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Arsenal discover Champions League fate with slightly tricky draw

The Champions League draw has finally been done, and are draw could turn out to be trickier than it looks.

We have been drawn alongside Bayern Munich, which is obviously not the nicest team to come up against, but Olympiakos and Dinamo Zagreb are two of the teams you would be happy to see drawn in our group.

Do Arsenal have enough strength in depth this season?

Having a big squad is vital for any manager – especially if you have ambitions on challenging for titles. And, when we say a big squad, we are not talking of players who just make up numbers. Having two or three individuals to fight for one starting spot is always a sign that the club is doing something good.

Wenger reveals BRILLIANT Arsenal transfer policy…wait

If any Arsenal fans out there are friends with, or know anyone who is friends with, or has the telephone number of, or knows someone who might bump into, players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Edinson Cavani, Paul Pogba and the like, have a word will you.

What must Arsenal change? – If we don’t buy anyone

What must Arsenal change, If we don’t buy by JH

Yet another typical Arsenal transfer window is approaching its end. Targets have come and gone, and we are yet to sign an outfield player. Fans and pundits alike have been screaming for a new DM and a starting CF, the latter being most important.

Calm down Arsenal fans – We’ve only lost ONE game!

Would you like some cheese with that whine? by Big Gun

Odds on Arsenal´s side for UCL draw – Barca or Bayern then?

Well Arsenal fans, it is the Champions League group stage draw today and after the Gunners got one of the worst possible draws in the Capital One Cup earlier this week, we could do with better luck this evening.

Ia Aaron Ramsey right to call for video replays for offside?

The joy of scoring a goal for Arsenal gets evaporated in a moment if it is disallowed for offside. The pain doubles if the call is wrong and the goal should have stood. Aaron Ramsey would have felt all these emotions during his disallowed ‘offside goal’ against Liverpool.

Ozil to be greedy and get the Goals Arsenal need?

To be fair to the Arsenal and Germany international star, I can appreciate that a lot of his game is focused on the creative side of the game; using his passing, movement and vision to make the team flow and stretch the opposition before spotting the killer ball that will unlock the defence.