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Southampton v Arsenal review – Wenger can still do the impossible!

The first half was a very cagey affair, with Arsenal not trying to concede and Southampton trying to score! But both teams had a fair amount of time on the ball, but there was no side looking the slightest like being in control.

Arsenal v Man United Player Ratings – The Ox MOTM in a pleasing win

It was a great, if surprising, Arsenal win over Man United yesterday afternoon and there were some good performances from quite a few players, although our star men Alexis and Ozil seemed a little more subdued than normal. The Ox, Gibbs, Welbeck and Ramsey made it look like we actually have a British Core again.

A great Arsenal win over a poor Man United doesn’t change another awful season

This win does not hide the disappointing season Arsenal have had. Konstantin Mitov

I enjoy a win against Man United all day long. Makes it even better when Mourinho is in charge. I hate the special one, because of all the hate he put against Arsenal, more towards Arsene really, but still, this one was a bit strange, because United were really poor.

Wenger – Arsenal couldn’t afford to lose today

It was as much a relief for Arsenal fans as much as Arsene Wenger for the team to get back to winning ways after our defeat to Tottenham last week, especially as it came against our hated rival Jose Mourinho. But the fact is that if we want to keep our outside chance of still making the Top Four, then we simply had to win, and we did!

Was it the new formation that won it for Arsenal?

It seems like a bit of an anticlimax now that Arsene Wenger has finally managed to beat Jose Mourinho in the League, and there is an argument that the fact that Arsenal are now playing the 3-4-3 formation that seems to be favoured by most top managers nowadays.

Arsenal v Man United Review – Welbeck seals historic win for Wenger

The so-called ‘weakened team’ for Man United did not really materialise even though Jose Mourinho did make 8 changes from Thursday’s Europa League semi-final, and also included one very promising youth player.

Tottenham v Arsenal Player Ratings – Petr Cech MOTM!

It is a sad state of affairs when our goalkeeper was the Man Of The Match in Arsenal’s woeful defeat at Tottenham yesterday, but the fact is that we could have been severely embarrassed if Petr Cech hadn’t been on the pitch.

Tottenham deserved to win – The Arsenal manager tells the truth!

I must say that I was impressed with Arsene Wenger’s post-match summary after the defeat to Tottenham yesterday, and it looks like he was completely honest for a change. There was no blaming the referee, or the pitch, or the weather. In fact he said that the Arsenal players were not creative enough and were lacking in confidence, which seems like a fair description to me.