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Can Oxlade-Chamberlain get a game as a winger for Arsenal?

It must be worrying times for the (not-so) young Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain at the moment. Arsenal have a surplus of brilliant midfielders vying for positions in the starting line-up, and the fact that he rarely excels when given the chance it is difficult to see where he can grab a place in the team.

The Ox has decided that he has more chance of getting a game on the wing, as he told reporters while on England duty. He said in the Standard: “At the moment, the general dynamic at Arsenal is that we have got a lot of central midfielders who are more specialists in that position and out of that group of players, if you were going to put me in there, I’d be the one who stood out as someone who could play on the wing,”

“I see myself more as a winger for Arsenal as a result. Mesut Ozil, Santi Cazorla, Francis Coquelin, Granit Xhaka, who has just come in, Jack Wilshere, when he’s back, Mohamed Elneny and Aaron Ramsey, when he’s fit.

“They are all big players for us and out-and-out central midfielders, so I am more focused on playing wide and adding what I can out there for now.”

Well it’s clear that he thinks he has no chance of a spot in the middle, but even if he is looking for a place on the wing, those positions are being hogged by Theo Walcott and Alex Iwobi, with Aaron Ramsey back in contention from next weekend. I certainly can’t see Wenger dropping any of those in favour of the Ox so is he going to have to wait untilwe get another glut of injuries before he has a chance of getting a game?


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5 thoughts on “Can Oxlade-Chamberlain get a game as a winger for Arsenal?

  1. Twig

    Walcott made great runs which kept getting wasted by the likes of Alli and Dier. The Arsenal setup suits Theo better IMO.

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    1. rkw

      Whippets purple patch over? … Just say he has been useless in last two England games and hope that Lopez can step up to plate

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  2. NY_Gunner

    England are playing”Lump it and run” football. Zero creativity coming from midfield…

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  3. gmv8

    I know our defence are awful, but what are Vardy and Rashford doing on the bench? Sturridge doesn’t look like he’s at the races….

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  4. Wayne Barker

    How in the blue hell didn’t rash ford start. You could see the change in play when he came on. Another talented player going to be wasted by this stupid English setup

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