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Analysis – A combined Chelsea and Arsenal XI show our weaknesses

Why are Arsenal fans so positive? By Galen

The summer has all been about Arsenal becoming title challengers with our players and fans believing this could be our season. I feel pretty confident too, but may be not as confident as everyone else. In the last couple of weeks fans have disagreed about transfers, with some arguing that it is very difficult to improve Arsenal. You hear people say how can we improve the team or get players better than the players at Arsenal?

Should Arsenal fans appreciate Wenger more? His legacy….

Is Arsene Wenger the most underappreciated manager in the world?‏ by JH

May 15th, 2004.

After a surprisingly edgy afternoon, Arsene Wenger had in his hands a the Premier League title, It was the single greatest and dominant season in English Football history, Arsenal had won 26, drawn 12, lost precisely Zero.

Arsenal boys have now become men at last

The Coming of Age…… by BG

The financial shackles no longer tend to dictate Arsenal’s transfer activity; although in previous seasons our main players have left in the search for bigger and better things, it’s also noted that the Arsenal FC was forced to play its hand in dire situations. It a different ball game now, with Mr. Wenger finding his lost appetite, after having to control his appetite season after season. Perhaps all those years of hunger has been replicated into Alexis Sanchez’s hunger to succeed….

Analysis – Which injuries could REALLY hurt Arsenal this season?

Arsenal are two players away from winning the EPL – Discuss by MA

Almost everyone seems to be agreeing with that statement, apart from the one person who really has the say, Arsene. Interestingly they are all pointing at a center foward and a recognized DM. So my question is, why do “we” think so?

Could this Arsenal side really emulate the Invincibles?

Arsene Wenger has just over a month to add any more players to the current Arsenal squad, but it does not look as though the Frenchman is in much of a hurry. In fact there is a growing feeling that he might only do so if the next few weeks throw up an injury problem or an obvious weak link in the team.

Arsenal are so close – yet so far…..

Hello folks. Straight off to our smashing Emirates Cup win, it all looked good. We were quick, we scored goals, we let the youngsters shine and the fairy tale looks good. The problem is, this is a movie we’ve seen before.

Arsenal Tactics, Rumours and Building Blocks!

Today’s Arsenal Thoughts by TJ

It’s instructive that this is the strongest pre-season squad we have had in a very long time. The first pre-season Ozil has had with the squad.

In-Depth Analysis of why Arsenal can be Champions

Arsenal look ready to begin their onslaught on the league title by DH

With the pre-season off to a flying start Arsenal already look ready to start their Premier League campaign and mount a serious offense on the title.