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New Season, New Players – Same Old, Same Old Arsenal


It is a strange one, isn’t it? Arsenal has supposedly upgraded its squad through our new signings but you wouldn’t know it. First, we signed Shad Forsythe, a well-respected fitness guru that worked with the German national team and yet within a space of four days, we have already recorded three injuries to Kieran Gibbs, Yaya Sanogo and Mikel Arteta. Wow! It feels just like the old Arsenal. And then we signed Alexis Sanchez, Mathieu Debuchy, David Ospina and Calum Chambers while welcoming back a much improved Joel Campbell from his three year loan. That makes it five new faces that have joined our squad and yet watching Arsenal labor through a cringe worthy draw against a very organized Besiktas side, you wouldn’t know our squad is five players richer than it was last season.

Arsenal Chap Diaries – The Enigma of Jack

The Enigma of Jack by Richard Hall

There is no debate about the raw ability and enthusiasm of Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere. Nor is there an argument stating that he does not give his all for the club. Many who do not watch the youngster regularly, underrate him without a ‘by your leave’ but this is misguided.

The problem is not only where but how to utilise him and how his ability this can maximise those around him. There have been enough suggestions and certainly much debate on this matter but somehow, still no definitive conclusion.

Official teams and Preview of Besiktas v Arsenal

This is a massive game for the Gunners, but also one which Arsenal should be confident of getting the right result in. When you consider that we beat what most would say was better Turkish opposition at the same time last season, as well as the fact that we are stronger and more confident this time around, then Besiktas should hold no real fears for us.

And the boss has certainly gone for a fairly strong attacking line-up, with Mikel Arteta preferred to Mathieu Flamini in the deep lying midfield role. Ramsey and Wilshere need to play well to control the game and a lot of the onus will be on the big French shoulders of Olivier giroud in the centre forward position.

Why Arsenal NEED a striker to challenge for the title

Goal scoring form of Giroud and Sanogo will be of concern to Wenger by SE

Of the very few concerns that Wenger will be mindful of, the goal-scoring persona and form of his two French strikers will be primary of the lot.

Sanogo scored 4 goals against Benfica in the Emirates cup, and his clinical finishing got the kind of recognition it deserved. Giroud, when he struck that 25-yard wonder strike against Man City in the FA Community Shield, would have restored confidence in Wenger and the Arsenal faithful, but are they doing enough as specialists in their position?

Ramsey thinks Arsenal must improve against Top Four to win title

The Welshman Aaron Ramsey has been giving so many interviews lately I was beginning to think he had been named the Arsenal captain! But as he has scored in both our serious games so far this season he can say what he likes as far as I’m concerned.

This particular nugget has him saying that Arsenal need to get more points away against the big teams, which is a bit like saying “the Pope is a Catholic”, but as I say he is allowed his opinion.

Why Arsenal SHOULD get Marco Reus

The Possible Answer for LW/ST? by AndrewAB

As many others have stated, LW/ST seems to be a real area of concern for Arsenal fans. I don’t think Jack or Santi are the answer for left wing & as good a job as Giroud does he doesn’t inspire the front line of a title winning side. The solution I pose is Marco Reus. Based on other posts across the site I don’t think I need to convince anyone that he’d be a fantastic signing but more importantly I think he could be exactly what we need at the moment.

Do Arsenal really NEED another centre-back?

Do Arsenal really need another Center-Back?by SE

Thomas Vermaelen’s departure from the Emirates has left the void for another possible addition in the heart of Arsenal’s defence. Calum Chambers has been snapped up from Southampton for his versatility, and not for a ‘specific’ role. But the Englishman has featured at the heart of Arsenal’s defence in all the three games he has played for the Community Shield victors, which could be taken as an implication of how Wenger sees him. From that point of view, despite the departure of Vermaelen, Arsenal still have 3 very good Center-Halves. But do they really need another Center-Back?

Mikel Arteta to leave Arsenal next summer!

I am beginning to think that Arsene Wenger is picking his captains every year in the full knowledge that they will be leaving Arsenal the following year! Everyone knew that Cesc Fabregas was trying to force through a move to Barcelona for years. We were also fully aware that RVP would be in the last year of his contract, and the same goes for Thomas Vermaelen.

Now the poisoned chalice has gone to Mikel Arteta as Wenger confirmed yesterday. “It will be No 1, Arteta and No 2, Mertesacker,” he said.

Aaron Ramsey aiming to become an Arsenal Legend

The two main talisman’s for our rivals Chelsea and Liverpool over the last ten years has been Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard, and they are certainly admirable players to look up to for their prowess and consistentcy over the last decade. So if Aaron Ramsey aims to emulate the success of those two players for Arsenal I certainly don´t have a problem with that, and I really hope he does reach that level of sustained talent.

Why Arsenal are unlikely to buy another top striker this summer…

Why Arsenal do need a striker, but why it is not as easy as it sounds. by RS

Since the departure of Robin Van Persie, Arsenal fans have been looking for his worthy successor.
That is because for the previous fifteen years, Arsenal were always in possession of world class strikers: Bergkamp, Henry, Anelka and Van Persie.

Both Henry and Bergkamp have achieved a legendary status at the club, just like the entire Invincibles team.

Wenger mocks Man City over Lampard signing

Wenger’s second jibe at Man City for signing Lampard on loan…. by SE

Arsene Wenger, for his astute dealings in the Transfer market to bolster Arsenal’s squad, has no necessity to taunt Man City and their recruitment policies time and time again.

Firstly, Wenger is not a Mourinho, the putrid Portuguese manager at Stamford Bridge. Secondly, Wenger is a man of integrity, and someone who, for me, is one of the top managers to have embraced this game. Now I am not saying that he’s bring the game to disrepute, due to this small banter or jibe he has thrown at Man City, but he has a lot more things to work on, ahead of the FA Community Shield and the Premier League season starting in 8 days’ time.

Arsenal STILL have to sort out our midfield problems…


Arsenal’s new season is upon us. We are all excited mainly because of two factors. The first one is that all those who were crocked last season, except Walcott, are raring to go. The second one stems from the four acquisitions already in the bag.

But as I see it, Arsene Wenger is still to solve the issues that made us concede 20 goals in four matches. They will not go away simply because we choose to ignore them and talk about anything else. We have taken comfort by making misplaced assumptions..