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Can Walcott (or Wilshere) really win back a place for England at the World Cup?

Theo Walcott has always flattered to deceive for Arsenal and has never really become an automatic starter for England either, despite getting his first call up at the tender age of 16. He is now 28, and despite scoring a record 19 goals for the Gunners last season, he has been relegated to being a perpetual reserve unless we are playing Europa League or League Cup games.

Currently he has too many players in front of him in Wenger’s estimation, including Lacazette, Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil, Danny Welbeck and Alex Iwobi, and you are much more likely to see Giroud brought on from the bench during League games. But Walcott played last night and he was asked if he still has hopes of joining the England squad for the World Cup Finals this coming summer. “Of course.” he said. “That is why I need to be playing football, simple as that. But I need to deserve to be playing.

“So in this competition, cup games, Premier League when given the chance, I need to take it. That is the only chance I have to get back into the England squad.

“It is down to hard work. If I work harder than anyone else… I know my qualities, how good I am. I have got so much experience under my belt, there’s no reason why I can’t prove people wrong and get back in that squad. It is a very young squad and I feel like maybe a bit of experience is always handy coming into tournaments. But the manager picks that.

“As a player, you need to be doing it on the field first and foremost. That’s what I want to do. We’ll see where my football takes me.”

“I can’t lie, it has obviously been very difficult the way the season has started, compared to last season,” he said.

“I had such a big influence last year and the amount of goals I scored but now it has been a bit of a stuttering start to the season. But, I am focused, I am working hard as best I can do.

“There are opportunities for me in this competition at this moment in time. I am working hard in training, doing all the things on and off the field right, trying to look after myself, keep in shape as best I can, and be ready when the manager calls upon me.

“But I want to be in that Premier League team, simple as that. I want to play football. I enjoy playing in any competition. I am getting on now – 28 is not actually that old but in a football sense, maybe – but I want to play. I have obviously missed it. If I can express myself in any competition I am involved in, I am going to do it.

“The manager knows that I’ve always been there for him. I have managed to bounce back from worse things but it is just one of those things in football you have got to deal with. I am dealing with it in the right way and that’s to be complete focused. That’s all I can be.”

Just five years ago, Wenger had high hopes of our “British Core” dominating the Arsenal first team and providing half of the senior England squad as well, but right now we only have Walcott, Welbeck and Wilshere with any hope whatsoever of going to Russia. Danny Welbeck is the only one of those that has started in the Premier League so far this season, but he has since succumbed to his usual injury problems. In fact there is every chance that there may not even be one Arsenal player in the England side in the summer. Or do you think all three have got chances of getting there?


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12 thoughts on “Can Walcott (or Wilshere) really win back a place for England at the World Cup?

  1. arsenal4life

    The Europa league has opened
    up opportunities for the likes of
    Walcott + Wilshere to chalk up
    substantial minutes.
    So yes both are now much stronger
    candidates for another England call up.
    Although for mine they are good sub options rather than
    starting options at Premier League and International level.
    This league is also extending the shelf life of
    Giroud Monreal Mertesacker Koz.
    Amazingly even Debuchy ressurrected from the
    Arsenal scrap yard wilderness gave an impressive 90 mins.
    Most pleasing is the chances now being afforded
    youngsters like Niles Nelson Willock Sheaf Nwakali.
    Hopefully we will start to develop our own rather than
    throwing millions at the market for ready made foreign options.
    It also leaves the top tier fresh for tough
    EPL games like Everton on Sunday.

  2. Kenny Rolfe

    A strong and fit Jack Wilshere can definitely win back he’s England place, You’ve only got to look at the weak midfield of the national side with the likes of Henderson, Livermore and Co to realise how much a bit of class is needed. Also off topic I’ve just seen reports that Mesut Ozil has no intention of leaving Arsenal, he’s just bought a house in London and apparently has not demanded the enormous wage that Sky Sports reported he has. This is just another example of this bias sports channel having a dig at Arsenal whilst trying to help their beloved Manchester United.

      1. Kenny Rolfe

        Go to Arsenal news on Google stibill and you’ll find it on Metro news that Ozil is furious with rumours of reports linking him with a move to United

          1. stubill

            Thanks, just seen it.

            Now, do we believe this report, or the ones saying he wants to go to Utd lol.

            No problem about the name, I’ve been called a lot worse.

            1. Break-on-through

              I seen the headline, but I didn’t see the part were he says while spitting mad that he’d never leave Arsenal for utd. His agent put those rumors out there to try and get a nibble, or to scare us into offering three hundred a week. A fan backlash might have helped, but everyone I spoke with says they’d be ok with losing the lightweight, even to manu.

  3. the barrel

    If Ozil stays in Arsenal, then Im out. Tired of watching these players who run as if they are sick. Id better be a spectator than being a fan. Ozil and Giroud makes me sick when I watch them as a supporter of Arsenal

  4. the barrel

    Walcott does not start at Arsenal because of biased decisions. Instead Wenger can play Ramsey or Ozil at right wing instead of Walcott. I rate him higher than Ramsey and Ozil. Wilshere is good in protecting his balls when he is in possession

    1. Break-on-through

      Midfielders have more duties than in any other position. All TW can do is run in a straight line and play high wide right/RCF.

  5. Break-on-through

    If Walcott had ambition and goals to become better he’d have left Arsenal by now, he would ask for a loan move to try and win a world cup place. This shows us what his confidence is like, other players would be itching to get game time esp in a world cup year. Walcott is in his prime, he has no confidence no belief in his own abilities and is happy just being called an Arsenal player, that’s what success is to him, I play for Arsenal so I must be accomplished. Ive seen players barely able to hit ten goals but still try to play their way into the England team.

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