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Wenger blames “external circumstances” for Arsenal’s complacency – Again??

It was always going to be interesting to see how Arsene Wenger justified Arsenal’s dire performance against the Swedish minnows Ostersunds who had an average attendance of 5,295 last season. The Gunners were 2-0 down at half-time and there was a real possibility of Arsenal being eliminated if they carried on in the same fashion.

Shameful performance – but Arsenal are through to the next round

There is no nice way to describe Arsenal’s dire performance against the Swedish minnows Ostersunds, especially at the Emirates in front of our own fans. If we had lost in Sweden we could have blamed the plastic pitch or the frozen pitch, but back in London there is no excuse possible.

Arsenal v Ostersund Review – Mighty Ostersund make Arsenal look like amateurs

So this is the team that Arsenal put out tonight, and there is simply no way that you could say that Wenger has put out a total team of reserves, but no matter the gulf in the quality (or the cost) of these multimillionaire reserves playing against a tiny Swedish hurdy-gurdy men.

Arsenal just need to move on and win the next game

There was no doubting that Jack Wilshere was very disappointed that Arsenal didn’t take their chances against Tottenham in the first half, but he tried to concentrate on the ‘positives’ after the game. “Well, we missed an opportunity in the first half to take the lead. The game was there in the first half, they were a bit cagey and we defended well. We got down on the counter-attack a few times in the first half and we looked like we could have really hurt them, but then we had our final ball where we rushed it and the chance was gone. We’ll look back and take some positives, but at the end of the day it was a big game for us and we lost. We’re not happy.”

Tottenham v Arsenal Player Ratings – Cech stopped us getting humiliated

If it wasn’t for Petr Cech, Arsenal would have been severely humiliated by Tottenham. It’s lucky he was on the ball as our defending was atrocious once again. I’m afraid to say it, but I am now feeling certain we won’t be having a St. Totteringham’s Day for the second season in a row. Tottenham oozed confidence while Arsenal looked like nervous schoolboys, especially in the second half….

The reasons why Arsenal lost to Spurs – Poor tactics

Hello fellow Gooners out there.

I know you are as frustrated and as angry as I am with the loss to the Spuds. Looking at the team fielded by the manager though, it is easy to understand why we had no chance to win this game. In my view, the team fielded by the manager had two main deficiencies, which I will discuss briefly here:

Tottenham v Arsenal review – Gunners made to look like amateurs

The first ten minutes looked very promising with both sides going for it with end-to-end action, but after that the pouring rain put a right dampener on the proceedings, and both sides seemed quite happy to wait for an unlikely chance to appear.
The break came with just one shot on target for either side and we desperately needed a goal to liven up the action.

Allardyce – Everton were pathetic against Arsenal!

Everyone has been praising the new Arsenal attack and the fantastic hat-trick from Aaron Ramsey, but I haven’t seen a lot of sympathy for Theo Walcott and his new Everton team-mates. The Gunners tore them apart in the first half and went in to the break with a 4-0 lead, but couldn’t keep the same frantic pace and the pressure up in the second half but the game was already over as any contest.