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Carlos Vela looking for Gunners exit

The Arsenal and Mexico striker Carlos Vela has had enough of being a peripheral player at the Emirates, and is now looking to find another team as soon as possible, according to his brother Alejandro.

In an interview quoted on (in Spanish) Alejandro said: “The reality is that there is significant interest from other teams in various leagues, Carlos already has an EU passport, so do not be surprised if he leaves. But everything has been kept very quiet because it was handled discreetly, so there is not much in the news about what may happen. He sure is looking at options to get more minutes on another team.”

Alejandro is in constant contract with his brother, despite playing on the other side of the world, and says that Carlos is simply desperate to play football on a regular basis.

“He’s not playing much and he wants to have activity that is a fact. The worst that can happen to a player is not playing, and not feeling like a useful part of the team.

“Even though Arsenal say they want him to stay, he does not see the continuity he wants. You do not see the minutes he spends waiting to play, and obviously, as a player, you must always try to find accommodation in a place where you feel your work is appreciated and where you have more time on the field.” he said.

I sometimes wonder how many injuries have to happen for Vela to get a run in the Arsenal first team. He was given the squad number of 11, and has had a game now and then, but it is easy to understand his frustration. I imagine he would do very well in a reasonable Spanish team…..

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37 thoughts on “Carlos Vela looking for Gunners exit

  1. Ugabuga

    Sell him. Buy Akinfeev, Sakho, Mbodji and later Hazard.

    Thank you, good bye.

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  2. thabzoo

    shame.. And he is one of our best finishers. I think bendtner shud jus b sold so that vela cn feel needed.. Ow and gibbs shud play more often. Clichy doesnt gv much attackin. Gibbs cn do both

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  3. Cameron Ingle

    Its’s easily understandable why Vela wants to leave, he’s not playing as much as he likes. The same situation has already happened with Bentner. If this is true and not complete rubbish then we are fortunate that Arsene Wenger is in charge. Look at how many years he has been in charge. Look how many youthful players he has brought. Wouldn’t at least some feel what Vela is feeling? Vela will get pre-season games, friendlies and the Carling cup to impress Arsene and the Arsenal community. In all honesty I think he is a rough diamond and has bags of potential, as he has shown against FC Braga. He has to work hard in training, improve his overall game play and score goals till he has a chance to fight for his place in our Arsenal team. He just needs to be patient.

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  4. ladii

    vela dont go anywheere and he will play for arsenal he must be paytent oki you are the best vela best best best

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  5. Ash4arsenal

    Keep vela and get rid of bendtner and Cinderella RVP
    And replace with vela and probably jay Emmanuel Thomas

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  6. Raul Gilbert

    I think Vela must be patient, at least until this season finish.
    I hope next season Arshavin would be sold, as he approaches the age of 30 (am I right?) Because, as we all know, Wenger prefer to sell an outfield player whose age is about 30 or more.
    And if Arshavin did leave, it will give an empty space in left wing role. This empty space would be contested between Vela and Walcott.
    If Nasri on the right, may be Vela would be in the left.
    Or if Nasri on the left, may be Walcott would be in the right.
    Does anyone agree with me?

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  7. Bobby P

    I can’t see Vela getting more minutes then he is at the moment.
    He is our number 4 striker and I can understand why he feels the need to leave.

    To be honest, although he is a class finisher I doubt he will fulfill his promise at Arsenal. So if he wants to go then we should get a good deal for him and bid him farewell.

    JET is next in line and I would prefer to see him being given a chance to shine.

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  8. Ash4arsenal

    Same here, after seeing wilshere- 1 of AW youth products I have high hopes for JET…..
    I do think however that we need to get rid RVP, so. whilst he’s below 30 we can get a good price and maybe get someone to replace him like hazzard!!

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  9. Duttlenheim

    Perhaps if Vela spent less time in clubs running around with trannies and worked hard in training then he would get a chance

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  10. D.Bergkamp


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  11. Gooner

    He needs to learn to play the centre forward position. Or he needs to learn to play wide and drift inwards. If he becomes clinical enough, he will be played more.

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  12. Bentley

    As a Arsenal fan i’d hate to see him leave , but he’s not happy , it really is some joke becuase Carlos was 1 of Arsenals best pre-season players yet it doesnt earn him any playing time. Carlos your talent will not be fulfilled at Arsenal and its clear LEAVE

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  13. Johnno

    Loan the man out to West Ham or Wigan or somewhere like that for the second half of the season, see how he goes. He has the potential and the technical ability to be a really good player, the only thing that is missing is a solid run of games to boost his confidence. Mind you, if he doesn’t work hard enough off the pitch then he doesn’t deserve a game at Arsenal, despite his ability. Loan him, then perhaps sell him in the off season, particularly if he does well his value will go up.

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  14. femi

    so quickly everybody has forgotten how arsenal was short of players last season, where arshavin had to play CF bcos everybody was injured, i think wenger should try his best to keep these players(both Bendtner and Vela), they are part of the future for can never tell when another hurricane of injuries will strike again!

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  15. Edgar Rodriguez

    Arsenal are shit! Every year it is the same story and every year Arsene falls short. Its time to let the manager go. How many times has RVP been injured the past few years? Bendtner is garbage. HERES AN IDEA! instead of investing on 12 year old boys and more attack options (chamak), Arsenal should buy quality veterans that can bring REAL leadership and structure to the team. United are so successful because they have guys like Scholes and Giggs. Scholes>Fabregas. Finally, why havent the Gooners picked up a REAL GOAL KEEPER?!?!?! All the big clubs have one. Van Der Sar, Cech, Reina, Casillas, Valdez, Hart, and the list goes on. Its ok Arsenal fans. I’m gonna quote every Arsenal Fan since 2005, “There’s always next year”

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  16. sid

    vela should’nt be leaving… he simply should’nt be….. a bit more patience is required and he can one of arsenal’s greatest… 🙂

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  17. Bobby P

    Edgar….your either a spud or Manure fan.
    Either way your a prat.

    Worry about your club and f*ck off from Arsenal Blogs

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  18. bc

    Personally, i think it is time to wave goodbye to Vela and may be even RVP. The cash we could get for these 2 would provide enough to buy Hazard and Cahill which would not reduce our fire power as JET could step up too. Cahill would give us more strength at the back. If we have money to spend as well, then another DM would not go a miss (Melo?). In the summer sell Almunia, bring back Mannone, replace Bendtner with Carroll and we are pretty much there, oh and how about Sakho or Subotic to replace Squillaci.

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  19. gtnamibia

    Its a blessing for us if Vela leaves. He is one of the non impact players. He had enough chances and din’t excell.

    Ramsey, Gibbs, Wilshire for example got equal opportunies as the other youngsters and showed at least steady progress.

    It should actually be the teams policy to sell the non or under-achievers.

    Had Chamack not adapted well and performed at the current level he is now. The likes of Bendner and Vela would get more chances but I wonder whether we would occupy the place we are on the log?

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  20. Young Gunner

    Well I like Vela but I also agree he hasn’t really excelled as we had hoped. I know his hasnt had alot of game time recently but if he’s good enough he’d be in the starting 11. But I personally think we should try and loan him out to a prem team so he can play every week at the top level. However if he is not satisfied get a tidy sum from him and add the sums of RVP or Bendtner and buy Luis Suarez. Also though people I think Walcott is going to be a striker by the end of this season so that leaves Chamakh, Suarez, Walcott, JET and RVP/Bendtner. Good strikers and if we really want to get a good left sided sell both RVP and Bendtner but I say we just sell one with an unsatisfied Vela to get Suarez and Ashley Young or Eden Hazard. Or maybe even bale 😉

    Out :
    Van Persie

    In :
    Hazard/Young/Bale ?
    Then use other funds for defenders.
    Views ?

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  21. Young Gunner

    Also if we couldn’t get Young or Hazard I’d like to see Matt Jarvis get a try, he’s a pacy direct ENGLISH old fashioned left winger. But only as a last resort.

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  22. rob

    i can’t believe some of you guys want rvp to be sold. he’s so quality!

    a lot of opinions say bendtner should go, i have to agree with that. i personally don’t understand why vela doesn’t get more game time. he hasn’t had enough of that to prove whether he’s crap or not.

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  23. Bentley

    Young Gunner i cant belive you’d rather have Suarez than RVP ,Suarez is good but poor Sportsmanship, he’ll be biting everyone . Carlos vela will leave Arsenal if thing dont change , i agree with Rob he’ll leave without a proper chance given to him

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  24. destroyspurs21

    let him go maybe to valencia for 15 mil he is very good though but migh not be happy in england. Let bendner go to bayern munich buy benzema and promote JET. but wenger is agenuis he knows best

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  25. Danny_c

    About time Vela leaves!!!! Hopefully he will still be playing in the EPL! I only watch Arsenal because Vela, once he leaves i won’t care for Arsenal. I am so glad i didn’t spend the money for his #11 jersey! Fulham here we come, they have a nicer shirt anyway those trucker girls are awesome. Fulham would benefit greatly from Vela and maybe even Dos Santos. Yeah i know they are skinny but it’s never too late for roids. If England had more mexican restaurants those 2 would be alot thicker.

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  26. Bentley

    lol Danny_c , i know what you mean i was gonna get his jersey but then didnt becuase i heard news that he was leaving so then i didnt ima just wait till the season is over or so, as for going to Fulham idk about that i do know there interstead in him but so are other clubs .

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  27. Yural Maskey

    I want Vela to leave arsenal for loan in january only for a premier league club.and hope he progress well there as wilshere did.

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  28. Mimmsy

    Totally agree with yural Maskey, hes too good to sell but he cud do with a full premier lge season. Its made Wilshire better and theres no reason why it wont work with Carlos. I can see if we sold him hed come back to haunt us!!!!

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  29. Nii

    vela simple dont go any were we need u at arsenal u will be so good for arsenal a day to come cos u are young and u have more time just go on loan so u can get more playing time we need u more ok

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  30. budski

    if only he could be a little more patient, i think he would be in arsenal’s starting lineup in a year or two, considering our left winger, arshavin, is reaching his thirties.

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  31. Burr

    To think if we sold any of RVP and Bendtner, what happens if Chamakh picks up a knock and can’t play? Can we really put Vela or do we feel comfortable with Bendtner leading the line? No way!
    And anyone who says you’d rather have RVP than Suarez is crazy. While his tactics may be a bit wild, there is literally NO ONE who wants to win as much as Suarez, a mentality and grit our current squad could benefit from tremendously.

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