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Arsenal confirm Shkodran Mustafi signing! What’s your view?

Arsenal have officially announced the signing of German international Shkodran Mustafi from Valencia, although they do not quote the fee paid within their announcement.

This is how they announced his arrival on the official Arsenal website.

‘German World Cup-winning centre back Shkodran Mustafi has joined us from Valencia.

Arsenal RUUDLY accused of leaving transfers too late

Ruud Gullit told the Match Of The Day viewers that he believes Arsenal left their transfers too late, and as a consequence, were unprepared for the current season.

The Gunners moved quickly to bring in Granit Xhaka following the previous campaign, but after an early snub from Leicester’s Jamie Vardy, their transfer activity stalled.

Will Arsenal fans EVER be satisfied!

What’s Wrong with Arsenal Fans? By Galen

Arsenal football club has just spent 100 million or close to £100 million in one transfer window. Even with the Tv money, I never saw this happening. But this is a great day to be an Arsenal Fan. But to my greatest surprise some people seem to be unhappy.

Is Coleman right to slam Arsenal after Ramsey injury?

There was much talk about who Arsene Wenger would pick for Arsenal’s first League match against Liverpool, and most readers agreed that Aaron Ramsey would not be one of the starters after his elongated exertions at the Euro2016 tournament with Wales.

Walcott or the Ox to start for Arsenal at Watford?

Even if Arsene Wenger does respond to the frustration of Arsenal fans and sign another forward before the summer transfer window slams shut, something which I have serious doubts about anyway, it will almost certainly not be done in time to get said player up to speed with the Arsenal team in time to start against Watford on Saturday.

Arsenal’s transfer policy is simply unacceptable!

Our transfer policy is simply unacceptable. by KM

Okay. With more or less a week until the window ends, we are again terribly unprepared for the start of the season. We missed all of our targets apart from Xhaka and to all the people who kept saying “wait until the window ends”, I believe the time to panic is right about now. No wait, it was 1 month ago, when it was clear where we are heading.

It’s time for Arsenal to unleash Jack Wilshere!

Safe passing vs Risk taking football? Could Arsenal players be more Expressive?‏ By Galen Sona.

It has been a very disappointing start to the season and I don’t even want to talk about the transfer window as we have had loads of articles on them already. The biggest problem we have at the moment is that we seem to have no idea going forward. With Bossielny back we seem to be very settled at the back.

Does Arsene Wenger need to see a psychiatrist for his OCD?

I think Arsene Wenger needs help, I really do, read on… by GW

We have had a summer of absurd Wenger contradictions, well his post match conference yesterday convinced me he really is no longer the full shilling. He seems to think he can only improve the team with better players, of which there are none, except of course what he buys.