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Arsenal Debate – Is it time for AOBs and AKBs to call a truce?

Let’s all just support Arsenal shall we? by Sam P

Every time Arsenal lose a game, the so-called AOB’s come out to play, insulting other Gooners and disrespecting the greatest manager in Arsenal’s history, despite the success he has brought to us over his 19 years at the club. When we win they suddenly become Arsenal fans again and praise the team profusely, but with the proviso that says that the Gunners should play like this every single week and win every single game convincingly.

Could Walcott become centre-forward for Arsenal AND England?

With the club football taking a break this weekend, the whole concentration is on the Arsenal stars doing their national duty. Theo Walcott enjoyed a productive outing for England against San Marino. After a noteworthy game, the Gunners star was gushing on the prospects of the ‘Three Lions’.

WENGER OUT! Okay…. so name a replacement?

Despite my effort yesterday to try and reduce personal abuse between fellow Arsenal fans, and to highlight that we are all Gooners whether we support Arsene Wenger or not, seemed to promote a little healthy discussion in snatches but also some animosity of course.

Can Arsenal win the title WITHOUT buying?

AFC poll….Premier league title 2015/16. by Gooner100

I think it’d be really interesting to see where everyone really stands on AFC at the moment. The debate is heated and there is still a strong lobby on JustArsenal for at least a top quality striker.

Benzema v Giroud – The stats don’t lie!

Can Arsenal land Karim Benzema? by RC

A title challenging capture for sure. We took a look at him against fellow Frenchman Olivier Giroud to see how the two compare.

Should Arsenal fans support the club unconditionally?

What Is Expected Of A Football Club’s Supporters/Fans? by KAF

So, here’s the thing: some people think the word “fan” or “supporter”, in football, means one who supports a club and its players and whole-heartedly accepts everything done by the clubs administrative board, coach, players and asks no question whatsoever even when it is glaring that things are going wrong or not being done properly.

In-depth analysis of Arsenal’s probable 25-man squad this season

A realistic analysis of Arsenal’s squad for 2015/16 NM

2000 Arsenal fans said Good Morning Vietnam! to Giroud

If JustArsenal is not enough proof that the Gunners have fantastic support all around the world, then you only have to listen to Olivier Giroud talking about Arsenal’s early morning arrival in Vietnam on a previous pre-season tour of Asia.