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Arsenal Debate – Time to drop Flamini he’s rubbish!

Time to drop Flamini by Blaz

Last year, when Arsenal signed Mathieu Flamini for free, I had mixed feelings. At first, I wasn’t all that happy about it, but it didn’t take long to feel good about it. It was good to have a non – compromising warrior in the middle of the field, someone that can tackle without hurting himself and someone to protect more fragile team members (remember the “I will blind you” quote). It was nice to have a tough tackler again.

Are new Champions League rules unfair on Arsenal and Premier League?

We have heard complaints for years that Arsenal have had an unfair advantage when it comes to the Champions League draw at the start of each season. But that is no longer going to be the case as UEFA have changed the seeding system and from next year the top pot will consist of the champions of the top seven leagues in Europe along with the holders of the trophy.

So unless the Gunners win the Premier League or the European cup this season, we are going to drop down into pot two or even three. This seems fairer to clubs like Man City and Atletico Madrid whose great domestic achievements have not been rewarded, but is it too drastic a change and is it now unfair on Arsenal?

Is Ox or Arsenal boss right on England under 21s?

It looks like the Arsenal and England international star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain could be heading on a collision course with his club manager Arsene Wenger over the subject of the under 21 Euro championships next summer. And it is not the first time that the inclusion of the young Arsenal players for the England under 21 side has been an issue.

The last time was when the current Nottingham Forest manager Stuart Pearce was in charge for England at the last Euro tournament and he complained about not having his best players available, because the likes of Jack Wilshere had already played for the senior side. And the powers that be seem to have taken this on board even though they did not back him at the time.

Forget history – Arsenal still need to win more trophies!

Why winning trophies is important for Arsenal? by SE

At the very onset of this article, let us not forget that Arsenal won the FA Cup this past May, and brought an end to the 9-year long trophy drought. Albeit winning the domestic cup competition cannot be as significant as winning the Premier League or the Champions League – two most coveted pieces of silverware for any top club – it would have given Wenger’s wizards the relief of having finally won a trophy after so long, as well as the belief to continue in the same vein in the future. During the early stages of this season, the North Londoners haven’t played to their pedigree. But, with time on their side and injury casualties to ease off, the Gunners could well resurrect their season and, from the supporters’ point of view, add to last season’s FA Cup win. Read on, as we dissect why winning trophies is important for Arsenal.

Is it FEAR stopping Arsenal from replacing Wenger?

The chief executive of Arsenal Football Club Ivan Gazidis has been speaking about the Gunners and about our manager Arsene Wenger. And Gazidis’ words on the longest serving manager in the Premier League by a mile, as well as giving the Frenchman all the credit he deserves for what he has dome for the Gunners, also suggest to me that one of the reasons that the frustration of large numbers of Arsenal fans about the boss have not led to us changing managers is the fear of what comes next.

Can Wilshere/Ramsey combo solve Arsenal’s midfield problems?

Ask an Arsenal fan what they think has been one of the biggest problems with the team in recent years and a large number will point straight to the lack of a proper defensive midfielder. But it seems clear that Arsene Wenger does not want a player that will just break up play.

The Fre4nchman has experimented with a certain amount of success by converting Mikel Arteta into a deep lying playmaker, operating a bit like Xabi Alonso and using his passing ability to control the game rather than energy and tackling. But the Spaniard is getting older and slower and is often exposed in the bigger games when he is put under serious pressure.

Does Costa Rica snub show Campbell has gone backwards at Arsenal?

The young Costa Rican international Joel Campbell is yet to see much action since he finally joined the Arsenal playing squad, having signed for the Gunners back in 2011 but having to spend the last three years out on loan in France, Spain and Greece.

So although the striker declared that he was desperate to come to north London and fight for his place, it has been a frustrating time for the 22-year old so far and I’m sure that Campbell was looking forward to this international break, with Costa Rica set for two friendly games in Oman and South Korea.

Is this Arsenal star having a Giraffe?

Maybe they do things differently in France, maybe the Arsenal and France international defender has a character as spiky as his hairdo and is always falling out with his friends and calling them names. In fact, the disciplinary record of Laurent Koscielny would back that theory up, as it was revealed the other day in a Daily Mail report that our central defender tops the list of Premier League penalties conceded since 2010.

Koscielny has spoken about his unwanted record, as reported by ESPN, and the way the 29-year old Gunner responded to the news was fairly tongue in cheek, mentioning the Guinness Book of Records and suggesting that his unfortunate habit only matters in a close game.

Arsenal Debate – What to do with Jack Wilshere?

Wilshere This, Wilshere That – What to do With This Talented Starlet? by NikkoGunners

Most Arsenal fans nowadays read the team sheet looking for one name – Is Wilshere playing or is he not? Second question quickly is what does that mean for other talents in the Squad?

Clearly Wilshere is a massively talented young man and on his day he can change the match just like that. However, there are statistics that many Arsenal Fans have been looking at and they are as damning as can be if you look at this statement:

Just analyzing the past season’s record:

Can Ozil prove Arsenal were RIGHT to pass on Fabregas?

The fact that Arsenal had some sort of first refusal clause with Cesc Fabregas and that Arsene Wenger decided not to utilise it this summer was always going to be a bone of contention with us Arsenal fans. And the fact that our former captain then went on to play for our least favourite manager Jose Mourinho at one of our least favourite clubs and direct rivals for the Premier League, Chelsea, only made it worse.

Arsenal discipline becoming a BIG problem?

It seems strange that Arsenal under Arsene Wenger, with the focus on passing, creating chances, going forwards and scoring goals, have often been painted with the brush of being undisciplined on the pitch. On the 18th anniversary of his managerial reign, during the Galatasaray game, the commentator mentioned the incredible amount of red cards we have received, so is there a problem?

Well so far this season, it certainly looks like it. Wojciech Szczesny’s red card was the third of our Champions League campaign so far in just four games. That is a problem, even though I felt that Ramsey and Debuchy were very unlucky, especially when you consider what Melo got away with on Alexis. But it seems to be a pattern for us.

NOW who thinks Arsenal were wrong to snub Balotelli?

When a lot of Arsenal transfer rumours were linking us with a move for the AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli, in the early stages of the World Cup finals, most Arsenal fans were not that keen. Even though the striker had played well for Italy and put England to the sword, it was the attitude and off field baggage that put us off. And then Wenger said outright that it was not happening, so all was forgotten.