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Should Arsenal keep Wenger….and get rid of Kroenke?

Is Stan Kroenke or Arsene Wenger to blame for Arsenal’s steady decline to mid table mediocrity..? By PTN

I’m asking this, not as a knee jerk reaction from a few embarrassing results- but from a gradual decline in quality and deep concern that’s been growing for the past 3-4 years.. A sadness.

While most are clamouring for the head of Arsene Wenger – I’m challenging my fellow gooners to take a step back for a moment and work out the real problems within our club..

Is it WENGER or is it KROENKE?

AKB v AOB – Arsenal MUST change managers next summer

A thought on the AKB v AOB discussion on JustArsenal by KM

Arsenal fans seem to be divided in their opinions of late, regarding to whether we want Arsene in charge or we want a change. Now name calling is weak and I don’t like this “brigade” thing like we are some sort of sect, not just people with opinion, because at the end of they day all Arsenal fans want what’s best for the club.

Why Arsenal owe Man City thanks for 2 BIG favours!!

Arsenal should thank Man City by Sam P

I know that I am one of the more optimistic fans in the global Arsenal family and I am definitely in the minority here, but I have not yet given up on the Gunners winning the Premier League title. I know that Chelsea looked unstoppable while Arsenal were dropping further and further behind, but last season showed that the lead can change hands quite easily and a good run or bad run of games can have a huge effect.

Arsenal star says Giroud will get Arsenal train chugging!!

It has been a slow burner for Arsenal this season, with our momentum in the Premier League similar to the way an old steam train used to build up speed. And the Gunners have also had a few false starts, with Arsene Wenger and the players having to relight the burners and start shoveling coal again, but hopefully Arsenal are now getting up to speed and are about to put a serious run of good form and results together.

JustArsenal Admin responds to KickAssFan – AKB v AOB?

Let’s make a few things clear by Mr. Admin

A few days ago, KickAssFan wrote a comment aimed at me, and I feel that it is time that I responded in an honest way and tried to clear up a few misconceptions about me and my Wonderful Website :-)

Here is what KickAssFan wrote: Why do articles primarily get posted on this site? Well, mainly because fans should read and express their views. We all visit the official site of Arsenal, but they are very selective about what they post there– just like government owned broadcast stations, they only want you to read and see what they want you to– they try to control your perception.

The BIG changes Arsenal NEED to make in January

Arsenal’s season is already destroyed. by Frustrated Gooner

There have been more calls for Wenger’s head this season than ever before, and why not? This has been the worst start ever for the Gunners in a long time even by Wenger’s standards. Under Wenger this team seems to be not stagnating but decaying. His inaction to get a defensive midfielder and defenders is clearly showing results – much to the frustration of the fans. What’s worse is the division of Gooners over the team’s fate.

Come on Arsenal – We all want Bellerin!

Another Solution for Arsenal’s Defensive Problems by AT

As we all may have realised by now, the unfortunate injury to Laurent Koscielny has had a very significant impact on Arsenal’s season, not only because of the sheer quality of the French international defender but more so because of Arsenal’s lack of cover in that position. It is an issue so significant that the Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has to play Nacho Monreal, who isn’t quite up to the mark in his more natural left-back position, as a centre-back in the heart of the Arsenal defence.

Forget history! Here is why Arsenal WILL beat Man United

Arsenal fans will hardly need reminding that our recent history against Manchester United is far from glorious. But just in case, our Arsenal loving friends over at the Daily Mail have kindly written an article reminding us that the Gunners have won just once against the old rivals from Old Trafford in the last 11 meetings.

But that should not really matter on Saturday, because the tide has turned for both clubs. What the report forgets to mention is that this dreadful run of results for Arsenal has come in the years when our financial shackles were really starting to chafe, while United were the most successful Premier League club.

Is Wenger being stubborn or cautious over Wilshere’s Arsenal role?

There is a strong belief among many Arsenal fans and people in the football media that Arsene Wenger can have a tendency to be stubborn. They will point at his refusal, transfer window after transfer window, to sign the players to strengthen the positions in the Arsenal squad that most people think we need.

And then there are his tactics, which rarely change, and his way of leaving the making of substitutions until it is so late in the game that the players coming on hardly have time to get used to the pace of the game, much less have an influence on it.

Wenger is a GREAT Arsenal manager… but a USELESS coach!

Why Arsenal can’t Move Forward?….. Wenger. by PA

First off, Arsene Wenger has done some good for the Arsenal. His coming revolutionised every aspect of the club from training regimes and player diets to the pitch. He created a style of play that was a joy to watch, both for fans and neutrals, and that Arsenal is now identified with, and he oversaw our move to a bigger stadium while getting us to the champions league year after year. This is no mean feat.

Arsenal captain on how this season CAN be a success!

After he missed the last half hour of Arsenal’s last Champions League game against Anderlecht and then the away defeat by Swansea City in the Premier League, Mikel Arteta can be absolved from blame for the way the Gunners have thrown away two winning positions in a row.

But hopefully the club captain will be available again for the Gunners’ next game against Man United and he is well aware of how important it is for the players to get the fans back on side again. The Spanish midfielder is not the sort to blame his individual team mates and he has told Arsenal Player that he feels his job as captain is to keep the team morale as high as possible, even after a disappointing result or two.

Former Gunner backs Klopp to shine as new Arsenal boss!

There are plans, apparently, for some Arsenal fans to show their displeasure at the way the Gunners have struggled and stuttered at the start of the season, with the manager Arsene Wenger set to be the main subject of the fans’ anger.

Once again it looks like Arsenal are going to have to settle for a top four finish and place in the Champions League, and we need to improve in order to do that. So despite the Frenchman having signed a three year contract extension in the summer, the pressure on him to retire or move upstairs into an executive position will only increase if Arsenal continue to struggle in the Premier League.