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Is Arsenal’s squad now strong enough to compete on all fronts?

We are less than a week away from the Community Shield clash between Arsenal and Chelsea, and less than two weeks from the kick-off to the Premier league campaign, but has our club strengthened enough?

Arsenal fans backlash against ‘scum’ owner Kroenke

Arsenal fans are raging at the latest news which reports that Stan Kroenke is launching a channel dedicated to the trophy hunting of animals.

The Gunners have been growing more frustrated with the ideology of Kroenke in recent years, with many growing frustrated with his attitude to spending, and some very frustrated with his persistence to stick with Arsene Wenger, but the latest reports have increased anger tenfold.

Thoughts on Elneny as CB, Alexis ‘sicky’ and grabbing Lemar

We’re all probably bored of Alexis Sanchez and his transfer saga, but I feel like his latest online post of being sick is just pathetic. It’s weak for a player of his quality to try to land a move in such a shameful way, but we did see it with Payet at West Ham.

Do we believe that Alexis is really ‘sick’ after announcement of return?

Arsene Wenger yesterday revealed that Alexis Sanchez would return to training for Arsenal on Sunday, and that announcement has been swiftly followed by our star claiming to be ‘sick’.

The French boss yesterday announced that both Alexis and Shkodran Mustafi would return to the squad on Sunday, having had an extended break following their exploits in the Confederations Cup.

Which forward should Arsenal be concentrating on this window?

Arsenal have already moved to bring in Alexandre Lacazette this summer, but are supposedly eyeing an attacking player who can play off the striker.

Alexis Sanchez is heavily expected to leave the club in the coming weeks, with Paris Saint-Germain looking his most likely destination at present. His exit will leave us shy of top attacking options, and a replacement is being lined up at present.

Giroud has a problem with Lacazette – And what can Arsenal do about Alexis?

Giroud seems unhappy with Lacazzete and Alexis might leave. by Konstantin Mitov

Hello fellas! The two games in Australia are done for our preseason and the one thing I didn’t like is the way Giroud treats Lacazzete. I could be reading too much into it, but it seems like he was not too happy when Lacazette scored in the first game and in the second one when our new signing went to congratulate him on his goal I thought Olivier ignored him.

Why Arsenal must send a clear message by keeping Alexis to his contract

What is at stake here is not so much Alexis Sanchez as an individual but the principle and the respect for Arsenal Football club. When Sanchez signed the original contract it was not stated anywhere that if Arsenal is not in Champions League he would leave. Everyone is obliged to respect the contracts they sign.