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Is Szczesny just a scapegoat for Arsenal’s problems?

There has been a mountain of paper used and bandwidth taken up with talk about Wojciech Szczesny’s display against Southampton when Arsenal were beaten 2-0 after some comical work by the Pole, not to mention the fact he got caught smoking afterwards.

First of all Szczesny’s father (an ex-Poland keeper) gave his angry response to his son’s treatment after the match, and now the legendary Polish goalkeeper Jan Tomaszewski says that Arsene Wenger is simply making a scapegoat of Szczesny to cover his own failings.

Arsenal Debate – The centre-back question?


Hey guys, it must be a great week after that destruction of Stoke City huh?

So I have been looking through the comments a while and guess what the main topic is….. no you don’t have to. It’s the centre-back question.

First off, I’m heavily amused by those saying Per has lost it. Personally,I don’t think Kos would have done much better with the available partnerships. If memory serves me right, when Kos had a non-complementary partner in Vermaelen and squidward (lol), he stunk the place out as well. I believe they will recover and make a strong partnership again.

Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Destro, Perin, Gomis, Bielik and Carvalho

We are nearly two weeks into the winter transfer window, and we are appear to be close to the signatures of two stars.

We have widely acknowledged the fact that we are attempting to sign Legia Warsaw youngster Krystian Bielik. The recently turned 17 year-old has admitted he made the decision to join us this month, but Arsene Wenger has been trying to play hard-ball in the market previously, but with the emergence of Hamburg as rivals, we now appear to be taking the Polish club seriously. The Times are claiming we have sent a key member of our back-room staff over to Poland to shore up the deal.

Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Bielik, Gundogan, Carvalho, Sissoko

The transfer window is yet to show up many surprises, but with Arsene Wenger admitting we need reinforcements, it should soon hot up with an addition or four!

Today has not been as rife for Arsenal transfer stories as you would have expected, especially considering the latest injury to one of our first-choice back-four, but the main rumours are all focussed on holding midfielders.

The DailyMail claim that Arsenal are keen to tie up a £3.5 Million deal to bring 17 year-old Krystian Bielik to the club, although the Guardian are reporting that Hamburg’s boss Josef Zinnbauer is keen to secure his signature, and is optimistic of a deal after talks with the player over the weekend.

Arsenal MUST buy reinforcements as soon as possible

Arsene Wenger needs to address the problems in his squad as early as possible in January by Dimitri

Usually in the summer transfer window, Arsenal fans are left anxiously biting at their fingernails for their manager, Arsene Wenger, to make his first move. It usually ends up with last minute transfer panic buys, which, in past years, has led to the introduction of players such as Andre Santos and Park Chu-Young. However, in the summer of 2014, Wenger moved relatively early in a World Cup year to bring in players to improve the squad, in an attempt to compete for the league title and add quality, as he did in the previous summer with top quality players like Mesut Ozil.

SIX reasons why Arsenal FANS hate the transfer window!

The sad and unsettling truth about the club we love by Ozzy AFC

So fellow Gooners we are again into January and apart from the fact that it’s depressing enough with the hangover of Christmas to contend with, we find ourselves living in a state of “Forlorn Hope” during the winter transfer window.

I’m sure we are not unique in the fact that we are most likely all to a man checking the headlines and the forums on a daily if not hourly basis in order to see if our club has made any progress towards improving the squad and moving a little closer to successes in the relevant fields.

Bob Wilson backs Szczesny to stay as Arsenal’s Number One

Wojciech Szczesny has faced the anger of Arsenal fans after his blunders in the 2-0 defeat at Southampton last week, and annoyed Arsene Wenger even further when he was caught having a sneaky fag in the showers after the match, and the consensus seems to agree that he should be dropped in favour of David Ospina for a while.

But the legendary Arsenal keeper Bob Wilson, who made over 300 appearances for us over 11 years, is adamant that the young Pole should retain his place in the Gunners first team, based on past performances.

How long will Alexis be positive as Arsenal struggle?

Alexis starting to regret his Arsenal transfer? by DN

The Arsenal and Chile international star Alexis Sanchez must have expected a bit more from his new club when he made the decision to snub Liverpool and come to us instead after deciding to leave La Liga and Barcelona behind. With players like Mesut Ozil in the team and with Arsene Wenger finally starting to make the big money transfer moves, Alexis would at the very least expected the Gunners to put up a decent challenge for the Premier League title.

Arsene’s Secret Diary after Arsenal loss to Southampton!

Southampton 2-0 Arsene-al: Class in defeat by JB

If there is one thing I value as Arsenal manager, it is that when we lose, we don’t see it as a negative. Whilst many managers would get angry at their players or themselves in such a moment, perhaps questioning what they could do to remedy the situation, I see it as all a part of the fun of the game. Winning wouldn’t feel as good as it does if you didn’t know how losing felt, am I right? By having this attitude, our players, having exerted themselves for at least 17 minutes of the match, can walk off the pitch with their heads held high and smiles on their faces, not because they were good, or even because they gave it their best shot, but because they are getting an exorbitant amount of money to do very little, and they are having fun doing it. It might not be enjoyable watching Arsenal at times like these, but it’s certainly fun to get £80,000 a week to do jack s**t.

Forget a new DM – Arsenal need a new manager!

Forget a new DM, a new manager and a new keeper are much more needed at Arsenal. I don’t know where to begin. Szczesny is the devil. He was worthless. Helpless. De Gea carries Man United by himself, while our keeper does everything he can to sink us. He is plain terrible.

Sanchez may not stay here for long. He tries, but doing it on himself is not going to happen against all teams. An average Southampton side beat us with ease, not because they are good, but because we cannot defend at all.

Wenger WAS a great Arsenal manager……but now?

My view on Wenger’s reign by S Vernon

For almost two decades Arsenal have been privileged to have Arsene Wenger as one of the leading figures in the world of football. He has achieved unrivalled premier league success and been successful almost to the point of perfection… A manager that managed great players, managed great victories and great unbeaten seasons…. For ONE decade of the 20….at least

Why Wenger MUST take blame for Arsenal situation!

Arsene Knows Best – Blame Arsene for Arsenal woes! by KickAssFan

Every good driver/car-owner knows that one’s car must be WELL MAINTAINED at all times in order to avoid unforeseen regrettable breakdown or fatal happenings as a result of any component of the car malfunctioning. You must know the state of your car before taking it out on the road (you do things like opening the bonnet and checking the oil, gas/fuel, hydraulic, water level, headlamps etc.). You must pay close attention to your car while driving it (listening for possible signs of a fault—-they could come spontaneously, but often not without warning). And when you are back in your garage, you must leave the car with a good knowledge of its shape after using it for the day, just to be sure that nothing about it would be surprising to you the next day or time you would want to use it.