsenal Rules”
    Gunners 4 eternity.

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  47. Gerygeroo

    I don’t think that we are going to hate him as we hate Ade or Ashley. Why do we have to? He has given all he has for Arsenal and, in this case, he is NOT betraying us! He had told the world over and over that one day he will be back to his beloved home, Barcelona. We have to understand this, he is a Spaniard, and like we always know, no such home like Spain itself for them. And IF he stays with us, remember that he will have been through all of the things (that are killing him!) he has to consider. I’m not trying to defend him too much but I personally understand that sometimes we have to be in such a big dilemma even when we don’t want to. We love him, we just can’t let him go looking up to how much he means to us.

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  48. Bernie Briffa

    A.W MUST sign a defender or be in neglect of his duties

    “Just Arsenal Rules “

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  49. rounder184

    i think it’s just natural for die-hard arsenal fans to feel a bit disappointed with Fabregas since he is the captain and it seems he wants out. But as long as he is a member of the squad that I love, I will be cheering for him. As I did when Adebayor was still a gunner. I will always be loyal to the club and all arsenal players.

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  50. fan in london

    I’ll put in a better comment when i c bout 20 comments.

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  51. Ramseyisthefuture

    Easily! Gallas has never been a captain figure to have in any team, you have to have someone who is inspirational to a team to lead from The front and he could never do that! He’ll be forgiven!

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  52. admin Post author

    M says:
    July 30, 2010 at 4:52 pm (Edit)

    Just to get the comments spinning

    “Just Arsenal rules”

    Sorry to tell you this but this is the second page of comments! The first 50 can be seen by clicking the “Older Comments” button (bottom left) – ADMIN

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  53. obakeng

    if he want to go let him go nasri will fill in just fine i feel we dont nees him and i will neva feel the same about him neva.

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  54. Tsokan

    Hey come on Charlie,Nigeria is a very cool place to leave in.
    There ar many die hard Arsenal fans out here.
    Support Cesc is still d message.
    Gunners 4 ever.

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  55. admin Post author

    Hey Tsokan, I was joking about the postage! (Anyway you don’t live in Outer Mongolia)

    Did you get my email? Send me your address and I will post your Arsenal Season Review DVD on Monday….

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  56. Tsokan

    I go it,sir.i just replied.Thanks.
    Its always great to hav sometin on our great Club.

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  57. gunner4lyf

    I still believe in Fab. n will still support him. We can’t overlook what he has done for us.n besides he still a gunners no matter what he says or what those spaniards says, he still is a gunner and the captain of Arsenal. He will have a great season with us and hopefully win the title as the captain of Arsenal. 😀


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  58. Emeka

    Cesc can win back our heart by simply showing commitment to Arsenal. And he should remember the responsibility he holds as a captain of a great club and live up to it. We all love Cesc, but the truth is, he have to show us he is commited.

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  59. gerygeroo

    Though I know that we love him, and obviously need him, he will still have to show us his commitment and keep playing his best as he used to play before. That would be his only choice to win the fans heart back. Other than that, we can’t help to avoid “boo” in his every touch to the ball. He’s the best creator we have until now but we won’t be whoring him.

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  60. Gunenrstop

    Of course everyone will support Fab. He has NOT done an Anelka or a Cole. He has expressed his wish (fair enough he was born there) and he has got on with it. Well done.

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