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Can you believe these are still Arsenal players?

Here was I worrying about the prospect of Arsenal losing our flying Spanish full back Hector Bellerin to those nasty boys from Barcelona and wondering who might be on the transfer wish list of Arsene Wenger in line to replace him, when I realise that we already have a pair of right backs in the squad just waiting for their chance.

Step forward Carl Jenkinson and Matthieu Debuchy, who I must admit I had assumed had already left us. Where has the Frenchman been and why do Arsenal still have him on the books I hear you ask. While Jenks appears to have had a crisis of confidence, the Frenchman has been pretty much a one man crisis of his own ever since he signed for Arsenal three years ago. Injury problems, poor form and a shocking attitude have seen him slip out of first team contention and at 31-years old we surely have to say goodbye this summer, if anyone wants him that is.

Another surprise for me in the list of players on the Arsenal books, reported by The Mirror, is the Costa Rica international forward Joel Campbell. The 24-year old has been sent out on loan to no fewer than five different clubs in three different countries. He is like our present to the world.

I do not want to diss the lad as I thought he had something but Wenger never gave him much of a run in the side. The same appears to be true now of Lucas Perez, so is there any point in these players being on the books?

Sam P.

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11 thoughts on “Can you believe these are still Arsenal players?

  1. Lance

    Debuchy clearly had a fall out with WEnger. When bellerin was badly out of form he still preferred the atrocious Jenkinson ahead of debuchy. Debussy is a pretty solid right back was unfortunate to be on the receiving end of wengers stubbornness. Poor OX as well benched so many times for wengers favourite Theo Walcott. His patience paid off everyone can see what a putch THeo turned out to be.

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  2. The barrel

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    1. OZ11

      Get lost, and please dont ever show your face anywhere near arsenal again

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  3. Masa

    As long as Wenger remain manager don’t expect much , look at list of the players he wants to buy average ones.

    Priority should be defensive midfielder, Francis, xhaka, Ramsey will not take team anywhere, bring player like William carvalho, one central defender, striker proven goal scorer Abaumyang, Torino striker, Diego Costa, sell Walcott, Francis, elney, jack, gibs, debauchery, jenkison,

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  4. jimmy

    i think being an arsenal fan had made stronger to Never worry in life about who wants to leave me in life, remember, we all cried when hleb, adebayor, fabregas, Clichy, sagna, van persy, etc. at once we all thougth that it was the end for arsenal, we felt bad as if our beloved team was going to get relegated, but here we ares again worrying about a player who wants to go, a player who gave his all for our team, who was always fighting for our team more than Amy other player, its time to wish him good luck and move on cause this club is bigger than any other player. i feel stronger to accept any departure cause Arsenal will always be the main picture and focus for my heart and eyes!

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  5. chris

    This season has been a real disappointment to all gunners worldwide. As much as I want us to retain our best players (Sanchez inclusive) .I believe he should be allowed to leave so that we can have a replacement. We may be surprised one of our underperforming stars may step up. Cheer up and believe the best

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  6. Rkw

    Giroud Walcott Ramsey coquellin Gibbs jenkinson and debuchy should go if we are to compete again for serious silverware… No one will take them at their inflated wages though as they are all lower half EPL level with top level wage packets … I still laugh at the drivel on this site a year or so ago about never selling Ramsey to barca …. and the china money seems to be running out … Should accept 80m for the lot add to the promised 150m and bring in 4 world class players and promote a couple of youngsters

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  7. Nebsy

    Maybe Wenger doesn’t like lations?
    Maybe he has some strange rule that only one latino is given a chance at his club, so as long as Sanchez is there, the rest of the latinos can forget about making the squad.
    Ain’t that a bit racist?

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