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Some positive Arsenal injury news but Rosicky may need to retire…

Now we are getting to squeaky-bum time as Alex Ferguson used to say, and we are going to need as many players fit as possible, especially when Arsenal are getting closer to the Finals of the FA Cup and the Champions League, as well as pulling away at the top of the Premiership….

MORE desperate injury news for Arsenal fans – including Wilshere

Did you hear the cheers from the Arsenal fans yesterday when Tomas Rosicky made his first appearance of the season against Burnley yesterday? It was great to see Little Mozart back where he belongs, but yet again he has been hit by Arsenal’s injury curse and suffered another thigh injury during the game and will be back on the treatment for another month at least…

Arsenal’s TRIPLE boost for title run in

Although Arsenal had little chance of beating Chelsea after the first 23 minutes when we were a goal down plus a man down, the team did try hard to break through and get an equalizer. But the deficencies in midfield were clear for all to see.

New £31.5m Arsenal contract for Jack Wilshere?

I am not sure if this rumour is even believable considering that Jack Wilshere has hardly played for Arsenal in the last two seasons, but knowing Arsene Wenger’s fetish for keeping all his English players in the squad it wouldn’t really surprise me…

Why Ozil really missed the Arsenal game at Stoke?

I suppose you could feel a little bit sorry for those members of the football media and TV pundits that have thrived on their anti-Arsenal comments in recent years, because they have had a pretty thin diet to feed on this season as Arsene Wenger has got the Gunners playing the best football in the division and the squad has shown a much better toughness and togetherness to get over the games where the fluent football is not working.