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Arsenal should GRACIOUSLY kick Wenger upstairs…

Thoughts on Arsene Wenger and his transfers by Antonio Jackson Adebayo Cruise

With all due respect to Wenger, I, along with millions of Arsenal fans around the world, love him and respect everything he has achieved over the years. He is definitely a MANAGERIAL LIVING LEGEND, Nevertheless, I am afraid that we (including all the members of the board) are allowing this great man do destroy all the wonderful work he has done, by allowing him to continue managing the team when we can all see that he is sinking the ship.

Why Alexis is the perfect Arsenal role model for Oxlade-Chamberlain

I know that they are not exactly the same sort of player, but the Arsenal pair of Alexis Sanchez and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain do have quite a bit in common and Arsene Wenger has played them both on the left and right flanks, even though the young Englishman is a midfielder while the Chile international is really a striker first and foremost.

And with the Ox still learning and improving his game, I think that there is no better role model he could have at Arsenal than Alexis. Chamberlain has talking to Arsenal Player about his Chilean team mate and about how blown away he has been by the 25-year old, especially about how a player with such talent still works harder on his game than anyone else.

Szczesny says Chambers transfer was MASSIVE for Arsenal

It is still impossible to say whether the new Arsenal and England international defender Calum Chambers is going to spend most of his playing career at right back or in the centre of defence, because the 19-year old has shown that he has the ability and the right attitude to both very well.

It seemed at first, for Arsenal at least, that Chambers was signed more for his skills in the centre of defence, with Wenger suggesting as much. But the injury to our France international Mathieu Debuchy has meant that the Gunners have needed him on the right.

Arsenal need to use Welbeck more productively from now on

Why are Arsenal struggling this season? by SE

Arsenal, with 10 competitive games into the season, looks like the team that isn’t going to come up with the goods any time soon. The FA Cup win from last May led us to speculate that we might see a resurgent Arsenal on show at the very beginning of this season but, on the evidences of their displays until now, Arsenal’s detractors (one amongst them, Jamie Carragher) have every right to feel vindicated once again. Far too many times, they lack imagination and fall prey to the internet trolls and disparaging comments.

Jack Wilshere should be copying a former Tottenham player!

Why Wilshere should mould his game around Modric, not Alonso. by KJ

Jack has just completed another game for England and was easily MOTM for anyone who watched it. He played the deepest midfielder and was pinging long balls all game to Rooney with good success. He should’ve easily ended up with 2-3 assists if Rooney was half decent. He mentioned in an interview recently that he’s modelling his game off Alonso and that’s great, but I think there’s someone who’d he benefit more from watching and that player is Luka Modric.

BFG shows again why he’s now a GIANT figure at Arsenal

Arsenal are going to need leaders as well as top quality players this season. With injuries and a disrupted pre-season causing us difficulties at the start of the season, the Gunners are already playing catch up, but it is still early days and with players like Per Mertesacker in the squad, I am sure we will be alright.

Our Big Effin’ German turned 30 years old a couple of weeks ago, but Arsenal should still get plenty of service out of him at centre back, where age does not tend to cut a player’s career off quite as soon as other outfield players. But it is still a great boost for the club that Mertesacker has put the interests of club before country, despite the euphoria in Germany of their World Cup win in Brazil, as he told Arsenal Player.

Maybe Arsenal could profit by being OUT of the Champions League?

Wenger is here to stay but there IS hope…‏ by Drew

Hey Gooners? How are we going? Feeling sad, angry, frustrated, suicidal? Or maybe you just don’t know how to feel anymore huh? Well, don’t despair because there is HOPE for us fans after all!

Now I’ve become very fond of this site Just Arsenal, you get to read how other Gooners feel about what is happening within our beloved club, kind of like a support group for alcoholics! The only fault I have is that sometimes fans on here don’t realise that everyone has their own opinion about certain things like how the club is run or if Wenger is fit for the job…

Is Wilshere really back to his best for Arsenal?

Before he had even turned up for pre-season training with Arsenal this summer, Jack Wilshere was under pressure. From the media mainly, who seemed to want to lay a lot of the blame for another woeful display in a tournament from the England side at his feet, despite him hardly featuring for Roy Hodgson’s team in Brazil. Then we had the smoking pictures and everyone wanted a pop at our young midfielder.

Szczesny expects BIG things from Arsenal this season

One Arsenal player who is no mood to feel sorry for himself or his team mates after the away day defeat by Chelsea on Sunday is the Poland international keeper Wojciech Szczesny. The 24-year old may have had to pick the ball out of his net more often so far this season as in the last, but he is clearly not too worried.

As an report reveals, Szczesny believes that the Gunners performed well at Stamford Bridge against a very strong Chelsea side. And to be beaten by two moments of magic, according to our number one, is no reason to be too hard on ourselves.

Fibbing Mourinho REALLY hoping for Arsenal’s invincibles feat!!

After Arsenal lost to Chelsea on Sunday, despite a much more spirited performance from us, it meant that the Blues had dropped just two points, in a tough away game at Man City, from their opening seven games in the Premier League season. It also prompted Jamie Redknapp, as reported by Metro, to suggest that this Chelsea side were looking like the famous Arsenal team of 2003/04, dubbed the invincibles because of the amazing feat of completing a season with out a single league defeat.

Six things Arsenal fans have learnt from the Chelsea defeat

Six Things I Learnt from the Chelsea Game by Uche

Looking back at Arsenal’s game against Chelsea yesterday, I must say that our performance wasn’t bad. Of course everybody has an opinion on this game from the positive to the negative but here are a few things that I would say I got out of this game.

1. We Have Improved:
Before, this Arsenal team did not put up a fight against teams like Chelsea, especially last season. In fact, the smaller teams even showed more fight than we did playing against Chelsea. But after last night’s performance, it is evident that we are bolder and better in every aspect. We went from losing 6-0 to losing 2-0 in a very tight game.

Arsenal will NEVER beat Chelsea with Wenger’s Tactics

Wenger’s tactically too far behind to help Arsenal forward! by Gooneristic Truth

I don’t have the statistics at hand to give you the exact numbers, but I’ve watched enough games to know that Arsenal don’t seem to be making any progress against top teams. In the post-Henry era, Arsenal just can’t seem to find their feet in big matches. In all seriousness, if we are to create a mini-league table of close games we’ve been involved in the past few years against big clubs both in Europe and domestically, we easily look like relegation material among the top clubs. We just don’t seem like we’ll ever hit the high notes anytime soon at the rate we are going.