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Arsenal’s bad defending and subs leave me disappointed…

Arsenal paid the price for being too passive and suicidal defending‏ by KM

Hello fellow Gooners. I am highly disappointed with the fact we threw away the lead and I cannot accept the fact we did far too many defensive changes and we were hoping to just roll over the finishing line and with the way we defended we were punished. This almost happened against City, but we had a two goal lead there which saved us.

BFG – Liverpool deserved the draw and Arsenal will take the point

Whatever else you could say about last night’s game between Liverpool and Arsenal, you could never say it was boring! It was gung-ho end-to-end stuff that is usually described as ‘a great advert for Premiership football’ although I personally would have preferred a boring 1-0 win for the Gunners!

Wenger looks at positives after frustrating Liverpool draw

Arsenal were undone by a late Liverpool equalizer through Joe Allen after coming from behind twice at Anfield last night, but with Man City also being held to a draw the Gunners haven’t lost much in the race for the title. Although our failure to hold on the lead could be considered to be two points lost, Arsene Wenger thinks that the team must only be looking at the positives from the night.

Arsenal v Newcastle Player Ratings – Koss and Cech stars of the show

This is a very strange game to work out the ratings for each player, as although we won the game, there was not much for Arsenal fans to rave about.

But here goes….

Arsenal fans – Are you really surprised?

Referees and bad luck? Sure Arsene, sure!‏ by KM

Hello guys. Happy Christmas, although we received a sour gift from Arsenal. You know what is the biggest problem with that defeat. I could see it coming from a mile.