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Arsenal will win the title next year? Really?

Draw may secure 3rd but Wenger proves every day he won’t cut it‏ by Konstantin Mitov

Hello fellow Gooners. Dreaming of a Premier League title tilt next year? Well then you’d hope a miracle happens and Arsene Wenger leaves Arsenal. We’re really ending a poor season in a poor way. We’re likely to finish third but we really blew it again.

Atletico PROOF that Arsenal need a new keeper?

The chance of Arsenal reclaiming the Premier League trophy we last lifted 11 years ago has gone for another season, although at least the team has been showing real signs of improvement and suggesting that we might be able to make a proper fist of things next time.

Arsene MUST know that Arsenal STILL need improvement

Arsene has to know that this Arsenal squad still needs improvement by KM.‏

Good day to all of you Arsenal fans out there. So what’s up in Arsene’s head? Does he already have his summer signings on his notebook? Or does he plan his summer beach vacation? You would hope he has a plan, but I’m not too sure…

Arsenal Debate – FOUR lessons Jack Wilshere needs to learn


Wenger – Thierry Henry is out of order!

Thierry Henry is undoubtedly one of Arsenal’s most revered legends in the Wenger era, but his old boss is not very happy with some of his utterings since he became a pundit on the Sky Sports TV Channel. Le Prof seems especially miffed about Henry denigrating our new hero Olivier Giroud, who has recently turned into a goalscoring sensation since his recovery from injury late last year.

Wenger is not perfect – but he deserves MORE respect than Mourinho!

From reading the comments on JustArsenal, I see there seems to be two trains of thought – those that love Arsene and will stick by him through thick and thin, and those that feel it’s time for a change (AKB vs AOB). I fall somewhere in the middle, I love Arsene and what he’s done for the club, but then again at times wonder if it is time for him to move on. The start of this season was the first time I’ve ever thought he should move on and we need fresh ideas.

A letter to Jose Mourinho from an Arsenal fan (in rap style!)

A letter to Jose Mourinho by MA

Hello Mr. Jose let me start by a congratulations, for frustrating us by denying us any penetration.
For securing the mighty BPL by some sheer luck and tactical corruption.
For ensuring Arsene’s run against you is nothing but continued frustration.
And giving your darling “the media” pure happiness and absolute satisfaction.
Singing your name with praise like a saviour of the Nation.
I know you are still in the moon already starting celebrations.
But lets pause a little bit, and listen to my confession.

Gazidis needs to rethink Arsenal’s targets – Aim High!

Ivan statement not too good for Arsenal’s morale‏ by KM

Ivan Gazidis hit the press again, to say some things about where Arsenal are heading as a football club. “When we talk about the destination, it’s not winning a Champions League, it’s making fans proud,”.