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Wenger blames the ref but actually Arsenal were rubbish

So another away game for Arsenal and yet another defeat, but (look on the bright side!) at least we scored our first goal on our travels at last! Watford played with confidence and belief, which is more than we could say about our players, and they certainly were looking for a winner right up until the final minute, while we looked like we were playing for a draw after Watford’s equalizing penalty.

Arsenal’s great performance even more important than the result against Chelsea

Anyone who watched Arsenal’s abysmal defeat to Liverpool in our last away game would have been forgiven for thinking they were watching a completely different side to the one that turned up at Stamford Bridge yesterday. This was a team of fighters that played fast free-flowing football and looked in control of the Champions for look periods of the match. After losing our last two away games it was vital that the Gunners proved they could compete with the best again.

Are you disappointed Arsenal didn’t beat Chelsea? Our defenders are…!

I think that yesterday’s game at Stamford Bridge was one of the most exciting 0-0 draws I have seen for some time, and although we had quite a few chances I believe that one point apiece was a fair result in the end, but the Arsenal wing-back Hector Bellerin is disappointed that we didn’t take all three points of Chelsea after he created a couple of good chances in the first half, and Skhodran Mustafi is unhappy he had his disallowed goal!

Are Arsenal now back to 100%? We will find out against Chelsea next week….

Arsenal scored three against Bournemouth yesterday and they were totally in control. We had all our players back in their preferred positions, and Welbeck and Lacazette combined perfectly up front. Kolasinac and Bellerin helped out our best back three setup and it all looked so easy.

Oh wow, what a surprise, Arsenal got hammered – Where are the changes we were promised?

Oh wow, what a surprise, we got hammered. by Konstantin Mitov

Hello fellow Arsenal people! Do I need to remind you of the result? One team played a game in midweek, a champions league game, and another had time to rest and guess which one looked tired and out of ideas? Arsenal of course.

Why do Wenger and Arsenal keep making the same mistakes?

Arsene delivers exactly what his new contract promised – the same old Arsenal results! by Konstantin Mitov

Same mistakes again. People can call me negative all day long, but I was right again. I said that giving him a new contract wouldn’t change a thing and it took 2 games to prove this correct. I do not enjoy this, but it’s hard not to see it coming.

Arsenal still need a centre-back but our strike force looks great (except for contract rebels…)

If we fix the defence, Arsenal have a lot to offer up front by Konstantin

Hello lovely Arsenal people! The first round of the premier league has gone by, and although making conclusions after one game is silly, there are some things to consider. We conceded 3 sloppy goals, two from our mistakes and one from a corner. But I think this isn’t entirely the players fault.