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Carlos Vela to move to La Liga in January

The Arsenal and Mexico striker Carlos Vela is reported to be looking at other clubs in a desperate attempt to gain some first team football, which is sadly lacking at the Emirates for the ever-promising-but-not-delivering youngster.

His brother revealed last week that Vela was keen to make a move, possibly as early as January, as he has finally realised that Wenger doesn’t think he will make the grade with Arsenal.

The arrival of Marouane Chamakh in the summer to compete with Nicklas Bendtner and Robin Van Persie was the final nail in the coffin, but the good news for Vela is that there are some top Spanish teams willing to give him a chance in La Liga.

Sevilla and Valencia are the two latest teams to be linked with Vela, but they may have to contend with Swansea City who have also registered a desire to take the Mexican on loan!

The boss of top Mexican side Chivas Guadalajara, Jorge Vergara, has also said he would love him to return home, but he could never afford him, and Vela’s brother also made it clear that Carlos would be remaining in Europe.

Vergara said: “I wonder why Giovani went from Barcelona and why Carlos Vela might be leaving Arsenal?

“I admit they have great ability, but I feel they are wasting their talent. Hopefully that will change because they are losing the best years of their lives.

“But these players would be very expensive.”

I’m not sure that Vela would be so expensive, unless of course he does go on loan to Spain and plays brilliantly for the second half of the season……..


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19 thoughts on “Carlos Vela to move to La Liga in January

  1. hmmm

    so sad for the lad… he deserved a chance at Arsenal.
    Not surprise by the offers, he should go for it…

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  2. Stoker16

    Please dont go carlos. Cant belive wenger aint givin him a real chance! Unbeliveble to think how much match tym aliadiaire had.

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  3. Swazigunner

    To get a chance you must fight for it. Vela has played some good games but he hasn’t shown the consistency to be a first team player. It would be sad to see him go, so i am urging him to work hard in order to displace those above him in the pecking order.

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  4. kadenge

    am great fan of you Vela if you leave Arsena am going with you and Icant support arsenal again iwill support you.

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  5. Cameron

    I don’t rate him so highly…. Theo and Bent botth offer more, score more and get more assist. They aren’t much older either.

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  6. LoY

    come on carlos, don’t leave us.

    Loan him to some premier league team, nt to spain,to gain priceless premier league experience.

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  7. Swagger

    Vela will have his chance today. He has shown signs of how good he can be but he’s inconsistent. He should be loaned out not sold. He has the talent but none of our strikers can be benched for him at the moment.

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  8. abraham chibuzo

    i didn’t see any reason why wenger should not give him more chance play in the first team as theo, jack and bendtner. i think there is some talent in him that is yet invisible bcos he is not given sufficient play.

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  9. rob

    i hope he doesn’t leave. he hasn’t even had the chance to show whether he’s good enough to stay at arsenal, let alone saying ‘he’s not good enough’. he’s better than bendtner, that’s for sure.

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  10. Davi

    I heard he was working hard on his fitness. If this is a desire to break into the team that’s very promising.
    Maybe a loan deal would be the best option but I couldnt blame him if he left. The formation change hasnt been kind to him, but he really deserved a proper chance and no matter what anyone says, he hasnt had one at all. He’s been overlooked at every opportunity despite his clear talent.

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  11. Davi

    Cameron – compare goals/assists:minutes ratios and you’ll see carlos’ is FAR superior to theo’s or bendtner’s. The problem is last season he racked up mostly 10-minute cameos.
    I dont think he would be able to keep that strike-rate up in this formation but if he were played in a 4-4-2 we would see he is a great striker in the making.

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  12. Nii

    wenger should go for hazard he is really Good i cant wait to see this guy play for as Van der Wiel phillipe mexs

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  13. Gooner Mike

    Vela being 21..he wont get any other club better suited with his talent than Arsenal in top level football (BPL + UCL).Arsenal need a big squad by playing every 3/4 days. Vela is a team player..he should understand that..n i hope he will too

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  14. olat

    Vela u are a very gud and talented player,but i actually biliv u have to fite 4 for ur shirt easy eventhough there some other useless and ridiculous players in Arsenal.Sometimes know within ursef u wasted some chances,not only even Arshavin.You can go on loan to Swansea 4 now.Bxt advice.

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  15. soccer!

    wow.. it would suck to see a young player that has a great talent leave arsenal! i think carlos really has the talent to become an amazing player if he got real chances to prove it, but he needs to feel that Wenger trusts him enough to give him a real chance to show his talent! i mean if teams like Sevilla and Valencia want him to play for them then they must see that he has the talent required to play for their teams… i think that carlos should get loaned to a BLP team that needs him and hopefully he plays 100% and shows Wenger that he deserves his spot on the first team!

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  16. Gooner Mike

    Vela to West Brom will be nice..hehe! or at Bolton which give Wilshere a great chance last season..but he’s only 21..we cant loose a player like Vela

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  17. Danny_c

    Coming from a big time Vela fan….he needs to perfect every aspect of his game. Yesterday vs Wigan (carling cup)a true in form 100 percent Vela should have netted 3 goals easily! He missed all of them, why? He is lacking mental tougness that Arsenal will never be able to give him! Wenger is big time under pressure to win trophies therefore Vela is not an option.I don’t blame Wenger for not giving him a chance..just like JET, Walcott, and Bendtner won’t get a chance. Vela is light years ahead of Theo in talent bust most of you guys on here will always be quick to dismiss it because Theo is English. I dont wan’t to play the racism card here but the favoritism is definitly visible.I wish Carlos the best in the future where ever he decides to go and will support him 100% always and watch his games even if he goes back to Mexico. January won’t be here soon enough for me!

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