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QPR v Arsenal review – Gunners get battling win!

That was just the sort of physically tough and energy sapping game that Arsenal could have done without less than a week before going to Old Trafford to take on Man United in the FA cup. But it was also the sort of game that the Gunners could have crumbled in, as we did away to Stoke this season. But we held firm, took our chances and then held on under late pressure, so fair play.

Arsenal v Everton Player Ratings – Ozil stars

Arsenal 2 – 0 Everton Player Ratings by KJ

Ospina – 7
He made a couple of good saves but he was also dodgy at times with some unneeded rushing out of his goal to claim loose balls.

Wenger – An Arsenal win was vital today! And Giroud was great!

Arsenal desparately needed to bounce back with a win today after our disappointment in midweek, and they managed to beat a team that has usually managed to contain us in the last couple of seasons. This has consolidated our Third Place and left us just four points behind Man City in second place.

Listen to Wenger sayin Arsenal were suicidal!

Personally I was shocked to the core by Arsenal’s result against Monaco last night, but what did Wenger say?

Was he there on the touchline shouting at the players? Was he giving tactical instructions from the sidelines? Or was he trying hard to get his zip sorted and throwing bottles of water? What does Wenger have to say?

Arsenal v Monaco Player Ratings – NO MOTM!

Arsenal 1 -3 Monaco Player Ratings by KJ

Ospina – 4
Shocking keeping tonight. Spilled numerous catches and conceded goals that should’ve been saved in my opinion, especially the first one.

Bellerin – 4
Completely out of his depth which is worrying. Hasn’t really kicked on at all after his good game against City. Seems to be too inexperienced and gets caught too central when defending.

Analysis of a NIGHTMARE night for Arsenal

Lack of effort, concentration and luck reasons why Arsenal lost v Monaco. by MV

Arsenal v Monaco was a nightmare to Arsenal Fans around the world. Arsenal played horribly and even when Arsenal got back into the game, the team dug themselves into another huge hole. I was reading a lot of comments after the game and blame was given to a lot of players, but I believe that some criticism is unfair.

Arsenal were awful – Wenger can’t motivate them any more….

What can the Arsenal fan do? Arsene will not be sacked even if we get relegated.. by KM

Well there you have it. Arsenal beaten by a terrible Monaco side 3:1 at the Emirates. Worse than the result was the performance. Not one player had any sort of character. I really saw an uninterested side. The same one I saw against Crystal Palace.

Arsenal’s opponents blame the referee for a change!

Arsene Wenger and Per Mertesacker have already admitted that Arsenal were very lucky to beat Crystal Palace yesterday afternoon. The first bit of luck was when the Gunners were awarded a penalty in the 6th minute, and subsequent slow-motion replays showed that the foul was actually committed otside the box.