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Ramsey return HUGE for Arsenal as Coquelin out for months

We are still waiting for a more detailed progress report on the injury to the combative French midfielder Francis Coquelin, but in the Arsenal press conference today ahead of the home Champions League game against Dinamo Zagreb, Arsene Wenger gave the latest update and it is bad news for the Gunners, as we expected it to be.

No injured players back for Arsenal – Coquelin in crutches!

There is nothing but bad news and bad luck for Arsenal and their fans at the moment. The injuries are piling up, and now that Francis Coquelin and Mikel Arteta have joined the ranks of the walking wounded we really are down to the bare bones of the squad.

Jack Wilshere’s WORST injury – But he is determined to fight for his place again

When Jack Wilshere was a youngster breaking into the Arsenal team in 2010/11, he was constantly hailed as the future of Arsenal and England, but ever since that first full season (in which Arsene Wenger now says that he overplayed him) Jack has never been uninjured long enough to play hardly half a season.

Arsenal having to risk early return for the Ox?

Why does it always seem to be that as well as being hit with terrible luck on the injury front on a regular basis, Arsenal often lose a number of players from the same part of the team? So instead of losing a centre back and the back up getting a chance, we lose two or three and have to play a full back out of position or something like that.

FULL Arsenal injury update – Not much good news to report

It looks like Arsenal fan’s hopes of having many players back after the international break look destined to be dashed, according to a report by John Cross in the Mirror. Arsene Wenger seemed optimistic a few days ago, but now it appears that only Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Hector Bellerin are expected to return to the fold, while muscular injuries to both Ramsey and Walcott will take a bit longer to recuperate if we don’t want to risk another setback.