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Arsenal v Zagreb Review – Job half done!

So the impossible dream is still alive and the Gunners now just have to go to Olympiakos and win by two clear goals to amazingly reach the Champions League knockout stages. It was strangely quiet in the stadium for most of the first half but Arsenal were dominant right from the off.

WBA v Arsenal – A perfect nightmare for Wenger may yet get worse!

What else could go wrong for Arsenal? by DN

We may have had an awful day today, but the worst is yet to come when we find out the result of the scan on Francis Coquelin’s knee tomorrow or Monday. He, for sure, will not be playing on Tuesday and probably nor will his backup Arteta after he got a calf strain.

Coquelin injury “severe” – Huge blow for Arsenal!

I can’t imagine a worst day for Arsenal fans to return after the international break. The only plus was that Olivier Giroud scored yet again, but it wasn’t enough to stop us losing 2-1 to a typical Tony Pulis side, but it could have been so different.

BFG – Arsenal’s bench is vital to title challenge

Without Santi Cazorla out of the game, Arsenal were getting battered from all sides by Tottenham and not getting any service to our isolated forwards, so Per Mertesacker was very pleased when Matthieu Flamini replaced Santi at half time, and even more pace was injected into the team when Kieran Gibbs entered the attack force.

Arsenal v Tottenham Player Ratings – Awesome Ozil MOTM

Considering that Arsenal had a daunting collection of players on the treatment table, and we started the game against Tottenham with an Alexis running on empty, a Cazorla that couldn’t see straight and a Koscielny that wasn’t 100% fit, the fact we ground out a draw against our bitter enemies begins to look impressive.