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Arsenal concede yet another late goal – We need some more spirit on Thursday

Another bad match management leads to late defeat by Konstantin Mitov

Arsenal lost away again this time at Old Trafford. And while it’s not a big surprise that we lost, the way we did it is what hurts. We didn’t draw it, because of bad match management, again.

Man United v Arsenal Review – Gunners killed off at the death

So Wenger’s reserves came up against the mighty forces of Jose Mourinho’s Man united, who were looking to gain some more points in their race to ensure second place in the League, and they didn’t expect to have many problems against Arsenal’s much changed team.

The Arsenal defence had just one job – The worst possible result for Arsenal….

I think we could all tell from Arsene Wenger’s remarks that he was extyremely disappointed after Arsenal’s unbelievable draw with Atletico, where our defence gifted Antoine Griezmann an equaliser very close to the end of a game that we completely dominated.

If Arsenal play the same way in Madrid we will go to the Final

Considering that Atletico Madrid were the hot favourites to win the Europa League (and probably still are!) they were totally dominated by the Gunners and were very lucky to get away with a draw from a Griezmann breakaway. If there had been anyone else in Atletico’s goal then we would definitely had a hatful of goals, but as usual we struggled to get the ball in the back of the net, despite playing against ten men.

Arsenal v Atletico Player Ratings – Good performance awful result

The story of our season continues. Arsenal had an amazing 76% possession and 28 shots on goal, but the usual one defensive error and it ends 1-1. We’ve all heard this one before. Let’s hope Oblak doesn’t have such a good game in Madrid….

So here are my player ratings..

Playing ten men made it harder for Arsenal?

Arsenal started the game last night in lively fashion, and Atletico seemed to have a policy of hacking down our players at every opportunity so it was little surprise that they went down to ten men so quickly.

Yet another ghastly defensive error costs Arsenal

Another defensive mistake costs us dearly. by Konstantin Mitov

I am devastated, but it’s a harsh reality. We had a red card in our favour since minute 10, we took the lead and then we made a number of comical defensive mistakes that cost us.

Arsenal v Atletico Madrid review – Gunners blow big chance

How frustrating was that for Arsenal? We had a great chance against a 10 man Atletico Madrid side and produced enough chances to win 10 games but after taking the lead through Lacazette the Gunners gave up a soft as you like away goal to put us bang under pressure for the return leg.