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Can Szczesny save his Arsenal career in THREE games?

When I say three games I am assuming first of all that Arsene Wenger starts with Wojciech Szczesny in his Arsenal team to play Monaco away next Tuesday and in the FA cup semi-final and final, if we get there. And that will probably be it for the Poland international, unless David Ospina suffers an injury or forgets how to keep goal before the end of the season.

Shezzer has been a Gunner since he was 16-years old and four years later he was our first choice. But his career has been dotted with dips in form, lapses in focus and costly errors, so he has not become the dominant number one that he was hoping for. Despite saying that he would like to spend his whole career at Arsenal, I don´t think he meant as the back up so I would not be surprised to see him leave if he cannot change Wenger´s mind before the end of the season.

His latest chance was against Man United on Monday and while he made some good saves and stopped four of the five on target and could not be blamed for the goal, Szczesny did flap at that cross and gave possession away needlessly at times. He is going to have to do better than that to oust Ospina. A fantastic game in Monaco would go a long way to getting his place back, especially if it helps Arsenal make a miracle comeback, but he is running out of time and games.

Do you think Szczesny has lost the top spot for good?

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14 thoughts on “Can Szczesny save his Arsenal career in THREE games?

  1. Demwan Jones

    Maureen and his dancers have been disturbed out of europe in a silky mafian fashion. I’m just glad that even without zlatan they couldn’t win on home soil, lol

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    1. MK3- Wel-becked...!!!

      Yup true…..friend…

      I don’t see Szczesny at Arsenal in the upcoming years…just because of his attitude….. you have to be brave, calm, composed, getting involved in everything in front of goal but not off the pitch….. He was all over during ManU game…. I hope he proves me wrong….but I think if Cech is available then go for him we need Ospina and Cech to be there if we are going to challenge for PL…..

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  2. Hafiz Rahman

    he can leave if he wants….which he will as he has been Kicked out of the Polish National team……

    we can always go for Cech, Casillas or Illoris….which we should

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  3. Hafiz Rahman

    Our best finisher Prince Poldi should return….Mancini doesnt like him at Inter…

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  4. goonereri

    I don’t think he will play on Tuesday. His only chance will be the FA cup, unless Ospinaaaa sufers an injury.

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  5. misoko_gooner

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  6. joe from kenya

    hate both manutd and spuds,a draw would be great on sunday but I hope man utd loose as I hate them more….coyg

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    Why are the Gooners bothering themselves over an issue that does’t concern us? What business have we to do with Chelsea getting knocked out by PSG? Had Chelsea played agaist us – Arsenal it would have been a different thing. We saw all that happened yesterday at the Bridge. But that is Chelsea affair not that of Arsenal. We may discuss the outcome of that game within ourselves – the Gooners. But not as far as to be mocking them publicly on website. I like Szczesny very much as the Gunners’ goalkeeper. I think the problem that mitigated against him was his bad attitude. And I believe he has retracted his bad steps as he is now in good terms with d boss. I love to be seeing him in more starts for Arsenal again. Did Ospina commit any treason against Arsenal cause as he showered praises on Ramdel Falcao ahead of the Gunners FA Cup game with the Red Devils at Old Trafford? Did the boss drop Ospina from his 18 man squad because of the treason? Would Ospina hv conceded to Falcao had he started?

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