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Can Norwich goal get Afobe back into Arsenal first team action?

Is Afobe the forgotten man? by Ash

Benik Afobe was once upon a time the next big thing for Arsenal, but in recent years he has been nothing more than a mediocre reserve team player. Largely because of injuries, Afobe has gone from being one of Arsenal’s best up and coming talents, to an injury prone 20 year old striker who has failed to develop from his first instances.

Afobe is a young English striker who joined Arsenal when he was just 6 years old. While making his way through the Arsenal youth teams and academy, the anticipation surrounding this developed powerhouse of a player was high and the expectations on his shoulders were big. However he has failed to really impress on any of his chances within the Arsenal first team and with the player growing ever older, I fear that there are no major improvements, and his time may be soon coming to an end with Arsenal.

The 20 year old has had loan spells with Huddersfield, Reading, Bolton and Millwall, and has managed to score just 7 league goals during the course of three years of being a professional. Now although I must admit 7 goals for a player who is of course still very young and inexperienced, not to mention the fact he’s spent about a year on the sidelines, is actually an okay amount, however the fact he isn’t progressing at these clubs suggests that his chance with Arsenal may never come.

The reasoning behind why he has popped up in the news once again is because he scored a skillful dribbled goal against Norwich for the Arsenal reserves and the goal was of such high quality (and arguably luck) that questions about his capabilities were once again raised.

The outlook from my point of view is a very mixed one. On one hand there is no doubting that he holds talent and I think a little bit more experience as well as coaching from Arsenal will unlock that talent. However, on the other hand, the fact he is already gathering persistent injury problems at such a young age means that he isn’t progressing like he should, and as he becomes older the chance to develop from the start will soon be gone for Afobe. This will mean he will be one step behind the other professionals right from the start and with the likes of Sanogo and even arguably Akpom ahead of him, I struggle to see where and when Afobe will get another chance in Arsene Wenger’s team.

Is this season the young striker’s last chance to impress the Arsenal boss and force his way into first team contention?

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16 thoughts on “Can Norwich goal get Afobe back into Arsenal first team action?

  1. DanielC1989

    he got injured the other day so I don’t see him getting a chance anytime soon unfortunately. he’s a great talent. you mention those 7 goals but he scored for fun at England youth level

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  2. Greg

    He is a great talent no doubt! But cant see him starting in front of akpom! Definitely will have to work on improving his game, if to have any consideration from wenger to make the first team future wise!

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  3. ArashBehnia

    Have we ever tried Wilshere and Ramsey in the CDM positions in 4-2-3-1? I have a weird feeling that this will really change the dynamic of the team. Maybe for the worst but if it works we won’t need to sign a CDM.

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    1. canadian gooner

      Problem with this setup is that both are naturally attack-minded players, our defense would be left exposed. One of Arteta or Flamini is necessary to ensure balance in the team.

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  4. ljgomez

    yahhhhh, him an chuba are really good, i think they could be real good, they just need a chance, even lipman in a few years i think will be awessome.
    we can put them in, in an easier game, why not give them a chance.

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    1. joeM

      Because if we don’t perform and drop easy points then you with go absolutely bananas at Wenger for playing a kid with no experience and it could cost us the title.

      My reckoning is he’s now 20 years of age has failed to impress in any of his numerous loan spells which have been to decent teams and is injury prone. He’s not going to make it at Arsenal and it would be in his best interest to leave. He needs to get playing time to develop at a club he’s confident at and thats not going to be with us. The bar for Arsenal at the moment is extreamley high the youth players have got to be better then what we can buy at the moment.

      Would you rather have Afobe in the squad next season or Draxler? There’s your answer.

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  5. haywill

    idd play lionel messi over him
    but we dont have lionel messi 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

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    1. haywill

      cant we just trade wilshere bentdner and giroud for lionel messi? 🙁 🙁 🙁

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  6. Jozicky

    I’ve always thought there’s a problem with the Arsenal trainers; how come we have so many injuries? We’re the only EPL team with endless long-term injuries. I think they need new trainers there! Look at all the other teams and you’ll see what I mean.

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  7. LDockers

    His injury record is dire and has hampered his development but I think he should be given a chance to push for the first team, If bendtner has been brought back from obscurity and put into the first team set up even after all the shi*t he talked about Arsenal and the lack of ability hes shown since hes been back then Afobe deserves a chance. Its a real shame because at a young age him and Chuks Aneke (On loan at Crewe) were approached by Barcelona to join their youth set ups but they both turned them down to sign for Arsenal. Hes got a good attitude, hes been at Arsenal from a young age so he knows what its all about and hes english which would be a nice touch upfrony with all the other british players we have. Akpom for me is a star for the future but hes still 2 years yougner than Afobe so theres no real rush to throw him into the first team just yet, give afobe a chance if he isnt up to the standard then do whats best for his career and release/sell him

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    1. Chippy

      I am with you dockers. Given our current options I would rather have Afobe on the bench instead of Bendtner who has shown Arsenal and Arsene a total lack of respect. Shame he picked up a hamstring injury against Norwich. i think this is the final year of his contract too, so he will need to impress quickly.

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